I'm a rapper from Oakland, CA. My new album 'These Things Happen' just dropped today, go grab it here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/these-things-happen/id868738564

http://G-Eazy.com Twitter & Instagram: @G_Eazy Check out my youtube channel here http://youtube.com/GEazyTV

Ask me questions, I'll be here for the next hour or so, let's chop it up


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Casual_Tea105 karma

I gotta know the secret, what hair product(s) do you use?

Young_Gerald156 karma

This pomade called cool grease, they carry it at Temescal alley barbershop in oakland

thehappystoner100 karma

Are you high right now? Do you ever get nervous?

Young_Gerald163 karma

hell yeah fuckin right

VersaceWaterfall81 karma

What’s your opinion on the beef Hoodie Allen started with Riff Raff, Mike Stud, and you on “Nolan Ryan”? I feel like you have calculated your career perfectly and are hitting your album at the peak of your hype. Your about to pass up everyone on that list but why do you think he called you out, I thought you and Hoodie were friends? It just seems like a publicity attempt to piggyback off your success.

Young_Gerald109 karma

I dunno it was a bizarre move.

yungsavage9573 karma

would you ever do a song with logic?

Young_Gerald116 karma

Yeah, he's a real good dude.

VersaceWaterfall65 karma

The voicemail your mom left you on Opportunity Cost was powerful and motivating. Your one of the only rappers I see who doesn’t have fake twitter followers and everything you’ve accomplished was earned with hard work. How does it feel to create a project that you’ve poured everything into? From the billboards, to the printed CD’s/vinyl’s in stores everywhere, this seems like the pinnacle of an independent artists dream. Your album really struck a key with me thank you.

Young_Gerald59 karma

Thank you. It feels great. Definitely feels like a pinnacle in some ways, a turning point, but big picture we're just getting started.

kittykats10165 karma

When's the collab with Lil B? #BayBoys

Young_Gerald110 karma

I'm praying it happens ASAP

Khelshra43 karma


I’ve been listening to nothing but your album since it’s been released. I fucking love it. I have four questions for you!

  1. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen on the road?
  2. How would you say your life has changed since you’ve started down this path in your life?
  3. That audio bit at the end of Opportunity Cost- Is that your mother? Putting that in there was a fantastic choice.
  4. What’s your favorite song to play while on tour?

Play on, my man.

Young_Gerald70 karma

  1. That answer def isn't safe to say publicly
  2. It's gotten crazier... definitely not a regular lifestyle
  3. Yeah that was my mom, she's a G.
  4. Probably Loaded

LiveOnTheAir32 karma

Hey G, I saw your set and met you at Firefly yesterday and I wanted to thank you for the best performance that weekend. My question: Who is your favorite rapper to collab with?

Young_Gerald66 karma

Thank you, I had hella fun. Probably KYLE.

MyNameIsNot_Jeremy27 karma

how much fun was the "I Mean It" music video to make? Its probably one of the better/funny music videos I've seen in a while.

Young_Gerald25 karma

A fuck ton haha. But I'm always down to invest in projects that I think are worth it.

whosGage22 karma

Got the album G, such an incredible piece of work, I've been following you since you dropped Endless summer and I plan to stay with ya, but anyway,

What is your favorite song on These Things Happen? And Why?

Young_Gerald29 karma

Thanks homie. I appreciate the support! Probably Downtown Love, either that or the intro.

stokelypokely21 karma

Man, I can't believe I saw TTH hit 2 on the charts. Been listening forever.

What'd you do last night to celebrate?

Play on, G.

Young_Gerald31 karma

Drank whiskey and passed out haha. We played a festival yesterday and then drove back to NYC, and todays hella busy, so we haven't gotten to celebrate yet. Release party tonight tho.

GetLikeB17 karma

Yo G, do you feel like you finally made it? After all the haters and doubters telling you you couldn't make it

Young_Gerald49 karma

Nah we're just getting started. It's a big mountain.

wvaughans17 karma

G! I've been a huge fan for about 4 years now and I've gone to every show you've had in Austin, but I'm moving to the desert in a few months...are you playing at Coachella next year?

Young_Gerald17 karma

Cheers! thanks for the support. I hope so but you never know.

