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Thank you to everyone who submitted a question. My apologies if I didn't get round to yours.

I will endeavour to do this again pronto. Big love to you all. X

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MDevonL81 karma

Hey Rou.

I am the creator of /r/EnterShikari over here on reddit. I was also that kid who did the whole 'street team' thing for ES when they did their first NA tour back in 2009 with ADTR.

Let me start by saying I fucking love your music. I do. It got my through a lot in my life and I cannot thank you enough.

My question to you is simple. Any advice on growing out a beard?

Ok, I actually do have a couple other questions.

  1. Still the beard thing. Yours was glorious.
  2. During Hybrid, you used to play guitar. What made you switch and take up electronics?
  3. Will we ever hear anything else from Johnny & the Snipers?

Keep on rocking! And can't wait for #ShikariAlbum4. :D

roureynoldsofficial21 karma

Thanks you so much for all your support and kind words mate! Big up!

1) massage your jaw in a clockwise motion each night at 7:05pm sharp.

2) Just being inspired by the larger range of sounds you can create with electronics. I still love playing guitar but obviously it isn't as versatile as a synth.

3) I hope so. I started make an "Arguing With Thermometers" track for Johnny & The Snipers but we never got round to doing it proper!

earthwindfart65 karma

Why is Common Dreads so good?

roureynoldsofficial49 karma

This is a question for THE GODS. But thank you ever so much for the superb compliment!

mullahrice49 karma

I still owe you £30 for DJing my birthday party a few years ago.

Call it quits?

roureynoldsofficial77 karma

NO! YOU have to DJ MY birthday. (plus bring me vats of apple müller rice)

SuckMyFck46 karma

Hey Rou,

  1. Where did you meet the guys in Enter Shikari?
  2. What made you want to start playing music?
  3. When was the moment when you finally realized "Hot diggity dog, we made it!" as a band?
  4. Are you pals with the guys in Architects?
  5. Any chance of a Canadian tour soon?
  6. What is Rory C's thesis?

roureynoldsofficial92 karma

Hello SuckMyFck (I can't believe you made me write that :p)

1) We all attended & became acquainted at the Primary school. (apart from Rory whom Rob met at secondary school)

2) I think the very first urge was initiated by procession brass bands. Apparently I used to hurriedly march after them when I was 6 with my little plastic trumpet. By the age of 11 I was thoroughly into music, mainly The Beatles but also various Motown & Northern Soul outfits introduced to me by my father who was a Motown DJ.

3) I think when we played our first proper festival slot at Download Festival in... in... umm... blimey... 2006 I think.

4) Absolutely. We have a great affinity for them and all they do. Lovely & very clever chaps.

5) Definitely. Once this next album touring gets started we'll be there in a flash.

6) I believe the full title of his doctorate is "A general theory of disbelief, profanity & their synergy."

SuckMyFck13 karma

It's an Attila (Band) reference :P Thanks for the answers and good luck on the new album!

roureynoldsofficial21 karma

Thank YOU!

RobertYoloMugabe2k1231 karma


Fan since 06. From 85 to Harlow Square. I'm now 21. Ironing faces since 93.

will you ever play Acid Nation or Jonny Sniper live again, albeit I do not windmill in dem pits anymore, it'd be a delight to hear once again. Cheers geeza

P.P.S any chance of a Club 85 or likewise gig in the near future?

P.p.p.s I've got an audio file of the original 'Warm smiles' if ever you want it (it's a recording from welwyn or something)

roureynoldsofficial29 karma

Oi oiiii yaself! Hmmm I honestly have no idea if we'll ever perform those numbers again. All I can say is maybe really. No plans for the immediate future. So many songs to chose from, it's awfully traumatic picking a setlist these days. Never to old for a wee windmill that's what I say.

I'd love to play Club 85 again. We used to say "We're big in Hitchin don't you know?" You lot accepted us before St. Albans. Perennial love.

And yes [email protected] would love a copy thank you!

