I'm Tanner Foust, driver of the #34 Rockstar Energy Drink Volkswagen Polo for Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross. When not racing, I'm host of Top Gear on HISTORY. We're here in DC this weekend for Volkswagen Rallycross DC! Check out www.rbgrcdc.com for tickets

EDIT Thanks for all the questions! Sorry I couldn't get to them all, but we're very busy this week before the race. I'll come back to do another AMA soon!

I was feeling sick on the airplane yesterday, but here's my proof: https://twitter.com/TannerFoust/status/479023885875417088

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SoFarRghtCantSeeLeft405 karma

What is your favorite movie and why is it Tokyo Drift?

TannerFoust390 karma

Tokyo Drift was 60 days of tire-smoking fun!

kmikhailov359 karma

Any chance of there being a British Top Gear vs American Top Gear episode?

TannerFoust687 karma

I just raced James May in Barbados--granted, he was in a tractor, but a race is a race...

justbiglee339 karma

Hi Tanner,

When are you in the UK next and would you like to pop in and have a play of the next DiRT game?

(we miss you, DiRT 2 rocked!)

Lots of Love Lee from Codemasters

TannerFoust176 karma

Haha, I'd love to, but my next trip is to Finland!

kmikhailov252 karma

Why don't you guys review cars anymore on Top Gear?

TannerFoust214 karma

You don't like learning about the Merkur XR4TI??

MartinSchou116 karma

Who would win a rally stage?

  • Rutledge Wood driving with you as the co-driver.
  • James May driving with former Stig Ben Collins as the co-driver.

Who would win a fashion contest?

  • Jeremy Clarkson
  • Rutledge Wood

TannerFoust182 karma

Rutledge on both counts, unless we're talking 1980's Jeremy Clarckson

TT15082 karma

Hey tanner, what are some of your favorite personal cars? Do you have a collection?

TannerFoust113 karma

Always been a Porsche 911 fan, but I'm more and more impressed with the VW lineup

srslytho73 karma

There are still tire marks from you hooning around the parking garage where I work. http://imgur.com/V9oXdvz.jpg

That said, what's your favorite circuit to race at?

TannerFoust67 karma

Haha that's awesome. I know it's cliche, but Nurburgring is special

ARR5357 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA, I enjoy watching you race in Rallycross. My question is, where do you see the future of Rallycross heading? Do you see it ever becoming as big as nascar or f1? I think it can have some of the most exciting races in auto racing.

TannerFoust95 karma

I'm not sure rallycross is as mainstream as NASCAR or F1, but worldwide, it could eclipse NASCAR

sn4451 karma


TannerFoust95 karma

I'd just like to see Rutledge duck-sized, so that one

barre_chord_reality49 karma

Any chance you'll ever return to stage rally racing?

TannerFoust46 karma

I still do some stage rallying, but my racing focus right now is on global rallycross

hybridfantIII45 karma

What is the one technique new drivers should learn as soon as they get their license?

TannerFoust122 karma


kmikhailov44 karma

I am looking to take a car control class. Do you recommend any? I know about O'Neil but its kind of far and expensive (from Midwest). I'd like to be able to enter some rally races at some point.

TannerFoust78 karma

I like the ice driving school in Steamboat for discipline.

techi17x41 karma

Hi Tanner! I'm a huge fan! My husband and I watch Top Gear religiously every week! I have a couple questions for you.

Do you, Adam and Rutledge continue to talk outside filming the show?

Do you enjoy doing stunt driving or rally racing more?

What is your all time dream vehicle to own?

Thanks and we hope to have you back in Pennsylvania sometime soon!

TannerFoust33 karma

We're good friends, so yeah we talk.

I like rallycross a lot right now. It's great to be in a competitive car and have the chance to go out an win every race

eadjungle37 karma

I ran into Rut & Adam at the Detroit International Auto Show in January. Two things I noticed: You weren't with them so I don't have the TGUSA complete set. And Rutledge smelled really good. Like, way better than a bearded dude from the South has any right smelling. Is that typical for Rut or did he fancy himself up for his trip to the D?

TannerFoust46 karma

Any trip to Detroit calls for some fancying up

fozmosis8633 karma

Tanner! You are the only reason I kind of enjoy american top gear, but what I really want to know is have you ever met Jeremy Clarkson?

TannerFoust44 karma

Yep, I've met the Jezzah!

Brando_Skyhorse_III31 karma

The first time I ever saw you was on TV when you got the Guinness world record for most cheese grated with a car. Do you still hold that record?

TannerFoust41 karma

As far as I know... open to challengers!

triit30 karma

Hey Tanner, big fan. Two questions:

Who is the Stig?

Your thoughts on Travis Pastrana (as a racer and as an entertainer)?

TannerFoust57 karma

Maybe Travis is the Stig???

GeneralForeskin30 karma

What happens to the cars you guys purchase/mod/wreck after on Top Gear? do you guys get to keep the cars if you decide to?

TannerFoust37 karma

No, they generally go back to where they came from

digitalwanderer24 karma

Me and my wife have been arguing this for years and I was hoping you could settle this for me; who's the better driver, me or her?

TannerFoust63 karma

This is a dangerous argument to enter into...

imalittlecooler21 karma

Hey Tanner! I just wanted to say I am such a big fan. I only have one question. What is your favorite type of racing that you do? Thanks for doing this AMA! :)

TannerFoust29 karma

I loved driving the F12 but this season we went to Nurburgring...

