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techmonk12360 karma

Why doesn't bulla know anything?

rabbishergill118 karma

'Cause he's suspicious of 'knowing' itself.

MacGyver_Survivor41 karma

Do Jews ever ask you for advice?

rabbishergill35 karma

Few of them around, where I am.

amey_is_monkey34 karma

What are your thoughts on use of marijuana for creativity ? How common is it among the artists ?

One more thing.daler mehndi made us dance to punjabi.You sir, made us wanna learn punjabi.

rabbishergill30 karma

Well it seems more benign than alcohol for sure. I haven't tried it. I mostly just see beer and rum when the musicians get together. Really.

techmonk12331 karma

Are you here because of priyanka chopra's ama?

rabbishergill78 karma

Yes! I learnt of it from the newreporting of Priyanka's.

raman_kumar29 karma

Why do you call yourself a pop artist? this is sort of insult to your kind of music because you are original and does not use repetitive patterns in your music.. it rather should be in line with Indian Ocean or Faridkot. what you say?

rabbishergill78 karma

I'm not beyond repetition. Pop is not a bad word. I call myself pop 'cause I'm scared of being called a 'trained' singer. I'm not that skilled.

kabuliwallah28 karma

Thank you so much for 'Jinhe naaz hai'. How did you prepare for a topic that intense? Did you do any groundwork to educate yourself?

Also, thanks for the absolutely wonderful Delhii Heights numbers.

rabbishergill27 karma

Thanks & thanks! I read up a bit and have some intelligent friends.

pcmaniacxx27 karma

What's your take on the plagiarism in India? Why can't various music producers make their own compositions, rather copy international songs?

rabbishergill205 karma

It's difficult to suddenly become original when 15 years of schooling have tried to make you into a poor western clone.

Aurum226 karma

Your great song aside...

Do you know who Sachin Tendulkar is?

rabbishergill71 karma

A god I'm not worth to kneel before.

sandeepclaws24 karma

Were you expecting such a success with Bulla ki Jaana song or was it a total surprise?

rabbishergill35 karma

Nothing can prepare you for that kind of feedback. Nothing.

elbuort24 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA! Would you ever consider coming out with an unplugged album of just authentic punjabi folk songs?

rabbishergill38 karma

There's an idea.

AwkwardDev17 karma

Hey Rabbi! I just wanted to THANK you, for the remarkably awesome song - Bulla Ki Jaana Main Kaun. Even after SO many years, it remains one of the most frequently played song in my playlist.

Thank you so much for a masterpiece which touches our soul at so many levels!

Do you feel that the Indian pop-music scene is losing it's charm? In between the item songs and crazy demand for them by majority Indian population, are pop artists and their creations getting ignored by media and people?

rabbishergill30 karma

I think circumstances, people, cos. have scuttled whatever little momentum pop gained. They stopped playing us totally in '07. MTV Indies has just given us a fresh lease of life.

AwkwardDev8 karma

It has, indeed! Couple of more questions, if you don't mind:

  • Are you working on some new song/album scheduled to release anytime soon? Can we have a glimpse?

  • What do you like to do in your free time, away from music? You seem pretty cool with reddit, which is rare occurrence, TBH. Are you lurker here, or just tech savvy?

rabbishergill18 karma

Hmm...maybe a new album, if I get around to it or a video or two. I just discovered it after reading about PC's AMA. Thought I'd give it a go.

vaultboyapproves17 karma

Why is so much popular music in India about love and romance. Are there not more emotions and themes that could be sung to ?

I really loved Bulla k jaana because it had an existential theme which was so different from normal Indian music. Would love to get your views on this

rabbishergill26 karma

Well, the anthropology of popular music in India is essentially that of Film music. It had to sell so they used the ingredients most likely to appeal to the widest crossection.

vaultboyapproves8 karma

Thats a very interesting explanation.