HCDRJacob28 karma

How is your name actually pronounced? Is it "roo" or "row" or something completely different like "keith"?

roureynoldsofficial83 karma

It's actually pronounced 'Conroy Bartholomew'.

roureynoldsofficial73 karma

But srsly now... It's Rou as in HOW the COW in SLOUGH said WOW when his VOW was disalLOWed

sh4butie24 karma

Hey Rou, thanks for doing this AMA. In your personal opinion, what do you think the biggest global problem we're facing right now is?

roureynoldsofficial75 karma

Such a tough question. So many problems are interlinked and intertwined. Climate change for instance will affect everything from the economy & industry, to public health & wellfare, to our environment. Everything basically. So that might have to be the winner.

Upon the last analysis though, I think we observe that almost every problem has a route cause OR is perpetuated/aided in some way by Capitalism. The construct of 'Infinite growth on a finite planet' is the cause of many of our problems.

fruitpunched24 karma

Can we get another Glasgow King Tuts gig?

roureynoldsofficial15 karma

Would love to, great little venue! Will try a get back there oneday!

fluntcap21 karma

Saw you in Bristol in 2011, one of my mates who I went with said you had the flu and it was a pretty toned-down performance compared to what he was used to, I thought it was the maddest gig of my life. How do you keep up the energy and passion throughout a tiring evening of performing if you're ill? Do you just battle through, do you take something beforehand?

roureynoldsofficial63 karma

I think I remember that show too! (Don't mean to sound too triumphant but my memory is shocking, so I am surprised at myself!)

There are many reasons that a show perhaps won't 'flow' as naturally as normal for me; illness, homesickness, anxiety. There is really only one solution in these cases; simply, make eye contact with as many people as possible. Instead of looking out into the sea of faces and seeing it as a blurry mass, I try to lock in on one person after another. I find it I can almost feed on their energy and enthusiasm, it can literally almost defeat any negative feeling or illness that may be lurking within me. To see the passion and energy in peoples eyes is like rocket fuel. It is a connection that is quite ineffable, but hugely valuable and effective.

Broncotruck17 karma

What was it like filming Green Lantern? Have you heard anything about being in the new Justice League movie?

roureynoldsofficial14 karma

Are you thinking of my Cousin Ryan Reynolds?! He told me Green Lantern was great fun though if that helps!

poxleitnerd13 karma

What is the most dangerous thing you've done on stage?

roureynoldsofficial51 karma

I could go for one of many manly supposedly 'cool' 'out there' 'crazy' things I've done but I wont. My answer is simply flip flops. Flip. Flops. Wearing them onstage and trying to perform as normal was nothing short of terrifying. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Rocky_Mt_High13 karma

If you could have lunch with one political/historical figure from the past or present, who would you choose to share a meal with?

roureynoldsofficial20 karma

Gosh that is a tough one. I'm just gonna be greedy and give you a list... Bertrand Russell, John Lennon, Sam Harris, Socrates, Tony Benn, George Orwell, Christopher Hitchens, Gandhi, Nicola Tesla...

CHAZTATS11 karma

Hi Rou. Massive fan. You jumped on me at UEA Norwich 2 years ago. Best night of my life.

If you weren't in Shikari and in the music business, what do you think you would be doing?/ like to be doing.

roureynoldsofficial23 karma

My upmost apologies for my fall. Thankyou for your humble cushioning!

If I wasn't in music (which would be painful as it feels innate and all I have!) I would hope I'd be working within some sort of scientific sphere. I have nothing but respect for the scientific method and social progress, so something that would fulfill that remit!

danny95djb10 karma

Hey Rou couple of questions,

  1. Is there a UK tour coming soon?

  2. What is your favourite song off the new album?

roureynoldsofficial27 karma

Yo Danny 1) Yes there is one coming. Not overly soon though, still a lot to prepare ;) 2) I know it's a cop-out but especially at this stage when they all feel so fresh, that is an impossible question to answer. There is however the most personal track i've ever written on there, so if you insist on forcing a knife into my jugular and demanding an answer I'll go with that one. (sorry ain't gonna reveal any names yet :p)

(Please take said knife away from my throat now, there's a good lad)

beardbeck10 karma

I am a huge fan, Enter Shikari are my favourite band hands down, I have been to see you guys every single tour without fail and I met you guys outside of a Sainsburys in Manchester which made my night. Okay question time; What is your biggest inspiration? Who do you most look up to? Any news on tours next year? And could you also Ask Rory C what his thesis is?

roureynoldsofficial16 karma

Ahh outside Sainsburys in Manchester... romantic! :) Thanks so much for your amiable words!

