Hey it’s Matisyahu. My new album “Akeda” was released worldwide today. Listen to the album here. Ask me anything.


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joecity8561050 karma

Do you laugh when they make the joke about you in Knocked Up?

_Matisyahu1454 karma

hell yes. I love that movie

elementguy13552 karma

Shalom. Keep making amazing music.

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smilad508 karma

how do you stay so calm/peaceful?

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dmev397 karma

Do you do or did any kind of vocal training with a teacher for that notable voice of yours? You sound awesome!

_Matisyahu572 karma

Yes, almost every day. His name is Darryl Lauer. He lives on the upper west side. He is my angel.

DrewKillEm395 karma

From a reggae standpoint, who are some of your biggest inspirations?

_Matisyahu519 karma

Bob and Sizzla.

thatyungrascal312 karma

Who is your favorite rapper, if you have one?

_Matisyahu954 karma

Kid Cudi

shakeidiyah296 karma

Your religious identity has been a big part of your public image, and your fans are always interested to hear about it. Do you have any strategies for communicating with the general public about what can be an esoteric subject? I ask as a religious Jew who's frustrated that talking about Judaism can be difficult because there is so much background knowledge involved, even foreign languages.

_Matisyahu415 karma

No, I enjoy speaking about it. Judaism isn't so esoteric. It's supposed to be a "real" religon. One that is very down to earth.

botticellilady273 karma

You've got great chemistry, especially live, with the Dub Trio. Will you be working with them again soon?

_Matisyahu307 karma

I haven't stopped working with them, so yes they will continue with me.

hunnybunny2732169 karma

How do you feel knowing that you change peoples lives and inspire them with just one show? (saw you in Columbus Ohio 2 years ago and life has never been the same)

_Matisyahu186 karma

wow. thank you. That means a lot to me.

botticellilady157 karma

Which do you enjoy more: performing in a rock setting or acoustic? Why?

_Matisyahu170 karma

Both, I like the variation

devin2105132 karma

Hi I like your music though admittedly I haven't heard much of it. My question is what song of yours means the most to you and why?

_Matisyahu235 karma

They all mean a lot to me but right now i get very emotional with Vow of Silence which I wrote for my son Shalom

YipeeKiyayModafucka128 karma

Hey Matis. Been a huge fan through my whole teen years and your songs got me through some really tough periods. That being said, how do you feel your music and your role models turned you into the beautiful person you are today?

_Matisyahu255 karma

Well... the music I listened to was my greatest teacher and supporter over the years. I consider artists like Phish or Bob Marley my teachers. There music gave me strength when I needed it most. I'm glad my music can do that for others as well.

oscillatingchild110 karma

Can you explain a really amazing experience you've had spiritually?

_Matisyahu253 karma

I was just performing about ten minutes ago and had one while playing one of my new songs. Sometimes I get really into the music and then begin to pray and the words come from the heart.

UltraFreeze91 karma

Why did you loose the beard? :(

_Matisyahu279 karma

I grew a beard as an act of self expression, then it became an act of nullification, then i was ready to make decisions again about my life. As a religious Jew you can make some decisions but my circles shaving was not an option. I took back my freedom of choice and in the process felt i needed to shave everything off. To start fresh! cycles

alegria2461 karma

Not really a question, but I want to thank you. A few of your tunes, including Beat Box from Live at Stubb's, are on my playlist to get myself ready for a 5K in September. I am not a runner, not even really in shape, but that beat fits my rhythm and I feel like I could fly down the sidewalk. Thank you for your music, it motivates in ways you may never know. -Sarah

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CoreyTruman59 karma

I saw you at Summer Meltdown in Valencia. I'm not sure if it because it was late but you seem pretty disconnected. I imagine you were tired or missing your kids. I hope you aren't losing your spark?

_Matisyahu108 karma

Thank You for your concern. Even musicians are human. Feeling strong now.

Glennergy48 karma

What do you think is the biggest misconception that people have about you?

_Matisyahu236 karma

Not really sure. I try not to spend too much time thinking about what people are thinking of me.

DaymanX39 karma

I love your music and as a somewhat lapsed Jew, I have to admit that it helped re-awaken my spirituality a few years ago.

I was really excited to see you at the Bottle Rock festival this past weekend and while I enjoyed your new songs, I was disappointed that you didn't play "Sunshine," "Youth," or "King Without a Crown."

As a fan who feels an intense connection to them, I was sad to not experience them live. I'm sure you're sick of playing them, but do you see them returning to your live set in the future?

_Matisyahu47 karma

I play them all the time. That particular set was only one hour but at my headline shows I do play them. I did play Exaultation, Jerusalem and One day though. Hope you enjoyed those.

hosinthishouse32 karma

Is there any particular song of yours that you would say is your favorite?

_Matisyahu49 karma

I'm enjoying playing surrender right now

b0rad0y31 karma

Love your music!! Just wondering, what motivates you to be different?

