You might know me from television shows like Drake & Josh, or movies like The Wackness. And I'm here supporting my new role as Chief Creative Viner for Joe Boxer and you can check out my latest Vine post here:

Victoria from reddit is helping me get started. AMA!

Thank you so much for your questions. I hope I answered them to your satisfaction. God bless all of you. And God Bless America.

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TableTalkWontPickMe3055 karma

Hug me brotha?

RealJoshPeck3204 karma

Hug me brotha.

_DEAL_WITH_IT_2839 karma

Do you still prefer the Gamesphere over the Gamecube?

RealJoshPeck3136 karma


violatedbear2421 karma

You and Drake had such good chemistry on set. Did you guys ever hang out off-set? If yes, do you guys still hang out?

RealJoshPeck3475 karma

You know we don't hang out as much as I would like to, but I definitely have a special place for Drake in my heart. I feel like we were the only two members of a particular high school that we went to, and knowing each other since we were 12 and working together until we were 20. I am always proud of him and his success, whether it's music or acting, and it will be a lasting relationship, I imagine, for the rest of my life.

ImNewts2376 karma

Have you forgiven Megan for the evil she did to you?

RealJoshPeck3329 karma

I have forgiven her, but she must now forgive herself.

mandrewting2161 karma

Do you still keep in touch with your old costars such as Drake Bell and Miranda Cosgrove?

RealJoshPeck2692 karma

Yes, we are cool.

Nickorice2075 karma

Was there any moments on Drake and Josh that depicted your actual life?

RealJoshPeck2946 karma

Pretty much 90% of it.

Kabushka1818 karma

How did you stay motivated to lose weight? I'm trying to but it just seems so useless. I really admire how you got to be a healthy size but it just seems so impossible for me. Any advice?

RealJoshPeck2529 karma

I would just say to not be too hard on yourself and just stay motivated and moderation is always the key, and to do it because it will make you happy. It will all come in time. Rushing anything is usually a recipe for disaster.

shhhh_spoilers1785 karma

Hello! I feel like I've grown up with you lol. Thanks for making me giggle. What's your favorite beer?

RealJoshPeck2824 karma

Root beer!

theredelbow1694 karma

Do you repeat stuff for emphasis in real life?

RealJoshPeck2450 karma


jollyfrog1677 karma

Are you really as good at pool as Josh was in that hustlin' episode?

RealJoshPeck2380 karma

No, I'm an awful pool player. I'm terrible at table sports - pool, table tennis. I'm pretty amazing at chess, but thank god for TV magic.

pbuckwinkler1669 karma

Did you enjoy being on "The Amanda Show?"

You're awesome by the way! Thanks for doing this!

RealJoshPeck2282 karma

Yeah, I loved being on the Amanda Show, it was a dream come true, because I was a massive fan of the show All That and I got to play Tony Pajama's assistant, which was a dream come true.

Boy_chinwonder1575 karma

Will you pip pip my doodley doop? P.s You're beautiful and I love you.

RealJoshPeck1784 karma

Thank you, you're beautiful too. And pip pip doodley doo to you too.

lessplease1575 karma

Do people recognize you in the street more from vine now or Drake and Josh?

RealJoshPeck2104 karma

I get recognized from Vine a lot, but it's probably a tie. But the Vine thing helps. But as Chris D'Elia said, Vine famous doesn't really mean anything. I'm lucky, I get to make these videos for fun, I love watching videos that are huge online, so I enjoy the medium.

isez1534 karma

Have you ever wanted to do another show with Drake?

RealJoshPeck2975 karma

You know, I feel like we did it perfectly the first time and trying to re-create anything would only be a substandard version of what we did so well, it's hard to capture that twice.

Lanky_McSpanky1464 karma

I haven't heard, but have you gotten to meet Oprah yet? And how did your Oprah craze first start? I mean your role in Drake & Josh made you appear that way at least.