I know it's clichéd or cringey but I get a lot of inspiration from the fans and friends of our band. They help us endure. As well as endless bands, composers, scientists, philosophers, authors. Simply too many to list! We will tour early next year once this album campaign gets underway! Just constructing the final cherries on top of this beast now before we unleash it.

Oh and Rory C's full doctoral thesis is "A general theory of disbelief, profanity & their synergy."

Glugsy9 karma

Hey Rou, seen you guys 3 times, all of them incredible nights!

1) What can we expect from the next album? More Heavier? More Melodic? More songs like Constellations?

2) Whats youre favourite area to tour/play? (except hometown)

3) Are we going to see more Sound System in the future after this album cycle?

4) Whats been your favourite on stage joke ES has done? (Safety Simon at Hatfield was incredible!)

Thanks, Good luck in the future!

roureynoldsofficial11 karma

Yo Glugsy thank you for your enthusiasm, glad you've shared some good times with us!

1)I'm afraid it is hard to avoid clichés here. There is some of the heaviest stuff we've ever done full of anger and indignation. There is also some of the most delicate and personal stuff we've ever done.

2) So difficult to pick one place. We enjoy playing anywhere, meeting the people, absorbing different cultures etc. Japan is particularly fun cos it's just so different from anywhere else.

3) No plans as of yet. It's all efforts back to ES for now then we'll see.

4) Haha I've no idea. My memory is shocking, we occasionally watch an old tour video back and have a good laugh though. When we dressed up for Halloween on warped tour, that was a lot of fun!

_TSwizzle_8 karma

Hi Rou, I love you, and How is/was your beard so fab?

roureynoldsofficial23 karma

Thank you ever so much. I meditate everynight. It increases facial hair follicle health. (maybe)

robbbbbbbb7 karma

which UK band are your current favorite?

roureynoldsofficial16 karma

Hey Rob, I'd have to go for We Were Promised Jetpacks at the moment I think.

frenchthehaggis7 karma

Your songs seem to be becoming increasing political with 'A Flash Flood of Colour' having great political messages throughout; is this trend going to continue on into the next album? Also, what prompted the change into having a bigger message behind the songs?

roureynoldsofficial20 karma

I think after the success of the first album (the songs upon which were already atleast a year old upon release) I began writing more socially conscious music because I realised the band suddenly had a pedestal and I felt a sense of responsibility to use that in what I hoped to be a wise way.

Coupled with the fact we had grown up in a very socially conscious hardcore punk scene and were heavily influenced by our local community. This to us was what heavy music was made for, to broadcast ones frustration at the wrongs of the world and to rally support for the good fight. :)

Samnoname6 karma

Given the issues you raise in your music and on social media about things like climate change, NHS privatization, extreme nationalism and the dumbing down of the mainstream, what do you see achievable in the future to address these issues or do you genuinely think out current societal model is on the brink of collapse within the next couple of centuries? and are you, like me, frustrated with the lack of apparent movements gaining significant traction in society to do something about these things and the apparent apathy of the majority of people?

roureynoldsofficial20 karma

I am indeed just like you then Sam. Incredibly frustrated by humanity's seemingly never ending myopia. I think our social structure as it is will not survive the coming centuries. It will have to adapt GREATLY. This is the case with all biological life and the main tennant of evolution. Adaption is key to survival. Within our current system there is simply too much vested interest in keeping things the same. Too many people are making too much money off pillaging the earths finite resources, stultifying the poor, destroying the environment and destabilising our world.

