You guys - sorry so but I have to run! This has been a lot of fun - chat with you more on CyberDust on Friday (I'm SteveNashFdn) (also, my Foundation is on twitter @SteveNashFdn). In the meantime, love for you to support our efforts to grow health in kids through Showdown - your donation gets you lots of chances to win a trip to NYC for two, and play in the match this year - check it out at PRIZEO before Friday! Thank you for the great support!

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bOhsohard1110 karma

Yo Steve! how many times havee you dunked in game?

SteveNashHere1881 karma


AppleMeow2046 karma

Me too, wow we have so much in common. We should be friends!

SteveNashHere1071 karma

We could be friends. Enter to win the Prizeo trip to our Showdown game in NYC!

bOhsohard703 karma

So you're saying I have a chance to make it in the NBA?

SteveNashHere1882 karma

I'm pretty sure I did NOT say that. Ha.

mikerob211004 karma

Who is one player, active or retired; you always look forward to matching up against?

SteveNashHere1953 karma

I don't know. Tough one. Dirk.

jrbcnchezbrg847 karma

Bromance :)

SteveNashHere2039 karma

Don't knock the bromance.

TheDankestSpace879 karma

Who do you have winning the World Cup this year?

SteveNashHere1547 karma

I'm an England fan, but I'd also like to see Brazil win in Brazil. You a soccer fan?

karmapolice666873 karma

Steve, I grew up watching the Suns with you and Shawn Marion and other guys and it was awesome. I want to thank you for introducing me to basketball and I have one question. What's your favorite memory playing for the Suns?

SteveNashHere1020 karma

My teammates -- we had some really close teams over the years, hanging out, and everyone made it alot of fun.

AtillaTheHung711 karma

How was Nick Young's birthday party?

GiveMeDog1116 karma

This was his outfit, how do you think it went?

SteveNashHere1957 karma

NO comment.

AppleMeow666 karma

How did you decide between playing basketball or soccer professionally?

SteveNashHere977 karma

I gave up soccer early to play basketball, because all my friends - oops! Beacuse all my friends were playing. But my brother played pro, and my sister played soccer in university and with the Canadian women. Showdown brings it all back together for me.

takemyword607 karma

Dear Steve,

What is your secret to being able to play with people bigger and faster than you? What helped you figure that out the most growing up?

SteveNashHere1007 karma

Working on my skills and trying to play with intelligence.

streetgurus540 karma

Hey Steve, I'm currently a student at Santa Clara and I was wondering when we can expect to see you back at the Clara?? The Hut's been waiting!

SteveNashHere587 karma

Love to get back! Hopefully soon!

schnide1503 karma

Steve, I bet you're excited about Andrew Wiggins being a future member of the Canadian national squad, aren't you? Not to mention the GOAT Robert Sacre.

SteveNashHere542 karma

Yes to both -

KDforMVP365 karma

Steve!, I used to be a big Phoenix Suns fan and I was just wondering about your run with us and the Mavericks. Which team do you regret not being able to finish a season with a Championship more? I was also wondering if you might be able to give me your opinion on Russel Westbrook, as I've been watching his game for a while now and was wondering what a "traditional" PG thinks of him. Thanks man!

SteveNashHere592 karma

Moreso Phoenix, because we -- with Dallas, we were just evolving when I left, but Phoenix was 8years and never won. Russel's one of the most electrifying playrs in the league.

FlyingUndeadSheep314 karma

Hello Steve- what made you a Tottenham fan?

SteveNashHere566 karma

My dad and grandad are from Tottenham. You?

Charizardman22304 karma

Are there any former teammates of yours that you are still good friends with? If so, who?

SteveNashHere629 karma

Lots - Rex, Finley, Dirk, Raja, Leandro Barbosa, Grant Hill -- lots.

Aids94262 karma

So glad to see Bell on there I fucking love that guy.

SteveNashHere482 karma

Read that too quickly. Ha. Raja's great - he's been a Showdown standout for us a number of times - hope he comes back!

drthurgood268 karma

Hey Steve, fellow Canadian here. My question is: As the GM of Team Canada and seeing all this new talent coming out of the North, how far do you see Team Canada going in the 2016 or 2020 Olympics?

