My name's Drew Marinelli and this past year I competed in the St. Louis Regional Qualifier for American Ninja Warrior.


Myself in front of the sign for the show and my position on the leaderboard for the St. Louis Qualifier

Also, Here

Is a link to my application video

Just a heads up though, while I plan on answering for as long as I can today if I don't answer right away, I may be out mowing or practicing on my quad steps. I'll do my best to answer all questions asked

UPDATE 1: Regarding the application process

The application process is actually pretty simple. I filled out an online application form and submitted my application video that I posted above along with some other small videos to show what I could do. Then a few weeks before the competition, they called me saying I had been selected to compete.

UPDATE 2: Taking a Quick Break

Gonna go mow and eat lunch. I'll be back on within an hour. Thanks for all the great questions so far guys!

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amishbreakfast25 karma

Do you know the layout of the obstacles before you compete?

personofdoom41 karma

Yes and No. Before I got to St. Louis it was a no. The day I competed, my dad and I walked down to the course and looked over the obstacles. We then returned to our hotel and basically formulated a game plan from there.

Then, before you run, they walk us through each obstacle and show us a tester running it so we have an idea of what to expect, but we only get to try the obstacles during our run. No sooner.

im_always_fapping6 karma


personofdoom7 karma

idk if we were but i did lol

I assume you can as we were allowed to talk about the course before it aired.

sweaty_obesity22 karma

How competitive is it among the contestants? It seems like everyone is there to have fun and encourage each other which is awesome.

personofdoom38 karma

Virtually 0 competitiveness and it's the greatest feeling on the planet!

It's all of us against the course, so we've got a great sense of solidarity. I'd never met most of the people I competed with, but we were all trading strategies and tactics the whole time like we were all best friends!

After I fell, I spent the rest of my time there (In the top 30 before being bumped out) cheering on other competitors and shouting advice on how to do certain obstacles. I proudly cheered for the guy who knocked me out of the running for the regional finals

PhysicsSaysNo15 karma

Using your best analogy, how can you explain to me just how hard it is to complete a course?

personofdoom33 karma

It's a lot like any other athletic activity. You can try to rush, you can try to go slow, but the main thing is to think about it.

For an analogy, I'd say think of portal. Each obstacle is like a test chamber. You really have to see what is at your disposal and what you can do with it to complete your objective. Some are simple while others can be incredibly difficult

lofabread125 karma

You nust compared actual, strenuous physical activity to a video game... you are reddit's new hero.

personofdoom8 karma

Lol Just here doing my job!

vladimusdacuul7 karma

Gods work* FTFY

personofdoom3 karma

Praise lol

gingersnap2013 karma

What was the hardest training exercise you did to prepare for Ninja Warrior? Usually I just glimpse scenes of each competitor training and it's usually them doing parkour or their own version of the warped wall.

personofdoom14 karma

For me, it was more the mental side of the training. Like many competitors, I spent time practicing parkour or freerunning, but what was the hardest for me was remaining calm. You get so hyped up and excited before you run, it's really easy to move just a bit too fast and lose it all. I basically had to train myself to remain calm.

If I had to choose a physical difficulty, It would have to be my upper body. After playing soccer for so many years my legs could handle anything but my arms are long and thin making some of the upper body work very strenuous. I focused on pullups and pushups varying my technique and style to work different parts of my arms and body in general

DStoo6 karma

How strict are the rules for how you can complete the course?

In wrestling we had a competition for who could hang on a pullup bar the longest. Only rule was hands only and as soon as you touch the ground your time stops. I volunteered to go last and ended up hanging upside down and handily won. I see a lot of places in the course where using your legs or not just brute forcing the course would work but I don't know if they put rules on that.

personofdoom8 karma

The rules are actually very strict. Some obstacles like the quint steps or the bridge of blades have lots of unseen rules and people who get DQed for them never get their runs shown. It's stuff like, if you wrap your hands around the back of the quint steps you lose or if you touch the bridge of blades with your hands intentionally you lose. It was actually kinda crazy how many extra rules there were

im_always_fapping2 karma

Can you share more unwritten rules with us?

personofdoom2 karma

Really those are most of them. It's a lot of obvious stuff like you have to grip the rolling log not like log roll it down lol

CommandoSpaceBastard13 karma

Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Charmander?