The only hope is employing the scientific method to social concern. The word Economy derives from the Greek means 'household management'. We need to start realising that the earth is our one home and we need to manage it with the human ingenuity and empathy evolution has endowed us with. :)

lewishart966 karma

Can we expect a release date for the new album anytime soon?

roureynoldsofficial28 karma

Yo Lewis we're looking at January at the moment. Seems horrifically far off I know but we are on the case as much as we can be on the case. Like really on it. Above it really, looking down on it.

EnigmaticLemons5 karma

Hey Rou :D Massive fan of the band, just 2 quick questions: What's your favourite song you've ever written? And also, seeing as you've finished recording the new album (Loved Anaesthetist!) can you give any details about the style? Is it more electro or metal? Any bands you can liken it to? Thanks :D

roureynoldsofficial5 karma

Favourite song ever written?! Bloody hell! That's impossible!

I obivously have countless favourite songs but to pick one... umm... I'll go with Glenn Miller - In The Mood

Thank you! The album is as varied as ever. :) I am unaware if it's general sound alludes to any other bands.

ToysArentUs5 karma

Besides the musical talents, what other skills do you have?

roureynoldsofficial16 karma

I do faces. I am an extremely fast eater (I can eat a blueberry muffin faster than a beaver chewing through a small to medium sized twig.)

flaccidbagel5 karma

Thanks so much for taking the time to do an AMA Rou!

My question is what is the single most awesome thing you have witnessed somebody/any number of people do in the crowd during one of your gigs?

Also just gonna add that Hatfield on Thursday was truly incredible and me and my mates couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the end of A-levels, see you guys at Reading!

roureynoldsofficial14 karma

Congrats on the end of A-levels! Hope you didn't stress yo selves out too much! And thanks for the kind words. Our crowds can be particularly nuts it seems. Last night in Russia in fact we had people light about 20 flares at once in the crowd shrowding the stage and audience in a red misty hue, it looked incredible, it was like an instagram photo in real life. Human pyramids are always great, we've been lucky enough to witness (and participate) in some real high-ass ones in our time! I think things like that, things that are communal light the biggest amount of awe in my proverbial heart.

failure_fiasco5 karma

Last time I saw ES, you guys LITERALLY brought the roof down. Wonder if you can remember that? Although, I guess it may happen a lot? Still one of my favourite gigs of all time. The dude crowdsurfing trying to fix the lighting fixtures was manic!

roureynoldsofficial3 karma

Haha which venue was this? The lighting being fixed mid crowd surf does ring a bell but can't quite put my finger on it!

This kind of thing does happen every now and then though, haha this one was especially... fun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncmOGgprQBg

lrxza5 karma

Rou! I've met you a few times, and I've always crazily crowdsurfed when I see you guys live in Texas/Oklahoma. You guys are incredible; a huge inspiration for my music and art.

-How do you feel about Bilderberg and the idea of a group of rich, corrupt people controlling the world? I think it's inevitable, but then everyone calls me a conspiracy theorist. How can people not question these elites all meeting up and just hanging out? They have too much money, power, and bad intentions.

-How do you feel about a One World Government? I live in Texas, and all the rednecks out here that I'm a damn commie for wanting everyone to unite so we can work together to explore the galaxy and beyond. I hate that I learn American History and not Human History at school. But I know it won't be that simple.

-What is the most important thing our generation can do to make a difference?

-What source(s) do you read/watch to stay up to date and aware of current events?

-What's you current setup? Ableton push?

Dallas, TX misses you. You should visit soon. Sorry for all the questions, and I understand if you can't get to them.Thanks for everything all of you do!

roureynoldsofficial7 karma

Thank you so much for the kind accolades!

I tend not to worry about specific people or groups or 'conspiracies'. Instead I focus on the constructs that produce such a world where an exceptionally small minority control a huge amount of the worlds wealth. I try to learn about the social science behind this and how humanity could design a improved society.

