Hello everyone!

My name is Jake Thomas. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0858969/ I got a few requests to do an AMA last week, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I'm a long-time redditor, but I'm using a throwaway so you guys don't know about all my activity in /r/spacedicks (OH GOD TURN BACK NOW).

Verification. Twitter. Instagram.

I've been working as an actor since I was about 6. As mentioned, I'm mostly known for my work on the Disney channel, but I've also done a number of guest star roles on various primetime dramas, and a few cool movies here and there.

Lately I've been working on guest stars, Lifetime movies, going to school, and doing some photography on the side. I've got a new Lifetime movie coming out at some point in the next few months called Taken Away, and I'll be starting soon on another season of a webseries called Storytellers.

Alright, AMA!

Edit: Aaaand now I have more karma than my actual account. Great.


Edit:Edit:Ok it's been a bunch of edits, whatever: 845PST- I'm going to take a break. This has been everything I ever hoped it would be, and way more. We laughed, we cried, we talked about starcraft. I'll try to come back later tonight and answer more. You guys are awesome.

1130pst. Im going to answer a few more. Also, for those that want to help me get back into sc2: Hologon, 714

ok, what is it, like 2am now?! jeez. Well, i guess this is pretty much my primary account now... Goodnight guys. This past 13 hours has been... interesting....

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shark_wrangla2561 karma

Did you bang Hilary Duff?

ImJakeThomas3888 karma

Thank you for summing up my public highschool experience.

WishfulOstrich207 karma

Farragut High School ftw

If you're ever in Knoxville again I'll buy you a beer.

ImJakeThomas320 karma

meet ya at Calhoons

Nikernaker1730 karma

I remember an episode where you played sick. Your mom had caught you with a penny in your mouth. Later they changed the episode so you were using a flashlight. Did disney get in trouble for kids sticking pennies in their mouths or something to that extent?

ImJakeThomas2390 karma

YES! I'm pretty sure this is the only time we had to do this. Apparently some kid tried this and choked!

15chainz1285 karma

Is Corey still in the house?

ImJakeThomas2471 karma

You busta

SnowmanOlaf1280 karma

Fuck Marry or Kill?

Lizzie, Miranda and Kate

ImJakeThomas2249 karma

Kate, Miranda, kill Lizzie.

MXBM1263 karma

Would you kindly upload a picture of you holding cheese in your hand? I like cheese.

ImJakeThomas3273 karma


Edit: GOLD?! Goddamnit, thank you, youre awesome. Also, that figures that my throwaway would get gold while I've never gotten any on my actual account...

nochroot524 karma

You made my day sir. I am now a jake thomas fan

ImJakeThomas1523 karma

Sometimes you just have to take it one niche group at a time

m4stur_ch33f242 karma

Heh. You're a funny guy. I don't think I've even watched any of the shows above, but yet I still feel like I should follow you on twitter or something.

ImJakeThomas760 karma

awww yisss motha f'n followers

ImJakeThomas474 karma

(thank you)

captdoodles1256 karma

what got you into photography and why is it pokemon snap?

Edit: Gold? Thanks, ya fucks.

ImJakeThomas1291 karma

this is the correct answer

CarlSpiceyWeiner961 karma

What's some of the craziest stuff you've ever seen?

ImJakeThomas2183 karma

I spent a week at Nick Cage's house. There were a few things...

CarlSpiceyWeiner1275 karma

Don't play with my emotions. You have to deliver something after a name drop like that.

ImJakeThomas2816 karma

No joke, he had a fucking 7 foot tall slab of Amethyst crystal that you could walk into and be surrounded by.

benniefer861 karma

If I could get you back on the Disney Channel with your own show would you do it?

ImJakeThomas1443 karma


ImJakeThomas1834 karma

But still, a job is a job.

StarBP847 karma

A while back there was an AMA where a guy said that Disney Channel has a family values clause in their contract that is pretty much "hey here's a long list of things not to do in public, but if you do it in private we'll help cover it up as long as you keep this wholesome image to the public eye." How true is that, and is there really a large "underground" insider culture within Disney Channel actors?

ImJakeThomas1001 karma

Hah, I've never heard of that clause before. But maybe I just don't remember it. I wasn't a series regular on the later disney stuff. I wouldn't put them above doing something like that though.

What would be considered "underground"? I mean, disney is a big company, they have their own politics and way they react to things, but noting too crazy.

Ribenadrinker812 karma

Are you still friends with Hilary Duff?