personofdoom22 karma


Orange is my favorite color

Plus Mega Charizard X

Not to say I don't love Bulba and Squirt

CommandoSpaceBastard1 karma

That's fine. My Super Blastoise Z (I haven't played any since Yellow) will destroy your Charizard.

personofdoom7 karma

Charizard becomes dragon though so I can't not love it! Plus it's all about mega Swampert now anyway

Apexe2 karma

Could you imagine him on the course? Probably snap the Rolling Log in half.

personofdoom1 karma

With his nose!!!

uberlad6 karma

So awesome. Love that show. You've probably trained for hundreds of hours and have all sorts of self-discipline -- given that, what would you say is your very best life advice?

personofdoom7 karma

Do what you love. If you watch my application video, I talk about how I was an engineering major for 2 years. In Highschool, I loved it and thought it was what I wanted, but when I realized that parkour and my video work was what I truly enjoyed (as well as watching my grades and hopes in engineering plummet) I couldn't stay. I may not make the same amount as I would as an engineer once I leave college, but you can bet your ass I'm gonna do what I love and love what I do!

So if you find something you're passionate about, work towards it! Strive to be the best you can be and surround yourself with people who will support your endeavors! It's what I did and I wake up every day loving life because of it!

shotgun_ninja6 karma

As an engineer with the word ninja in my username, I'm glad you were able to at least try my profession of choice. While the government says we need more engineers and scientists, I acknowledge that it's definitely not right for everyone. Props to you for figuring out your true passion, and inspiring the rest of us with your ability.

personofdoom3 karma

I loved engineering. I was a kid who you could sit at a computer, give me an object and I'd have a 3D model of it in no time. I also did some work programming and usually came out as best in class on my designs for robots and stuff It was just when I got to college, I wasn't doing any of that.

I now say that I am an engineer, I'm just not an engineering major because I still use my engineer brain for everything. It's the perfect brain for parkour because both engineers and traceurs look for the most efficient solution to a problem!

shotgun_ninja3 karma

Haha, as a software engineer, I understand that completely. I've caught myself trying to determine the most efficient route for mowing my parents' lawn back when I was in college, or figuring out the time complexity of my sock folding algorithm. It infects you, it really does. I have to explain to my girlfriend from time to time why I get so anxious when I get held up in traffic or I make a wrong turn, usually by saying "But it isn't optimal!"

I kinda wish there were more engineering-influenced lessons taught to kids in schools these days, instead of follow-the-directions sorts of things or memorization. Knowledge is wonderful, but not knowing how to use that knowledge to get something done is an absolute crime.

personofdoom1 karma

The mowing thing is me completely. I change my pattern weekly to find which takes the least time lol. And unless I'm hurt, I've yet to take the stairs 1 at a time in the last like 4 years

It's just easier!

That damn engineering brain!!!

Though it makes gaming horribly easy. Games like portal and other puzzle games are my jam!

mojomagic666 karma

what obstacle did you fall on? and can you salmon ladder? Also do you have a nearby gym you train at? I always watch the show and assume I could do all the obstacles (prob not first try but eventually) but unless I build the obstacles myself I have no where to practice/prove to myself I could do it. I just recently built a salmon ladder cause my wife didn't think I could do it... jokes on her, now we have a huge salmon ladder structure in the back yard lol

personofdoom6 karma

I fell on the double tilt ladder. Before running it, I went to dry my hands and the towel I grabbed was soaking and ice cold. It numbed almost all of my fingers and when I went to transfer between the ladders, I fell.

I can do the salmon ladder proof

I train at a gym called Golden Age Strength Club. If you live near Lombard Illinois, drop by this saturday when we have ninja gym at noon!

Props to you for building the ladder My mom demanded that anything I build be compactible so all I have are some quad steps that I can take down

mojomagic662 karma

damn that sucks, the whole time I was trying to figure out how I could build the double tilt in my yard lol.

If I was anywhere near Illinois I would take you up on that (assuming it's the same gym in the salmon ladder video it looks awesome).

Tell your mom it could double as a ladder on one side and a harbor arch on the other ;-)

Good luck in your training man and nice job on the salmon ladder

personofdoom2 karma

Thanks. With the ladder, I'll just have to keep working out. I admittedly was stupid and tried to Lache across when I should've just reached like all the other competitors but that's life.