I am not interested in Government. I don't one person or one group can make decision for the people. Especially not within a monetary system. Money and power corrupts. Decisions about human welfare and society can be ascertained through the scientific method.

Most important thing our generation can do? Educate ourselves. With knowledge comes power. And then? Speak up. Plato said "I shall assume your silence means consent". Do not stay silent in situations of oppression.

I use Real News Network, The Guardian, RT, as well as many scientific publications. Try to have a wide scope as no single media outlet can be trusted completely.

basicform3 karma

Hi Rou,

Was there ever a point after you made the decision to form your own label rather than sign for anyone that you doubted your decision? What was your thought process during that time? It was a pretty major decision you guys made at such a young age, I'm curious how you guys handled it and what made you go the way you did.

roureynoldsofficial3 karma

Hey, I think I do remember being nervous but we had the beginnings of a good team around us then. That gave us confidence and support.

We were also slightly suspicious about major labels coming in frothing at the mouth so late in the day (i.e. after we'd done all the hard work) so it also became not only a moral decision but also one influenced by self respect.

However scary the process was and even though it was a lot of work, it felt right. :)

xZDF3 karma

Greetings, Rou!

  1. How many tracks will include the new album?

  2. Are you (The whole band) going to do something "symphonic"? I mean, like using choruses and epic violins, 'cause that would be awesome.

  3. Will you marry me?

  4. Which are your favourite bands?

Sorry for all these questions, thanks for reply.

PD: You guys should deffinitely play The Jester, Jonny Sniper and Solidarity in your concerts again...

roureynoldsofficial3 karma


1) a few interludes and around 11 songs. (still not entirely sure)

2) There is more orchestral instrumentation on this album. I had a lot of fun writing for strings, brass and woodwind!

3) If you pay for it. I want a 10 footcake, a private beach and a 30 million dollar dress.

4) Radiohead, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Beatles, Hundread Reasons, Sick Of It All, Coldplay.

TLG_BE3 karma

Hey Rou! Getting hyped to see you for the 3rd time at Reading festival this year. How much of the new album can we expect to see?

roureynoldsofficial3 karma

Hey! Excellent. That makes to of us. Probably will only be busting out the one new one I'm afraid! I think folk just wana party to tracks they know at festivals.

countbasieasfuck3 karma

Hey Rou! Huge fan! Tell me the back story behind the human pyramids at your shows. You say something live about bringing unity to the crowd through such actions, can you explain yourself a little on that and what started it? I've seen ES 4 times now and there is truly no live show that even comes close to you guys

roureynoldsofficial3 karma

I really enjoy the creative and communal aspects of human pyramid constructing. People have been coming together for thousands of years to listen to music. It is one of the strongest unconditional uniting forces we have.

So anything that then makes people work together and observe how much more is possible when we do, I think can leave with a more positive outlook on humanity. Sure, building a human pyramid isn't going to help our species' perilous situation but it can spark community and is a nice metaphor for the power of unity.

ooppzzy3 karma

First of all, was at your Hatfield gig last week and you guys were insane!

Secondly, in your opinion what is the best album you've produced? I'm talking in terms of lyric meaning, personal values and general enjoyment of creating music.

P.S fellow St Albans soul, right here

roureynoldsofficial3 karma

Thank you! Was a lot of fun being back on stage after so long!

Well I'd have to say our new album. I poured a lot more emotion into this one than any other before. Lyrically I pushed my self to the max too. I honestly can't wait for it to come out! (still, gotta mix it first!)

squirrel12513 karma

In (i think) episode 3 of the Shikari album 4 vlogs, where you're constructing the graph to measure the range of songs, you had 1 song top right meaning heavy as fuck and super experimental

Did it make the cut? :D

roureynoldsofficial4 karma

Yes. It's morphed and changed a lot since then. It's even more all over the place now haha. Can't reveal the name but it's the one with silly tim signatures and all about the ridiculousness of the UK 'class' system.

oddvr3 karma

Im moving to Bournemouth from Iceland this fall, any plans to play any shows there in the near future?

roureynoldsofficial3 karma

Dang, would love to play Iceland that;s for sure! Is there much a scene there? No plans for UK tour yet but will definitely be stopping there or nearby next year! Good luck with the move!

