Hi! I’m Julie Benz, but you might know me as Mayor Amanda Rosewater (Defiance) or Rita (Dexter).

I’m so excited for you to all tune in tomorrow night for the second season of “Defiance” on SyFy (8/7 Central), but I am even more excited to answer all of your questions today!

Ask me anything…


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KyleButler2221 karma

Would you have liked to see Rita find out about Dexter's secret?

Julie_Benz278 karma

YES!!!! However I don't think she would have ever believed it was true.

Chalky97121 karma

Do you think or know if Trinity told Rita about Dexter before he killed her?

Julie_Benz163 karma

I don't know but I would suspect he did...

robsapiens110 karma

Did you keep the Tomb Raider costume?

Julie_Benz159 karma

no I had to give it back:(

YnDangerous108 karma

I just wanted to say hello and thanks for doing an AMA. I never get to these in time, so here's to keeping it simple:

1) Did you have to channel anything or anyone while playing Darla?

2) What's your top 2 anecdotes from your time on Buffy/Angel?

Julie_Benz181 karma

the first time I was in the vampire makeup i looked in the mirror and smiled and realized how creepy that was... that was the beginning of Darla... David and I would always laugh when we were in vampire makeup because we were adults running around pretending to be vampires and getting paid to do it!! the flashback scenes were always the most fun....

DictatorSalad77 karma

What does Jaime Murray smell like?

Julie_Benz274 karma

unicorn tears

NonsmokingSmoker75 karma

Hey Julie! I've been waiting since 9 this morning on the subreddit AMA, and forgot this sub was here. Anyways, I absolutely loved you on Dexter, so my question is.. I heard somewhere that Rita went the way she did the day you read the script. Is that true? Thank you for doing this AMA!

Julie_Benz135 karma

yes. I only found out how she was going to die an hour before we shot the bathtub scene...

JoinTheRightClick70 karma

Which is your fave Dexter episode?

Julie_Benz163 karma

the one where Dexter proposes to Rita... that's my favorite scene!

Bulby3768 karma

What does Norman Reedus smell like?

Thanks for your performance in Boondock Saints 2. Your accent was hilarious.

Julie_Benz92 karma

Norman smells like candy.... (not really but I liked typing that!) I worked very hard on that accent so I hope by "Hilarious" yo meant good... (please don't answer that!!!)

vkapustin61 karma

What'd you think of the last season of Dexter? I personally think the show went downhill after your character departed.

Also, was there a particularly daunting episode (or scene) to film that stands out to you?

Julie_Benz123 karma

I didn't watch it.... I don't watch shows after I've been on them-- the mystery is ruined for me.... Singing on ANgel was the most daunting scene I have ever filmed in my life!!!

KyleButler258 karma

If you could have changed one thing about Rita in Dexter what would it have been?

Julie_Benz166 karma

that she didn't die!!!

Kayla_Christine54 karma

Hi Julie!! This is Kayla from http://julie-benz.info :). Do you think you'll ever go to the Tulsa Oklahoma Comic-Con? I live in such a rural area and that's the closet one I'll probably ever be able to attend.

Julie_Benz80 karma

I hope so!! I would love to meet you one day!!

reelmccoy199550 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! What was it like working on Jawbreaker? It's one of my favorite cult classics.

Julie_Benz63 karma

Jawbreaker was so much fun to work on! We had a blast playing high school students!

CollumMcJingleballs47 karma

What was it like working on Rambo?

Julie_Benz67 karma

it was awesome! We spent 3 months shooting in the jungles of Thailand. It was an unforgettable experience!

catttdog44 karma

Have you had any weird or extreme fan encounters? If so, what was it?

Julie_Benz163 karma

One guy asked me to sign his underwear... while he was wearing them... and they looked really dirty... i signed them... but I was a little grossed out!

Illisia41 karma


You have acted as a vampire (Buffy/Angel), a super hero (No Ordinary Family), a villain, a love interest, a victim (Dexter), and now a leader of a community in Defiance.

You have such range!

What sort of role do you want to play next, if you had any choice in the world?

From your long-time fan Illisia!

Julie_Benz46 karma

I would love to do a romantic comedy one day.

nessalem36 karma

Hi Julie!! I'm from Brazil and watch you since Angel. Amanda became a great and strong womam most because of her sister. How you think the Mayor is going to be now that she supposedly lost her? Are you came to Comic Con in Brazil?

Julie_Benz47 karma

I would love to come to comic-con in Brazil!! Get me invited!! Amanda is lost without Kenya and she really struggles throughout season 2.

mustache-prick-stab33 karma

Do you feel your fame gets in the way of your everyday life?

Julie_Benz111 karma

not at all. I live a very normal everyday life.... I'm not hounded by the press because I'm quite boring.