I've always wondered if musicians ever get a little tired by it? Does not sound like its a great creative canvass for people who want to express a range of emotions through their music

rabbishergill9 karma

Well, you're only gonna sing what you live. So living come first.

cuntof17 karma

Does wearing those beard cuts your chances with girls? I had a close Sikh friend, he always complained that he doesn't get it easy with girls because he had a foot long beard.

rabbishergill117 karma

It's a filter. Blocks the riff raff.

ab001atr16 karma

Hi Rabbi, Thank you very much for this : Bilquis. Great song.The national anthem tune gives me goosebumps everytime I listen. You made me a fan for live with this. What research did you have to do for this ? Please continue the great work you do. Thanks !!

rabbishergill12 karma

Well I read up. Thanks for the support.

jumppak15 karma

I love your song "tere bin" its one of the most pure love songs of our age! Thank you for making this great song!

Here is a link with translations for you all :

rabbishergill15 karma

Thank you!

greaky15 karma

What is that one thing that makes Pakistani coke studio better than the Indian version?

rabbishergill59 karma

A true native heart.

bratter14 karma


rabbishergill25 karma

I was living in Mumbai when the Navleen Kumar murder happened. I remember being besides myself with rage. You're welcome.

bratter6 karma


rabbishergill13 karma

I think the malaise is deeper. Perhaps it's Civilisation itself.

hiaastha13 karma

Hi Rabbi, thanks for the AMA. Do you think folk music in India is dying a slow death? Any way in which musicians can contribute in reviving it?

rabbishergill28 karma

Musicians can only sing, it's for the culture ministry to enable its dissemination. Musicians ought to agitate more.

batatavada13 karma

Hi Rabbi! Great to see you here!

I'm a fan.. I covered 'Bulla ki jaana' in college and your song Tere Bin is so amazing!

Wanted to ask you about your music gear.. What guitar do you personally use?

Also, any tips to improve singing? I've been singing for years but now feel like I have plateaued


rabbishergill22 karma

Well, I have Fender Strat, LP, Flying V, Godin and some others. Then there's Marshalls, Fenders and Cicognani amps. I mostly go direct. For singing, go to the Bruce Lee of singing--Ananth Vaidyanathan.

rabbishergill5 karma

Well, I have Fender Strat, LP, Flying V, Godin and some others. Then there's Marshalls, Fenders and Cicognani amps. I mostly go direct. For singing, go to the Bruce Lee of singing--Ananth Vaidyanathan.

pyar_ka_pujari13 karma

You said that you came to know about reddit from PC 's AMA. Werent you scared of question here given that her IMA was total failure?

rabbishergill76 karma

I'm not that big to invite rudeness.

drsrb11 karma

hey rabbi..big fan!! so what's ur view point on AAP now?

rabbishergill41 karma

I feel let down.

pyar_ka_pujari10 karma

Are you involved with AAP? if yes, in what capacity?

rabbishergill22 karma

Not involved with them in any capacity whatsoever.

realeety7 karma


rabbishergill16 karma

Yes! I campaigned for them in Delhi & Punjab.

kittyren10 karma

Hey Rabbi, What do you think about Yo Yo Honey sing's songs?

I'm so sick of my brothers playing his songs all the time.

Do you think, he'll win the Grammy Award?

rabbishergill29 karma

Well some lyric of his does churn the stomach but I believe he has a genuine song in him.

stonedkrypto9 karma

Which is your favourite band?

rabbishergill17 karma

There's many: Beatles, JH & The Experience, Led Zeppelin, Police, U2....

beingness9 karma

I am a big fan, According to you what should be done with Indian music industry to produce & distribute thoughtful music like yours?

rabbishergill23 karma

Well, be nice if Indian languages were promoted, if making cultural products in Indian languages were made easier. Be cool if Tagore, Vivekanand, Sarmad etc were taught in schools/colleges.

rabbishergill11 karma

The TV/radio have to be made to play more Independent content by legislation.

Paranoid__Android9 karma

Rabbi: Thanks for Kitni der tak my go to humming / whistling song. I love how playful, simple and contemporary the lyrics are.