I wish my mom could be convinced but we don't have a reason for a harbor arch and she watches the show enough to say no.

Too bad you can't train with us, but maybe we'll see each other next year in the competition!

mojomagic662 karma

I'll get started on my video!

personofdoom1 karma

Feel free to send it my way when you're done! I'll take a look for ya!

im_always_fapping2 karma

Before running it, I went to dry my hands and the towel I grabbed was soaking and ice cold.

Why was it soaking and ice cold? Why wasn't a new towel provided?

personofdoom1 karma

Probably because they had a time table to keep. And it was prolly not replaced after they dried off the course from the rain and snow we had

im_always_fapping2 karma

I didn't know there was rain and snow at the course. How was falling into that water? lol, glad it wasn't me.

personofdoom1 karma

Very Very cold that's how it was lol

im_always_fapping2 karma

Did you have to explain shrinkage to your SO later on? lol, had to do it.

personofdoom1 karma

Unfortunately, I'm single lol

im_always_fapping2 karma

Can't help you there buddy, sorry.

personofdoom5 karma

The name told me so lol

personofdoom1 karma

or it may have just gotten wet from the rain and the snow

patriots0075 karma

Whats the best work out you do?

personofdoom5 karma

For upper body it's what I call my workout games.

Like drinking games but instead of a drink, it's 5 pullups and 5 pushups

I do this for games like titanfall or other console games so I don't sit around for too long.

Lower body I just go to work.

I work at a trampoline park and after my shift, I get a free hour of jumping. That'll keep your legs in great shape

patriots0073 karma

Thanks a lot

personofdoom5 karma

No prob. I was never a "go to the gym" kinda guy. Weight lifting isn't my style so I work with natural weight.

1 Last trick I would do (Contradictory to my above statement as it is lol) is, during the colder months, I wear 5 lb ankle weights under my clothes and simply go about my day. It may seem stupid but when those weights come off, you feel like you can fly!

Quellman4 karma

An aspect that always makes me scratch my head are the athletes who step out onto the course and seem to have not prepared for it at all or maybe have no experience with the particular obstacles (seriously WTF the steps are the first thing all the time). I would think that the selection of the 120 people to tackle the course would be more stringent.

Can you tell us about the selection process? Can you proivde insight into any competitors backgrounds or their thoughts who couldn't clear the first obstacle?

personofdoom6 karma

The application process is actually pretty simple. I filled out an online application form and submitted my application video that I posted above along with some other small videos to show what I could do. Then a few weeks before the competition, they called me saying I had been selected to compete.

They choose people for their story more than their skill. I got on (At least I believe) because I told a story about my hardships and I painted my Fraternity (And fraternities in general) in a much better light than most people think. I had a big support group and people want to watch that.

It's not always skill, it's will it bring in viewers

And to the steps, I train on a scale set every day and people who fall on them prolly can't do many other obstacles in the course anyway as they're def the easiest.

shotgun_ninja4 karma

How many tacos could you eat in a single sitting?

personofdoom6 karma


An entire Taco bell 12 pack

Just avoid my bathroom after that...

personofdoom3 karma

it was on a bet...

gfletch14 karma

Have you met Matt Cross (Mdogg20) and if so how magnificent is his beard in person?

personofdoom5 karma

YES! I did and he was HILARIOUS! I spoke with him for a while while we were in the winner's circle and he's a great dude. I swear he looks like he's gonna go join Gimli from LOTR with that beard! It's Amazing! He is a perfect example of the competitors on the show. We're all different, but we all have a love for this and he was the nicest and most humble dude I'd ever met!

tawayconf3 karma


personofdoom7 karma

I'd lose lol. I've grown up with an older brother, so while I have a decent tolerance for pain (And I'm exceedingly fast), I lack the form and finesse that MMA fighters have with their craft. I may get a few punches in but I expect I'd lose.

the_Phloop3 karma

What made you decide to compete? What attracted you to it?

personofdoom4 karma

My whole life, I've been running around, jumping and climbing. My parents got me into skiing shortly after I could walk and I picked up aggressive inline skating. Then, after seeing the show Jump City Seattle and the original Ninja Warrior, I was hooked. I switched from inline to Parkour and spent time developing my body. I was 18 when I saw ANW and it was in season 3 by then. I knew that Once I turned 21, I'd be competing and it sort of became a life goal at that point

Archer_Yoshi3 karma

Did you do the warped wall? If so, how hard is it really?

personofdoom1 karma

I didn't in the competition but in this video

I complete it on my second try

It's not hard if you know the technique. Had I made it through the second to last obstacle, I feel I would've had no problem beating the wall

Archer_Yoshi2 karma

Wow! You actually responded, thanks!

personofdoom1 karma

No prob! I'm happy to help and share my knowledge!