AgentPeggyCarter32 karma

I absolutely love you on Buffy and Angel! What advice would you give to someone that wants to get into the business?

Also, what's your skincare routine like that your complexion is always so flawless?

Julie_Benz47 karma

My advice--- make sure you love acting more than anything in the world. It's a tough business so you need to believe in yourself more than anyone else!! I wear sunblock everyday (even when it's cloudy).... I also use Murad products!

tnel289230 karma

Did I see you in an episode of Boy Meets World the other day? And by the way, you get better looking with each season of Dexter.

Julie_Benz31 karma

yes that was me!! I was a baby!!!

szlafarski28 karma

Hi Julie! Thanks for doing the AMA!

My question for you is, what is the hardest scene you've had to act out? What made it so difficult, and what did you learn from it?

Julie_Benz59 karma

hands down it was singing on Angel!! I am not a singer at all and I was terrified!!! I'm happy I did it though because it showed me that if I put my mind to it (and only have to sing 3 notes) that I can do it!

Doctor_Underdunk25 karma

Was there a plan for Season 2 and onward of No Ordinary Family? I miss the Powells!

Julie_Benz34 karma

no plan... and I miss the Powells too...

mattydeee12324 karma

Can you wish me luck for my exam tomorrow? ;D

Julie_Benz66 karma

good luck and go study!!!

Banananana12122 karma

Hi, Ms. Benz!

When I first saw you on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, I (I was an 8yr old girl at the time) thought "Wow, she's the most beautiful villain I've ever seen!"

If you could pick anyone to portray you, who would you like?

Ps: I still think you're beautiful!

Julie_Benz38 karma

wow.... i have no idea!!! Jennifer Lawrence???

homicides20 karma

Hi! What would you be doing if you never got into acting?

Julie_Benz57 karma

I wanted to be a doctor.....but I have a hard time seeing blood....

Toasterbuddha19 karma

Who's your favorite member of the Canadian Parliament, circa 1985?

Julie_Benz33 karma

who was yours?

SophSaysYo19 karma

Which character you've portrayed on a show do you share the most characteristics with?

Julie_Benz32 karma

Amanda Rosewater on Defiance--- we are both very type A personalities

Velorium_Camper19 karma

Did you or anyone pull any pranks on the set of Boondock Saints 2?

Julie_Benz32 karma

no.... I wish I had... maybe if we do a Boondocks 3 you can help me pull some pranks!

Ames2319 karma

How dandy is this! Anywho, have you kept any close friendships with past co-stars? And what was Stallone like? Is he for real a shorty? Btw I cried like a sissy girl when Rita died...actually cried through the first 3 episodes of season 5 as well :/

Julie_Benz43 karma

I keep in touch with a lot of my co-stars! Charisma Carpenter, Jaime Murray and Clare Kramer were all bridesmaids in my wedding 2 years ago... And Stallone is awesome to work with! He's a great director and I learned a lot about film-making watchng him work on set. And he's not that short... I think he's 5'10"?

TJ48417 karma

Growing up, watching Buffy changed a lot of things for me. As a girl being raised by a single father, it was incredible to see a three-dimensional female character that could fight and be vulnerable from one moment to the next. Watching Darla had a very similar affect on me. She had such ferocity and strength but also wasn't afraid of her own desires or weaknesses - it taught me a lot about what could define a woman. I'm not saying I wanted to BE Darla (she was a little too sociopath-y for my tastes) but she is hands-down one of the best written, strongest, most interesting female characters around. You looked like you had a blast playing her. Do you ever miss that character?

Julie_Benz27 karma

Darla was an awesome character to play! Working on Buffy and Angel was an amazing experience for me! I would love to play her again now that I'm older... and a little wiser!!

miamagic17 karma

Hello Julie, i just wanted to say that I love your work ever since Buffy/Angel. My question is... If you were stranded on an island and you could have 3 things with you, what would you take? I know it seems like a pretty dumb cliché question but they do say a lot about a person. Also, was Darla as much fun playing as she seemed? Thank you, Mia

Julie_Benz26 karma

fun question! I would take my ipad so I could read....potato chips because they are my kryptonite... and a satellite phone so I could call for help!!!

SlightlyStable14 karma

Do you prefer smooth or creamy peanut butter?

Julie_Benz51 karma


ForensicLamar13 karma

Who are you currently supporting in the World Cup?

Julie_Benz41 karma


catttdog12 karma

You're given one wish...what would it be?

Julie_Benz30 karma

just one wish???? I wish to be an actress until the ripe old age of 90!


Julie; do you like eggs or pancakes in the morning?

Julie_Benz25 karma

eggs... over-easy... when are you making breakfast?

Zegir12 karma

What attracted you to the character of Amanda? Did you have to audition for it?