Also, thanks for shining like an absolute rockstar in this AMA. I cannot tell you how relieved I feel that you did not come across as a jerk in the AMA. It would have been very disappointing if you had because then it would have colored your music for me.

Now a question (or three) for you:

  • Do you write all / most of your songs?

  • Do you compose most / all the time?

  • Would you mind creating a few behind the scenes video of your recording sessions and such. You probably don't realize that there is a LARGE legion of people who absolutely adore you (in a fanboy kind of a way). We need more content where we see Rabbi laughing, pranking, trolling and of course singing, composing, strumming etc. It may be a low cost effort for you, but it would be a great appetizer for a few for us for whom your songs don't come quick enough!

rabbishergill9 karma

Thanks! The people here have been super cool. Yes, yes, sure mate -- respectively.

hambeth9 karma

Would you be singing any more kaafis (mystical poems) by Bulleh Shah ?

rabbishergill7 karma


1984abc8 karma


rabbishergill15 karma

Well, I'm going to US for a fundraiser for the very same problem.

russsellll8 karma

Which Indian/international singer/music conposer who be your dream be to work with?

rabbishergill22 karma

Mark Knopfler, Wadali Bandhu.

siddkotwal7 karma


rabbishergill14 karma

To be an artist is to ride an emotional roller coaster. It's delirium. Sometimes there's rewards.

dreadddit7 karma

Who is A.R.Rahman to you?
What project are you working on right NOW?

rabbishergill9 karma

He's a composer I admire. An album.

le_fuktard7 karma

Your views on music piracy? You must have lost quite a bit of revenue because of that.

rabbishergill15 karma

Can't fight piracy now. The moral argument for it seems to have collapsed.

pyar_ka_pujari7 karma

'Tere bin' is one of my fav song. how did you come up with this song?

rabbishergill20 karma

Well, there's great songs floating in the air, you just gotta have the right intention to catch 'em.

greaky6 karma

Hi Rabbi - Have you ever considered letting people download your music for free?

rabbishergill9 karma

Well, I've never really distributed my music before, have been TOTALLY oblivious of the business end of things.

le_fuktard6 karma

What are your beliefs regarding god?

rabbishergill20 karma

I'm still trying to solidify mine.

tsk19796 karma

Wow! I cannot believe it. Am a big fan of your first album. Not just the title song Bulla ki Jaane, but other songs too.

I want to ask you, do you feel that you created such great expectations with Bulla ki Jaane that you would never be able to surpass that?

rabbishergill10 karma

Not really. Give indie music the same airplay and then see.

karma_hunter6 karma

HI Rabbi!

Who is Bulla Shah?

Edit: Just a metaphorical question. :)

rabbishergill10 karma

Wish it were clearer.

hilarious_yeti6 karma

how do you like your paronthas - aloo or gobi?

rabbishergill13 karma


dalybear6 karma

What did you think of the movie Slumdog Millionaire? Did you like it? Serious question

rabbishergill21 karma

I didn't dislike it.

the_hitchhiker6 karma

  1. Do you have any plans to adopt another form of music into your own?

  2. Any favorites among contemporary musicians?

rabbishergill13 karma

Yes. I like Sumith Ramachandran, Niladri, TAAQ, Indus Creed.

veertamizhan5 karma

Loved Challa and Bulla. any more -lla songs coming up?

rabbishergill3 karma

:) Suggest something that rhymes.

