I am twenty and have worked over a year at Twin Peaks, and at one of the busiest locations. I am also in college.(a very good one, at that) Ask me anything!

Proof: http://imgur.com/a/2gz33

Thanks so much guys, I had lots of fun. I am off to work now, stop by your local Twin Peaks and try it out :) http://imgur.com/UgafeBO

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What do you think of your clientèle?

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I would say 75% of our clientele is awesome. That is going off a simple formula.. in a four table section, on average with every rotation I will have 3 normal to awesome tables and one creepy to rude table. Usually, they're just guys there to hang out, drink beer, and watch a game. Obviously, not the most moral clientele but I think the fact that they enjoy twin peaks shows the people are laid back and fun.

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Comprehensive answer :)

Would you ever date a customer?

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Yeah, I went on one date with a guy but mostly just because I didn't want to turn him down. Some really cool and attractive guys come in, I wouldn't not date someone just because I served them at Twin Peaks.

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Nope, I don't have high enough morals to not work at Twin Peaks.

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Ever feel bad about working there? I know it's your choice, but do you really wanna show me your cleavage? (I'm 19, I always look you guys in the eyes.. But you guys make it a challenge)

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I only feel bad when I'm talking about it to people who wouldn't go there themselves. The way I see it, I'm not stripping and I'm paying the bills the best way I can. It's such a fun job, and generally the concept is accepted in our culture.

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Is it wrong that I'm slightly disappointed to find that twin peaks is a breastaurant and not a weird/mystery/supernatural themed place some where's in backwater Maine or the like?

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No, lots of people think in reference to the show.


Thanks for doing the AMA.

Any decent craft beer on the menu?

Is the experience built around the servers and service, or do you think the food is good as well?

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It's lots of fun. And I would say we are about 75% typical beer but we have two in house beers customers love (knockoff Shiner and Blue Moon), we have IPAs and a few semi-local beers on tap, usually seasonal.

And we are very about the servers and service, but the food is good. I don't eat it often because there are rules about it, but it is all homemade and fresh and clean. They really try hard when it comes to the food and the menu in order to set themselves apart from competitors.

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When you mean homemade, it's done in-house and not just reheated?

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Actually homemade, done in-house with the exception of the fries. All of the meats, vegetables etc. are prepared and seasoned in house. Things like chicken tenders, chicken fried steaks, fried pickles, cheese bites and stuff are breaded right when you order them. We make our own gravy etc. and our mashed potatoes were once potatoes.

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Ah, Ziegen Bock. Nothing like Shiner, I wish more bars here would carry it on tap.

hk4T72 karma

We have Knotty Brunette, knock off of a knock off? Guests like it. Unfortunately we only offer the others in a bottle.

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Wow, that sounds odd, it is a Twin Peaks exclusive beer, I live like 15 minutes from McKinney and I've never wanted to try it. Oh well, I actually do have a question must most people miss them if it isn't a reply.

My roomate works at the one in Las Colinas and gets really busy to the point to where she doesn't get to sit with the guests. Question is, do you ever get double sat or overburdened and can't handle it?

No offence but as a server myself I've been many times to hang out and I've seen many people get too much to handle and don't do well on the service aspect of the job. Does that happen at your location too or should this location look for more staff?

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Yeah we have two exclusive beers.

I've definitely had my fair share of double and triple seating. More than that at times, usually the hostess or an event are to blame.

With so many girls, some with kids, some in school, we get call ins and are short staffed sometimes. Usually those nights we get bigger sections so if we get too busy and girls can't handle it, service might be sub par. When I get too busy to sit down, I focus on giving standard but still fun service and will talk for 30 seconds or so. The tables know I'm busy, but still see I care. I am a huge perfectionist so even with too many tables I work my butt off to give good service. Some girls can't even do that with normal size sections, it really just depends on the experience of your server.

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I just go to hang out with my roommate and coworkers. There really aren't any good vegetarian options at that place. I work at Buffalo Wild Wings sometimes, I can handle 10-12 tables and still give good service. I don't think this one girl can handle more than 3 since she talks about everything to each table.

Thanks for taking the time although it is 2 am already. Have the night off I assume?

hk4T71 karma

Yeah the few vegetarians I've encountered order quesadillas. When we are busy, talking to tables receives a lower priority. There are some girls who should be slammed but they sit and talk anyways. Meanwhile, two servers are bringing things to her table, other customers are waving her down and the rest of them have empty tweets.

Yes I was off tonight. Between the rough semester I had and bar schedule, I go to bed at like 4 am. It's terrible.

Doden651 karma

People have their own priorities I guess. Hah, it's the late night life. My social interactions have suffered heavily from this since summer classes are taking over my life. Can't wait for these next 2 years to be over.

I read also that you date customers sometimes? That's odd to me, everyone at the location I visit are dating someone or refuse to date customers. Safety is on the minds of the latter.

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I mean I don't date customers, but I have been on a date with a customer. It's very circumstantial, I definitely don't go there looking for guys to date. I just wouldn't rule someone out just because I served them.