Nyudes17 karma

Hey G, wheres your go-to place to get lunch or dinner in btown, oakland, or the city? Dope job on the album.

Young_Gerald39 karma

Gordo's in berkeley!!!

thevenetor16 karma

What do you feel is the biggest sacrifice you make once you become a successful musician?

Young_Gerald50 karma

Trading in your social life to dedicate everything to your craft.

Bewchaka16 karma

what's it like growing up where no one believes in you?

Young_Gerald35 karma

I dunno, there were always people believing in me, but you just gotta be confident in whatever you wanna do.

caitwinn15 karma

Hey G-Eazy! Bg fan, you were fucking amazing at the Kid Cudi show in SF. Hope you have another show for the bay cause we love you. So proud of you. Questions time : - Are you planning to do another song with Hoodie Allen? -

Young_Gerald16 karma

Cheers! thanks for being a fan. Gonna perform again in the bay soon I'm sure.

kris10kay15 karma

I'm soo happy that you're doing an AMA finally! I'm such a huge fan and your music has helped me through everything, including finding out that I'm suffering from depression. I got your lyrics tattooed on my shoulder! Anyways, I just wanna know, what's next? Do you plan to go on tour again? I'm from the Bay Area and you're becoming a Bay legend! Where is your favorite stop when you tour? And who are you gonna collab with next? Keep it up G, you're doing big things and the Bay is mad proud of you!

Young_Gerald15 karma

I'm sorry to hear that. That's crazy to hear about the tattoo, wow! yeah I'm gonna go back out on tour in the fall, I'll definitely play a huge show in the bay. That's usually my favorite stop on every tour, always feels good to come home.

mtskier715 karma

How important do you think presence on the internet is for upcoming rappers/artists?

Love your stuff man, check out /r/hiphopheads while you're here.

Young_Gerald21 karma

It's hella important. The internet is where the conversation is, case in point this thread right here. It's where people are, and you gotta be relevant wherever the conversation is.

Brian10249714 karma

What was the hardest thing about the album?

Young_Gerald53 karma

Knowing when to call it finished.

hadenb14 karma

Who are you talking about in your song Downtown Love?

Young_Gerald16 karma

It's kinda loosely based off of Edie Sedgwick and her story, but told in a modern setting.

thatirishkid11 karma


Been a huge fan since I saw Make up Sex on www.thehiphopupdate.com ( http://thehiphopupdate.com/underground/g-eazy-make-up-sex/ )

I met you at the first show you did in the studio, my boy bought you a beer and you said whatup, signed the merch and took a pic with us.

My Question: Do you remember interactions with fans or do you just get swept away in the wave of fame? (I asked you if you were gonna play "I be in the lab" that night and you told me that shit was too old and you had to stay current haha).

Congrats on the success from your hard work, keep it real.

Young_Gerald21 karma

That's crazy! I do remember you guys. That was my first tour ever. Wow.

I dont remember everything though, because I probably meet at least 1 to 200 people a night on an average show, so it's hard. But it's not about being swept away in that wave, it's just the reality of the circumstance.

meowmeow32111 karma

Hey G!

I saw you at Firefly and you were definitely my favorite show. Thanks so much for coming!

Question I guess would be who's your favorite rapper to collaborate with?

Young_Gerald26 karma

Thanks! I had hella fun. Probably either Drake or Kanye.

stileskray5 karma

  • Do you forsee a time in the future when you might want to start a label, or at least take a back seat to rapping and become a producer again, taking indie artist under your wing?

  • Are you still homeless?

  • How serious are things between you and Devon?

Young_Gerald17 karma

Yeah I definitelly wanna start a label and start building other artists. Nah I finally copped a spot. A dope loft I'm hyped on it even though I'm never there.

WingedFoot1310 karma

Hey G! I loved the new album and how new songs kept coming out. It just kept building up my excitement for the album to drop and it was everything I expected. Ok so questions,

How hard was it for you to give everything up to tour and really commit to making music? and any good stories from being "homeless"?

You're dope man I hope you blow up

Young_Gerald15 karma

not hard, because music meant more to me than a social life and just hangin out. haha just being tired of repacking my suit case every couple of days, and anytime i wanted to cop some new clothes i would have to throw away something I had to make room in the suitcase.