GandPhatPaki5 karma

Best food that you like?

rabbishergill12 karma


kingkaung5 karma

Do you like Eddie vedder?you should collaborate with Eddie vedder or Zack wylde.It would be great.

rabbishergill15 karma

I like Eddie. Inshallah!

hilarious_yeti5 karma

could you share a photo of bala, ayru and sangha?

rabbishergill5 karma

Will do that on my website soon.

rahulthewall4 karma

Hi Rabbi,

I am huge fan of your work. Thanks for all the amazing songs. What do you think are the steps that can take to ensure a better distribution system for indi/pop artists that don't get enough exposure in Bollywood. On the same note, what would be the best way to break the hegemony of Bollywood on the Indian music scene?

rabbishergill12 karma

We must force the govt. to give us an equal footing in the broadcast media.

rahulthewall4 karma

Could you please elaborate on what would that entail?

rabbishergill20 karma

TV/radio must play a certain percentage of non-film content a la Canada that insisted on Canadian content. That policy produced Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, Rush and countless others.

le_fuktard4 karma

Do you think you have a talent for music or it's just hard work? Can anyone become a great musician or a talent is required?

rabbishergill8 karma

Hard work's everything.

bumblebeeyo4 karma

I understand your reasons for not working in Bollywood more often. Don't you think that more indie artists like you, Papon, RDP etc should come together on a tangible platform, not only to stop Bollywood from composing shit and labelling it 'music', but also to promote amateur songwriters and beginners who wish to follow your footsteps and need an alternative to not sell out to mainstream music?

rabbishergill4 karma

Well, I am alongwith some friends trying to get a collective IAIM off the ground.

kuttanpilla4 karma

Rabbijee, I have only listened to a few of your songs, but your cover of Shiv Kumar Batalvi saab's 'Ek Kudi' is among my all time favourites. Will you be covering other poems of his too? Please say yes.

Cheers! And thank you for stopping by.

rabbishergill6 karma

I keep going back to Raat Gayi Fir Tara Tara & Eh Mera Geet. Perhaps one day.

SoupNom4 karma

What are your roots in music?

rabbishergill15 karma

Sting, U2, Led Zeppelin, Dylan, 'Steen....

i_am_sickular4 karma

How do you see the music scene in India evolving over the next decade or so?

rabbishergill10 karma

Either we'll all become American and listen to Juvenile or the many ancient Indias will stand up.

indianguy234 karma

Thanks for the AMA- Any advice for young Indian's out there who want to pursue music? Also how was working on JTHJ?

rabbishergill17 karma

I hope young Indians reflect a little more on the word 'Indian'. JTHJ was educational. It's not often you're in a room with YR ji, AR, Gulzar saab and Adi.

super_cr74 karma

Do you think AR Rahman is overrated?

rabbishergill7 karma

He's pretty good, I just wish he (or his team) put out Hindi songs that were more sensitive to the contours of Hindi. Right now, it can sometimes seems a bit awkward.

AkritiSingh4 karma

Amongst all your songs which one is your favorite?

rabbishergill7 karma

Tu Avin Bandra

AkritiSingh4 karma

It is a beautiful song. What inspired you to write it?

rabbishergill8 karma

Nafisa Joseph's death, 'hooraan pakhe lamkiaan'...

MrSINGHsational4 karma

what is your viewpoint on real talent making a struggle and filth writers making it big in the music industry nowadays ?

rabbishergill9 karma

That question really should be put to the TV/radio bosses. It's they who're the gatekeepers.

Mithrandir874 karma

What is the chief difference between working independently and working for Bollywood composers?

What was it like working for ARR?

rabbishergill9 karma

Freedom and wage labour; educational.

libtard-leftie4 karma

Hey. So, what advice would you give to an independent musician in India right who doesn't write songs in Hindi or English?

rabbishergill9 karma

Stick to your guns!

kashbash4 karma

I am a big fan of your songs, but theres so few of them. Why is that? Why are you not singing more music. Even Priyanka Chopra can release singles, why not you?

rabbishergill13 karma

I just released a song Tun Milen :

agentbigman4 karma

Hey! I love your music.

Can you please do some live shows in Mumbai? Would love to hear you live!