TheDemonBarber2 karma

Curious-- what exactly is the technique for the wall? To me it seems like the hardest obstacle.

personofdoom1 karma

It's chest back and jump after only a few steps if you go to the letters or higher, odds are you wont make it. Even shorter competitors jump just below.

Chest back is to keep from slamming into the wall and jumping straight up is for the same purpose

TheDemonBarber2 karma

Cool, good description. Definitely seems like height is an advantage for it though.

personofdoom1 karma

It can be but you really need form cuz even tall people fail without it

RawrImABigScaryBear3 karma

What kind of training do you guys do to prepare? Is it solely running through homemade courses? Any guys powerlift? Do Crossfit?

personofdoom3 karma

All of those things

Each person trains differently.

I practice parkour and freerunning and do body weight workouts like push ups pull ups and sit ups and that's primarily how I train. I see other people do crossfit or P90x or just lift. We all train differently!

Freerunner10x3 karma

How tough was it to get selected? I just turned 21 a few months ago, have been doing parkour/freerunning for about 3 years and would LOVE the chance to give the course a go.

personofdoom1 karma

I can't really say as I kinda got in on my first try. The big thing is to sell yourself as a person who can bring a crowd and gain viewers

rsadambrown3 karma

Hi personofdoom,

As a StL resident, I actually went down and helped test the ANW course this year when they were here in April. It was a lot of fun, and it was awesome to watch the StL episode that just aired.

Question - Do you think you'll try again next season? What are you going to do to train in the meantime?

I noticed you said upper body was your weakpoint ... look into rock climbing. I got into it here in StL and practically everyone of us that were out testing the course that day were rock climbers. I used to struggle with pull ups but can knock them out no problem now.


personofdoom1 karma

I'l gonna keep trying until the show goes off the air.

In regards to the rock climbing, my college actually has a 3 story rock wall that I climb (Sometimes wearing weights) to work my body. One thing I choose to exclude from my fall is that before my run on ANW I did something to my arms greatly reducing their strength. I seriously can't explain it. I felt fine but I went from sets of 15-20 pullups to pained sets of 3. After ANW it seemed like I shockedmy arms back into shape as my sets returned, I was just bothered by how much more trouble I had on the obstacles.

I believe I overexerted them in a training session a few weeks prior to the show but the fact that the pain remained for that long confused me. I had planned on talking to someone shortly after running the course, but as I said, they seemed to go back to normal. It's strange and it really bothered me as I don't want to make excuses for myself

rsadambrown2 karma

No explanation needed - good luck training and keep getting after it!

personofdoom0 karma

Thanks! I'll be back next year!

napoleoninragz3 karma

Can you explain the qualifying process? How do you get into this shit

personofdoom2 karma

The application process is actually pretty simple. I filled out an online application form and submitted my application video that I posted above along with some other small videos to show what I could do. Then a few weeks before the competition, they called me saying I had been selected to compete.

iredditsumware2 karma

Have you met Tremayne Dortch yet? He's my bootcamp trainer - Dude is a beast, but the nicest/most positive guy I've ever come across. Hats off to you for making it. I've seen the training and discipline it takes and it's definitely an accomplishment to even be in a position to take on the course.

personofdoom1 karma

Did not meet Tremayne but thank you! It's up there with my Eagle scout as one of my proudest moments!

Pacogomez2 karma

How did you get involve into this competition? And did this help you motivate to get fit

personofdoom5 karma

I saw the original Sasuke and Jump city Seattle and they got me into parkour and when it came to america I was intent on making it on!

On fitness, I've been a small kid all my life, parkour basically gave my body a tune up. I was running faster jumping higher and lifting more. While it didn't encourage me to get fit, it sure kept me fit!

