It's true: I've been writing a song a day for 2000 days. Here's my 2000th song:

As you ask questions, I'll write, record, upload and post new video songs as answers.

I make my living writing custom songs on the spot, for companies, conferences, and fun. (My business is I'm excited to do this all day for Reddit! Let's see how many songs I can write in one day.


Edit: Still writing songs here guys! Keep up the great questions! I'll work on getting to as many of you as I can!

Edit #2: OK! It's 11:14PM, I've officially been writing songs for 12 hours straight. Grand total for the day: 52 songs. Thanks so, so much for all the questions. I hope to come back and sing some more answers over the coming weeks (probably as Song A Day songs).

I wanted to note: The idea for this musical AMA came from my friend and collaborator (and idea machine) Ronenv:

Here's a recap of what went down today.

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Pwninator45 karma

Could you write a song about a boy who breaks both of his arms and needs his mom to help him with his daily activities?

joshwoodward28 karma

What's the closest you ever came to quitting the project?

scrimshady19 karma

Do you still speak to your ex girlfriend that you did the viral breakup song with?

Charmadillo18 karma

Assuming for a second that the multiverse theory is correct, what would the best possible universe be like for you? Would there be peace? Pizza that grows on trees? Talking giraffes?

kewliomajor13 karma


DerkERRJobs10 karma

If we write a song one word at a time, will you sing it?

I'll start -


jonathanmann6 karma


daphnejune9 karma

My husband and I do the "7-minute workout" all the time because of you. The songs you wrote for it are so dang sticky!

Just wanted to say thanks for keeping us in shape! And since a question is required:

What do you think - does the 7-min workout count as one song, or seven songs?

PS. Also, congrats on being a new dad!

NiceGeoff9 karma

What are your favorite games right now?

Bear_Taco6 karma

I think you accidentally made the video private.

jonathanmann4 karma

Thanks for the heads up! All fixed now.

WhimsieandWonder9 karma

If sloths could talk what would they say?

Riddly_Diddly_DumDum9 karma

What are your favourite foods and why?

jonathanmann20 karma


edit for musical notes

s40822118 karma

I just wanted to thank you. The fact that you've been doing this consistently for literally thousands of days is so incredibly inspiring to me, a 16 year old musician from Australia. I've been following you since the 2nd year, and I've loved watching your style and music grow and how resilient you've been in dark times, but it's sometimes the dark that inspires the best music.

Thankyou for doing what you've done, and please keep up the good work! My question is, have you ever written a song that looking back has embarrassed you? Like a song that you just cringe remembering?

Frajer6 karma

What inspired this project?

MorePancakes6 karma

Do people find you annoying? Like a constant musical that won't end?

americano225 karma

What do you think of my username?

zacharywcox5 karma

Where are these going to be posted? This is pretty amazing, sir!

jonathanmann10 karma

Thank you! As I'm writing them, I'm posting them here as replies. It's taking longer than I want, but I've done ten so far! Trying to write as fast as I can!

vorpal95 karma

Why are you still doing this? (I've listened to almost all of them, BTW. May have missed a few days, but I love ya, Mann!)

BombayBlood5 karma

Given the present state of the nation. How do you feel about oranges and balsalmic vinegar?

tmfp4 karma

How do you keep from running out of ideas or songs sounds too similar ?

thesluttymcslut4 karma

What was the last movie you watched? Critique it.

jonathanmann15 karma

thesluttymcslut3 karma

I approve.

jonathanmann3 karma


rarisgod9 karma

I wish you had asked /u/americano22's question.

jonathanmann4 karma


thystrife4 karma

What are your thoughts on the term: "quality over quantity"?

BonerSaladWasTaken4 karma

Were there days in which you didn't want to make a song at all, but still did? What motivated you to write one anyway?

You're truly amazing btw. I would never have the patience to do this.

NiceColorOfBlack4 karma

Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

Drew-Pickles3 karma

What sexual encounter are you most ashamed of?

I_Need_To_Go_To_Bed3 karma

What is your biggest fear regarding the project?

jimeowan3 karma

Did you sometimes keep several songs in advance, just in case, or did you really take the time to write/record/publish a new song every single day? Because that sounds almost impossible to me!

Also, any "almost missed the deadline" stories?

Soyner3 karma

Can you find a rhyme for the words: Orange, testicular, gorilla, silver and bulb?

onlyamonth3 karma

How many 5 year olds do you think you could take in a fight?

jonathanmann6 karma

dogsordiamonds3 karma

If you were born in the past, when there wasn't a platform like YouTube, what do you think you would use your musical talents for?

KnightMair343 karma

Who is your favorite member of the Spinto Band? (You have to pick one!)

Mikeydoes3 karma

Here is a song:

"What is your end game" in all of this?

DrSamLoomis3 karma

How many songs will you write for this AMA?

SoiD_Eviv3 karma

On a scale from Mozart to Schubert how good are your songs?

jonathanmann2 karma

spintoband3 karma

What was your favorite animal as a child? What is your favorite animal right now? If it has changed, then why?

poopycocacola3 karma


MindlessSponge3 karma

Boxers or briefs?

dmaurolizer3 karma

If you could only write one more song, what would it be about?

krackers2 karma


PittsburghJon2 karma

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

Also, your songs are great, they should play them on the radio.

fastgr2 karma

What is the meaning of life?

bigniggatalkin2 karma

What is your favorite color?

weaponboy_92 karma

What do you think of me?

rdmccrow2 karma

Can I ask you one question?

tehflied2 karma

Can you not answer this question with a song?