MemphisMarcos3 karma

Hey Rou,

Mind booking those blokes in Bury Tomorrow for your next NA tour? And While She Sleeps, maybe even Rise to Remain... Please? A British Invasion tour hitting the East coast would be unreal!

Anyway, you're the shit and you're band is incredible.

roureynoldsofficial3 karma

All great bands! Haven't started looking at NA tours yet, just concentrating on warped tour but we'll see what happens next year!

Big up for the kind words!

Kyle9943 karma

Hi Rou, id just like to start by saying you are fucking awesome, and you inspire me every single day, I still get chills listening to the likes of solidarity and the Gandhi mate (there isn't one song from Common Dreads or FFOC that i dont like, they are both utterly fantastic) , I also want to thank you for broadcasting these vital messages through your music, after watching zeitgeist: moving forward i found your music, and i have been a mahussive fan ever since and always will be!

My questions:

Have you ever thought of directly referencing The Venus Project, Jacque Fresco, or The zeitgeist movement in your songs?

Have you ever considered doing an acoustic album/EP? I love the acoustic versions of system/meltdown and others even though they are rare, but i think you have a fantastic voice and it would be great to hear more chilled acoustic stuff from you guys.

Keep on being awesome mate, the world needs more people like you.

roureynoldsofficial4 karma

Thank you so much Kyle. It means a lot!

I don't think there is any need to reference them directly as those who are interested in the lyrics will find us mentioning them in interviews or find them through research elsewhere.

Also I don't believe it would be the right thing to do. What needs to be broadcasted and promulgated is the train of thought, the widened perspective, the change in values. What I don't like about the Venus Project is it sometimes acts as a company. As if THEY are the answer in themselves. As if Jacque is the answer!

The Zeitgeist Movement however, the main goal of the Zeitgeist Movement just like the main goal of our band is to disband, to discontinue, to end. I know that sounds awfully strange and negative but what I mean is the goal is to reach a world where the Zeitgeist Movement is no longer needed. Where the scientific method for the betterment of all the worlds people has been implemented. My band could then also be free concentrate on all sorts of other lovely topics in are music.

Fear not though, of course this is not going to happen in our lifetime ;)

And also yes, I am starting work on a new solo acoustic project this year. (Don't worry, it wont be lame, vapid, or predictable like many other artists 'solo projects'!)

BakerKadda3 karma

Hi, first of all thank you for playing your awesome song Solidarity in Wiesbaden last year, I thought I'd never see it on a concert since it's already an 'old' song, but then you played it and I was soooooooooo happy! I also met you guys at Rock am Ring 2012 and just wanted to say thank you (again) for being the normal and friendly people you are.

now my questions: *how do you feel about people getting your lyrics tattooed on their body? Do you sometimes think it's almost too much, like 'boy, I hope I won't disappoint them with the next actions the bands gonna take' or something?

*what was the craziest thing a fan did for you?

I hope you're gonna read this! Send aaaaall the love to you

roureynoldsofficial4 karma

Thank you! I enjoyed both those gigs very much!

If someone wishes to permanently mark there body with artwork related to us it is nothing but an absolute honour. To know we are so important to people is a great privilege. I don't worry about disappointing anyone, I think if they've gone that far already they probably are truly invested in what my band does and hopefully wont be!

TheDeepSheep3 karma

Even after all these years Sorry You're Not a Winner is still my absolute favourite party/nightclub/live song. Glad you guys are still trucking on strong.

I know you're a pretty damn politically active dude, so I'm interested to know how you feel about us up in Scotland voting on independence later this year?

roureynoldsofficial13 karma

Thank you mate, I'm glad and honoured to be still trucking myself!