OpticalNecessity2 karma

Do they let walk-ons go through the course before the accepted application competitors? Since you don't get a chance to run through it prior to your timed run, I'm wondering how much "studying" you can do by watching others run through the obstacles.

Is it all shot in one day?

How many people compete that they don't show in the final airing of the episode?

personofdoom4 karma


It's a matter of time, place weather. In St. Louis, they sent 10 walk ons before the called competitors. I was 11th in line as a registered competitor and ran 21st

Studying is watch the testers and people before you. Otherwise, it's just look and plan

But in other regions, sometimes they don't even take walk ons. I know a guy in the upcoming Denver region who was 8th in line as a walk on and didn't run.

It is over 2 days as well. You run the qualifier on day 1 and the top 30 run the finals on day 2

The people shown vary too. I was pissed because not only was my run not shown on TV, St. Louis prolly had 25 people's runs shown and that's so few compared to the 130 that competed there

OpticalNecessity2 karma

I'd kind of hoped for the people who made the top 30 in the qualifier but didn't have their run aired were people who either did exceedingly well in future runs, or failed on a grand scale worthy of airing. If this were the case, it means you did well on your finals run? ;)

If you could change one thing about your experience with ANW, what would you change?

personofdoom3 karma

I actually was knocked out of the standings with about 10 people left to run so I never went to the finals.

I was very disappointed in how few of the top 30 runs were broadcast and from what I hear, a number of my ninja competitors are also pissed

sleepyj9106 karma

As a viewer, I'd rather see more runs and less backstory. But man do the love showing the backstory for each runner.

My favorite part is the 'here's what happened when you were gone' part that shows quick summaries, cause then I feel like I'm see more coursework at least.

personofdoom2 karma

I went nuts when they showed so few runs in St. Louis. I get that backstory is a thing but the viewers come for the course not the backstory. At least viewers like me do!

OpticalNecessity2 karma

I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions!

personofdoom1 karma

I've always felt that if you can help others, why not?

Pay it forward y'know?

Especially if it's towards a good ideal. This way, I inspire or help others to join me and my fellow ninjas in our quest for ultimate victory and ensure the longevity of the show!

personofdoom3 karma

Sorry missed the second half. If I could have changed something in my run, I wouldn't have grabbed for a towel to dry my hands. The towel I grabbed was soaking wet (on top of the 25 degree weather) and after grabbing it, I lost the feeling in the last digit of all 10 of my fingers. I feel that's one of the reasons that I fell on that obstacle.

squeekycow2 karma

What happens after getting qualified? Do you wait for a call telling you you're competing again?

personofdoom2 karma

Actually the city qualifier goes and then the city finals are the next day

No rest for the wicked there!

zeecok2 karma

Do you think someone untrained but fit enough for the competition complete the course?

personofdoom3 karma


You see walkons every year beat the course with no training for it

There was a wrestler this year who almost beat the course, only being stopped by the wall

BE_WARNED2 karma

I can't imagine you know, but why do they show runs of competitors that fail the second obstacle but not those who complete the course? Drives me nuts.

And good luck, Drew!

personofdoom6 karma

It's for ratings

Look at Wipeout. It's all about the falls. Falls get views more than success as dumb as it sounds

Thanks by the way! I got bumped out of the top 30 so I'm coming back next year with avengeance

BE_WARNED2 karma

Well shit...that's what I get for half-ass watching.

personofdoom1 karma

lol It's ok

It is really annoying though

jakers777772 karma

On a scale of 1 to 10, how difficult would you say running the course is?

personofdoom1 karma

bout a 7

Some obstacles like the rope junction and quint steps were pretty easy, while the log role and the double tilt ladder were much more difficult

sleepyj9102 karma

Is the crowd friends/family only?

Did you select St. Louis in your application or after you were accepted?

How cold was that water?

personofdoom2 karma

Crowd is anyone who comes, but family and friends get priority. We tell them approx how many are coming for us and they save spots for them

I didn't choose where I went. I thought I was gonna compete in Dallas cuz that was the midwest regional last time


It was 25 degrees out when i fell in so the water was prolly just above freezing

LucciDVergo2 karma

Do you feel that their are some times when one city's qualifiers are too easy compared to another cities?

personofdoom2 karma


There were a few obstacles in St. Louis that I'd take over their Venice or Dallas counterparts any day

Others were more difficult

Part of it seems like it may be the general skill of people in that area.