SteveNashHere411 karma

I think we have a chance to be a very good team - '16 we'll be really young, and it's just a test to qualify, but '20 we could maybe be an elite team with a lot of the guys hitting their prime.

hack4258 karma

How was it working with Grantland and Bill Simmons?

SteveNashHere346 karma

It was fun -- always fun to work with Bill, and great to be able to tell my story.

iah725235 karma

Hey Steve, you're literally the reason why I'm a Suns fan, so thanks for all the memories.

What has it been like seeing Goran's rise to an all-star caliber player? How much of an impact did you play in his career as a mentor?

SteveNashHere256 karma

Awesome to see him - great guy, becoming a great player.

steveo757233 karma

Hey Steve! I'm a big fan of yours. I have always loved to watch you play and you were one of the players I tried modeling my game after because I always was shorter growing up and played PG... and my name is Steve too!

My question for you is past or present, who is the first player you would draft if you were starting a team from scratch and why?

SteveNashHere546 karma

Andrew Wiggins - most potential.

parth556170 karma

Hey Steve! I'm a huge fan of yours!

Who was the best PG defender you played against?

SteveNashHere327 karma

Such talent across the league -- that's a really tough one to answer. Not dodging it, just honestly can't pick one.

Buyn146 karma

My mother asks: When you retire will you move back to Arizona, the most wonderful place in the world?

I want to know if you've entertained the idea of being Tom Petty for Halloween.

SteveNashHere231 karma

For your mom: I'm not sure. What a special place - kids were born there, and I have so many great memories, but my family's all in California now. We love returning to the desert though - my Foundation has our Educare Arizona site there, something I'm really proud of ( Showdown actually benefits that, too). For you: no. But maybe now I will.

-IZ-134 karma

Hey Nash! What are your thoughts on Derrick Rose?

SteveNashHere295 karma

One of the best int he game -- just hope he can get healthy and stay healthy.

BUSean133 karma

Where does the Santa Clara - Arizona game rank amongst your team accomplishments?

SteveNashHere200 karma

It was awesome - historical win for the NCAA tourn and for our school, so really special.

Maz57119 karma

Steve huuuge fan.

I have lived and died with the sun my whole life, and when you were here those were some of the best years of my life.

You and STAT had a crazy connection back in the day and I just want to know if you guys are still friends/talk to eachother.

Also, we all remember the infamous Robbert Horry play, what went through your mind after that play and into the next game?

Thanks for answering my question it really means a lot to me to have the opportunity to ask my favorite basketball player of all time a question.

SteveNashHere199 karma

Amare and I text back and forth and are still friends. Horry play I forgot about after it happened - didn't really dwell on it.

mustang9110 karma

Hey Steve, lifetime Laker fan here. I have a couple questions:

  1. If management were to ask your opinion, who would you suggest the organization draft at #7?

  2. Are you interested in being a head coach in the future?

  3. What do you see for this next season with the Lakers? It seems that it's going to be your final season in the league before retirement.

  4. Who would win in a best of 3 games of H.O.R.S.E? You or Dirk?

SteveNashHere222 karma

Coaching's not for me, I don't think.

teakline104 karma

What's your favorite place in LA to get poutine? (No seriously, I live in LA and love poutine and need to know...)

SteveNashHere192 karma

Ha. I don't eat it.

masetheace6492 karma

Nashty! You have been one of my favorite athlete since I was in junior high. Love watching you play basketball and soccer. The goofy attitude, the amazing assist highlight videos, and all of your charitable givings the the Steve Nash foundation makes you my favorite Canadian of all time. My questions are:

  • Why do you always have your tongue out when you play? Have you ever bit it before?
  • What plans do you have post-NBA? Chase after your love for film? Pursue soccer more?
  • Your first game as an L.A. Laker, you came in with a pink sweater, a manly man purse, and a fantastic bowtie. Was there a reason for it? Should I dare ask what was in the purse? Image for reference:

Thank you so much for doing this AMA and being a professional athelete that makes a difference!

