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EDIT: Thanks for the questions, much love to all "real" fans. Stay puf

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CapnWhales400 karma

Why is this AMA so bad?

OfficalMethodMan1043 karma

Cuz you're on it

kb401362 karma

What was it like working on the hard knock life tour? Take a pic saying fuck u kelby

mrkrabz341 karma

What do you think is the Wu's biggest/most important message?

OfficalMethodMan1834 karma

Brotherhood, unity, trust, tact, honor, oath, loyalty, excellence. Now take the first letter of each word - B.U.T.T.H.O.L.E.

Chupacapra280 karma

Are you fucking kidding us with this fake ass pufcig commercial ama?

OfficalMethodMan839 karma

You're not the real Chupacapra. http://i.imgur.com/PjHE4cS.jpg

cvillemade227 karma

Hey man, always been a big fan. Can I just get a what's up from you? I've had a fucked up day and I just need something cool to happen.

OfficalMethodMan954 karma

WHATS UP CUZ! Now back to cutting your wrist.

epicguy23227 karma

What was it like filming "How High"?

OfficalMethodMan1004 karma

It was cool, but UCLA students were assholes. The 1% kids suck ASS.

grumpygooch222 karma

My gf doesn't like Reese's peanut butter cups, how wrong is she?

OfficalMethodMan488 karma

She hasn't lived.

williphi01171 karma

Hey man huge Wu tang fan. I loe your shit. Have to say how high is one of my fav movies ever. Any more plans for a bit more acting coming up?

OfficalMethodMan332 karma

3 movies coming up.

metalmonkeysc157 karma

When we'll see a new Meth album? And with Red?

OfficalMethodMan380 karma

Meth Lab coming soon. Blackout 3 working now.

KingHygelac137 karma

Who would you say is/was the most talented member of Wu-Tang? Who was the best to work with?

OfficalMethodMan454 karma

Me and uh...me. And at a CLOSE second, ME.

beatsbyaaron126 karma

Hey Method, thanks for doing this AMA. Who is your favorite young new artist in the game right now?

OfficalMethodMan246 karma

No one in particular, I guess.

Murkis118 karma

Sup Meth...you have a favorite strain of tree?

OfficalMethodMan432 karma

girl scout cookie

Brown_Love105 karma


OfficalMethodMan426 karma

"You" would love to collaborate with the Black Power Ranger. Morphin' Time!

Justvh0102 karma

What was it like to work with Biggie?

OfficalMethodMan224 karma

Working with Big was fun. He was a funny guy who made everybody round him comfortable.

Angstwoman98 karma

How does it make you feel that 5 white suburban girls used to blaze up and religiously drive around in a car listening to the "How High" sound track in complete and utter glee? Because that is what we did everyday after school when I was a sophomore. Thank you for the great "high" times.

OfficalMethodMan318 karma

You're welcome. I'm glad I can contribute to the delinquency of a minor.

8amedia94 karma

Is George bush your favorite president?

OfficalMethodMan252 karma

fuckin' A dude! God bless America.

sulph90 karma

As a lot of people have been influenced by you, who would you say influenced you and what is your favourite track that you have been on?

OfficalMethodMan181 karma

My biggest influence is my dad. And I don't have a particular favorite.

Osofrontino79 karma

What's your take in kids using electronic cigarettes?

OfficalMethodMan333 karma

Stay far the fuck away.

akaloadedcash73 karma

Whatup gangsta? Is you keepin it gangasta today?

OfficalMethodMan173 karma

hahahahahahahahaha I love it. I love it.

Legface67 karma

Hi Mr Meff. Which was better - Oz or The Wire?

OfficalMethodMan324 karma

The Wire, by far.

SirDoesntPostEnough66 karma

Well I'll be damned if this ain't some shit! Whats up Meth? I just wanted you to know that you're my favorite member of Wu both on and off the mic. How would you react if Once Upon a Time in Shaolin leaked?

OfficalMethodMan150 karma

it already did

xMadvillain58 karma

What up Meth! Let me get a "whatsup"!

Lol what's your favorite movie?

OfficalMethodMan226 karma

Evil Dead Part 2

CaptainJoeShmo53 karma

Method huge fan, and thank you for the opportunity. Quick question, what is the best part about being in Wu Tang?

OfficalMethodMan316 karma

being asked what is the best part of being in the Wu Tang

DilatedChess52 karma

Meth, what's your opinion on rappers like Chief Keef?

OfficalMethodMan226 karma

Let 'em live.