RealJoshPeck2206 karma

I haven't met Oprah yet! And Dare to Dream! I imagine that on some level, that's enough, but I feel like the day I meet her will be the greatest Vine opportunity in the history of the world.

plamon1461 karma

Where is the strangest location that somebody has recognized you?

RealJoshPeck2647 karma

Probably in a coffee shop in Amsterdam. They asked me if I was the dude from Drake & Josh, and I said yes, but don't tell anyone you saw me here.

Draycos71268 karma

Do you still have the Gamesphere?

RealJoshPeck1864 karma

No I don't, but I do have a Sega Dreamcast I'm holding onto.

jeweliyarenee1231 karma

What do you consider to be the most beautiful vegetable?

RealJoshPeck1993 karma

Probably the artichoke. It has some good looks sometimes.

5James51198 karma

What is your favorite episode of Drake and Josh? And what is your favorite movie that you weren't in?

RealJoshPeck1972 karma

My favorite episode of Drake & Josh was the one with the baby, where I was with a baby stuck on the roof, it was one of the first six episodes we ever shot, it's super nostalgic for me. We used a real baby, and it would really pee on us. And then my favorite movie where I wasn't in, Searching for Bobby Fischer.

imapoubelle1141 karma

Are you still a boob?

RealJoshPeck2114 karma

I'm a boob, and proud of it. Lifetime boob.

itsmelbro1036 karma

Would you ever consider hosting SNL?

RealJoshPeck1745 karma

Yes, I would love to. To host it would be an honor.

Mks369965 karma

Do you prefer acting in serious, dramatic films or comedies?

RealJoshPeck1596 karma

I prefer probably acting in comedies, because any opportunity to make people laugh, it depends. I'm just trying to avoid being in bad movies. Dramatic, funny, I'm all about it as long as it's good.

shutthe-fuckup-donny922 karma

Hi Josh Big fan you were so funny in drake and josh. so what was the most painful thing you did during the show?

RealJoshPeck1800 karma

I was always trying to push myself because my character was so physical, and I would constantly be trying to be sprinting, or leaping onto things. One time, I think it was during a rehearsal, I leaped onto a bed and tripped and slammed my knee, so that was pretty bad news. I suffered for my craft.

lmi6702 karma

Hi, Josh. What's your favorite TV show?

RealJoshPeck1831 karma

I'm into Diners, Drive Ins and Dives (Guy Fieri is my spirit animal) and I really like House of Cars on Netflix.

dansmith_byu597 karma

How did the whole Oprah joke start on Drake and Josh?

RealJoshPeck994 karma

I can attribute that to our writer Dan Schneider. It's got to be one of those god-shots that he knew my character on the show would be obsessed with Oprah, and I've just been keeping it going ever since.

Solsius594 karma

Why did you decide to become an actor?

RealJoshPeck1206 karma

Eventually when spending most of your life not getting picked for any sport teams you have to start thinking of some sort of contingency plan. My mom's super creative and I grew up with her loving musical theater and comedy, so I'm sure there was some sort of inherent thing I picked up from her just being in an artistic household, and then I tried it and it gave me so much joy, and I was always attracted to something that made me happy.

little-lion-sam575 karma

Hi Josh! Which TV show do you wish you could guest star on?

RealJoshPeck1872 karma

I'd love to play Schmidt's younger brother on the New Girl. I feel like there would be no better place for me. But what else... I guess that would be a dream. Or to play a nerd on Silicon Valley.

vballkatie97560 karma

Hey Josh! Thanks for doing the AMA!

How close were you with Nancy Sullivan and Jonathan Goldstein, Mom and Dad, on set? Do you still talk?

RealJoshPeck950 karma

I'm cool with both of them! I don't really talk to Nancy anymore, but I saw Jonathan recently, and it's always so great to run into him. So much history and so many stories.

byesydney554 karma

The show was so poorly budgeted, but it was still one of the greatest shows on television since forever. The comedy was simple, but so pure and relatable. Did you and your co stars ever write any of the script, or just do improv and wing it? Or was it a set script that you didn't have any control over?

