Hi everyone! We are Tara Spencer-Nairn, David Storey, and Fred Ewanuick from the popular Canadian comedy show Corner Gas. We're hosting an AMA to talk with our fans and to let you know we've announced Corner Gas: The Movie!

We're going into our last 60 hours of our Kickstarter campaign, take a look, sit back, and of course, enjoy the AMA! :)


Our Schedule: Tara starting 3:30pm EST / 12:30pm PST David starting 4:00pm EST / 1:00pm PST Fred starting 4:30pm EST / 1:30pm PST

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Update 4:50pm ET: Okay everyone! Tara's heading out and would like to say: Hey All!!!!!! Thanks so much for all your questions and for hanging out! I gotta go pick up my kid! Can't wait to share the movie with you all xoxo

Update 5:05pm ET: Alright guys, David has to head out to a meeting but wanted to thank everyone for their questions and comments:) Fred's still here until 5:30 pm ET to answer all your burning Corner Gas questions!

Update 5:30pm ET: And that's a wrap! Fred wants to say thank you for the awesome questions and hopefully he answered them all! Thanks for taking it easy on him on his first ever AMA.

Thanks for coming out everyone, we loved all your questions. Keep up with the Corner Gas love, and we'll see you on the big screen soon!

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hotasmonkeys58 karma

I really appreciated how the First Nations characters in the show were just portrayed as regular people with jobs instead of the stereotypes we see on every movie and tv show, even ones on APTN. Was that intentional? Also, do you think that we'll be seeing more of that in the future?

CornerGasCrew50 karma

TARA - that was not intentional at all. Lorne was the best person for the job. He's an amazing actor with awesome comedic timing. Him and I also have great chemistry. Random fact- Lorne and I share the same birthday, January 6 and we're both left handed

CornerGasCrew41 karma

we wrote the Davis character not really with any one in mind and Lorne blew us away with his interpretation

Gerfndrf27 karma

Hi guys! Huge huge huge fan of Corner Gas, pretty damn excited for the movie. I just have one simple question.

Did Karen sleep with Hank?

CornerGasCrew50 karma

TARA here- No one had ever given us a definitive answer on that. Trust me, I've asked the writers. I'd like to think that she did because seriously....someone in Dog River needs to be getting' a little action!!!

CornerGasCrew15 karma

David - hmmmmm is Karen going to be pregnant in this movie???

draytonalan25 karma

Have they released the total number of times the word "jackass" will appear in the movie. and can we start a pool of guesses?! Tell Brent that should be a contest!

CornerGasCrew26 karma

TARA - I think that would make a great drinking game, no?

CornerGasCrew13 karma

David - you won't be disappointed but you'll have to hang in there they don't come till near the end

CornerGasCrew13 karma

Fred - what Tara said!

RMPage19 karma

Massive fan here, thanks for the AMA! Can you tell me, will "the surveillance bush" be making a reappearance in the movie?

Thanks so much to you all for the countless laughs.

CornerGasCrew29 karma

TARA here- wellllll.....I don't want to give away any surprises from the movie...I DID put it in my contract that i would ONLY come back if the surveillance bush was in!

richardlalonde18 karma

Alright, my question is... Who is the lucky Dog River resident who knocked up the hottest cop in town?

CornerGasCrew28 karma

TARA - BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CornerGasCrew79 karma

Fred - Davis is pregnant?

CornerGasCrew14 karma

David - you'll have to go to the movie to see, it is revealed at the very begining

juleslaurel18 karma

Hi Tara! How are they going to work your pregnancy into the movie's plot? Will Karen still be on active duty? (BTW -- you look AWESOME!!)

CornerGasCrew29 karma

Tara here- Karen will indeed be pregnant in the movie... it's at the point where its pretty tough to hide. There's only so many things I could be carrying or standing behind. It's Dog River...of course at 7 months pregnant Karen is on active duty :)

JayInNJ16 karma

Hi Tara. When you were doing the hacky sack/foot bag episode, was there someone lying next to you throwing the hacky sack to make it look like you were doing it? How hard was it to get that coordinated?

CornerGasCrew24 karma

TARA - there was one shot in the gas station where it was me doing the hacky sack. The rest of the time our amazing props guy was kneeling on the ground throwing hacky sacks in the air trying to match the timing of my feet moving.