ImJakeThomas1508 karma

Haven't seen her in a long long time. Never really kept in touch.

mpwkeyper680 karma

Other than /r/spacedicks, what's your favorite subreddit?

Droconian1466 karma


ImJakeThomas1754 karma


Droconian1181 karma


ImJakeThomas1897 karma


Mr_Abe_Froman342 karma

You can always add ### to the beginning of a line to make it really bold.



Edit: Now everyone is yelling What have I done?

Edit2: While you are all yelling at me, add some lines, why not.



Fun With Tables




ImJakeThomas548 karma

You learn something new everyday. Thank you.


compromisinglie641 karma

Besides talking into a microphone until you get the right take, what was a day of voice acting on Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy like?

ImJakeThomas1066 karma

Well, it usually started with me wondering around Cartoon Network studios to my heart's content. Then, when we recorded, it was the entire cast in one room doing random voices, sound effects, and just generally being funny. Voice actors tend to be a tight knit group that do voices in everything, so I kinda geeked out getting to work with the people that voiced most of my favorite shows.

paparazzo25626 karma

Do you still keep in contact with people from Lizzie McGuire? What do you think of Disney today, has it gone down hill as much as everyone thinks or is it just a generation thing?

ImJakeThomas1237 karma

Yeah a few people. Though I don't see them all as often as I'd like. It's kinda weird because growing up around them they all kinda became like family to me.

Disney channel has absolutely changed. I even got to experience this change going from Lizzie to Cory in the House. Lizzie was single cam (no live audience, film every day), while Cory was multi (audience, laughtrack, rehearse 3 days and film only 2). Most of the writing these days doesn't change. I still see them do things that take certain nuances or plotlines from episodes of Lizzie. The control that the network has over the multicam shows (which is what they all are now) is far greater. On Lizzie we were able to just shoot whatever we wanted and if the network didnt like it, there wasnt too much they were able to change via editing. On Cory we had to have network people come in and watch us play out the whole thing, an usually they would make major changes and often things in the script would end up totally different by the time we filmed.

aznkupo819 karma

So this is why I tend to like the 90's-early 2000's disney shows way more, or maybe its because I was actually of age to watch them.

ImJakeThomas1364 karma

Could be both, but the quality of the plots on the earlier stuff blows today's out of the water.

JohnnyAcesDueces605 karma

Whatever happened to Clayton Snyder?

Did he finally decide to wash, rinse and repeat?

ImJakeThomas710 karma

Hah, I always loved that line. He's getting back into acting! He played pro water polo for a while.

SilentEdge731 karma

Whoa hey, wait a minute. Pro water polo?

Did he play in college? I might've played against him...

EDIT: Holy hell, I HAVE played against him! Both in high school and in college. What a small world.

ImJakeThomas376 karma

HAH! thats awesome!

SophSaysYo588 karma

Where in the world are you now and what are your plans for today?

ImJakeThomas1339 karma

I'm in los angeles. I went cycling this morning, but my knee has been bugging me so I came home early. I'm writing my first script and I'll probably work on it some more today I guess.

And then I'll probably just browse reddit all day. Like every day....

Bullshit_quotes640 karma

Can I act in whatever you're writing?

ImJakeThomas1276 karma

Yes. I will find you, and you can be in it.

Bullshit_quotes596 karma

Has anyone told you that you're the man?

ImJakeThomas930 karma

Well now they have. Thank you.

screen317189 karma

Do you need an opera singer? I'm your man.

ImJakeThomas345 karma

Sure. This movie is going to be awesome haha

SuperSmith_268 karma

I can do a bad Mickey Mouse impersonation.

ImJakeThomas673 karma

fuck it, why not. Youre in.

steve76ers551 karma

Was Lizzie Mcguire worth it?

ImJakeThomas917 karma


masshamacide538 karma

Any strange/hilarious moments that happened while filming Lizzie the show or the movie, that you would care to share?

ImJakeThomas2049 karma


PyroPakratt527 karma

Op you cant just leave us... Upload it

ImJakeThomas1713 karma


jonnyd005509 karma

I've never seen the Lizzie Mcguire show, or almost anything Disney really, I'm 33 now. But you're entire AMA has been pretty damn awesome. I will probably start watching whatever it is that you're in (at least any of the non kiddie stuff) simply because of this.

ImJakeThomas613 karma

SophSaysYo510 karma

What's the weirdest thing a fan has done when they've recognised you in public?