RealJoshPeck736 karma

Our creator, Dan Schneider, was the brilliant person behind every script. But we were supported by the fact that he knew our voices so well. So he would write our voices, and if we had an idea for a joke, we could try it or pitch it to Dan, and he was always open to trying things.

guitarguy12506 karma

Did Rebels ever get picked up? I thoroughly enjoyed it.

RealJoshPeck760 karma

Thank you SO MUCH. It didn't get picked up, but I really enjoyed making it. And I wish I could make more.

klamon477 karma

Who were your role models growing up?

RealJoshPeck1098 karma

My mom, really. That's it.

IndeedWiggles455 karma

what is your shoe size?

RealJoshPeck796 karma


dirty_poptart426 karma

Hey Josh, was wondering what a typical day in your life is like?

RealJoshPeck1123 karma

Basically you know, fulfilling my community service hours. I won't elaborate. Coffee with the peeps. And whaling on my thighs at the gym and getting fully turned up.

dcnation393 karma

If you were picked to play a superhero in a Marvel or DC movie, who would you want to play and why?

EDIT: My highest rated comment! Thanks everyone. It was an honor to talk to one of my childhood heroes. AND he likes Batman! Hug me BRUTHAS

RealJoshPeck685 karma

I don't think they would ever allow me to play a superhero! But if they did... I guess Batman is the most interesting because he is the most flawed and haunted of all of them. And of all the superhero movies, the Batman ones have been my favorites.

Zoelawson1372 karma

Did you ever perfect the egg magic trick?

RealJoshPeck620 karma

No. It still haunts me to this day. But I put in my practice hours for my magic days.

Solora353 karma

What's your biggest pet peeve?

RealJoshPeck1185 karma

My biggest pet peeve - I hate when people repeat themselves.

RealJoshPeck1405 karma

Just kidding!

ForDaEpicWolf348 karma

How would you say you've changed post-D&J?

RealJoshPeck666 karma

When i was doing it, like I said before it was my high school years, as soon as it finished it was a world that I had to let go of. So the amount of change was challenging at times, and great at times, and as maturity goes.

vasidius337 karma

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

RealJoshPeck615 karma

Like a natural foods bougie protein bar. But bougie and natural.

thisgirl17305 karma

What is the most memorable encounter you have had with a fan?

RealJoshPeck1111 karma

Wow, I don't know. You know, that's a tough one. I'm not exactly sure. This girl ran up to me the other day at a crosswalk stop and had told me that she heard I was at a mall the day before and came looking for me at the mall, so that's my last funny reaction from a fan. It's always weird when people start crying, but it's touching. If you see me in the future, don't feel the need to cry, but if you do, let the tears out, because I will cry with you.

dwreckk294 karma

Hey Josh, what would be your dream role?

Also, what's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

RealJoshPeck764 karma

My dream role would be to have Bill Murray's career, to be able to be funny and dramatic in the same breath. And my favorite ice cream is mint chip.

dumbelts213 karma

Date me? Just kidding.

What made you decide to start making vines? I think they're hilarious and my friends and I love watching them (our favorite so far is the one with the pictures of yourself from the past and the third one you throw out, as well as the one where you're watching bloopers of the first drake and josh episode)

RealJoshPeck263 karma

Thank you! And probably out of boredom, somewhat. I think it's because I was such a pan of Chris D'Elia and Simon Rex who were on the app early and I Just wanted to copy them and do what they were doing and then people seemed to respond so I kept it up.

alamon203 karma

What was the most emotional scene for you to do in The Wackness?

RealJoshPeck325 karma

Probably the scene where Ben Kingsley and I stopped talking in the middle of the movie, and kind of rips me apart, and assassinates my character. That, and the scene where we are getting completely trashed on Fire Island, because we were drinking a lot of fake alcohol and using a lot of fake drugs.

Kknowsbest158 karma

If you never get into the entertainment industry, what you do for a career right now?