Venice is more difficult because a large number of parkour groups and Ninja Allstars go there

Same with dallas

St. Louis and Denver don't have quite the star studded lineups that those regions do

LucciDVergo2 karma

That is interesting, now that I think of it Venice is always the most exciting (no offense to the competitors from other cities I couldn't do any of it and I'm a skinny young guy). Follow up question, are the quintuple steps as easy as they appear on the show, that is the one thing I think (most people too) I can get past with little prep, are we ignorant? lol

personofdoom1 karma

It's all in technique. I see the quint steps as super easy. I built a set of quad steps and train nearly daily on them. They're no issue as long as you know the proper form. I taught my neighbor who's not quite in the best shape how to do it as well as his 16 year old brother. It's all in the form

LucciDVergo2 karma

nice, are you currently competing in this seasons? I just saw it started up but I haven't been following.

personofdoom1 karma

Yes, but my episode is over. The pictures in the description show me in front of the logo and me in the leaderboards

LucciDVergo2 karma

oh shit, younger than I expected, good luck man now I know who to root for lol

personofdoom1 karma

Yup next year I'll prolly wear a nearly identical outfit but (you can't see this part lol) instead of Hardcore parkour on the back it'll either be "parkour in space" or "A True Balanced Man"

LucciDVergo2 karma

If you give me a shout out next year I will be forever in your reddit debt haha good luck tho

personofdoom1 karma

You should compete!

But i will!

Rec1umWrecker2 karma

If you guys are actually ninjas, how come I can see you?

personofdoom0 karma

We're ninjas in the ironic sense

wishforagiraffe2 karma

how long have you been training for in general, and specifically for american ninja warrior? what made you decide to apply?

personofdoom1 karma

I've been jumping and climbing all my life. I've skied since I could walk and when I saw ninja warrior and Jump city seattle I switched from aggressive rollerblading to parkour. Then when I saw ANW 3 years ago, it became my goal to compete and to defeat Mount Midoriyama!

RiderLeangle2 karma

I actually have a few questions here. (I actually competed in St Louis myself, you might remember me as the guy who ran in sunglasses and used my trench coat well at the start line)

1: Were you as disappointed with how badly edited the episode was? The viewers at home got screwed out of a ton of good runs. (And Elet Hall's amazing leap from the second ladder to the platform, I really wanted to relive that)

2: Is it just me or was the Rolling Log fast as f**k, felt like one the most intense ride I've ever been on (and this is coming from someone who has ridden the Zipper at carnivals :P )

3: Any tips for not sucking on the bridge of blades if they return it in the awkward + again. I got smacked right off of it...

personofdoom1 karma

  1. Very pissed at the editing. I'm not saying I want an Expose on my run but some video would have been nice!

  2. I was in an adrenaline fueled fog through the course so I actually can't really remember much of it except getting off and some brief flashes of the water

  3. Move fast and put your left foot first close to the center that way there's the least force turning it then your second step is much easier

RiderLeangle2 karma

Yeah, I'm not as much pissed about not being shown, as a walk on failing the bridge of blades I knew I wasn't likely to get shown but there were so many good runs that deserved credit and didn't get any

Fair enough, I know on the log I had no clue where exactly I was besides on the course and on the log (as in I knew the general area of where I was but I had no clue where on the track the log was until it stopped)

My left foot was close to the center on the first step, but I must have taken too heavy of a step because when I saw what little footage I had I saw it was too far gone to save, I should have tried the sidestep near the end Mike Needham did

personofdoom0 karma

idk man. I'm also really light so that helps me lol

RiderLeangle2 karma

I'm 136, I think I just gave too brutal of a step lol

Pics are before starting and right before I landed on the second one.

personofdoom0 karma

Did you hit with your left foot on both? That can seriously mess up your balance but it does look like you took a major step there in the beginning

RiderLeangle2 karma

I did a weird double landing thing on the 3rd blade but it felt more natural that way. I posted the video I have (which is a couple oddly cut seconds on the steps and the entire bridge of blades attempt) in my first post with the initial questions

personofdoom0 karma

Don't double step man. It may feel natural but all it does is drag you down

Cappy452 karma

Was breaking your ankle two years ago really the worst things that's ever happened to you so far? Or was that just in relation to your training?

personofdoom0 karma

Honestly, my life revolves around my activeness. Breaking my ankle meant that my main form of relaxation (Physical activity) was gone and it literally drove me insane. I hate being hindered and it was absolute torture. Then to add to it, the grade drop made me feel terrible and my one way to fix the feeling was gone because of my leg

i_do_floss2 karma

Where's a good place to watch sasuke? I don't even want an illegal copy. I don't know where to buy it. I don't have cabletv.

personofdoom0 karma

idk I torrented it...

