Hello, I'm Brent Hodge and I made the movie A Brony Tale about guys who are big fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It’ll be in theaters in select cities July 8th and on iTunes and VOD July 15th. In the movie, I tagged along with Ashleigh Ball (who does the voices of ponies Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack) to the national BronyCon convention in NYC and met all kinds of Bronies on the way.

Pony up the proof! (https://twitter.com/hodgeepodgee) and here (https://twitter.com/ash_leigh_ball).

Ask us anything!

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selfproclaimed45 karma

I have one question for each of you.

Brent Hodge, what was your opinion of the fandom when you decided to take on this project and how has that changed, if at all, after you finished the film?

Ashleigh Ball, have you recieved any backlash from parents, Hasbro, or other groups after posting the picture of your two characters kissing in support of LBGT Pride this past Sunday?

hodgeefilms41 karma

it completely changed. I went into this with Ashleigh because I honestly wanted to make a documentary about how weird it all was! I really didn't see that though, I saw a bunch of guys who put friendship first and are kind and caring.. I was actually the weird one!

RainbowDashShellBash38 karma

Hello to both!

Ashleigh, before you dug into this fandom, what were your preconceptions about the people in it? Be honest, what was the first thing you thought when you heard about a bunch of grown up men liking My Little Pony:FiM?

hodgeefilms46 karma


AJPeace36 karma

For both of you: Are we going to see either of you at any Brony conventions in the future?

hodgeefilms23 karma

yup Im at BronyCon. Its the first place we are selling the DVD of the film. see you there!!

ManVsMagic34 karma

How is your movie different from Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony?

hodgeefilms19 karma

this doc really looks at Ashleigh and her journey into the fandom

StarBP26 karma

To Ashleigh: Did you enjoy working on A Brony Tale more or less than you enjoy your voice acting work for MLP, and what specific aspects of either stand out to you in particular?

ashleighball30 karma

all the stuff i work on is so different, from hey ocean to mlp to brony tale, there are so many positive aspects to each thing. though for brony tale, i had a blast because i got to work with my pal brent!

StarBP23 karma

Awesome! I can see it being really hard to choose, given all the varied experiences you've had... also by the way some of us use a browser extension which allows us to add large MLP emotes to our posts. Given the topic of the AMA there are quite a few posts with the emotes installed on them; for instance my original question has a Rainbow Dash flying across it that those with the extension installed can see. Also, I know you're really busy with all the stuff you're doing, but feel free to check out /r/mylittlepony and /r/MLPLounge if you ever have the time! Well, good luck and don't forget to be awesome!

hodgeefilms15 karma

thanks for this!

hodgeefilms11 karma

I would like to answer for Ashleigh by saying that she enjoyed the documentary the most… that is all.

azuredraconis25 karma

Hi Ashleigh,

Will we ever see Rainbow Dash's parents or find out what really happened with Applejack's parents?

ashleighball44 karma

@azuredraconis ohhhhhhhh you will have to keep watching to see! my lips are sealed

Bluegodzill37 karma



hodgeefilms21 karma

@Bluegodzill haha whhhhatt are you a journalist? lips are sealed dawg!

dogman158 karma

Just saying, the "@" doesn't do anything on Reddit...

hodgeefilms6 karma

its for the principle.

Huginkyss22 karma

As a mom whos daughter loves MLP I have to say I love it's message. How does it feel to be a part of something that is a symbol for the anti bullying crusade? Also, I have to say this: " Hi Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack! " - From my daughter

hodgeefilms16 karma

When we started filming back in 2012, the fandom was just growing so knowing that it was a symbol of anti bullying didn't even cross our minds! but its cool to be a part of all the good the show is bringing

SchnitzelLover21 karma

For Brent: Is this a movie I can show to people who have never heard a single thing about the whole Brony phenomenon?

For Ashleigh: What do your band members think about the whole MLP/Brony thing?

hodgeefilms13 karma

@SchnitzelLover yup for sure, it really breaks it down for anyone who has never heard of what a brony is

AWesome_Sawse21 karma

Hey guys! As someone who's seen neither (yet), I was wondering how you two think your movie compares with John De Lancie's of similar subject matter, in terms of what exactly is covered in the film and how you think it turned out in the end?

hodgeefilms11 karma

haven't seen the other brony films but this one really follows Ashleighs journey into the fandom

I definitely was happy with the ending and wrap up of the film

MishaDjent19 karma

To Ash: What's the most demanding thing about being a voice actor? Do you imitate voices at parties?

