Thanks for all of the questions today. I have to report for camp and we are looking forward to a great season. Thanks to all of my fans for your continue support. God Bless

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drcorndog1729 karma

If I get the first overall pick in my fantasy league this year, tell me why I should pick AP?

the_adrian_peterson3814 karma

Do you want to win?

xIoBEASToIx1198 karma

Are you gonna date my ex-girlfriend and ultimately cause me to not play you in the championship and cause my demise?

the_adrian_peterson2154 karma

Guess you watched the League, great episode

thatguy432336 karma

He's right, I had him last year and I won my league.

the_adrian_peterson905 karma

Congrats. Smart pick

PhoneDojo1002 karma

How do you feel about using this as the new Wheaties box cover?

the_adrian_peterson1107 karma

Wheaties is the best and thanks for the suggestion

Staple_Overlord243 karma

I can already tell you that he won't like it. In his last AMA, he said that he didn't like being called "Purple Jesus" or anything of the sorts.

Still a really funny box cover though.

PhoneDojo139 karma

He responded. I am forgiven!

the_adrian_peterson950 karma

No reason to be forgiven, but I prefer not to be called Purple Jesus

claxtonmcgee956 karma

Hey AD, can we be best friends?

the_adrian_peterson2579 karma

I thought we already were

ahmedammar693 karma

Hey Adrian.

On an opposing defence, who talks the most trash?

Bonus points if you trucked them.

the_adrian_peterson2634 karma

Most of the players do not talk trash to me

Pixel_Me_That666 karma

Hi Adrian!

A few years ago, I remember watching the game where you came 9 yards short of beating the single season record for rushing yards, all because you guys had to kick a field goal. Do you regret not having the opportunity to break the record?

the_adrian_peterson2715 karma

The team won the game and went to the playoffs. Team first

Staple_Overlord637 karma

Hey Adrian, glad to have you along again before the season starts. It really means a ton to the many Vikings fans here on Reddit. Anyways, here are a few questions I have:

  • Have you played Madden against Teddy Bridgewater yet? Because I hear he’s really good.

  • Are you excited to play in the cold for the next 2 years?

  • What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done while around you?

  • What is your overall impression of the new coaching staff?

  • Outside of yourself, who do you think will have the biggest positive impact on our offense?

Thanks for your time Adrian! We all appreciate it.

the_adrian_peterson587 karma

I have not played against Teddy. It will be an adjustment playing in the cold for our home games, but we already play in Green Bay so there will not be much difference

the_adrian_peterson444 karma

We are excited as an organization and we are excited about Coach Zim and the rest of the coaching staff. He has been a very successful coach and we are excited to have him here with us

mpls_hotdish102 karma

Biggest impact, outside of AD, is definitely going to be The Flash (Cordarrelle Patterson)!

the_adrian_peterson324 karma

We are going to have a lot of weapons on our team. the scary thing is CP is going to be even better this year.

s460500 karma

AD, I recently read an article which states that the running game is likely to make a comeback to respond to dominant pass defenses like Seattle's.

Do you think there's any truth to that? How do you think the running game will be affected by something like this?

Thanks for doing an AMA!!

the_adrian_peterson908 karma

The running game is always going to be apart of the NFL. Run n shoot was in vogue at one time..the wild cat was in vogue...offenses will evolve and change over time

Samueljacob417 karma

Hey Adrian! Although I'm a Packer fan, I rooted for you even through that last game last year against us to get the record, thanks for doing this AMA. How is working with Teddy Bridgewater?

the_adrian_peterson910 karma

We are excited about all three of our quaterbacks and Norv turner. We are looking forward to a great season. Thanks for your support and I am sure Green Bay will not let you back there now

The_Maddest_Man399 karma

What was it like to play with Brett Favre, and how did it impact you as a player?

the_adrian_peterson674 karma

Brett was a great quarterback in the NFL and he did great things for us when he played for our team. I hear he is doing great things as a coach down there in Mississippi.

flexdiggity373 karma

Hey Adrian! I just went through acl/mcl surgery last Thursday, any words of advice for when I start rehab?

the_adrian_peterson786 karma

Treat everyday as a challenge to get better. Never give up..there will be good and bad days, but continue to work hard and believe in yourself

Post93363 karma

Hey Adrian thanks for doing this. How's the knee? Are you feeling 2500 this season?

the_adrian_peterson1125 karma

It is absolutely horrible...thanks for asking

Just joking...I feel great and the goal is to win a super bowl.....and if 2500 comes with it, then great..


do you like anything special in your Wheaties?

the_adrian_peterson1010 karma

try it with chocolate milk

BaelogTheFierce349 karma

What's up AD! First of all as a die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan, I wanna thank you for the hard work you put in every year for our team, and gotta say it's an honor watching you play in purple on Sunday.

Now, for my question: What is your favorite highlight/play you've made during your time with the Vikes so far?

the_adrian_peterson1476 karma

My favorite highlight is when the clock strikes zero and we have more points

JPadi307 karma

How do you feel about Sydney Sidney Rice's early retirement?

Did he contact you while he was making his decision?

Good luck this year! (Except against the Dolphins)

the_adrian_peterson424 karma

Sidney is one of my best friends and I wish him the best.

Flyers7757303 karma

What was your backup plan if you didn't make the NFL?

the_adrian_peterson1010 karma

If you saw me swing the bat against Jennie Finch then clearly it was baseball

the_adrian_peterson248 karma

Any more questions? We have 10 minutes left

RustyShackleford___219 karma

What's your opinion on fantasy football? I know a lot of NFL guys hate it.

the_adrian_peterson537 karma

It creates more interest in the NFL

cjmcgizzle169 karma

Hi AD!!! Congrats on the wedding! I just wanted to say that I think you are phenomenal on the field an off the field. You are truly an inspiration. If you would entertain my questions, I'd be so pleased! Plus, it's my birthday.