_Matisyahu67 karma

Don't need a motivator for that one. It just is.

revlisleoj27 karma

Hey Matis, I was lucky enough to be at the acoustic gig you played in SoHo, London in 2010 and it fucking blew me away, best gig I've ever been to.
My question is, have you ever considered releasing an acoustic album?

_Matisyahu48 karma

Yes, and I have. Its called Spark Seeker Acoustic sessions.

Ezada27 karma

Hello! Thank you for doing this AMA.

What was it like the first time you ever performed live? Were you nervous? Did anything happen before you went on stage?

What is the most memorable conversation you have ever had with a Fan?

_Matisyahu109 karma

I was really young so I don't remember but I do know there have been times I've been nervous.

The time in Pittsburgh someone told me they took a gun out of there mouth when my song came on.

shokhurewe26 karma

Based on the premise that the spoken word is a creative priciple in the universe , if you were only permitted to utter one word in your entire lifetime, what would it be, and why?

_Matisyahu82 karma

love, what could be better

UnicornMercury23 karma

Do your close friends call you Matisyahu or Matthew/Matt? Would you say you get annoyed easily? How do you stay positive? And what is your favorite quote? (Just wanted to say I hope you're having a blessed day. I love love love Akeda and can't stop listening to Champion. Such a great album. Also, it's not a question but I wanted to thank you because your music helped me get through the passing of my best friend back in November. Thank you for being different and looking at life in a beautiful way.) p.s- thank you for taking the time to do this. <3

_Matisyahu44 karma

Matis except old friends who knew me as Matthew. also at starbucks, matt.

maybe yes...

I try not to stay anything. let the emotions happen and accept them. I guess acceptance is what keeps me positive. Letting go and accepting things how they are.

enanoconpelo11 karma

Why did you choose to go vegan?

_Matisyahu32 karma

I am not. Hate labeling myself as things. Every day is different. I would say if anything I am macrobiotic.

JaysonBeaty5 karma

I have three questions so here it goes: 1. Do you get nervous when you play shows? And if so, what do you do to calm your nerves? 2. Do you have any plans to act in any more movies or possibly T.V. shows? 3. What is your favorite song of yours to play and why?

_Matisyahu6 karma

  1. no 2.yes 3.don't have a favorite, every day is a new day. I enjoy playing Surrender right now.

pierovera5 karma

What do you think of Jared Polin? Did you become friends after he was your photographer?

_Matisyahu8 karma

yes i like him

ShesLuminous4 karma

Hey! I know that each one of these are sacred. But which one of the Asaret ha-Dibrot (10 commandments) resonates the most with you today? For me it would be the third because I have a potty mouth. I completely adore your new album by the way. Blessings to you and yours.

_Matisyahu10 karma

no idols

nkcampisi4 karma

Over the last year your music has become important in my search for meaning and journey through life. Thank you for your interpretation of important teachings and wonderful music.

What is, to you, the most important development we must make as individuals in life or a whole species?

Safe travels.

_Matisyahu8 karma

I think everyone is different and has there own particular lessons to learn. Maybe that is your answer.

monstergolf3 karma

Will Aaron Dugan be on tour with your band? He is missed!

_Matisyahu2 karma


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_Matisyahu27 karma

Thank You for taking the time to think so deeply about my personal life and where my time would be best spent.

pancakefuzzballs1 karma


Thank you so much for doing this AMA! I saw you a couple years ago at my college, and you totally rocked it.

My question is... What do you envision the world being like a few generations from now (say 2050).

_Matisyahu3 karma

Don't know. I think things are moving in different directions. Lets take music: Some of the worst most meaningless music is so popular today. At the same time there is so much wonderful music out there that everyone can have access to via the internet and apps like spotify or pandora. Things are moving so fast and it's hard to digest. I hope we learn to slow down and appreciate things we have. To be more in the moment. It's so hard sometimes. So many distractions. MORE more more, ya know. The more is in less.

MMK211 karma

Your music has always been a staple for me and every album just keeps building on the last one, where do you see yourself going next as a musician?

_Matisyahu2 karma

Maybe Africa. I've always been a huge fan of african instruments especially guitars. I was raised on the Graceland album

Nofi51 karma

Matis!! Its your boy nofi from Florida! Will you be in Israel next year? You gotta come, ill be in Yeshiva and need to see you! Vow of silence is the most meaningful and powerful song ive heard! Love the new album! Shalom! peace onto you!!

_Matisyahu2 karma

Thanks bra. I sure hope so.

lorenaRV0 karma

what's the hardest part to write a song? what's your inspiration right now?

_Matisyahu2 karma

life inspires me, music inspires me, the people in my life, books, and mainly my struggles are what inspire me to express.

Yishai6130 karma

What is this line all about "yeshua maintaining the fountain"?

_Matisyahu2 karma

Well, after Moses dies, Joshua is supposed to take over as the leader. Fountain represents, the Torah or life force, or Wisdom. It's about moving through phases and changes.

davidjricardo-1 karma

What is that sticker on your shirt?

_Matisyahu2 karma

Go Kings Go!!!!