Monkkk52 karma

who is your all time favorite mc? outside of wu

OfficalMethodMan120 karma


HahamemeOKwegetit50 karma

So what happens if one were to fuck with the Wu-Tang Clan? Not that I would... You know I'm just curious.

OfficalMethodMan162 karma

Refer to Dave Chappelle

Banajam50 karma

Hey meth, favorite fast-food Burger?

OfficalMethodMan199 karma

I don't eat fast food.

Omar61246 karma

Wagwan meth? Come to St. Paul's carnival this Saturday

OfficalMethodMan82 karma

Yes sire -rude boy massive-

bungle12346 karma

Whats your favorite country to perform in?

OfficalMethodMan199 karma

Europe hahahahaa

SlySullyFTW42 karma

Hey Meff, you're my favorite member of the Wu! How involved are you in this new Wu-Tang album and how do you think it compares to the ones before it?

Edit: also please check out /r/hiphopheads we love you there.

OfficalMethodMan70 karma

I'm all over the Wu Tang project.

Mutt122338 karma

What is you favorite flavor ice cream?

OfficalMethodMan290 karma

Your mom flavor ice cream. JK

beatsbyaaron36 karma

What was it like working with Nas and DMX in the movie Belly?

OfficalMethodMan88 karma

I didn't do any scenes with them.

Deadenbuddah34 karma

How old were you when you started smoking herbs?

OfficalMethodMan96 karma


liamquane34 karma

What was it like working with George Lucas?

OfficalMethodMan134 karma

I geeked out. I think I scared him.

DilatedChess29 karma

Yo Ironlungs!

What's wrong with green eggs and ham?

Also any plans for another album with Red?!

Thanks alot, you're the fucking man!

OfficalMethodMan30 karma

coming soon.

championkid27 karma

yo meth! you look like a tall motherfucka! how tall are you? Also, 4/21 ruled, fuck the haters

OfficalMethodMan43 karma

6 3 and quarter

Pyrilus26 karma

Hey Mr Meth, im a big fan and its nice to see you here!

What is your opinion on todays rap music and how is it different to the 90s?

OfficalMethodMan85 karma

It's okay. But I think it should have a bit more diversity.

InternetSpacePolice25 karma

What's the best borough and why is it Shaolin?

OfficalMethodMan57 karma

I gotta go with Brooklyn because of the food. (Jamaican)

dasautomobil21 karma

In which country did you have the best and most fun tour experiences? Would you ever give liner notes about every track on your Tical album, like background stories etc?

OfficalMethodMan48 karma


Radnom_lawlz21 karma

What would you say is your best work?

OfficalMethodMan103 karma

Anything in the first 3 years.

Schrodingers_Nachos19 karma

First off I'd just like to thank you and the rest of the Clan for continuously making the best music I've ever heard. That being said, what do you attribute to your consistency and ability to stay in the game for such a long time?

OfficalMethodMan47 karma


runofthe14 karma

So is PufCigs gonna come out with a Blunt flavored Method Man special?

OfficalMethodMan29 karma

No, but we do have cigars coming soon.

benmartin1123413 karma

Ayy, MM. What's your favorite Wu album so far?

OfficalMethodMan37 karma

All of 'em.

kidtacoo11 karma

What's up Mef, huge fan! Been to a lot of your shows in Switzerland and your one of the illest in the game, certainely my favorite from Wu (not trying to disrespect any other members). Two quick questions, would be nice if you could answer them:

  • What do I need to do to get a voice as smooth as yours ?

  • Any news about Crystal Method or The Meth Lab?


OfficalMethodMan26 karma

Meth Lab is done and Crystal Meth starts after Blackout 3

Swiftt11 karma

When can we expect a release date for Crystal Meth? and how would you describe its style? is it going to be slow and grimy like Tical or straight up bars like 4;21 The Day After?

OfficalMethodMan26 karma

I haven't started that shit yet. But it will sound like...me.

opie_my_orange_kitty8 karma

Sup g. What's your favorite flavor of blunt wrap?

OfficalMethodMan71 karma

I don't use blunt wraps. They make the weed taste funny.

jtb29104 karma


OfficalMethodMan25 karma

I find it convenient in studios, before I go on stage, and because I'm addicted to smokin'. But I can't get high all the time. At work. So I'll smoke a e-cig to quell the urge.

ikebuck3 karma

Ugliest mf in Wu Tang?

OfficalMethodMan18 karma

That would be me. And a close second, me.

Hardy19871 karma

Are you and your partners going to set up a cannabis vapourizer e-cig?

OfficalMethodMan1 karma

stay tuned. at methodmanpufs.com