ImJakeThomas1168 karma

I've been randomly tackled in public before. So, I guess that.

PrincessKarmagasm508 karma

In "A.I", when you pushed Haley Joel Osment`s character in the pool did you feel a little bit of satisfaction? He always appeared to be a whiney kid to me.

ImJakeThomas780 karma

he actually pulled me into the pool in the movie, causing my character to almost drown.

Haley is a talented guy. Haven't seen him in a long time.

We actually were put through a month of underwater training just for that scene.

marcus_edens331 karma

A month?

ImJakeThomas665 karma

Yeah, it was pretty crazy, but it worked. They needed us to be comfortable working and staying underwater for long periods of time and just taking a air tank between takes instead of resurfacing.

tildeloltilde502 karma

I remember watching Disney YEARS ago and their was a quick 1 minute segment during the commercials with LM cast members describing their favorite pizza and you said, "light cheese, with extra extra EXTRA sauce". You were maybe 10-11.

Does that statement still hold true?

ImJakeThomas835 karma

Hell yes. Screw cheese, gimme dat sauce.

esunmineralmarie299 karma

it's been around 10 years and i still remember that little segment whenever i have pizza.

ImJakeThomas468 karma

I'm so happy to hear this. You have no idea.

technicallyinclined472 karma

Hey, I grew up watching Lizzy McGuire and whenever I talk about Disney Channel now, I always compare it to that and Even Stevens. Those shows were legit. Thanks for being awesome! Disney Channel shows nowadays have nothing on Lizzy McGuire and Even Stevens! Did you ever interact with the Even Stevens crew?

ImJakeThomas832 karma

We had a huge rivalry with them and our crews had an on-going softball tournament. We shared some directors too, who we always gave a hard time and made sure that they liked us better.

SophSaysYo463 karma

In the short period you did go to school between Lizzie McGuire and your next roles how did you find it? Did you get recognised by your class and treated differently or was you just another kid?

ImJakeThomas1020 karma

I'm not going to lie, it was weird. Your first day of school is awkward no matter who you are, but it's even more so when everyone already knows who you are. Some people were mean without reason, others were overly nice.

But I managed alright and after a little while I made friends that either got over it or didn't care to begin with. I'm actually dating a girl that I've known since that time.

tparks12645 karma

She hot?

ImJakeThomas1473 karma

the hottest

Vilvern418 karma

Who's your favorite Pokemon, and are your ears ready for the beautiful trumpet barrage that will be Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?

ImJakeThomas725 karma

Bronzong and Escavalier.

My body is ready.

clearairinspace379 karma

I was a huge fan of Lizzie McGuire growing up. So I'm curious, what was your strangest experience on the set of Lizzie McGuire?

ImJakeThomas976 karma

Working with a chimp. It was just... creepy... They kept telling us that if it got scared it could kill us... It freaked out once.

eviljade94344 karma

What has been your favorite role so far?

ImJakeThomas825 karma

The role in Lizzie McGuire was perfect for me at the time. I was 10, I got to do crazy/fun/wacky stuff almost every day, it was a blast.

Nowadays I really find myself enjoying doing the dramatic/crazy person roles like CSI:NY where I played a serial killer, or Lie to Me which was challenging but rewarding.

EZPlayer12344 karma

You played a character in a show (can't remember which) that ran away from home and tried to hang himself. As a child that watched Lizzie McGuire, that was traumatizing.

ImJakeThomas87 karma

I am so sorry for that, but he had to do it.

That was Without A Trace "Wannabe". It's an extremely well written episode btw.

MistletoeAlert326 karma

Have you had a former child star meltdown yet? What's your opinion on why this happens so often? Anything that the industry could do to help prevent these issues?

ImJakeThomas675 karma

No, I turned out ok for the most part. Partially due to the fact that I'm a pretty normal person.

I think support from the parents plays a big part.

dontwalkonby810 karma

Just give it time. You'll be snorting cocain off of Lindsay Lohan's nipples in no time. I believe in you.

ImJakeThomas2123 karma

fingers crossed

carpe_vitam315 karma

How long did it take for you to stop being seen as the guy who played Lizzie McGuire's kid brother?

ImJakeThomas585 karma

Puberty. Although I still get recognized for it today, which continues to baffle me.

After Lizzie I had some time off and went to a regular school and then started up with dramatic roles around the age of 13/14.

Bardaf309 karma

Did Lenny talked a bit, when off camera ?