To Brent: do you have any personal views on bronies? Are they reflected in the documentary if so?

hodgeefilms17 karma

I only hate it because it is inaccurate. Ash makes my voice sound squeaky and high pitched when we all know its raspy, deep, sexy and sophisticated.

0Coke18 karma

For Brent: How did the successes and failures of the brony doc put together with help from John De Lancie affect your efforts with this film?

For Ashleigh: Any chance of another US tour for Hey Ocean! in the near future?

hodgeefilms10 karma

I don't think it really affected it much to be honest. definitely not with distribution or festivals or theatrical release or anything. I think the brony community is a really active creative community. making songs, fan fics, art you name it.. theres a few docs as well.. thats kinda cool. just being creative in the community

TheLonelyStranger18 karma

To Ashleigh: My best friend got me into the show in early 2012, and we still argue about who the best pony is. He says Applejack, I say Rainbow Dash. What say you? Also, what was your favourite episode to record? Fall Weather Friends must've been interesting.

To Brent: Are there any plans on extending the theatrical release? If not, when can I expect it to show up on Netflix, if ever? I really want to see it, but there aren't any showings near me. Also, do you plan on making another brony-related documentary? Do you have an idea for one?

hodgeefilms23 karma

Netflix -- looks like maybe a late September release! It'll also be on iTunes soon after the theatrical release

MechaDragon10118 karma

This question is for the both of you guys:

There are a lot of people out there hating, ridiculing and stereotyping bronies. What have you got to say to them?

hodgeefilms20 karma

I got this one, haters gunna hate mang! I think in the pop culture realm..bronies broke some norms, and thats great.. when this happens you are bound to get backlash. people (or real people) figure it out soon though

Foyman18 karma

For Ashleigh Ball: What do you consider your favorite song from your band Hey Ocean!

For Brent Hodge: Why did you decide to make a documentary on bronies? Are you yourself a brony?

hodgeefilms17 karma

It was all ashleigh, she roped me into the crazy world. She was getting emails from bronies saying they were fans and I thought it was hilarious and said "We have to start filming this!!" Im not a brony but Ive watched the show.. its cool.

Staravia49217 karma

Hey Guys!

Ashleigh: Who is your favourite character from the show?

Brent: After the convention and doing research into the fandom, what is your overall opinion on it?

hodgeefilms15 karma

I was just fascinated… I wanted to know more and more. my overall opinion now is great. I got nothing but respect from the community. Im interested to see where it goes as a movement

Staravia4927 karma

That's good to hear. I'm incredibly intrigued to see your film when it comes out.

hodgeefilms3 karma

we appreciate the love and support :)

ashleighball13 karma

hi staravia492-- applejack vs rainbow dash... don't make me choose haha :)

Staravia49213 karma

Alright then, would you rather be an Earth Pony or a Pegasus?

hodgeefilms13 karma

Spike always wins.

lifeofthe617 karma

Ashleigh: Do you have fans coming to your Hey Ocean! concerts just because they also like your MLP work? Would you rather they come because they like your band's music?

Also, do you think you'd get along with your MLP characters if they were real?

To the both of you: Bronies are a strange bunch, there's no denying. What is the strangest (not exactly negative) encounter you've had with a brony?

hodgeefilms18 karma

I'll take this on. at babscon, we witnessed someone get ashleigh's signature tattooed on their ribcage!! it was seriously cray

lighting-flicker16 karma

BRENT: When you were first starting out, did you ever think that your films would have been a huge success?

Ashleigh: Do you feel that Applejack and Rainbow Dash and are part of who you are, today?


hodgeefilms13 karma

Not at all. i just wanted to make them for the sake of making them. i still have a lot to do!

NeonWabbit16 karma

Hey there, Ashleigh and Brent! I can't wait to watch your documentary on brony culture as I am extremely interested in every aspect of it.

My questions for Ashleigh: Is there anything you can reveal about a new Hey Ocean album? How did you come up with the voices for Rainbow Dash and Applejack?

My question for Brent: Who is best pony?

hodgeefilms23 karma


randomsnark9 karma

there appears to be some confusion here
spike is not a pony - he is, in fact, a dragon

DanThePony16 karma

It's not about the pony on the outside; it's about the pony on the inside.

hodgeefilms14 karma

this is also very very true.

hodgeefilms7 karma

this is very very true.

Beatleboy6216 karma

To Brent Hodge:

What was the process for filming the movie? Did you have ideas of what you wanted to film in terms of specific people and events, or did you just go to cons and see what was going on?

To Ashleigh Ball:

Has there ever been a character in any form of media you didn't enjoy voicing? If so, who or what was it (if you feel you can disclose it)?