Julie_Benz19 karma

I've known Kevin Murphy for many many years and we've wanted to work together for a long time... I had to do a "chemistry read" with Grant Bowler to make sure we had chemistry... after that they made the offer

DataCuse12 karma

Hello Julie,

If acting turned out to be a bust for you, what was your backup plan for a career?

Oh and by the way: You are just absolutely stunning!

Julie_Benz47 karma

stripping.... To be honest I had no backup plan... it was sink or swim for me.

theloudestshoutout11 karma

What's your workout routine? I need to have your arms.

Julie_Benz12 karma

pilates and spin!

Zoiide10 karma

Hello! First off I want to say that I think you're a great actor and I really love your work.

What has been your favourite role/character you've played? Why?

Also, the question everyone will want answered: what did you think about the ending of Dexter?


Julie_Benz19 karma

I've gotten to play a lot of great women over the years.... but if I had to choose an absolute favorite it would have to be Robin Gallagher on Desperate Housewives... She was so fun, sexy and quirky... and I got to work with all the amazing women on that show who's work has inspired me over the years!! And I got to stretch some comedic muscles! Dexter ending--- I didn't watch it!!

junkiezeus10 karma

Julie! Big fan of you back in the day on Buffy and Angel! Always had a crush on ya since I was a 7 year old boy watching Buffy with my sister, haha. Don't really have anything important to ask but I wanted to know, what is the best book you have read recently or what is your favorite book you've ever read? Thanks! Take care!

Julie_Benz16 karma

I just finished reading "The Farm".... my favorite book is The Fault in Our Stars!

Mikeydoes9 karma

How often do you get mixed up with the adult actress because of your name?

Julie_Benz17 karma


Maariiion9 karma

Hi Julie when you come back in France and do you know of there are a 3 saisonn of Defiance???

Julie_Benz19 karma

we don't know if there will be a season 3 of Defiance just yet... a lot will depend on the ratings this week and the next..... I love France!!! Hopefully I will be back next year!

MuteReality9 karma

Hi! I loved your work in Buffy and Dexter!

My only question is, how hard is it to get into the industry you are in, and what are some good first steps to become a successful actor/actress?

Julie_Benz15 karma

make sure you really love acting first! it is a tough business and everyone will give you reasons why you shouldn't do it so you have to believe in yourself more than anyone else!!!

Psambo8 karma

Hi Julie,

Loved Rita Bennett, and I have followed your career ever since! My question to you is, do you drive a Mercedes Benz? If not, why?

Julie_Benz27 karma

I drive a Lincoln! American Made!

Nope_still_lurking8 karma

Hi Julie! Huge fan! I live in Sweden and rarely get to ask an AMA-question before it's to late due to the time difference (it's in the middle of the night here, but the world cup is on so I'm still awake) but here's my chance. My question: what was it like working on The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day?

Julie_Benz9 karma

it was a blast!!! I loved playing Eunice Bloom and I hope (fingers-crossed) I get to play her again!

Mutt12237 karma

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Julie_Benz28 karma

I'm lactose intolerant so I love coconut milk ice cream... but mint chocolate chip was my favorite before i realized i stopped eating dairy...

omgnestor7 karma

How do you stay motivated?

Julie_Benz9 karma

vision board!

Down2business7 karma

Hello Julie Do you have a fan club page or any plans to create one?

Julie_Benz13 karma

I run my facebook fan page!

steve989897 karma

I appreciate you get a lot of Dexter responses, but I have to say you played the part amazingly. My girlfriend and I are re-watching them at the moment and wish Rita was there until the end! How is Michael to work with? He seems very thorough in his role. Thanks!

Julie_Benz14 karma

Working with MCH is like watching a virtuoso play violin... he's amazing!

Eve_Venn7 karma

Which TV series do you watch yourself ? Any obsessions or binge-watching going on ? ;)


Julie_Benz20 karma

I watch Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, Downton Abbey, Breaking Bad to name a few!! This is my last question! Thank you guys so much!!! Don't forget to tune in tomorrow 8pm on Syfy for season 2 of Defiance!!!! xxoo

DrinkerofJuice6 karma


Julie_Benz11 karma

no. I don't watch any show after I'm no longer on it... it's like the mystery is ruined for me.

MeNicolesta6 karma

Hi Julie!

I went to my first Comic Con last year specifically to watch the last Dexter panel and it was amazing. How was it for you to have come back with all your former cast mates and to be in the Hall H room with all the fans one last time??

And how do you think Rita would have taken it if Dexter had actually told her about what he does (after they had been together for a while I mean)?

By the way, you signed my comic con badge and it made my whole experience! I was so happy to meet you I got so stunned and just stared at you the whole time while my boyfriend made small talk with you instead. I was so mad at myself I didn't ask you anything!