Trust_Me_Im_A____10 karma

Gerald you're the fucking man. I'm loving the style you're bringing to the industry and These Things Happen is fucking amazing. I saw an interview where you said your biggest accomplish to date was being featured in the New York Times and having a verse from E40. How do you think you can surpass that if you haven't already with the album release?

Young_Gerald9 karma

I dunno man, it's gonna be tough to pass those up. Who knows.

sammychammy9 karma

Hi G :)

1: What is your favorite restaurant to go to?

2: If you were standing in a liquor store, what is your go-to bottle to buy?

Young_Gerald15 karma

Gordo's in Berkeley. Bulleit bourbon.

GetLikeB9 karma

What do you think about people that download your albums illegally but go to your concerts to support?

Young_Gerald51 karma

It's all good. however they get the album is fine as long as they get it, and if they're coming to the shows to support then its all love

FishStickButter9 karma

Which artists would you consider your best friends? Btw I have enjoyed your music for a couple of years so keep doing what you're doing.

Young_Gerald25 karma

skizzy, kyle, mod, tory and rockie fresh. those are the homies

OneBadDay10489 karma

I can't believe these things happen is finally out! The wait was worth it

What song are you most excited for fans to hear and why?

Young_Gerald6 karma

Either Just Believe or Downtown love

TheOfficialFROST8 karma

What are some ways you feel you have "evolved" in both your music and persona over the last few years?

Young_Gerald14 karma

I've matured as a person and so has the music... It's gotten more sophisticated and interesting I think.

rumpy938 karma

Hey G! With Hoodie putting Nolan Ryan out there and taking shots at the people around him including you what are your thoughts on it? Keep up the great work and great album.

Young_Gerald15 karma

I dunno man. Glad you like the album though.

TheWarOn7 karma

What's your favorite thing to do on a crazy night in New Orleans?

Young_Gerald11 karma

Kick it at home and drink. Then go to the saint. Then snake & jakes.

chriscr33p7 karma

G Eazy, thank you for killing it at Firefly yesterday I was loving every second; What would you say the most fun performance you've ever had and what makes a performance so much fun?

Young_Gerald9 karma

I dunno yesterday was super fun, it was definitely up there. The energy from the crowd has a lot to do with it, and yall were going hard yesterday

bigsuit136 karma

Hey G,

I was at your show in Iowa City and you were fantastic. During your last tour, where did you have the best experience at?

Young_Gerald7 karma

Thanks, tough to say tho cuz every city goes hard. Iowa City was crazy too.

Brenden23236 karma

Why are you pictures always black and white?

P.S. These Things Happening is spot on!

Young_Gerald21 karma

Cuz Bobby Bruderle haha.

andre_a6 karma

Eazy, Saw you in NYC man, the show was insane! That NYTimes article was dope too. Any way I gotta ask about the Factory Girl (Skit) on TTH...I noticed it was track 8 and I was wondering why put it in the middle of the album like that? Also is it about a specific girl or just sort of a general thing?

Young_Gerald9 karma

It's sampled from the Merv Griffin show in the 60s where Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol were guests, and the song downtown love is loosely inspired by Edie's story.

sarnanick6 karma

G man, look how far you have come! I've been with you from the start and super stoked that I got to watch you progress as a musician! Big things are happening for you and your team bruddah, and with that I have a couple questions

1.) What inspired your 50's style? 2.) What city's gets hella hype? 3.) How many hours did you put in the studio for TTH? 4.) Tell Devon Baldwin im a huge fan and love her hooks on the tracks 5.) What was your favorite part during your tour overseas?

Young_Gerald7 karma

I've always been into that time period, the music, the culture, the style... My dad grew up around all that, so he put me on to a lot of it. Everywhere goes crazy, but Paris was one of the livest cities I've ever played in. We worked on that album for like a year and a half. Will do. Just getting to see different cities and cultures.

Gniht5 karma

Why did the day it all changed not make the album? Follow up question: are there any other songs that didnt make the album that you havent released yet?

Young_Gerald8 karma

I just didn't think it was quite up to par with the rest of the album

blboyle224 karma


I really fuck with your music. My question is, what Bay Area rappers do you listen to, and which ones were you most inspired by?

Keep making great music, we'll keep supporting you.