I find the whole thing a bit bemusing really. On one level, the whole thing is a charade. Philosophically I believe the concept of countries not only to be pointless and even negative, but also defunct. So in that sense, I care not. On the other hand I can completely sympathise with wanting to govern one's "own land" (I don't believe us humans should carve up bits of this celestial rock we find ourselves floating on so I use speech marks there). I lived in Scotland for 3 years and absolutely loved the place and the people. If I was there I would NOT want to be lead by David Cameron or anyone in London at all either and would probably vote yes myself. Unfortunately the relief from not being governed by conservative arseholes would only be brief. Remember, 'power corrupts'. I dont think it would be long (just as in any other country in History) before you would see a strong Scottish right wing creating economic inequality and causing social havoc across the beautiful scenery of the country.

mah_deck3 karma

Hi Rou, I'm a massive fan of Enter Shikari and cannot wait to see you guys at Reading!!

As a band what is your creative process for writing songs? Also will there be a production video for your new album like there was for Flash Flood of Colour? Watching Phenakistocope over and over took up so much of my revision time and I'd love another insight into your recording sessions.

Thanks for doing this AMA!

roureynoldsofficial3 karma

Hey there, thanks for your support! We cannot wait for Reading either!

Usually I'll write and demo the tracks, take them to the guys and then we'll work fleshing out the skeletal ideas together. Thanks, we loved how Phenakistoscope turned out. There will be indeed. We're thinking of bringing it out a little while after the albums released though, to include some touring and our lives after the recording.

jamdunks3 karma

Hey Rou, what's your opinion on Scotland potentially going independent soon? Also what British band are your favourite at the moment and why is it Architects?

roureynoldsofficial5 karma

Answered both these a few questions from the top ol' boy.

AcePickles3 karma

Hey rou, you excited about Reading and Leeds Festival this year? and will it be the new album or a mix of old and new tracks? THANKS! Keep on making awesome songs! :D

roureynoldsofficial3 karma

Can't wait my friend. Can't wait. Seriously, I'm in the process of telling them to reschedule for earlier ;)

It will be a mix of everything I expect, with our new song Anaesthetist being the only teaser from the new album. Have fun!

ravioliraviolii3 karma

Hi Rou, long time fan Will there be any continuation of the ongoing lyrics like gulping hindrance in the acid nation or still we will be here standing like statues in the new album? I enjoy them as a nice nod to your old work and your continued ideologies. it just be crazy having your own encore chant, I remember at UEA how everyone would chant "And still we will be here, standing like statues" until you returned to stage. Also, who comes up with the ideas for your merch? I always love the shirt designs by themselves, even without being Shikari. Thanks :)

roureynoldsofficial5 karma

Yo, thanks for your support! Big fan of ravioli myself.

There is a nod or two yup. Different nods though from before. In the last track on the album there's nods to all sorts of things too. Ok I've said too much. scarpers

connorandstuff3 karma

Hey Rou!

Can I start by thanking you for being a huge inspiration to me and also for making a couple of the best nights in my memory. Can I also add that I am sorry for making a fool out of my self when I met you by opening with 'I love you' - what a mess, right?

Now, my question. To my knowledge, you've played at the Wilde Theatre in sunny a couple of times in Enter Shikari's lifetime, and it made me feel pretty great when the band I'm in played on that stage a year or so ago - I wanted to ask if you guys were ever put under the pressure of the common ideology of getting a dead end job and joining the proletariat, and if so, how did you deal with this?

A reply would mean the world, you'd be helping a brother out.

roureynoldsofficial5 karma

That is a perfectly acceptable way to start a conversation if it is true! Haha. Thanks so much for your support and best of luck with your band!

Many times I thought we'd have to pack it in a get 'a real job' and many times when painfully homesick I've pondered quitting for a less travel orientated job too.

It doesn't both me in a moral sense if that's what you are asking. We all have to survive and that means acquiring wealth in what ever manner is available to us. Some peoples options are more limited than others due to limited opportunities and our ridiculous class system.