Your fav genres and bands?

rabbishergill5 karma

All it takes is a phone call.

the_hitchhiker4 karma

Can you please make an official post on your facebook page to verify that you are doing this AMA?

rabbishergill4 karma


drsrb3 karma

what can we expect from u in ur new album?

rabbishergill9 karma

Love songs.

kunalgupta3 karma

Hi Rabbi, how do you feel your music has changed since you started out?

rabbishergill5 karma

Can't say. If anything, I feel I'm more 'direct' now.

pling_plong-3 karma

What are your thoughts on Narendra Modi? Do you think the intellectual climate in India has changed after his arrival?

rabbishergill11 karma

He scares me. Let's give it some time and see how it pans out.

le_fuktard3 karma

How much time do you take to compose, write and record one song?

rabbishergill5 karma

Varies. Can be quick or take months. To do anything right, it takes time.

nikiitea3 karma

What is it that interests you in Bollywood music ?
Do you have a favorite song?

rabbishergill3 karma

I'm only mildly interested in it. Ever now and then there's an SEL tune that I like.

Beardmann3 karma

Hey man! you have some good music which we needed in the country.. I have a few questions. 1. how did you get into this music? 2. how did you get your big break? 3. what can we expect next from you?

rabbishergill9 karma

Well I went to a Springsteen concert and come out a changed kid. Big break was Bulla. 'Future's wide open'...

anpk3 karma

Huge fan of tere bin.

Rabbi do you consider yourself to be a sufi singer/pop singer/indian singer, british singer or under some other category?

rabbishergill9 karma

Indian versifying-meets-rock.

turnedtable3 karma

Hey Rabbi! Big fan here
I love all your songs, great work..
Who's idea was the video for Jugni? It's so deep

rabbishergill6 karma

It was mine and Gurvinder's.

mmapza3 karma


rabbishergill7 karma

Yes. 1. Like A Rolling Stone 2. Sgt. Pepper 3. Born To Run

dhishkyaon3 karma

I've always been good at covering songs, but never been good at creating my own music. I can't seem to figure out where to start from and where to stop. How does one write songs? How do a few pieces of music come together and become complete within themselves? That is something I've never been able to achieve

rabbishergill5 karma

Go deeper.

super_cr73 karma

Does your family know you're doing this AMA? :P

rabbishergill5 karma

Yes! Been getting stares all evening (& morning).

HaikuConnoisseur3 karma

Bulla ki Jaana Main Kaun is an amazing song. The parts where you stretch your voice induce goosebumps.

Have you ever tried Spanish Guitar and would you incorporate it in your songs?

Also, any chance of using Haiku poetry in your songs? :)

rabbishergill4 karma

Well, to my knowledge all guitars are Spanish in their origin except the Hawaiian one that you lay flat in your lap.

EpicCartman3 karma

How do you fell about likes of Priyanka Chopra's calling themselves autotune singers (Err international artists nonetheless) and what they make as Music?

Where as talented singers like you don't get the attention needed in the mainstream media?

rabbishergill3 karma

Well, I'm only guessing, but what you do if your management comes to you and says 'you've only 5 years more left of your stardom and there's a gazillion bucks to be had NOW if you record an English track'? As for me, I'd like Indian independent music to do well, I'll do well automatically.

Blue_depth3 karma

Love your music, though I have a slightly different question. Your video for "Bulla ki jaana" song was very interesting and unique for it's time. Who directed it and what prompted you to use that particular style (stop motion, time-lapse) for the video. Are you creatively involved with the video production side of the music video at all?

rabbishergill6 karma

Bulla was all Anand Surapur. I co-directed Jugni and Tun Milen videos.

victimmentality2 karma

Hi Rabbi,

What kind of training have you gone through for singing?