Purple_Cake14 karma

For David, thank you so much for all the work you've dedicated to Corner Gas! How was working with the town of Rouleau in relations to making the movie? Also, will you be using the exact same Corner Gas set as the show? Or are there going to be major repairs, as its been 10 years since it was built? Also, what do you think of the town administrator of Rouleau? Not that I know him or anything ;)

CornerGasCrew12 karma

The town council and deputy Mayor Phyllis have been really awesome. I haven't met the mayor yet but am looking forward to it. Yes we will be using the same set it needs some leveling and repair, the floor is a bit wonky and it's rough around the edges but the crew is busy making it look spectacular just like you remember it. if you look me up on face book you'll see some of the damage. Look for the footies and you'll see what I mean.

madavison13 karma

Question for everyone: Which was your favourite episode to shoot, and why?

CornerGasCrew22 karma

Fred - I always loved the Hockey episode. Even though I didn't get to play goal, I alway wanted to shoot a hockey Movie. Still do!

CornerGasCrew18 karma

TARA - the most memorable for me was the fishing ep with Hank. It was ROASTING hot and there were SOOOOOOO many bugs that you couldn't help but eat them when you opened your mouth to speak. It was a challenge to not get all squirmy and take off!!! That being said it was still an absolute blast.

Stirny11 karma

Hello! I live in the states and have always loved Canadian humor, or should I say humour? Everything from Kids in the Hall to SCTV helped shape my comedic sensibilities from an early age. My mother in law discovered your show and introduced me to it. It was great bonding with her over some wonderful Canadian comedy. I have the best in laws in the world, and I would love to be able to show her you guys saying hi! Could you all give a quick shout out to my wonderful mother in law Mary? As far as a specific questions is concerned, the curling episode is one of my favorites, do any of you play in your off time?

CornerGasCrew14 karma

Fred - Hey Mary! ... Hey. How's it Going, eh? I'd like to wish you a "Good, day, eh? Ya Hoser!" on behalf of all of Canada.

I don't Curl, but in typical Canadian stereotype fashion I play hockey, Goalie. 2014 Beer League Champs, in case you were wondering.

CornerGasCrew10 karma

TARA - my dad plays?

Bitaemo11 karma

Hi Tara, I was a big fan of Corner Gas. When the show ended, for many of us fans, it didnt feel "done" yet. I understand going out on a high note and everything, but with how popular the show was getting, it really didnt feel to us as viewers like it was time to let go. Did you guys ever feel the same afterwards, or were you guys ready to take a break and try something new? Having said that, obvious question: Could we see a come back? :-D (Please)

CornerGasCrew15 karma

TARA here- I was heartbroken when it ended. I honestly would've loved to have kept going. I completely understood where Brent was coming from and have a ton of respect for him. It has been great to play to jump into other roles the last few years...as much as I love Karen sometimes I need a lil break from her too!

Jacobaduh11 karma

Hey Tara, what was your most memorable moment on set with your amazing partner Lorne Cardinal?

CornerGasCrew20 karma

every day with Lorne is memorable!!! He really is such a great guy. I did get a good giggle when he was stuck in the mascot uniform in the roasting heat...

CornerGasCrew11 karma

That was me answering...TARA.... by the way....

KikkomanSauce11 karma

One of my favorite parts of Corner Gas was that the chemistry between the entire ensemble allowed for any combination of characters. Normally the show was separated into two or three (IIRC) plot lines per episode.

Is the movie going to be in the same vein? Or will the story allow for all of the cast to have scenes together?

CornerGasCrew10 karma

David - everyone gets a moment to shine

CornerGasCrew8 karma

TARA - there are always many plots and sub plots going on...that's what makes Corner Gas what it is...there are of course going to be scenes with the entire cast though :)

tonyvila10 karma

Hey, Dog River! As an American who was recently introduced to (and fell in love with!) the show, I'd like to know how influential the public support of creative television (Saskatchewan Film Board and CTV) were in the creation of such a quirky and fun show. Also, will there be any cameos in the upcoming film?