SteveNashHere161 karma

That was a shaving kit! A gift from the Lakers.

SteveNashHere145 karma

I've done that tongue thing since I was a baby!

Dr_hammock90 karma

When/why did you choose Basketball over Soccer?

SteveNashHere162 karma

All my friends were playing in Grade 8, so really to just have more time together. But I love soccer. That's really why we do Showdown every year - great cause, but also gets my two sports passions together.

SurpriseMothaFuckahh79 karma

Hello Steve, who was your biggest inspiration growing up and why?

SteveNashHere277 karma

Terry Fox was one of them.

el_crunz65 karma

Steve, you're a great guy. As a Canadian, I wonder, do you have any interest in closing your career out with the Raptors? Great club here. All the best.

SteveNashHere170 karma

One of my all-time favorite cities, but I love the team I'm with.

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii65 karma

Now that you are getting towards the end of your career, what are the things you have been thinking about doing the most after it is over? You're a good one, and thanks for the letting us AYA!

SteveNashHere110 karma

Thanks! Giving my kids more time, working on my production company, my Foundation, playing soccer with the kids.

Skilliam20365 karma

Where is your favorite place to eat

SteveNashHere124 karma

Petro's - in LA.

OxygenJunkee59 karma

If you werent in the NBA, what would you be doing for a living?

SteveNashHere138 karma

Who knows?

travis1313149 karma

Hi Steve, I'm glad you're doing this. First of all, what is it like being one of the greatest Canadian NBA players of all time? Was it harder for you as a Canadian to become a good basketball player? It's not nearly as popular as it is in America.

SteveNashHere78 karma

It's great -- inspiring to see how much the game has grown in our country, and be a part of that.

Asksthewrongquestion48 karma

Can I watch World Cup matches with you and your buddies?

SteveNashHere120 karma

We're watching the USA v. Germany game in NYC - get tickets for Showdown, and then come out for some pints! On our foundation website:

Conkeldurr47 karma

What was your favorite moment during an NBA game that you played in?

SteveNashHere75 karma

Wow - I don't think I have just one.

ItsNitsuj40 karma

Hey Steve, thank you so much for doing this AMA. I’m a huge fan of yours dating back to your early days in Dallas. I was in attendance for the 1st and 2nd Showdown in Chinatown and can’t believe it’s already been 7 years. Congrats!

What do you think about your PHX Suns teams being labeled “critically acclaimed”? I’m not ashamed to say that I cried when you guys lost in the Western Conference Finals in 2010.

Any chance of you playing for the Whitecaps after you retire?

How do you want people to remember you, as a player/humanitarian/owner.

Thanks again, Steve!

SteveNashHere68 karma

Don't think the Caps would have me!

melodietina25 karma

How do you think your background playing soccer has helped you play basketball better?

SteveNashHere49 karma

Agility and skills, and just the field of vision thing. You'd be surprised how many NBA guys grew up playing soccer - that's what makes Showdown so much fun for all of us. Who's coming this year?

thetilemaker12 karma

Hey Steve. Huge Lakers fan here but a soccer enthusiast as well.

Who are you rooting for in the World Cup?

Who do you think will win?

Also, can you tell us your most interesting Kobe story?

SteveNashHere26 karma

Always rooting England, but cool story if Brazil wins in Brazil. I've been able to play with 22 soccer players in Showdown that have played in a World Cup, so I'm pretty happy just to see great sport happening.

dginola7 karma

COYS -- Steve, where do you watch spurs games in LA? Watch any with keano? Big spurs supporter and Laker fan in LA, so pulling for you and lamela to both get healthy asap.

SteveNashHere12 karma

Mostly at home with the kids -- but we're going to be watching that USA v. Germany match in NYC the day after Showdown, if you want to come!

[deleted]3 karma


SteveNashHere9 karma

Never had tips - bleached my whole head and it grew out. That was in Dallas. . . .