Very good work with your music. Continue with it so we can get good music.

rabbishergill4 karma

None. Thanks! Will try.

dr_mogambo2 karma

Hi Rabbi, Rabbi was awesome. That album helped shaping my teenage years. Many thanks for doing it! When are you planning a live performance in Mumbai?

rabbishergill5 karma

All it takes is a phonecall.

bratter2 karma

You usually have really good guitar solos in your songs. Which artists did you draw your inspiration from as you were learning? Also, you mention about liking the Beatles.. Who is your favourite of the 4? I have a sneaking suspicion that it might be George Harrison!!

rabbishergill9 karma


bumblebeeyo2 karma

What's your typical songwriting process? Do you need to be in a special place of your own before you can begin or is it something more spontaneous?

rabbishergill4 karma starts with the abstract emotions becoming a line, then I take that line around, hum it walking around, solidifies, then I go to work crafting it.

ScheduledTroll2 karma

Hi Rabbi!!!! I'm a huge fan of yours and thank you for doing this AMA. I'm about to ask you a very personal question- Why is your stage name 'Rabbi Shergill'??

rabbishergill5 karma

I thought it had a snap to it besides Rabbi being my name and Shergill my clan name.

shreyasken2 karma

Hi Rabbi. Big big fan here. How did songwriting start for you? I'm a musician and I struggled at songwriting for many many years. Also, Does anything specifically help you to make music? Traveling, Meditation?

rabbishergill4 karma

Well, I immersed myself in music, poetry and then it happened. Having new experiences helps.

space_truck_driver2 karma

Do you follow any of the below bands? If you have to pick one which would it be?

Porcupine Tree




rabbishergill4 karma


space_truck_driver4 karma

Your song(cover) Jugni, was one of the first song of yours i heard as a kid, It made an emotional connect to me (the video and song both). Thank you

rabbishergill4 karma

You're welcome.

hilarious_yeti2 karma

could you please cover the issue of drug addiction in rural punjab in your next album?

rabbishergill3 karma

Well, I've no control over it. If a song on that theme happens organically, I'll keep it.

sunnydelish2 karma

Why do you think that Indie music from india does not get enough exposure on the main stream music channels?

Why do you think the don't get enough airplay on Radio stations?

If you were to work with any musician in the last 30-40 years, who would it be and why?

Thank you so much for the AMA!

rabbishergill8 karma

It's because of Big Money's utter control over media. Radio is now beholden to Big Money. I'd like to work with Madan Mohan & SD Burman.

sunnydelish4 karma

Kake, thanks for the answer.

A follow up, if I may - would you want to strart your own youtube music channel for Indie artists?

Also, I would not be doing my job if I did not ask you to stop by /r/India and say hello!

rabbishergill4 karma


abhiwho2 karma

Rabbi, another big fan here (your songs make me pick up my guitar whenever i hear them :) ). How was it working with Papon on Khule da Rabb for The Dewarists?

rabbishergill6 karma

It was a hoot. I love Brahmputra, Kaziranga and great wide Assamese outdoors.

jumppak2 karma

Who are your favorite singers, people you draw inspiration from, and what are your favorite songs?

rabbishergill5 karma

I've answered this elsewhere.

drsrb2 karma

your track-gill te guitar sums up my current situation pretty much-"din te lang janda par shyam nai".. if not a singer,what would u hv chosen as ur career?

rabbishergill3 karma

Maybe a travelogue writer, if were lucky.

rho882 karma

Hi Rabbi, I enjoy your music a lot, Karachi Valiye is one of my favourite songs- what was the inspiration behind it?

Would love some thoughts on lal singh dil and what (if any) personal experiences prompted you to write tun milen.

rabbishergill5 karma

Karachi Valie is the story of love between an Indian man and Pak woman. LSD is fantastic poet. Unignorable. Therefore Tun Milen.

chutiyapapa2 karma

what kind of music do you listen to lately ?

rabbishergill8 karma

Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa, Derek Trucks.

bratter3 karma

Would you ever do a cover of Beth Hart's My California in your own voice?

rabbishergill7 karma

Maybe Your Heart's Black As Night.

belowpovertyline1 karma

A big Thank You for your epic songs. . What do you think about the low number of concerts for the youth regarding this genre of music w.r.t the western counterparts?

rabbishergill4 karma

Well the event organisers must step up to the plate.