CornerGasCrew12 karma

David - Creative Sask has been a great supporter of the film, we are shooting in the their sound stage. Yes some really fun cameo's but can't reveal anything now as it would spoil the reveal. However can say sports fans won't be disappointed.

mikeadamson10 karma

Good day! Do any of you folks curl?

CornerGasCrew17 karma

Fred - Not the sport

CornerGasCrew14 karma

David - no played hockey once on a curling rink does that count?

CornerGasCrew13 karma

TARA - i do not curl... sorry to disappoint. Truly un- Canadian of me... I curl my hair????? Does that count???

shawna1122339 karma

Fred. You have some pretty awesome shirts on the show. Do you have a favorite?

CornerGasCrew13 karma

Fred - I always loved the Air Brushed Wolf shirts. But my Fav was a classic Trooper Tour shirt.

tom56438 karma

If each of you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring one musical album...what would it be?

Pumped for the movie ya, jackasses! Thanks!

CornerGasCrew19 karma

Fred - The Tragically Hip - Yer Favourites!

CornerGasCrew17 karma

TARA - The Stars, Set yourself on Fire

CornerGasCrew12 karma

Steve Earl - el corazon

snaggleduck8 karma

Hi Tara, during the filming of the TV series, where did the cast & crew stay? Were a lot of locals used for extras?

CornerGasCrew11 karma

TARA - we all stayed in regina in furnished condos or rented houses. It was all locals used as background and extras and supporting cast

cisco458 karma

Regarding your kickstarter, what does Brad Wall get for the $2 million? And do you think the film employment credit should have been cut?

CornerGasCrew11 karma

TARA - i was extremely upset when I heard of the cuts in SK. Many people who are near and dear to me lost their livelihoods and had to move or find new careers. I personally think its BS and hope that things can change back. That's about as political as i get

sasky_818 karma

Will we get to hear swearing beyond "jackass"?

Will it be revealed that the entire plot was a sequel to Street Legal where Oscar is in witness protection?

Does Canada have witness protection?

CornerGasCrew13 karma

TARA - so. many. questions. 1) no (canadians, be rude? never!) 2) ummmmmmmm, no 3) First rule of witness protection program.... don't talk about witness protection program.

joshg727 karma

What is your favourite TV show, besides Corner Gas? David & Fred can answer this too :)

CornerGasCrew15 karma

TARA - i loved Breaking bad, currently waiting on the next season of walking dead....

CornerGasCrew12 karma

Fred - I'm hooked on House right now. We've been watching it on NetFlix. Walking Dead is Awesome, I have to get caught up on that.

As a kid my fav shows were Knight Rider, Starblazers, and BJ and the Bear. My gramp had a trucking company so I thought I was going to be a truck driver.

CornerGasCrew6 karma

ray donovan


What's your favourite part about filming in Saskatchewan? I'm from Saskatoon and Corner Gas makes me proud! Can't wait for the movie!

CornerGasCrew8 karma

TARA - i love getting out of the city...being ale to drive down a street and not deal with a traffic jam. The people of SK are so kind and welcoming. I truly feel like it's my second home.

CornerGasCrew5 karma

David - love the people and the landscape, fun place to work

CornerGasCrew3 karma

Fred - Cheap, and awesome Golf ... The People in SASK are amazing. Regina really became a second home to me. I can't wait to get back there.

Purple_Cake7 karma

For Fred. I absolutely love your portrayal of Hank! You did an excellent job, and provided me with many laughs, especially with your interactions with Brent and Eric (Oscar). What was your favourite interaction between Brent and Eric? Also, what was your favourite episode?

CornerGasCrew11 karma

Fred - Thanks for the kind words. So glad we made you laugh.

I always loved that first ever scene, where Brent and Hank zing the guy from out of Province (The talented Mark Farrell).

When Hank and Oscar had that conversation about the littlest hobo, that always makes me laugh.

My fave episode to shoot was the hockey episode, My fave one to watch was the fishing episode.

electricsandstorm7 karma


CornerGasCrew12 karma

TARA- I LOVE the idea of water...I love being by the water....I love being ON the water...but I'm scared of the water :)

bretwheadon7 karma

Hi everyone, thanks so much for doing this AMA! My question is: Why a movie instead of say, a TV event? Corner Gas was such an intimate, small-town show, that it seems a perfect fit for the small screen - do you think its unique "feel" will work in a big, widescreen format? Is there a "big story" to tell for the movie?