Can't wait to see the movie! Good luck!

ashleighball12 karma

@beatleboy62 I don't think so.. I've definitely enjoyed some more than others but I always find the joy in each character I voice. I have a really cool job :)

Beatleboy6212 karma

Thanks, it's good to see that there are people in the world who truly enjoy what they do :D

Happy Canada Day!

hodgeefilms7 karma

happy canada day!

hodgeefilms7 karma

I kinda just got addicted to it all and couldn't stop! Ash would get emails and tell me about them so I started reaching out to bronies.. dusty was the first one I went and met and interviewed, then it just snowballed from there

thisguy4916 karma

Brent Hodge

I got my ticket for A Bony Tale in SF and am excited, what can you say to make me more excited about the movie?

What advice do you have for someone who wants to work in the film industry?

hodgeefilms12 karma

wooohoo! thanks for the support… okay this may or may not be exciting for you but I will be in SF for the screening because Im currently living here. I guess I can offer a hug???

advice - all depends what you want to do.. if you want to direct.. direct every single day. if you want to film, film every day, edit, writing etc...same thing. just live it and breath it

MaplePoutineRyeBeer16 karma

Hodge: What do you miss most about CBC Radio 3/CBC?

PS - is your dad who I think it is?

hodgeefilms17 karma

Happy Canada Day MAPLEPOUTINE! I wish my dad was dave hodge (or ken hodge) but he's not. the thing i miss most about cbc radio 3 is actually having an influence on canadian music. and being able to listen to music all the time!

MaplePoutineRyeBeer12 karma

I'm depressed to see CBC Radio 3 go the way of Bande à part because of all the cuts, you guys really made an impact on my soundtrack from 2004 and on. Cheers and Happy Dominion Day!

hodgeefilms8 karma

thanks man, that means a lot. I love the CBC and there is and always will be talented folks there.

Chythar14 karma

Were you the guys filming at a brony event at the Santa Monica Pier a while back? Also, hi to Ashleigh from "the guy with the cool car" (black 1994 Mustang Cobra).

hodgeefilms12 karma

that was us yup!!! did we meet ? man there was a lot of you guys. also that footage all made the film and the dance off in the parking lot comes up during the credits.

Mesprit10114 karma

First off, just let me say thanks for doing this. I'm excited to see it and how bronies are seen from perspectives across the board and how wide they can really vary.

Anyways, here's two questions for both of you:

What made you want to work on this film?

Who is your favorite pony from the show?

(Apologies in advance for the controversy that may ensue in the second one.)

hodgeefilms16 karma

I just thought the film was such a great concept. It totally fit with our style and also it was ashleigh who is my pal so we got to just hang out and be creative

my favorite pony from the film is Spike, which I have been reminded in this AMA is technically NOT a pony but instead is a DRAGON but then I was also reminded that its not about the pony on the inside but the pony on the inside that counts which gave me the confidence and reassurance to stick to my first answer which was SPIKE.. the best pony of them all...

hodgeefilms8 karma

film = show

hodgeefilms8 karma

inside = outside .. wow I can't spell

TheBronyCheff13 karma

so miss ashleigh ball what are your most treasured memories of the doc?. and also would you like to come to Mexico to a Ponycon?

hodgeefilms5 karma

I will NEVER go back to mexico again.. KIDDING!! I absolutely loved it and @TheBronyCheff you are the best. Consider me in for anything mexico wants to do with this doc

DeadxEye5 karma

Hey Chef! Fancy meeting you here :D

hodgeefilms3 karma

chef! chef! chef! chef!

JorWat12 karma

To Brent: What surprised you most about Bronies that you discovered while making the documentary?

To Ashleigh: What do you think about people claiming Applejack is a background character?

hodgeefilms18 karma

What surprised me the most was just how nice they are. when you interview people, you normally get 10, 20 minutes of their time. with the bronies, they actually picked me up at the airport, took me to the best spots for dinner, spent a bunch of time with me, and were just great guys all around.

vojelly12 karma

Do you prefer Peter Gabriel era Genesis or Phil Collins era Genesis?

hodgeefilms4 karma

I cannnn't dance, I cannnnn't sing

AlexBerghe11 karma

Who's your favorite film director ? :D

hodgeefilms12 karma


adamweaver4311 karma

For either of you, are there any plans for releasing the film in other movie theaters? I don't live anywhere near the ones that are showing it and it would be cool if me and my friends could see it together. Thanks!

hodgeefilms8 karma

I really wish :( we are in around 30 cities.. we hustled really hard for that and Im really thankful for the opportunity to play on the big screen. sorry we didn't make it to your area… iTunes and VOD soon though