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What is the best way for me to have a good time and get the best service?

There is branch up the street from me that i have visited a few times. I don't flirt because i assume A: everyone else is, and B: it wont make any difference (service/attention). I have fun a strip clubs, and with patrons and servers at regular bars, but breastaraunts fall into a grey area.

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My favorite is when the table invites me to sit down. I don't have to search for a conversation starter or wonder if the table wants me to. If your waitress isn't super busy and she stops by for a second, always try it. Or at least say something like how's your night going.. Sometimes tables fall in that grey area too, we don't know if they are interested in what we have to say. Usually, I go out of my way to give great service to tables that do this.

Contrary to popular belief, talking about our tip or how much $ you have doesn't work for anyone.

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Do you find the increased air exposure refreshing? Once it gets warm I actually can't stand the feeling of a shirt around my chest.

hk4T71 karma

It's great for working on the patio. Eliminates that cleavage sweat for sure.

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Have you ever dated a customer or a co-worker?

hk4T73 karma

No, but I have gone a single date with a customer. Co-workers would be managers or back of house, managers are off limits. (Which is unfortunate in some cases)

peng818282 karma

How'd that go?

hk4T72 karma

Fine, but he bugged me too often afterwards. There was no second date. But I'm not against dating people I meet there.

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Ah, I imagined it didn't go so great as there was only one date. It's nice that you're open to dating customers though!

hk4T74 karma

The way I see it, I can't judge them for eating there when I'm the one serving them in the first place.

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What's the experience like when a child comes through? What boundaries are set by yourself or the company?

hk4T72 karma

Girls usually ooh and aah over little kids, but obviously we use common sense when they're in. If the parents/ kids are playful, we will take pictures if they want and keep it age appropriate. But I don't sit with families with kids unless they literally say to sit down. There aren't any real company boundaries set out, everyone just uses their best judgement.

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Would you rather fight a horse sized twin peak or 100 twin peak sized horses?

hk4T72 karma

Horse sized twin peak, hands down.

JohnnyAcesDueces2 karma

Only time will tell if that's the breast decision

hk4T72 karma

You were waiting for that one.

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Has anyone you've had sex with while employed there asked you to have sex in your uniform?

hk4T74 karma

No, but there haven't been many chances for that to even happen. Although I had a customer ask to pay me for one under the table (literally, under the table), so he could give one to his coworker. Apparently, she told him if he got her a top she would have sex with him in it. True Story.

samacerothstein2 karma

Would you be amenable to having sex in your uniform? Not in a creepy, I'll tip you extra to do it kind of way, but in a hey we've been dating awhile now - can we try... something...?

hk4T71 karma

On those terms, why not.

YnDangerous1 karma

Know that I would slow clap for you. I've never been to hooters nor twin peaks, but what's the atmosphere like? And what sort of etiquette should a customer always observe aside from tipping?

hk4T71 karma

What did I do to earn that? It's so much fun. There are TVs everywhere with whatever you want to watch (sports related), great music, hot girls (for the most part), lots of beer. We have fun with it. Just don't take it to a sexual level, or ask us on dates when we just met you. Us waitresses will usually casually slap asses or joke around on the floor, please don't partake in that either. It's just a show and we are just having fun.

dead_lift_it1 karma

For the longest time I had no clue that Twin Peaks was a hooters-type place. They had popped up relatively quickly in my neck of the woods. Figured it was just some new and popular chain restaurant. Went in for the first time, noticed the outfits. "Oh cool, attractive women" I said to myself. Randomly a month or two later it dawned on me the whole "twin peaks" thing. Funny story, ya?

Also, has anyone ever been too distracted by your boobs or the boobs of others to order properly/decide what they want to eat?

hk4T71 karma

That happens more often than I thought it would.

Nobody has ever been that distracted but men have joked about it. But sometimes when I catch their eyes there I'll make them forget what they're saying. Like they've just been caught and are deciding whether to fight or fly on.

iwazaruu1 karma

what's your plan after this job?

hk4T72 karma

Get another one, unless I'm in medical school by then. I have two years left on a pretty good degree, so I don't anticipate I'll be at Twin Peaks or anywhere similar after college.

Amgaran1 karma

Do some of your coworkers have implants or get implants for the job or otherwise?

hk4T72 karma

yeah, more than a few. They don't necessarily get them for the job, but they get them because of the job. Money + the influence of other girls who have them.

Phatz1 karma

Have you ever heard of Red Dog Right? It is owned by the same company and was the replacement restaurant that was apparently made after the city it was in would not allow a Twin Peaks to be built there. Its basically the same thing, but shittier and not a breastaurant. I worked there for one summer and I have to say, it was not the most fun experience I have had.

hk4T71 karma

never heard of it, but there are lots of stories of Twin Peaks/Twin Peaks type restaurants not being allowed for obvious reasons. If you ever had the chance to work at the peaks, you wouldn't want to go back to a normal restaurant. (not because of the outfits, but because of the no side work/cellphone use/food/televisions)

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why do you do what you do, the way you do?

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