Whatever one does, and however tedious it may seem (heck, believe it or not even this job can seem awfully laborious and repetitive at times) it's important to try and inject a sense of fun into it somehow in order to stay healthy. And however tired you are after a days work make sure you keep hobbies up outside of work and not fall into the work-eat-tv-sleep-work-eat-tv-sleep trap.

dgrocksolid3 karma

Found you guys back in 2007 on the international music feed channel where they played "Sorry You're Not a Winner". Been a fan ever since. One day I hope to see you guys at a concert.

Where's are the best places to visit in England?

Where are your favorite tour spot?

Is there anywhere that you want to travel to?

Thanks for the great, unique music over the years!

roureynoldsofficial3 karma

Thanks for your support, I hope you are able to come to see us live too.

Well apart from the obvious London, Edinburgh, Brighton etc Mallaig (or many other beautiful spots in Scotland), St. Ives (or many other beautiful spots in Cornwall) The Lake District.

Love touring through all sorts of wonderful places. Too hard to pick a favourite!

So many places would still love to see, South America, more of New Zealand, Greece, Arctic/Antarctic, Iceland, Greenland to name a few!

Tokagaro03 karma

What do you think of the people who hate that you put important messages in your songs? For example, saying Arguing with Thermometers is too preachy.

roureynoldsofficial9 karma

I don't care.

Everything one says could be considered 'preachy'. Everything one says has some kind of political connotation.

Hell, even them saying that a song is 'too preachy' could be considered a political statement, I mean what are they actually saying...?

"Stop speaking out. Don't address important issues. My head hurts. I want your music to be simple and only for escapism. Stop it." It is nothing more than an endorsement of apathy and irrelevance.

What we do try and do is always keep a sense of the comic, the fun, the ironic. We try not to take ourselves too seriously. I think that is important.

We also try not to say anything that cannot be proven with evidence. As we are asserting things with such confidence they need to be backed up, else we could come across as strident or feigned.

M0arty3 karma

when is the release period (to not set a specific date) for the upcoming album?

roureynoldsofficial5 karma

January my friend.

ThatLADJamie3 karma

Which Enter Shikari song was the most fun to write, record, make etc.?

roureynoldsofficial9 karma

One of the new tracks, that probably wont be on the album but we may release first later this year (or as a bonus track).

It's one of the most silly song we've ever written, yet utterly furious at the same time. I don't think we've all laughed so hard recording a track ever. Look out for it ;) Can't reveal the name but it's the one that is 'set in a restaurant' (ohhh cryptic Rou... cryptic)

peeterus3 karma

Hey Rou, I've seen you guys a few times now and I met you all backstage before you went on at Sheffield O2 in 2011. You seemed shy/ quiet backstage then went on stage and put out an insane show.

I was just wondering if you were saving energy for the stage or do you just feel a bit weird around overly excited fans?

roureynoldsofficial11 karma

Obviously being revered by people is a rather strange sensation and I don't think a wholly natural or positive one. But no I don't get weirded out no! I have a lot of love for our fans/friends. The thing is I simply AM shy. I've always been a diffident person in many situations, but then an assertive one in others. Sometimes I just do find it incredibly hard to be the frontman in a band. I'm not quite sure why but I can hazard a guess at many influences in my life that have shaped me. But I wont settle down on the psychiatrists sofa now! :)

OneInSolidarity2 karma

As a politically charged band how do you approach a gig in a country, such as Russia, with recent controversies (LGBT rights, Crimea)?

roureynoldsofficial7 karma

Each Country has at least a few areas they're lagging behind on in terms of morals and societal progress.

So even though there has been some pressure to boycott certain countries I would see that as a steep slope to only accepting gigs on the moon. And unfortunately there aren't many promoters promoting there at the moment.

Each country can also not be judged by it's government and laws. Each country is full of lovely people, so we must visit if only to instil a sense of confidence and embolden these good folk. They deserve not to be ignored.

chickenloverdan1 karma

uk tour next year?

roureynoldsofficial2 karma

YUP. x