ImJakeThomas693 karma

Yes, he talked in real life.

Maikumizu301 karma

ImJakeThomas530 karma

Got it down to only 10 mins or so. Ton of gel. Ton of hairspray.

KD729821 karma

Just realized you weren't that Gordo guy. It's been a while.

ImJakeThomas664 karma

It's alright. It's weird when TV people grow up.

GreeneSisters292 karma

If you could have played any other disney show character, who would it be?

ImJakeThomas885 karma

Jet Jackson :( I loved that show. Hate what happened to him.

saphake271 karma

What's your experience of child actors in Hollywood?

Pushy parents/drugs/Hollywood parties? What's it like?

ImJakeThomas452 karma

I didn't see a ton of it, but mainly because I never was really into going to parties. Only a few of my good friends are actors.

koolaid-sludge248 karma

How good is Jude Law at frisbee golf?

ImJakeThomas316 karma

No idea :(

AngryScientist269 karma

Yeah ok, but if you had to guess....

ImJakeThomas1032 karma

I mean, he's Jude Law, he has to be bad at something. I'm gonna say he sucks.

lesgineer226 karma

I'm from Knoxville. We have mutual friends. Seeing your new stuff makes me happy but it also makes me feel so so old. What was your very first acting gig? How did you get the role of Matt? Thanks!

ImJakeThomas265 karma

Hey awesome! Did you go to farragut?

First acting gig, hmmm. I actually was in local commercials with my parents in knoxville as a baby. Jim Cogdill Dodge!

kanji_tatsumi213 karma

How is it being a kid on set?

How did the cast treat you on Cory in The House? that always seemed like a really cool cast too!

Thanks man!

ImJakeThomas383 karma

It's a weird experience. Had to kinda grow up faster in some ways and be professional. You're still a kid, but now adults have jobs that rely on you doing your job.

The cast on Cory was awesome. Everyone was a delight to work with and everyone was very funny. Wish it lasted longer.

evieee200 karma

For you to be able to make me hate a crippled kid as much as I did when you were in AI is amazing. Seriously, you were great. Did you understand that you were being cast in this type of role? Do any of your roles match your real persona?

ImJakeThomas274 karma

hah, I'm so glad that I made you hate me. That character was an asshole. I don't think I was type casted in that at all, but when I do comedy roles I tend to end up being the "nerdy guy" which I guess I can relate to more.

lowercase_hyphen185 karma

What was it like meeting Aaron Carter?

ImJakeThomas538 karma

HAhaha. Oh, that guy.

lowercase_hyphen137 karma

This is the best response. Also thanks for replying to most people. I never ask questions on celeb AMAs because they answer like 10 questions total. But you've been really cool about it :)

ImJakeThomas266 karma

No prob. I always see that too. Most just come in and stay for an hour to promote, and then they're gone. I tried asking a couple celebs stuff on AMAs and never got any responses, and that sucks.

Plus, I was going to be on reddit anyway, so why not hang out a while.

lowercase_hyphen132 karma

You are definitely the best kind of celebrity. It's always nice to see that people can follow their passions and have notoriety but still be very down to earth.

ImJakeThomas305 karma

Thank you very much! I'm sure I probably had some douchebag moments when I was younger, but if we all didnt have moments to look back and cringe on, then we're probably all still douchebags.

mymomsaysimhott183 karma

Is "I used to be on Lizzie Macguire" a good pick up line?

ImJakeThomas390 karma

My friend thinks it is and constantly uses it to get girls' attention.

SarkastikAmbassador164 karma

How much weed do you smoke these days?

ImJakeThomas470 karma

None. I'm boring.

SarkastikAmbassador156 karma

I'm stoked that I got a response! I grew up on Disney and I always imagined being your friend on an episode and smoothly wooing Lizzy until she fell in love. I was a weird kid.

Beatnick360 karma

I just cringed so hard I got a cramp

SarkastikAmbassador180 karma

I cringed while writing it man. No regrets.

witchling_22163 karma

The new film coming out looks interesting. Can't wait to see it. How was NCIS? Is Mark Harmon nice? Has working with Disney given you any insights into the troubles of other Disney stars?

ImJakeThomas295 karma

NCIS was pretty fun. It was a quick role, but I got to be the bad guy. Everyone was very nice, including Mark. The only scene I had with him though was when he was pointing a gun at my face.