  1. What's currently in your pockets?

  2. What's your favorite non-football related memory from your time in Norman, or at OU?

  3. What has been the seemingly least "insignificant" moment that ended up played a major role in your life?

EDIT: Ugh! How could I forget?! BOOMER!!!

the_adrian_peterson213 karma

Happy Birthday!!!!

Favorite memory in Norman is just being around the fans and just the people in Norman. Every one was so friendly and supportive of the team

awkwardkyle162 karma

Do you get new shoes for every game? or do you usually keep the same pair for an entire season?

the_adrian_peterson453 karma

I like to use new nike shoes for each game

FURKmaster151 karma

Thanks for doing this ama. Good luck with the rest of your career, I can't wait to see it all.

My question is, of all the failed attempts to bring you down in your career so far, are there any that stick out in your mind?

the_adrian_peterson279 karma

Shaun Rodgers...

CSaltarin131 karma

What do you like most about your fellow teammates?

the_adrian_peterson258 karma

We all have the same goal: to win a championship

There is a brotherhood with all of my fellow nfl players

shehryar46131 karma

Why does Minnesota win the division this year?

the_adrian_peterson303 karma

Every team believes it will win it division. You have to have the mindset that you will succeed in whatever you do in life

thejjar110 karma

I think Bridgewater was a great pick for you guys. How you think he's gonna adjust to football at the NFL level?

the_adrian_peterson197 karma

Every rookie has an adjustment period. Teddy will learn a lot this year

aunt_steve109 karma

Hey AD. Wondering if you listen to any music before a game to get you hyped? If so, what do you listen to?

ItMightGetBeard132 karma

I'm guessing Aloe Blacc's 'The Man'.

the_adrian_peterson246 karma

Great answer...that is a good song

Dynasty47198 karma

Hey AD,

I'm a huge fan! Thanks so much for doing an AMA.


Who is one defender you would prefer to avoid because he either hits hard or is very adept at tackling?

Also, have you planned to change your game at all playing outside in TCF?

the_adrian_peterson306 karma

You can never fear anyone

rlx0294 karma

Hey AD! Did you get the reference to the orange peanut when the person asked you to sign it or did you just think that they were another crazy fan?

the_adrian_peterson189 karma

I was excited that he did not hit me with it

tash3r92 karma

What do you normally eat before a game?

the_adrian_peterson374 karma

I love eating Wheaties..

Nimblenewt84 karma

Hey AD.
What were your favorite TV shows as a kid?

the_adrian_peterson186 karma

Good Times

Dextermorgankills79 karma

Hey AD! I have one question for you. Do you feel that you are a better running back than LeSean McCoy? I only ask because recently he has been saying he is the best RB in the NFL. Skol!

the_adrian_peterson291 karma

My mind set is to be the best player in the NFL, not just the best running back

X01977 karma

How do you feel about the nickname "Purple Jesus"?

the_adrian_peterson368 karma

I prefer not to be called Purple Jesus

ushka8676 karma

Hello Mr. Peterson. I attended the game at Wembley stadium last year and wanted to ask you how you experienced this event. Furthermore, do you personally think there will soon (< 10 years) be an NFL team based in London? And what is the impact of the trips to and from the UK on the players (due to jet lag etc.)?

the_adrian_peterson123 karma

I loved visiting London and it was a great experience with the fans. I do not know if and when there will be a team in London, but it was great spending time ther

sankalives66 karma

what are your plans for after the NFL?

the_adrian_peterson152 karma

Will just sit back and just continue to enjoy life. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to play in the NFL

onebadace62 karma

Hey Adrian,

Do you have any nicknames that most people probably don't know about? And can you give me one?

the_adrian_peterson201 karma

Pretty much everyone just calls me AD

iwaxeverything61 karma

Mr. Peterson, first of all, I am a HUGE fan. You have been my keeper for several years in FF (thanks for helping me whoop the boys in getting the trophy! =] ) So thank you for doing this AMA!

I am a 26 year old female struggling to get to where I want to be in life. My goals feel like a mere star in the untouchable sky, honestly. You have succeeded in the most amazing ways, personal and career. My question to you is, what is the best piece of advice anyone ever gave you that helped you keep striving?

the_adrian_peterson140 karma

My parents have always pushed me to do the very best I can in life. We had difficult times growing up, but we always had love in my life. I owe everything to my parents for always sacrificing for us

explosionsindasky37 karma

Hey Adrian, big OU fan so I have been enjoying your football skills for a while now. My question is, if you didn't play football what sport would you love to play and why?

the_adrian_peterson92 karma

Definitely track. I always wanted to run the 4x100 in the Olympics

can_i_see_dem_tatas19 karma

Adrian, as a Packers fan I both loathe you and love you at the same time. Thanks for doing the AMA. When you came back from your knee injury, did you imagine yourself coming back as quickly and furiously as you did?

the_adrian_peterson46 karma

Thanks for the support..I think....

My mindset was to come back and be an even better football player. I never doubted that I would come back better even though others said I would never be the same

swaggyson9 karma

Hi Adrian, thanks so much for doing this. if you had to sum up your entire football career thus far with one moment or memory, what would it be?

the_adrian_peterson17 karma

Sum it up: much left to accomplish