Young_Gerald11 karma

E-40, keak, too short, Iamsu, sage, jay ant, back in the day I used to listen to the team, hood starz, the pack, frontline, turf talk, federation

akacullen4 karma

Sup Gerald, the new album is dope, been listening to it non-stop. I remember the first time I heard 'Netflix' which got me hooked..anways.

Will you ever hope to do a world tour in the future? Just you and guests.

Thanks :)

Young_Gerald9 karma

Right on, cheers. Yeah i'll definitely do a world tour. Can't wait to get back to Europe, probably in the fall, we'll probably do Australia and New Zealand too.

marcialmontoya4 karma

Your sound has changed compared to what you have now and your past projects. Is there a chance that the old sound will come back or is this a change for good?

Young_Gerald15 karma

I think it's important to evolve and grow and take risks creatively, instead of repeating yourself and doing the same thing over and over

kingvstheworld4 karma

What songs do you want to make a music video for off These Things Happen?

Young_Gerald13 karma

all of them haha. but definitely downtown love, lotta that, maybe tumblr girls

ImJustLivinLife4 karma

These things happen is downloading now! Is there any significance to the album cover? Does it have any meaning?

Young_Gerald21 karma

Yeah, the black background photo is like the night before, and the white background photo is like the morning after a wild night. These things happen...

bongomann3 karma

If you had to choose, what would you say your top 3 cities are that you enjoyed performing in?

Also, saw you in San Diego and it was fuckin sick. Been hooked ever since I heard Fried Rice and im glad you're getting the recognition you deserve. Thanks a ton for putting in the hard work. These things fuckin happened!

Young_Gerald10 karma

It's tough, cuz almost every city ive ever been to goes hard. Off the top of my head Anywhere in the bay LA Minnesota

Mattaiello3 karma

Hey G

You have done everything independently...what's the best way for a kid coming up to get his name out? TTH was fucking crazy man.

Young_Gerald4 karma

It's all about consistency man... I think that's what matters the most

NotoriousDonut3 karma

What song of your own means the most to you?

Young_Gerald6 karma

Probably Just Believe

MyNamesNick3 karma

Hey G,

Been a huge fan since Big, been to two live shows, have a signed Must Be Nice CD. It has been great to see you grow and transform into the person and musician you are today!

  • You've talked a little bit on twitter about Downtown Love being your favorite song on These Things Happen, is there any particular reason behind that?

  • I know you've been touring a lot over the past few years but is there any chance of a fall tour?

Thanks again for the music throughout the years and for These Things Happen! I've already listened to it 4 or 5 times through and I think it's incredible man. Congrats for everything that comes to you man, you deserve it!

Young_Gerald4 karma

Thanks for the support fam. I think it's the biggest creative achievement... How the chorus hits, then the vibe switches for the verses, then goes into another world for the outro. Yeah definitely gonna go back out on the road in the fall.

ephremb72 karma

How come "The Day it All Changed" didn't make the album and was just on B-Sides?

Young_Gerald6 karma

I didn't think it was quite up to par, still hella solid but just not quite there

thatlazydude2 karma

I've been listening to These Things Happen all day, and I think it's great. Following its success, what artists do you hope to be able to work with in the future that you haven't already?

Young_Gerald9 karma

The a-listers.. hopefully one day. the drakes, kanyes, ross', etc

ImJustLivinLife2 karma

Hey G, fan from day one. I'm so happy about all of this attention and publicity you have been getting lately. You totally deserve it. My question is, what has been the most surreal experience of your music career?

Young_Gerald5 karma

NY Times!!!

Californiabutterfly2 karma

First off , I love you lol okay umm just one question I'm dying to know the answer too , are you going on tour again within the next year ?

Young_Gerald7 karma

Cheers. yeah I'll be going back out in the fall, I can't wait

Zeckdo1 karma

How did you meet Ground up?

Young_Gerald4 karma

I cant remember exactly. But I was a fan of their music before I met them. They're the homies tho, real good dudes.

terrabad11 karma

Yo G! Which rappers/producers inspired you to get where you are today? Also, congrats on These Things Happen. Amazing album.

Young_Gerald2 karma

All the greats. E-40, Jay-Z, Nas, Em, Kanye, Wayne, Drake, etc... Thanks homie