CornerGasCrew13 karma

David - good question we worked for two years on this script for exactly this reason. The first draft out last summer felt too much like a tv show so we started from scratch and have come up with a great script with real feature film stakes. Also will be shot like a wide feature film featuring the big prairie sky and landscape.

CornerGasCrew10 karma

TARA here - Brent always wanted to come back after we wrapped up to do a feature. I feel it really will work on the big screen without losing any of the intimacy of the small town feel. The script is really strong, they've worked really hard to make sure it works. None of us wants to disappoint the fans.

tonyvila4 karma

I believe they've alluded to a TV airing on the Kickstarter page.

CornerGasCrew11 karma

TARA - it will eventually air CTV and Movie Network shortly after it's theatre run

CornerGasCrew10 karma

David - yes it will be the theaters I believe for two weeks then a short run on TMN/Movie Central then one showing on CTV/The Comedy Network beginning of December. We are going for an all screens any time format.

PrincessPoopsicle6 karma

Huge Corner Gas fan!! I loved the main cast as well as the supporting cast. Will the other regular Dog River residents be making an appearance in the movie (Fitzy's grandma, Wes, etc?)? Also, any cameos you can tell us ahead of time? Thanks so much for making the movie and doing this AMA!

CornerGasCrew4 karma

TARA - i LOVED our supporting cast!!! Some will definitely be making appearances. As for cameos i know NOTHING...i think they don't trust me.... hahahah!

CornerGasCrew4 karma

David - yes almost all make an appearance, lots of familiar faces

TacticalCorset6 karma

I heard there may be tours of the set during/after filming, any truth to that?

CornerGasCrew11 karma

David - Yes if you visit the corner gas movie website you will see links to the tours, if you'd like to take one.

CornerGasCrew8 karma

Fred - Sorry. Don't know. Not sure where you can get that info. I know they've had tours since we stopped shooting the series.

winterseeker5 karma

Hey Fred, will there be any "reversal" of fortunes for the characters in this movie? For example, will Fred catch pink-eye from Wanda or perhaps Fred win in a zinger contest?

CornerGasCrew14 karma

Fred - I'm not saying anything, but I will say this ... A question that has been wearing on Brent and Hank for Years gets answered. ... Guess I just said something.

davoonline5 karma

Is this show aired only in canada?

CornerGasCrew10 karma

TARA - it aired in 26 countries (i believe...don't quote me on that)

Bob_Perkowski4 karma

Why has "Corner Gas" never been played in the State? It is a classic comedy on the level of "The Dick VanDyke Show" and "Everybody Loves Raymond".

CornerGasCrew9 karma

TARA - it was on in the States!!!!! WGN!!!!

CornerGasCrew8 karma

Correct the first five seasons have aired on WGN, also have had some interest in the show being formatted but we didn't much like the idea.

Knight_of_Ivory3 karma

Hi Tara, Big fans of the show in my house, the greatest show I ever stumbled upon not realizing I had seen a movie you were in years before. One of my favorite episodes is Lacey borrowers and seeing as that episode talks about horror movies I was wondering if you happened to have a favorite horror movie(s)? What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to filming the movie?

CornerGasCrew6 karma

TARA - i am a total baby when it comes to horror movies. It took me about 10 tries to watch the Shining!!!!! I am definitely looking forward to getting back together with the entire gang. They are family to me and I miss them dearly.

Knight_of_Ivory3 karma

Hi David, do you think there will be any differences in how you handle filming the movie vs. the show?

CornerGasCrew4 karma

David - script wise we have really tried to tell a feature film story with big stakes and some emotional moments to supplement the comedy. Technically we will be shooting in the 1:85 big format, we will stay on wider shots, more crane moves and moving in general, framing will be different.

disbeLEAF3 karma

Hi Tara, was corner gas your first major acting gig? ...Also what did you do career-wise after corner gas came to an end?

