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Hey #CloneClub! Welcome to the AMA with me, Kristian Bruun aka Donnie Hendrix and Orphan Black co-creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett.

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Graeme and John are replying as 'GraemeandJohn'. GM is Graeme Manson. JF is John Fawcett.


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ambigutron44 karma

For Kristian - did you ever expect Donnie to turn into such a badass? Did you always know he had it in him?

KristianBruun54 karma

It was a total surprise to me, and one that I hope continues. wink wink

ca1cifer43 karma

Hello Donnie! What's it like working with Tatiana as Sarah (or Sarah as Alison as Donnie) instead of Alison?

KristianBruun78 karma

It's really trippy, because I'm so used to working with Tatiana as Alison, so it's like I'm literally working with a different person. It's freakily amazing. It took me awhile to get used to it! Just shows you how good she is.

ca1cifer32 karma

Who's scarier, Helena or Rachel?

KristianBruun83 karma

Rachel. Rachel is definitely scarier. With Helena, as long as you have food, she'll be happy.

ambigutron31 karma

Kristian - Has a random person ever come up to you and said "Hello, Donnie" in the Alison voice?

KristianBruun67 karma

I haven't gotten that, but people have recognized me and mid-sentence gasp and yell YOU BASTARD.

Soaked_Pancakes29 karma

Kristian, do you and Jordan Gavaris have competitions for whose butt gets more screentime?

Do you and Bryan Cranston have contractual stipulations stating that you have to show your underwear every so many episodes?

KristianBruun50 karma

So far Jordan is CLEARLY winning the butt screentime competition. Felix has a way nicer butt. I need to do an hour of squats a day to catch up to Jordan.

jaybear170127 karma

Hey Kristian! So Dylan Bruce recently said he'd love for the monitors to meet up. What do you think would happen if Donnie, Delphine, and Paul ever got together? And Graeme & John - could we make that happen for S3?

KristianBruun60 karma

Donnie, Delphine and Paul would probably go shot for shot and wind up in a threesome.

KristianBruun58 karma

(It might be too sexy for TV.)

NashuaDan23 karma

Hey Kristian, what was your favorite scene to shoot this season?

KristianBruun51 karma

The most exciting scene to shoot this season was the scene between Donnie and Leekie. And it was even more exciting because we had to film it in one take. Besides that scene, I loved all the garage madness with Alison.

SuperSunshineSeestra19 karma

Will there be any form of therapy offered after tonight's finale?

KristianBruun40 karma

You’d have to check out the Conan clip with Tatiana playing three versions of herself, and one is a therapist. http://teamcoco.com/video/clone-therapy

chantc16 karma

Kristian, what were your thoughts when you read about Donnie's "confrontation" with Leekie in the car?

John and Graeme, do you guys play any other FFG games besides Rune Wars?

KristianBruun62 karma

It was 1 in the morning, and I was in bed reading the script, and as soon as I read that scene I started jumping up and down in my room yelling HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT... and then I didn't sleep for the rest of the night.

harrio3415 karma

Graeme, What is your favorite pair of socks?

John, what is your favorite detail in the show that people may have missed?

Kristian, If you could embody any trait that Donnie has, what would it be?

KristianBruun36 karma

I wish I could embody Donnie's stealthy spying monitor abilities.

brett5555514 karma

John and Graeme, Where did you get the inspiration for Helena going to the bar on her "vacation"?

KristianBruun21 karma

Who doesn't love to order one of every drink on vacation...

jeveuxdormir14 karma

Hello guys! First of all, let me just say that my sister and I love the show! The wait between each episode (and season) is a pure torture!

Questions for Graeme Manson and John Fawcett:

  • What was the most difficult scene to shoot this season?
  • Were some of the fans reactions' to an episode different from what you've expected?
  • How is the writing of season 3 going?

Question for Kristian Bruun:

  • Donnie character development was unexpected and truly amazing to say the least, did you expect the amount of love your character is getting from the fandom now? What are your hope for Donnie in season 3?

KristianBruun35 karma

I absolutely loved the turn my character took this season, I didn't think John and Graeme were going to be able to top the craft room scene from last year, but they outdid themselves. Before I got a lot a hate tweets about Donnie about how bad he was to Alison. Now a lot of people are tweeting about how badass and sexy Donnie is. I love it.

Freakinbuttons13 karma

Who would win in a drink off Pre-Rehab Allison or Helena?

KristianBruun29 karma

Alison, hands down. Helena has the worst tolerance, but she fights well when she’s drunk.

SuperSunshineSeestra13 karma

Kristian, I think the clone club used to think Donnie was just a raw potato, but now you're a delicious french fry. Any thoughts on this beautiful transition in the clone club?

KristianBruun23 karma

Yeah, bust out the mayo and eat it up.

renewob11 karma

Graeme and John, do you guys have a favorite piece of Orphan Black fanfiction?

KristianBruun23 karma

I need some good Donnie fanfic.

agoraphobic_lobster11 karma

What has been your favorite episode so far?

GraemeandJohn30 karma

GM: I think my favourite episode is maybe still 1.06, Alison's potluck.

KristianBruun37 karma

I loved the episode with Alison’s craft room of terror. But rehab was also pretty awesome. And then of course the garage of horrors was pretty incredible. I can’t choose.

bookish-malarkey11 karma

First off, thanks for doing this AMA, y'all are fantastic.

@Graeme and John: Do you have any specific ideas or plans for how the show will ultimately end? Maybe by unveiling the original? Also, do you plan on continuing to introduce new clones as the show goes on or is there a "cap" number of clones out there?

@Kristian: Which clone (besides Alison, of course) do you think Donnie would like the most? Also, what's your favorite subplot from this season?

KristianBruun25 karma

I would say Rachel, because she's equally as terrifying as Alison. And that's what Donnie goes for. Strong, scary women.

wearitbackwards10 karma

Is Cosima going to die?

KristianBruun51 karma

Not if Donnie has anything to do with it.

cheekyniehaus10 karma

what was it like getting tortured with hot glue?

KristianBruun37 karma

It still hurts in the shower.

friedcheeses6 karma

Kristian, do you wear tightey-whiteys off set, too?

GraemeandJohn14 karma

JF: He's standing up. They're red, white and blue plaid boxers. I'm tweeting a picture right now. GM: Who wears button-fly boxers? Sooner or later the button hurts.

starglitter6 karma

Will we be emotionally destroyed by the finale?

KristianBruun25 karma

I was when I watched it. So, short answer? Yes. I'll be available for hugs.

Koalamajordome6 karma

To Kristian : If you could have a scene with another clone except Alison who would you pick and why?

KristianBruun12 karma

I would say Rachel, because she's scary, but sexy.

terattt5 karma

What's it like in Canada? I've never been.

KristianBruun26 karma

Snow everywhere. On a walk in my snowshoes today I got attacked by a polar bear.

janetplanet5 karma

Question to all three of you: deep dish or thin crust pizza?

KristianBruun19 karma

Deep dish. I eat Chicago-style slices to get up to Donnie's weight for filming.