Working for Disney growing up can be interesting. I enjoyed it and came out fine. I know people who have had issues with all the attention, but I also know just as many who turned out fine. I think a lot of it has to do with the parental support during it all. I as fortunate to have parents that always looked out for me in my career.

SophSaysYo136 karma

Have you kept in touch with any of the guys from the shows you've been on?

ImJakeThomas303 karma

Yeah a few people. Jason Dolley and I have always been pretty good friends, and I just started hanging out with my friend Spencer Breslin again, we hadn't seen eachother in a decade or so.

chemistryandstuff130 karma

Do you play any video games?

ImJakeThomas343 karma

Yeah, starcraft, valve games, etc.

TheFarKingOne82 karma

Starcraft league?

ImJakeThomas211 karma

I was plat, but I stopped playing last year when I moved. I'm going to get back into it soon but all of my builds are useless now.

mare937126 karma

Who are your favorite bands/artists?

ImJakeThomas468 karma

Pink Floyd, Doors, Daft Punk, Beastie Boys, I also like this guy called Omodaka.

hejqt123 karma

How do you know Japanese and how fluent are you?

ImJakeThomas281 karma

I had to take a second language in highschool and I decided Japanese would be challenging. I was a big fan of japanese horror movies at the time too.

Took it for a few years, traveled there for a month or so. I'm pretty decent for casual conversation, but I've forgotten a lot due to disuse.

adorkable__x103 karma

Hey! I just wanted the say that the episode you did of Without A Trace in 2004 was incredible. I remember I watched it when it aired at 14yo and cried my eyes out. I still think, to this day, that that was one of the best episodes of anything that I've ever seen. It was so emotionally moving. How did you feel having to play such a hurt character? Was it difficult to go from quirky Matt on L.M. to more serious roles?

ImJakeThomas111 karma

Thank you so much!

It was such an incredible and essential role for me at that time in my career. It still makes me cry too.

SoNotSatan96 karma

Are there people who still recognize you from Lizzie Mcguire?

ImJakeThomas213 karma

Yes, I don't know how they do it.

mrmightymyth91 karma

Where was the best pizza you've ever had?

It says on IMDB that you were in a Nintendo commercial. Which commercial? And did Nintendo hook you up with anything cool (other than the role) for it?

ImJakeThomas167 karma


Red jacket, green shirt. Nah, I didn't even get one of the things we were advertising. But one time when I did a voice for a playstation game I got PS2.

sanderson2282 karma

how do you make money? do you live off acting?

ImJakeThomas403 karma

Acting, wise investments, not buying a Lamborghini when I was 16.

liamquane75 karma

what's the best thing a director can do for you on set?

ImJakeThomas138 karma

Be open to ideas on improv or doing things that feel more natural for dialog. I like making lines my own to sound more natural. Sometimes directors don't like that (especially if they wrote it too)

Stromz68 karma

Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

As for a slightly more legitimate question, would you say that growing up on TV is something you'd want to do ovee, or would you rather have waited to be older and still been granted some of the same TV opportunities?

ImJakeThomas205 karma


100 duck sized horses. Without a doubt. Oh man, I would mess those little bastards up. Open F'n season on their asses.

Growing up being on tv has its ups and downs, but I wouldnt trade it for anything. Not many get a chance like that, and I turned out ok for the most part.

padajuann53 karma

When did you get hot? :(

ImJakeThomas109 karma


SpagattahNadle45 karma

Wow, thanks for doing this AMA! I just had a quick question- what was Hilary Duff like at that age? I mean, you had to play brother and sister, did you guys get really close/like was she a mentor to you?

ImJakeThomas88 karma

All the kids treated eachother pretty equal. I got to be closer friends with Clayton (ethan craft) and Lanny.

lululucia40 karma

Are you goign to work with Joey Graceffa in Storytellers?

ImJakeThomas41 karma

yeah, we already shot one season that aired in dec/jan.

ikilldinosaurs38 karma

Cat lover, huh?

ImJakeThomas187 karma

One of us. One of us.

doquaric19 karma

You were great as Carl Stargher in The Cell. What do you remember about filming?

Boy with a horse

He always finds me

ImJakeThomas32 karma


The cast was amazing. I didn't fully appreciate who they all were until much later in life. Also, I didn't actually see the whole movie till I was much older. It was a pretty intense movie and my dad had to take me in and out of the theater during the premiere so that I wouldn't be traumatized.

One thing I remember the most goofing around with Vince Vaughn between takes. He was a cool guy, and great to work with.

terattt10 karma

What do you think happens after death?

