Thanks everyone for the honor of hosting this AMA. You all have great hearts and curious minds and I appreciate being asked about mine. I’d stay and answer more, but it’s dinner time!

I’ll leave you with something Willie Nelson said to me once as he dropped me off at the end of a dusty road. He said, “I’ll see ya down the highway.”

And I do hope I do. Come say Hi.

ORIGINAL POST: I've teamed up with LA-based folk-rock band Raining Jane to make an entirely new album - titled 'YES!' - which you can pre-order here:!/id877925874 We begin our world tour of intimate acoustic shows next month and I wanted to take some time to answer your questions on reddit.

I'm also here on behalf of a campaign that's giving one fan a chance to hang out with me at our Today Show concert next week in NYC. Every entry supports the Jason Mraz Foundation. Enter here:

Ask me anything!

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YouCanRelyOnMe1724 karma

My mom introduced my family to you back in 2004 after seeing you on an episode of The Ellen Show and we all became hooked on your music immediately. My mom, dad, sister, and I have remained huge fans throughout the years and we have always jumped at any opportunity to see you perform live in concert. All of your albums have become a household staple and a soundtrack for much of the beauty we have witnessed over the last decade.

Four years ago, my sweet mother was diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s Disease (at age 56) and she has quickly deteriorated into a shell of her former self. One thing that has remained unchanged is her love for Jason Mraz. While she was still living at home with my dad, she would often become agitated, scared and angry because of this disease. My dad eventually figured out the secret to bring her back down to earth--your music. All he would have to do was play a few of your songs from his iPod and she would instantly relax, smile, and sing along to every word. He also kept a couple of recordings of your live shows on his DVR to play for her as a wonderful distraction.

As the disease progressed, we made the difficult decision to move her into a dementia care facility. One of the last things my parents did on her last morning in our home was watch your “VH1 Storytellers” special. As you started singing “Lucky,” my mom put her head on my dad’s shoulder and started to silently cry. While we don’t believe she had any clue as to what was happening that day, something in the song tugged at her heart and helped her live in the moment with my dad, one last time. Now that she is living in the care facility, the staff regularly plays CDs of yours for the residents. She can always be seen tapping her foot and singing along; the lyrics somehow still remain while everything else in her brain continues to fade away. Your music has always been the one thing we can count on to calm her down and ground her, even in her worst moments.

For my sister, dad and myself, we also rely on your music in many ways. The lyrics always somehow ring true to our situation and can help us through our hardest days. Your music has always been so closely intertwined with happy memories and has become an integral part of our lives. Newly released songs are almost always instantly relatable and immediately feel like old classics in our hearts. I feel such a deep emotional connection to so many of your songs, and I just want you to know how much of an impact you have had on our lives. In your intro to one of the songs on “VH1 Storytellers,” you said, “Song has always been my best friend in a time of need.” Your music has absolutely been one of our dearest friends in our greatest time of need. Thank you.

My question for you is this: If you found out that you were going to lose your memories, what would you lean on to bring you back to reality? (What would your “constant” be, so to speak?)

Jason_Mraz1034 karma

Thank you for sharing this story with me. I am touched. If i were to lose my memories, I would rely on music. There is so much of my story embedded in each. I suppose I would also read from my diaries, the short stories of the funny and beautiful moments that have occurred in my life. Perhaps even mentioning the mundane routines in life. Every moment counts. :)

Griff083522 karma

If you could pick one emotion that you would like your music to evoke in others, what would it be?

Jason_Mraz1210 karma


yesyesnowhat459 karma

What are your thoughts about this?

Jason_Mraz617 karma

I'm sorry the internet has permanent record of some of my ungraceful moments in life.

zarofearth368 karma

Who would win a rap battle: you or Ed Sheeran?

Jason_Mraz657 karma

I'm a lover, not a fighter. No battles for me. :)

Suzibender319 karma

Which of your songs still moves you the most to perform?

Jason_Mraz753 karma

I've recently fallen in love again with "The Remedy" and I look forward to sharing this on tour this fall.

billygoat55297 karma

Has anyone ever told you that you're fedorable?

Jason_Mraz277 karma


juliexplores232 karma

Hi Jason, I wanted to let you know that you saved my life a few years ago. In 2012 I was on the verge of committing suicide and the night I made the decision it would happen I stumbled upon your song I Wont Give Up. It was a life changing experience and have committed myself to not giving up since that moment. I don't think I can ever thank you enough for creating beautiful music. My question for you is … I am a writer and I tend to second guess myself, I seem to never be able to finish a piece I always keep saying it's a rough draft because there's always something I can change in it. I'm sure you may have similar moments. I'm wondering what do you do to be able to get out that stage of second guessing your writing?