Julie_Benz10 karma

Comic-con was a perfect ending for Dexter. I was so happy to be included in the panel and it was great seeing everyone again! I don't think Rita would have ever believed Dexter was capable of being a killer...

lemmon046 karma

I quit watching dexter after you died, because you were the only reason I watched. Were you sad you were no longer in dexter after that? By the way you're really hot.

Julie_Benz13 karma

Thank you! Yes I was sad to leave the show. I loved every minute working on Dexter and Rita's death came as a shock to me.

Nerdyfangirl6 karma

What was it like to have to transition from playing essentially the villain in Buffy and Angel to playing the sweet character that everybody loves in Dexter? Did you have to do anything differently to prepare for your role as Rita than you did for Darla? Thank you so much for doing this! You're awesome :)

Julie_Benz11 karma

both are very damaged women... but they deal with it in different ways.

Kayla_Christine6 karma

What is your favorite character that you've portrayed?

Julie_Benz7 karma

I've loved them all!

sexwithmadonna5 karma

Have you ever read a fanfic?

Julie_Benz9 karma

no - have you? do you write fanfic? where can I read some?

Eve_Venn4 karma

Hi Julie, I'm so excited for season 2 of Defiance !! :) Your character is my favorite but I'm kinda worried for her after seeing the previews and the dark place that she's in. Should I be very worried ? ;) Oh and I love Amanda and Nolan's chemistry and banter. Will we see more of this in season 2 ?

Julie_Benz4 karma

yes things start to heat up between Nolan and Amanda season 2!

Illisia4 karma

The Zombie Apocalypse and/or an alien invasion has happened! (Perhaps a zombie alien invasion?)


What do you do? How do you survive?

Julie_Benz7 karma


Gregster53 karma

Whenever I see you post pics of your dogs, I melt, because, one, they're extremely cute, and two, they both look similar to my dog. What are their favorite things to do? (I work at an animal hospital, so dogs are my life haha)

Julie_Benz6 karma

they love to sleep all day... and eat... and bark at squirrels!!

richingood3 karma

Hi Julie! it was my birthday yesterday and id love you to take me for some british fish and chips?

I am waiting in the UK..

Julie_Benz13 karma

I'll be right over after I finish my reddit AMA! Happy Birthday!!

Jmunnny3 karma

Hey you, when are you most happy?

Julie_Benz5 karma

when I'm on set working!

LTLrker2 karma

If you weren't an actress, what do you think you would have done?

Julie_Benz6 karma

I have no idea.... I wanted to be a doctor but I have a hard time with blood...

swishmon2 karma

What's your favorite sandwich?

Julie_Benz3 karma

I'm more of a salad kind of girl....

xChAsE6x2 karma

Do you think Amanda Rosewater would be as afraid of mice as you are?

Julie_Benz4 karma

nope! she would probably catch it with her bare hands and fry it up for dinner!!!! or keep it as a pet...

arwenundomiel901 karma

Hi Julie! How has your day been?

Can't wait for season 2 of Defiance!

Julie_Benz3 karma

Awesome!! Can't wait to see Defiance tomorrow! I feel like we've all been waiting for a very long time!

Eve_Venn1 karma

I think it's about time you came over to The Netherlands for some Syfy promo work for Defiance :) Loving the show and your portrayal of Amanda Rosewater ! What attracted you in playing this character ? Thank you for doing this AMA !

Julie_Benz3 karma

I agree!!!! I loved how strong and complex all the female characters are in Defiance....that's what attracted me in the beginning... now I love how damaged Amanda is and the lengths she goes to to try and hide it!

Archer01 karma

What have been some of your favourite projects to work on?

Julie_Benz3 karma

Buffy, Angel, Dexter, Rambo, Saw 5, Desperate Housewives, No Ordinary Family, Defiance, Havenhurst... pretty much all of them!!

Thedot441 karma

First of all just wanted to say I love Defiance and I can't wait for season 2!

Question: What's it like working with Grant Bowler? After watching the livestream where he and Jaime Murray were answering questions. He seemed like a really funny guy so yeah I was just wondering what's it like working with him?

Julie_Benz3 karma

what you see is what you get!!! He's awesome and very fun to work with!

Sisiwakanamaru1 karma


  • What was your experience when you were working in No Ordinary Family?

  • What is your favorite dessert?

I miss that show :(

Julie_Benz2 karma

I loved working on No Ordinary Family. I was very sad when it got canceled. my favorite dessert--- lemon meringue pie!

InfamousBrad1 karma

You and the other actors have all given a ton of interviews in the last couple of weeks about how dark season 2 of Defiance is. How dark are we talking? Is anybody still hopeful, still trying to make things better? Especially your character?

Julie_Benz3 karma

Amanda will always be the beacon of hope in Defiance however she goes through hell and back this season!