CornerGasCrew10 karma

TARA- I'd been acting for quite a few years before Corner Gas. My first big gig was a movie called New Waterford Girl. Since Corner Gas I've done a few different things, but mostly I've been a recurring on The Listener for the last few years

kkempton3 karma

Hi Tara, big fan of the show and its cast - Was really glad to hear that you were making a movie. Looking back to your first day of filming this program: Did you ever imagine it would lead to its own movie?

CornerGasCrew6 karma

TARA - never in a million years did we see this happening! The first season we were just having a blast and enjoying every second of it thinking that would be it. The bars in town LOVED us!!!!!!!

Kofcandre3 karma

On the kickstart perk, do you think you could add autograph photos of the cast on there, especially Lacey? I am in love with her!

CornerGasCrew5 karma

Fred - You can get a Hank shirt too!

CornerGasCrew3 karma

David - me too

CornerGasCrew4 karma

TARA - there are some available.... Fred and Nancy have head shots available. You could also receive a video arrest from Lorne and I!!!!!!

jiodjflak3 karma

Hi guys, huge fan of Corner Gas.

Who is most like their character on the show?

CornerGasCrew10 karma

TARA - I would say Brent is definitely most like his character...since he is his character!!!!

CornerGasCrew10 karma

David - Fred is definitely just like Hank can't tell the difference

CornerGasCrew9 karma

Fred - True. True.

draytonalan3 karma

Fred - As a science fiction author I wanted to know if you and Brent Like comic books and Sci fi in real life like you portray it in the show? And Thanks for doing this AMA!

CornerGasCrew8 karma

Yeah, I love SciFi and Comics. Still read graphic Novels.

DonOntario2 karma

Will the movie be like one long episode of the show, or will it be episodic (like several shorter stories put together), or something completely different?

CornerGasCrew6 karma

TARA - it's a feature...the writers have worked long and hard to make sure the show works in a feature format.

CornerGasCrew5 karma

David - it's a feature film with a really good story that has big stakes

SocialGirlTO2 karma

Hey David -- can you tell us a bit more. Not sure what you mean. One story, but could it go beyond one film?

CornerGasCrew3 karma

David - Don't want to give away the story but yes it could branch out.

HvyMetalComrade2 karma

I think I've missed Tara :(

So David! Did Davis' catchphrase "All right!" rub off on you after a while? I know it's squirmed it's way into my vocabulary!

And Fred, not really a question, but I think it'd be cool if Hank was the new bartender/mayor of Dog River for a while, as a cool throw back to Dan for Mayor!

Thanks all! Lookin forward to the movie!

CornerGasCrew10 karma

TARA - still here!!!!! xo

CornerGasCrew8 karma

Fred - I'd drink the bar dry. Thanks for the comment!

CornerGasCrew7 karma

no the phase that got me was "staycation"

bretwheadon2 karma

Tara - when did you first hear about the movie being made? Did you get any input into your character in the script?

CornerGasCrew7 karma

TARA - I first heard about it being a real possibility in February... i did have a bit of input...I'm pregnant sooooooo Karen is too!!!!!!

uncle_ed2 karma

Hi Tara. I think that this is a wonderful thing you are doing for fans like me. I live a few miles out of Meadow Lake in Saskatchewan, and I was wondering what your favorite memory of Saskatchewan was? Did you ever get some time to travel outside of Regina and Rouleau?

CornerGasCrew7 karma

TARA- I have so many great memories of my 6 yrs in SK. I didn't do too much traveling, but Eric does have a cottage on a lake there which was absolutely beautiful. As well I have family in Winnipeg, so I would often hop over there for a visit

Kefrif2 karma

Hi Tara - will we see the return of that hardy piece of police kit - The Surveillance Bush? For some reason that bit always made me giggle like a baboon...

CornerGasCrew6 karma

TARA - That surveillance bush sure did make an impact!!!!! I would really like to see it make a comeback!

Jacobaduh2 karma

Fred, as I can tell that you and Brent are big hockey fans, can you tell me what it was like filming the episode "Face Off"?

CornerGasCrew2 karma

Fred - It was a ton of fun. We spent the a whole day just messing around on the ice. So, I was paid to play hockey ... I guess that makes me a pro hockey player. Kinda?