But I'm sure if you look it up you'll find a number of sites to check out

Wilsonj182 karma

How do u try out? Do u just show up or register, because I'm extremely athletic and have always wanted to try it but Idk how.

personofdoom1 karma

The application process is actually pretty simple. I filled out an online application form and submitted my application video that I posted above along with some other small videos to show what I could do. Then a few weeks before the competition, they called me saying I had been selected to compete.

If you'll be 21 before the next competition, send me a PM and I can see if I can add you to a private facebook page with a bunch of competitors.

Wilsonj182 karma

When's the next competition?

personofdoom3 karma

Next year. We have no clue when, as ANW hasn't even finished this year!

The Vegas final are live and then they have to decide if they want to keep the show going (But going by it's ratings, odds are good they will!)

Wilsonj182 karma

Well I'll only be 19 then so that's no good.

personofdoom1 karma

2 years bro! 2 Years!

discOHsteve2 karma

How long did you have to wait until you got to run the course?

Were you provided quality refreshments?

personofdoom0 karma

I got to the course at about 5

ran at about 9 and there was bananas, chips, lemonade and water for competitors. I had my folks pick me up some food while I waited

bharber2 karma

One of the few times this may be relevant but, what is your favorite sandwich?

personofdoom1 karma

Salami and Cheese.

Or a good ole' fashion PB&J

In the St. Louis Qualifier you can see me in the winners circle enjoying one while my fellow ninjas compete

bharber2 karma

I'll have to look for it.

personofdoom1 karma

I'm chilling on the far right

mightynifty2 karma

What kind of dietary habits do you have to stay in good shape?

personofdoom0 karma

Honestly, I'm lucky that my metabolism is about the speed of a hummingbird so I'm actually pretty bad with it while at school.

At home I eat plenty of fruits and veggies and try to space out my fatty fast food endulgences lol

tailsmph2 karma

Would you take a shot at the Japanese course, given the chance?

personofdoom0 karma

In a heartbeat!

Nomsfud1 karma

100 duck sized horses or 10 horse sized ducks?

personofdoom5 karma

duck sized horses

they'd be adorable

Horse sized ducks?

Those bastards would shit everywhere!

lolzsupbrah1 karma

Why would you train via parkour? It seems like rock climbing and grip strength is most important during Ninja Warrior. Are there any girls or other competitors that have no place being there.

personofdoom1 karma

Girls have a place here as 2 have now completed the course

And parkour works better for the mental end

Staying calm and collected and training to make strong muscles stronger

lolzsupbrah2 karma

They actually passed stage one?

personofdoom1 karma

Yes watch the episodes for dallas and St. Louis and in Dallas a girl beats her boyfriend BRENT STEFFENSEN!

girlslikefootballtoo2 karma

When you're eliminated, are you done? Or can you compete (qualifying rounds) in another city? I can't imagine an ANW final without Brent Steffensen! Mad props to Kacy for being the 1st woman to conquer the warped wall & complete the 1st round! I was screaming for her for sure!

personofdoom1 karma

Assuming your time wasn't good enough to keep you in the top 30, you're done.

You can get wildcarded back into the finals, but that's the only way.

Otherwise you just gotta do what I'm doing and come back next year

girlslikefootballtoo2 karma

Thank you for replying. I just watched Flip Rodriguez go out, too. I love how competitive this has become & hope to see it around (on my tv) for awhile.

Best of luck to you on your next go around! We'll be cheering for you!

personofdoom0 karma

Glad I could help!

Tyanazai1 karma

When you look at a Helicopter... Does it have to explode?

personofdoom2 karma

Nah... that's only happened like 2 or 3... dozen times...