THANK YOU again for all of the positivity you put out into the universe!

Jason_Mraz272 karma

You have to stay out of your own way. That's the trick - and you can do that through acceptance and compassion with yourself.

itsphud192 karma

Jason! Huge fan, don't know what I would've done without you in high school. Just wanted to ask what inspired you to make the shift from more "soft rock" in Mr A-Z to the more "spiritual" YES! ? Did your travels around the world shape your music into a more universal sound?

Jason_Mraz502 karma

Thanks itsphud for the kind words and wonderful question! I think the "shift" you speak of is directly related to the shift I have experienced in my own life, so it will of course be evident in the music. Spirituality is nothing more than the art of paying attention. When I give my whole heart and mind to a task such as singing - life's worry, suffering, or conflicts don't exist in that moment. Additionally, singing is about breath work, which is the most essential practice to living a conscious & healthy life. So thanks to music I have found a deeper connection to an otherwise elusive God. Thru music I get to commune directly, and daily. On a side note to readers, any service or craft you give your heart to will give you the same effect. Don't be afraid to work less and play more! We are human. We didn't come here to hold down a dayjob. We came here to live and learn!

mrlucky2u191 karma

Wizard of Ooos, and aaahs and fa, la la's

First to get it out of the way, my wife and I are huge fans and now so is my young son. We saw you and the Jane's in Sacramento and we will be bringing our son to San Fransico show on his 5th birthday on Aug 25th!

For my question. If I opened up a smoothie shop tomorrow, what should I put into a "Jason Mraz" smoothie?

Jason_Mraz246 karma

Funny. At my house, we refer to smoothies as "smooth jazz" and the list of ingredients probably makes them about 30 bucks a blend. I don't cut corners when it comes to my liquid diet of smoothies and juices. Healthy food - Healthy Life!

xxdankiesxx118 karma

Hey Jason! I was curious if you have a go-to when feelings of melancholy come about? Also, thank you for having the courage to spill your heart out to the entire world. I can certainly relate to a lot that you sing of. Stay breezy!

Jason_Mraz397 karma

I say, "Shit, I'm melancholy!" and then I go on with my day.

acousticmusic19118 karma

What is the "opportunistic lover" you speak about in your song O. Lover?

Jason_Mraz240 karma

I am too embarrassed to mention it.

_julia117 karma

Who taught you how to dance? :)

Jason_Mraz572 karma


Mutt122393 karma

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Jason_Mraz242 karma

Avocado basil, of course.

AlexBerghe90 karma

What's your favorite quote ? :D

Jason_Mraz221 karma

"It's always showtime on earth." -Krishna Das

dndpl83 karma

Hey! What do you do as warm up for your tongue-twister lines?

Jason_Mraz142 karma

Stay tuned to our YouTube videos because there's an upcoming episode about that.

PapermakerVandal54 karma

Jason - thanks for doing this!

How would you describe the evolution of your music over time?

Jason_Mraz175 karma

I feel like I write the same album every time but each time I try to convey the message more simply.

inkandjoy51 karma

What's something you'd like to do daily, but sometimes.. just don't have the time for? Or rather, what do you think everyone should do daily?

Jason_Mraz97 karma

I would love to blog daily but I have not been making time for it because my internet is very slow. Everyone should make time for writing.

lvest49 karma

Hi, Jason! I really enjoy you're work. I can never get enough of You and I Both and 1000 Things on the 2001 acoustic album. They are absolute perfection. Keep up the great work, you're making a lot of people happy!

Now on to the question: You have written so many songs that are of incredible quality. I've written about 5 songs, but for a year I haven't been able to write anything new because I don't like any of the stuff that I've been making. What advice can you give to a musician like me who is struggling to create new material?

Jason_Mraz132 karma

Ivest, if you don't like what you're writing about, go live a little. Bob Marley would say, Lively Up Yourself. Sometimes inspiration asks that you step out of your comfort zone.

Nerdy_Noel45 karma

Hi Jason! I'm a huge fan! What inspired you to start your own avocado farm?

Jason_Mraz137 karma

The music brought me here. I love the sound of the wind in the trees and the song of the birds and the shuffle in the leaves of my many woodland friends.

mobilereddit137 karma

Hi Jason, what band/bands or genre of music do you enjoy to that would surprise your fans?