MechaDragon10110 karma

To Ashleigh: what is the coolest gift you've gotten from a fan?

hodgeefilms6 karma

hahaha "there's an incoming call for a miss atlantic ocean! do you accept?" (inside joke.. go watch the film and you will understand :D)

AJPeace10 karma

To both Ashleigh and Brent: What're your reactions to the recent stories on kids being bullied for liking My Little Pony (Grayson Bruce and Michael Morones)?

hodgeefilms8 karma

Its obviously not easy to see this in the media but its pretty cool how the brony community gets behind things. Human nature does exist.

himwhoisme9 karma

Any guilty pleasure TV shows or movies that you have?

hodgeefilms13 karma

ADVENTURE TIME is BY FAR the best thing i'm watching right now. I'm sorta catching up on game of thrones at the moment. For movies, just going to film festivals, i've had the chance to watch a bunch of new films-- Chef has been my favorite thus far this year!

thisguy499 karma

Brent Hodge

Now that you have finished the documentary do you think you will watch the other documentary?

hodgeefilms5 karma

I promise I haven't been avoiding it! I swear, I just have been busy and have like 900 other shows I need to catch up on, but yup I will

Musichead24689 karma

What other celebs would you like to guest star in MLP?

hodgeefilms4 karma

I want Seth Rogan.. thats me tho

ThelwellJamie8 karma

Just a quick question for both of you. Would you say that you learned anything whilst you made this documentary, and if so, what?

hodgeefilms4 karma

I learned that my friend Ashleigh is extremely talented at what she does..but I already knew that. I got to witness it though.

I also learned a ton about the bronies and the welcoming community they are.

friendship is magic.

nnja8 karma

How did you feel about the Bob's Burgers Episode, The Equestranauts?

hodgeefilms3 karma

okay.. I've been so busy I still haven't watched this. Doing it after the AMA. To answer your question : I feel curious to watch it.

ckonold55037 karma

What was your favorite part about making the movie?

hodgeefilms6 karma

the favorite part for me is interviewing a guy named Bryan who is in the film. He might have been the best subject Ive ever interviewed.

gotsci116 karma

Ashleigh: Hey Ocean! has quickly become my favorite band and I was wondering where does the inspiration for the music you make come from?

Brent: What do you want to show that is different from the other Brony Documentaries. Not trying to sound like an ass but why should I watch this when I've seen many others from other pros and people in the fandom?

hodgeefilms3 karma

I haven't actually seen the other brony docs yet but really this is a doc about Ashleigh and her voice over career and how the brony thing comes into that.. that journey is completely unique in my opinion

MaliceTowardNone75 karma

I really love Hey Ocean's music. You guys have a sound that just lifts my spirits, so I want to thank you for that and I hope to make one of your concerts some day. Do any Hey Ocean songs make it into the film?

hodgeefilms4 karma

they do!!! live version of big blue wave and Make a Dance Up is the last credits song

Failadran4 karma

What are your opinions on the quality of the show itself?

hodgeefilms4 karma

Its awesome. great writing, voices and animation in my opinion. also a lot of the crew came to the Vancouver screening and are the nicest people.

wtfjaked4 karma

This question either of you can answer, What do you think has made MLP so popular among kids and grown men alike?

Ashleigh, when you come up with a voice for a character like Rainbow Dash or Applejack, how do you make a singing voice to accompany them?

hodgeefilms6 karma

The internet has made it popular… thats a deep rooted question but I think the internet allowed the speed of information to create popularity

Chaosritter4 karma

Applejack vs. Rainbow Dash: who wins?

hodgeefilms4 karma


Tysondroid3 karma

To Brent: Will this documentary be released on Netflix in the future? And is Brony Tale not gonna appear in theaters near me? (Illinois)

hodgeefilms5 karma

I was working so so hard for Chicago :( not sure if it will but iTunes is a week after the show.. also we have netflix coming after the summer

serbian_swag3 karma

Do either of you play LOE, also do you ever see Hasbro making a legit MLP video game in the future?

hodgeefilms3 karma

saldy don't play LOE.. got no time with this movie making business

D34THC10CK2 karma

Two questions: 1. What would guys consider your top 5 albums? 2. (For Ashleigh) what are your biggest inspirations (music wise or other wise)?

P.S. happy Canada day! :D

hodgeefilms4 karma

happy canada day!

I dunno if I can do albums but here is my fav songs right now: 1 - bloc party - banquet 2 - Chet Faker - Cigarrettes and Chocolate 3 - Tim Hecker - Dungeoneering 4 - Drake - Too much 5 - the beatles - happiness is a warm gun