The scene where I get checked into the boards. When we were shooting, I guess it wasn't looking very good, so, without me knowing, The Directer asked the Guy, (Zeek was his name , I think. Great guy. Built like a Brick wall) to put his shoulder into me. Well, he did, I went filing.

That whole day was a blast.

AutoMasta2 karma

Where did the idea come from to have Hank always wearing a hat?

CornerGasCrew4 karma

Fred - I showed up to set the first week of Prep for the first season, I was wearing my hat backwards, and Brent liked it.

SocialGirlTO2 karma

Will the movie's story take place 5 years later?

CornerGasCrew6 karma

Fred - It does. But nothing has changed. and yet, everything has changed. It's complicated.

AltZeroOneThreeThree2 karma


CornerGasCrew8 karma

Fred - Orange is the New Black

CornerGasCrew5 karma

TARA - Brent would absolutely kick my butt. I would have zero chance...unless maybe he was blindfolded and could only use one hand.

CornerGasCrew4 karma

I would say the pilot might be the closest as this is a bit of a reset thought the characters have not changed. I would say Merry gasmus would make a good movie

d0uble0h2 karma

Whaaaat?! There's going to be a movie?

CornerGasCrew4 karma

Fred - Yep, a real moving picture.

AutoMasta2 karma

Was there ever a controversy amongst actors/actresses about the decision to end the show after season six?

CornerGasCrew6 karma

TARA - there wasn't any big controversy...the decision was always Brents to make. We were definitely all very sad though....

CornerGasCrew5 karma

Fred - Yeah. What Tara said.


Is it possible for someone to visit the set of Corner Gas in August or will you still be filming then? I was able to visit 9 years ago on a trip to South Dakota, but I unfortunately wasn't into the show then...

CornerGasCrew5 karma

TARA- sadly we will no longer be there in August, but you can always visit the gas station in Rouleau!!

CornerGasCrew5 karma

Fred - I think we're done shooting by the end of July. So the set will still be up I think.

winterseeker1 karma

Hi Tara, you always seemed to be the "smarter cop" in the show (and an amazing role model to boot), does Davis become wiser in the five years since we last saw him? Have you both gotten married already (as the finale said) or is that still to happen?

CornerGasCrew3 karma

TARA - Could Davis EVER become wiser???? He needs me. We balance each other out...as for marriage? I guess you'll have to wait and see!

Knight_of_Ivory1 karma

Hi Fred, Love the show and Dan For Mayor two of my favorite Hank episodes are Dark Circles and Coming Distractions so I was wondering 1) how do you feel about extraterrestrial exist do they exist ? and 2) the Sabu and Moon t-shirt with the wolf on it that you wore on the show do they have any particular significance? Thank You for taking the time for this ama and pass my thanks along to Tara and David.

CornerGasCrew4 karma

Fred - I do believe that it's possible there is life out there beside ourselves. I just hope that it's not like that Twilight Zone, "How to serve Man".

As far as the shirt. The wolf theme was something we tried get in there as much as possible. I always saw it that Hank saw himself as a loner, a Lone Wolf.

CornerGasCrew2 karma

Fred - And thank you. It means a lot to me to hear you liked Dan for Mayor. I was proud of the show, and was upset when it ended. Given more of a chance I think we could've made something out of that show.

JayInNJ1 karma

Hi Tara. Thanks for doing this AMA! When you got the gig, what were you told was the backstory for Karen, and what did you make up to help get yourself into the role?

CornerGasCrew3 karma

TARA - I found with Karen sometimes less is more...ie the less i knew the better...which is probably the only time in my career that has worked for a character. Brent specifically gave very little info on the characters so that anything could be introduced at any time for a story line

1407graymalkin1 karma

Hey David and Tara the Kickstarter seems to be doing really well! What perk would you pick if you could pick one?

CornerGasCrew3 karma

David - I would like to get a video arrest from Karen and Davis

CornerGasCrew2 karma

TARA - well OBVIOUSLY i would want to get a video arrest from Karen and Davis....a perk which no one has chosen :(

echothirteen1 karma

Tara, just how long can you hold your breath? "Apnea! Apnea!"

Btw I'm from Oklahoma and every single person I introduce the show to loves it! And I've introduced a lot of people considering I've seen the entire series about 10 times in the past few years!