RealJoshPeck310 karma

I would probably be a physician or a professional conductor.

chriswm313152 karma

What was it like working with Ben Kingsley?

RealJoshPeck220 karma

It was a dream. He was my favorite actor and he was that before I was doing a movie with him, he is an inspiration. He truly lived up to what I was hoping for. He made me a better actor, so I remain a huge fan of his.

BeatsWheats137 karma

Is there a specific role (character type) you would love to play?

RealJoshPeck278 karma

I would love to play some kind of tortured genius, like Bobby Fischer or something.

monkey-cunt120 karma

which actors would you most like to work with in the future?

RealJoshPeck229 karma

Denzel Washington is the number one, by far, just because I'm obsessed with everything he does and my friends and I quote lines from Training Day way too much. And it would be really cool to work with Benicio Del Toro and Michael Shannon, because I'm such a big fan of their work.

MickeyRooneyy88 karma

I loved Drake and Josh growing up. What do you miss most about the show?

Have a nice day!

RealJoshPeck127 karma

I guess just the crew, hanging out with my friends. I got to hang out with my friends every day and we became like ea family. I love entertainment people. The crew, makeup and hair, craft service people, we all just hung out. I miss my people and that family dynamic.

Kaitlynmoon_85 karma

I have this theory that Oprah is taking over the world, what do you think?

RealJoshPeck189 karma

I think we should only BE so lucky if that's true!

RealJoshPeck327 karma

If Oprah is running the Illuminati, i'm going to sleep easy at night.

pawneeasaurus81 karma

You seem like a pretty chill and genuine guy so thanks for taking time to do this :)

What do you see yourself doing in the future? Are you thinking of staying in showbusiness, or are there other ambitions you're wanting to pursue?

RealJoshPeck104 karma

I think I'll always be in show business, in what capacity I don't know, I might just try to write and direct or something else behind the camera. I don't know. But right now I'm just sort of taking the next indicated action.

Pisici72 karma

The wackness(Brilliant film btw) must of been a huge change of pace from drake & josh, what was your favorite part about it?

RealJoshPeck85 karma

My favorite part was probably just challenging myself in ways that I had not done before. Every new movie and new character was a new experience and a new set of challenges, so I was excited to go into areas that I had never been before that were probably a little bit dangerous.

JenLikesCats69 karma

Hey you're awesome. What are your favorite books?

RealJoshPeck216 karma

Catcher in the Rye (I know, corny).

SophSaysYo65 karma

What's your favourite question and can you answer it for us?

RealJoshPeck142 karma

My favorite question is probably my favorite kind of sandwich, which is (spoiler alert)

Peanut butter and jelly!

Crazywafer12364 karma

Hey Josh! Mean Creek is one of my favorite movies. That character was so different from Drake & Josh. Did you enjoy working on such a dramatic film?

RealJoshPeck72 karma

Yes, it was a dream to be a part of that movie with those actors and the writer and director. That movie still resonates with people because it's such a universal theme and storyline. Between the performances and filmmaking, it's something I'm really proud of being a part of.

tahia02849 karma

Hey Josh! Since seeing Battle of the Year I've always wondered, how good can you break dance?

RealJoshPeck113 karma

I'm awful at breakdancing. But I'm good at stand-dancing. But when I have to get down on the floor, I lose all my game. If I keep all the rhythm above waist level, then I'm pretty impressive.

jaznichele43 karma

Hi, Josh! I'm Jasmyne. You've been one of my favorite people for a long time. I'm trying really hard to adjust to my first year of college and I just wanted to ask the best advice you had to be happy?

RealJoshPeck93 karma

I would say just to honor your truth and whatever that is, and to try not to fit into other people's idea of the way you should be. Be with people who promote you being yourself.

BeckyBrokenScars25 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

RealJoshPeck57 karma

I gotta go with power in numbers and say one horse sized duck.

Firyar2 karma

Favorite movie?

RealJoshPeck3 karma

25th hour.