I love rallycross, but I do really miss road racing and drifting

roger_rascal18 karma

How did you get in to racing and drifting? Also, do you own any cool cars?

TannerFoust25 karma

Started as an ice driving instructor. Drove anything I could get my hands on!

ReinetteM17 karma

Any advice on dealing with nerves before a big event ?

TannerFoust31 karma

Don't worry about the result; focus on your technique and the results will follow

lori111917 karma

Hi Tanner! You seem so fearless behind the wheel. Was there ever a time where you just noped out of a stunt because you thought it was too crazy to try?

TannerFoust20 karma

We go over everything in great detail before I actually get in the car, so I feel pretty good before most stunts

IAmDotorg17 karma

My girlfriend and I have enjoyed Top Gear (US) since it started -- it actually took a while to get her to actually try the BBC version, she enjoyed it so much. Because she hadn't seen any of the UK, I think our immediate blink reaction to the first season or two was very different. They seemed to be, in terms of presentation, style, challenges, etc, a very close knock-off (if enjoyable one) to the BBC show.

The last season, and this one, seem to have finally let that go and have been much better, as good as the first seasons were.

Is that something that was deliberately done, both the "cloning" of the UK early on and the more recent branching out?

Okay, a second question -- the chemistry between the three of you has really gotten much better and funnier. Is that just better on-screen comfort as a result of having done it for a while, or is there a camaraderie between you three that exists when the show isn't shooting?

TannerFoust21 karma

Thanks for the kind words. We're friends so that definitely helps when you're filming all day together. We like to take inspiration from Top Gear UK, but stand on our own too.

riot9216 karma

Who wins in a rallycross race you, or the Stig?

TannerFoust30 karma


_JackieTreehorn_13 karma

Thinking of getting an M3 in the future, dual-clutch transmission w/paddles or classic manual?


TannerFoust68 karma

Classic Manual

pepito33412 karma

Hello Mr. Foust, thanks for doing an AMA! I have a few questions:

  1. How is development of the Beetles going for GRC?
  2. When do you think GRC will build dedicated tracks in the U.S., if ever?
  3. How much involvement do you have in the Top Gear creative process, such as pitching ideas for episodes, etc?

TannerFoust12 karma

We're unveiling the race Beetle this Sunday at Volkswagen Rallycross DC, but not racing it yet!

Part of the cool thing about GRC is that we get to go race in urban environments and bring racing to the people. For example we're just a few minutes from the white house in DC and I think that's really special

forgetnot10 karma

Hey Tanner, have you ever drove away from the cops? And if you have, what car were you driving?

*I'm not a cop

TannerFoust13 karma

never ever

Swing_Life_Away10 karma

Sweet driving at the Top Gear festival in Barbados! Did you enjoy your time down there?

TannerFoust17 karma

Barbados isn't a terrible place for a racetrack...

relateablename9 karma

Hey Tanner, Thanks for doing the AMA. How would one get into novice rally racing?

TannerFoust18 karma

Find where they do it locally and go check out an event. Everyone's happy to talk to you about it and give you advice on how to get started.

MrSnider329 karma

Highest horsepower car you've driven?

TannerFoust18 karma

not enough horsepower

ReinetteM8 karma

Hey. Thanks for doing this. How is your house build going?

TannerFoust16 karma

"almost" done

grokas7 karma


Can you tell us how you started racing?

Do you have any advice for people who want to get into racing/want to get good at racing?

Thanks for doing an AMA!

TannerFoust10 karma

Everyone gets in so young right now, karting is the way to go!

I got into it driving anything I could get my hands one. Started as a ice driving instructor at Steamboat and kept with it long enough to make it my living

moist_trout_butthole6 karma

How is it balancing rally and being the host of Top Gear?

TannerFoust9 karma

It's a busy life, but I'm doing what I love, so can't complain!

Magnaflux6 karma

Tanner, have you ever thought about coming to NASCAR? Has anyone in NASCAR ever contacted you about a potential ride? Has Rockstar ever talked to you about it? Thank you

TannerFoust15 karma

Rockstar has a NASCAR team that's doing very well. I think it's great racing but not in the plans right now.

Fakey_McNamerson5 karma

Hey Foust, love the show! I'm glad you guys do the cheap car challenges that TGUK seem to have forgotten.

My question is, any chance in looking at doing an autocross/solo course? It seems to be overlooked in racing circles.

TannerFoust4 karma

Racing is racing, it's all fun

BabiesOnQuack5 karma

Are you friends with Adam and Rutledge outside of the show?

TannerFoust9 karma


battle_cattle5 karma

Best and worst crash?

TannerFoust15 karma

BEST crash??

standardlogin4 karma

How did you get into racecar driving and how did that develop into what you are doing now? Any advice on making it into the place you are at now?

TannerFoust6 karma

Just drive anything you can get your hands on. Learn how to speak well in front of media and sponsors. Never give up.

CookieMan01 karma

Hey, I'm hoping to one day make it as a professional racing driver, in either rally or rallycross. Any advice for me to get started or get sponsors? And do you ever plan on coming to Pikes Peak?

TannerFoust3 karma

Just take every opportunity to get behind the wheel. Pikes Peak would be a lot of fun