Jason_Mraz95 karma

Ska music.

wanderlust479034 karma

Your music gives wings to every day life. Thank you for being such a positive influence, as a musician and a philanthropist. Do you need volunteers for your avocado farm?

Jason_Mraz75 karma

Haha! yes, sometimes we do. A lot of fruit falls off the trees because of the wind. Those avos cannot be sold due to safety restrictions. So, we rally and collect fallen fruit and share them with local food banks. They are still very delicious. In the future, we will use more volunteers to cover neighboring farms and see that food is not wasted!

NikkiW8334 karma

Hi Jason! You have accomplished SO much already in your life. I wonder if there are any big goals you still have. If so, what are they? Hope to see you in NY soon. :)

Jason_Mraz70 karma

To make a difference with my Foundation and have a positive impact on audiences with our upcoming tour.

tgpeveto31 karma

Hey Jason, what books have you been reading lately?

Jason_Mraz52 karma

The Unteathered Soul by Michael Singer.

ajlposh28 karma

If you could have any rapper do a rap verse for one of your songs, who would it be?

Jason_Mraz80 karma

Humpty Hump.

I_am_Bearstronaut26 karma

Jason!! I've been a huge fan of yours from as long as I can remember. You're music is so inspiring and so uplifting and you're one of the few artists out there whose talent goes above and beyond. You sound fantastic on your albums and soind even better on stage. I was extremely lucky to see you play in Minneapolis last year and it was an amazing concert. My question to you would be: If you were a cat for a day, what is it you would do?

Thanks for doing the AMA and thank you so much for making the music that you do. Your songs have gotten me through some dark times and I can never thank you enough for that. (And your new albums sounds amazing, by the way)

Jason_Mraz121 karma

Thank you. I would enjoy doing what cats do: singing, sleeping, and licking my nuts.

LoveSarah24 karma

What color describes your day & why? (: ♡

Jason_Mraz93 karma

My days could be described as an ever changing palette of blues, greens, browns, and golds. Mostly because of surfing and garden-gazing. On tour, the colors are desaturated by florescent lights and dull grey carpets. :(

A-Beautiful-Mess23 karma

Just wanted to say you are awesome! I saw you live in Ontario, Canada in 2010. I chose my username because of your song a beautiful mess; it’s one of my favourites. Why don't you come to Canada more often? Can’t wait for the new album, wishing you all the best!

Schmidtzy20 karma

I would also like to see him more in Canada

Jason_Mraz99 karma

Yes! I would like to see more of me in Canada too!

Lalalovely2316 karma

Hey Jason!!! It's Tate here from NYC. During the next time you perform "Long Drive", can I please be that girl that sits next to you?? That would make me the happiest girl alive.

I love you!!! <333

Jason_Mraz39 karma

Thank you Tate. We'll see. Do you have a valid drivers license?

SebastienH16 karma

Hi Jason, Firstly I just wanted to let you know that your music (especially you live performances) have entertained my father and I for years and given us a beautiful gift to bond over. I thank you for that. I saw you at the O2 academy in London, it was phenomenal, Plane was the best performance/composition I have ever seen. I was absolutely gutted to have missed your performance at the St Pancras Church a couple of years ago. I know I'm rambling, but i feel you've played such a significant part in my life, And I thank you for that.

MY QUESTION: One of the many things I admire most about you, is the fact you'll play gigs in people yards/gardens for what I imagine has nothing to do with money. Could you please explain how you go about deciding where you'll do/find time for these garden gigs, and the impact they have on yourself, as opposed to infront of thousands of people??

thank you so much for having done this AMA

Jason_Mraz37 karma

Garden gigs are largely about timing. If I am available, I say yes. In the past few years I’ve been playing gardens and backyards as fund raisers for projects, programs, or scholarships. :)

smarsden234 karma

Are you planning to announce anymore U.S. tour dates for the Yes! album?

Jason_Mraz10 karma


Jason_Mraz10 karma

YES! many more tour dates being announced next week!! stay tuned smarsden23!!

Bearbynight3 karma

Who would win in a fight, a bear or a lion?

Jason_Mraz14 karma

I would rather picture them snuggling.

LizOsorioAlarcon3 karma

Jason, Hi from Colombia, I just want to say thank you, beacuse, through your music you have changed my life, you have inspired me. I feel so good with myself now.Just THANK YOU!! How do you deal with the negativity when it comes from someone who you love?

Jason_Mraz10 karma

Thank you Liz, If someone is being negative it means they want love. So LOVE THEM MORE!

cakeandvodka2 karma big is that hat collection of yours?

Jason_Mraz8 karma

It's very unimpressive actually.