ImJakeThomas55 karma

Nothing, probably. We'll all know someday, or we won't.

KletusB8 karma

How many chicken fajitas can you eat in one sitting?

ImJakeThomas24 karma

I don't know, like 12? Is that decent?

gpwtb7 karma

Has anyone ever told you you're insanely attractive? You just got a new Instagram follower >_>

ImJakeThomas17 karma

you flatter me. Thank you!

Raxes9896 karma

What is a good sandwich that I can make for lunch? I just cannot think of anything good right now.

ImJakeThomas20 karma

I just go with classic PB&strawberry jelly

StrobiWan3 karma

Have you been lurking or sharing in any of our photography subreddits?

ImJakeThomas8 karma

Yes. I've submitted a few things and I lend advice every once in a while in the weekly beginner's thread.

liamquane2 karma

What was it like working with Steven Spielberg?

ImJakeThomas5 karma

Hard to say. It was a great experience, but at 9 years old I didn't fully comprehend who he was.

its__PMG2 karma

You were awesome in Storyteller! I loved your character and the whole story of Finn.

My question is: what was the best part of being in The Storytellers?

ImJakeThomas1 karma

Thank you!

The interaction with all the fans! The whole series is so embedded with the youtube/online community. It's like nothing I've experienced before.

mnpeanut2 karma

Has there ever been a moment where you asked someone "Do you know who I am?"

ImJakeThomas7 karma

Not sure, but if I did, and they replied "no", then I'd probably say "ok, good"

ETPhoneMyHome2 karma

What are your favorite shows currently?

ImJakeThomas7 karma

Walking Dead, Bob's Burgers.

ingebeastly2 karma

So when are they gonna make a full length Nigel Planter movie?

ImJakeThomas4 karma

HAH! I wish. That was absolutely the coolest experience for me at the time. I loved the show, got to run around Cartoon Network studios, and I recorded with my hero Weird Al.

iiPixel2 karma

What is your favorite sport? And are you watching the World Cup? If so what team are you pulling for?

ImJakeThomas5 karma

The only 2 sports I enjoy are extremely boring to watch: Cycling and golf.

whyarereb2 karma

What was the audition process for both of the Disney shows you were on?

ImJakeThomas7 karma

For Lizzie it was a long process. Had to come in like 5 times, they mixed and matched people to see how we looked as a family. It's exhausting.

Purple-Leopard2 karma

Have you ever watched Game of Thrones?

ImJakeThomas4 karma

I actually haven't. I don't watch a ton of TV other than Walking Dead.

KassMasterB2 karma

What made you come into acting? Have you had any mind altering roles?

ImJakeThomas7 karma

My parents got me into it. But more so I think it was more of an accident.

Here's a quick summery how it happened: My parents came out to LA when I was 6 to become actors/writers, I came along to a meeting they had with their agent, agent wanted to sign me too, parents wern't sure, agent was persistent, parents eventually said ok but didnt want me to get too involved with it, ended up doing pretty well and here I am.

I often wonder what my life would be like if my parents never came out here. But I wouldn't trade this life for anything, I've enjoyed it.

Well, maybe I'd trade it for a life where pokemon were real... That'd be worth it.

fuckyes12 karma

What show would you want to be apart of today?

ImJakeThomas3 karma

WALKING DEEEEEAD. I'll play a zombie, I dont care.

taytay05931 karma

What are you going to school for?

ImJakeThomas3 karma

Psychology/Japanese language.

ddwag11 karma

What are a few of your most played songs on iTunes? Also, how was working on Lie to Me? I loved that show.

ImJakeThomas5 karma

I'm going to guess it's probably Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd. Used to wake up to it every day in highschool.

Lie to Me was a challenging role, but I feel so fortunate to be a part of their pilot episode. Tim Roth is cooler than cool.

Destinyx31 karma

Wow! I used to have a huge crush on you when I was little watching Lizzie McGuire. You're still looking great!

Anyways, could you tell us more about Storytellers?

ImJakeThomas1 karma


Storytellers is a crowdfunded fantasy drama webseries on youtube. It's about 6 friends that have a series of supernatural things happen around them and some of them realize they have powers/etc. It's fun, but unfortunately my character is the only one without powers.

[deleted]0 karma


ImJakeThomas3 karma

thats something attempted in my younger years, my interests changed.

[deleted]0 karma


ImJakeThomas4 karma

Cap'n Crunch and frosted mini wheats