CornerGasCrew6 karma

TARA - WOOHOO!!! We LOVE fans like you! Thank you for sharing our show!!!! Ummmmmm....I can hold my breath for 30 seconds???? maybe??? The props department had a whole thing rigged with the apnea episode so I could breath while i had my face in the bucket.

soonerdude1 karma

I'm a fellow Oklahoman that got several of my friends hooked on the show as well. I started re-watching the entire series when I saw the movie was coming out.

CornerGasCrew5 karma

TARA - thank you!!!! Hopefullly the movie will makes it way state side...stay tuned!

CornerGasCrew5 karma

Fred - Keep watching guys! Cost of living up here in the Great white north just keeps climbing. Gonna need those residual cheques down the road.

So happy to hear you guys dig the show. It's a blast to shoot.

bretwheadon2 karma

I'm in Utah, and I did the same thing! Binge-watched the series from beginning to end! Proud to be a Kickstarter contributor! :)

CornerGasCrew3 karma

TARA - thank you for your contribution!!!!!!!!!

morpheus_691 karma

Did you guys ever expect this kind of fan reaction when the kickstarter campaign was suggested?

CornerGasCrew6 karma

TARA - I personally didn't....It's been absolutely amazing to follow the kickstarted campaign. I think it's blown us all away (in a good way)

CornerGasCrew3 karma

Fred - I was blown away by the response. Did not expect that at all.

CornerGasCrew3 karma

David - no not at all, I'm not really up on the kick starter thing but I hear it did well.

ILoveElijahWood1 karma

So it's been about 5 years since the shows finale. I guess my big question is, after all this time does Brent still love Chili Cheese Dogs?

CornerGasCrew8 karma

Fred - I've seen what he does to a Chilli Cheese dog, when he thinks no one is around. Not pretty.

CornerGasCrew6 karma

David - most def, I saw him eat one about two weeks ago.

CornerGasCrew5 karma

TARA- I think Brent would marry a chili cheese dog if he could

Purple_Cake1 karma

Hey Tara! Huge fan of Corner Gas (obviously). What would you say was your highlight and low light of working on the show?

CornerGasCrew3 karma

TARA - well i don't know that there's a low light, but the highlights would be getting to be a part of making such a magical show that had such a huge impact on so many people. Things like that don't happen very often in this industry and I'm truly grateful that i got to be a par of that (too corny?)

thirty7inarow1 karma

Which actors are most and least like their characters in real life?

CornerGasCrew4 karma

Fred is exactly like Hank not much difference there

CornerGasCrew2 karma

Fred - I can't argue that.

IanPrime1 karma

Corner Gas is a show that means so much to me, and i have no other choice but to sit down a watch it whenever it comes on the Comedy Network (at least 800 times a day). In terms of a question, can we expect a Colin Mochrie cameo in the film? Please? While were at it, can we get a Table Hockey re-match between Brent and Karen?

CornerGasCrew5 karma

TARA - seriously....can we get Colin Mochrie??? That would be awesome, I love that guy! They haven't shared who will be making cameos with us...we are not to be trusted!!!!! I would love to see a rematch!!!!!

CornerGasCrew4 karma

David - might be some table hockey in the BG

CornerGasCrew4 karma

Fred - you're just going to have to go out and see the movie to find out.

The show has meant a lot to me as well.

JayInNJ1 karma

How tightly scripted was the show? Was there room built in for some improvisation, or did any of the actors do any?

CornerGasCrew2 karma

Fred - We stuck to the script as written.

jazznutuva1 karma

Hallo! Brian aus Deutschland!

Any traveling outside of Canada? Would be fun see Hank in Europe!


CornerGasCrew2 karma

Fred - Guten Tag. Hank would loose his mind in Europe. Especially Amsterdam.

notchrismclachlin1 karma

Tara, who is your fav follower on Twitter? Also, did Hank...I mean Fred keep any of his old hats? A new hat would just be wrong.

CornerGasCrew3 karma

TARA - wow...I've never really rated my twitter followers like that...I guess my faves are the ones who are responsive and interactive???? I'll let Fred answer your second question :)

CornerGasCrew3 karma

Fred - There was only one hat for the entire shoot. I kept it, and will be using it in the movie.