Hello, my name is Bello Nock. I have amazed millions of people with live performances in the last decade and today. I have been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for the first ever high wire walk over a cruise ship at sea, I have hung by my toes from a trapeze under a helicopter over the Statue of Liberty, and currently I am livestreaming from above Times Square while doing this AMA over the phone.

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You know, it's a lifetime of training and the minutes leading up to events like today in Times Square where you think, "I'm doing what I know. I love challenging the body, the mind, and inspiring people." That definitely helps me maintain my concentration.

No_Worries_Bro13 karma

Is the Tekken character Paul Phoenix the inspiration behind your hair style?

Bello_Nock16 karma

Ever since I was 11 years old I've been wearing the same exact hairstyle! Once I discovered this look I knew that was the only hair-do I needed. I wore my hair like this at my wedding, I wore my hair like this when my daughter was born. I wouldn't feel right without my foot tall hair!

CJspartan11 karma

That chair looks like the one I threw out last weekend from my ten year old kitchen set. Isn't there better equipment you can use Belo? Man that looks uncomfortable!

Bello_Nock9 karma

Comfort is of no concern to me! This is what I train for, this is what I live for! I train every day mentally and physically. I've been a dare-devil my entire life. I come from generations of performers, I was born for this!!!

show_time_synergy10 karma

Is your phone attached to you in any way? Just holding onto it?

Bello_Nock3 karma

I don't have my phone on me... but please stop by Times Square in the heart of New York City and snap a photo of me. Take a Selfy and post to Facebook! Don't forget to check out my website TheUltimate.com to witness all of my other amazing videos. We'll be posting new great videos all summer long so don't miss out.

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Hi, its Thomas from times square. What is the scariest stunt you have done?

Bello_Nock9 karma

Wow, stepping out to do this Times Square stunt is the toughest one, because nobody has done it before. When you hear what I have in store for the rest of the summer, I think you'll be excited. I'll be announcing it shortly on the wire!

cazz617 karma

How windy does it get up there?

Bello_Nock6 karma

The wind isn't too bad, luckily! I did some wind testing and training in my compound in Florida, so I feel prepared. At 70 MPH you typically get knocked over, I've been able to stand at approximately over 88 MPH!

chooter5 karma

How do you style your hair?

Bello_Nock8 karma

It's funny, I play 12 different musical instruments. I play a million sports, but people only want to ask me about my hair. Can you keep a secret? So can I... I put Viagra in my shampoo! Actually I was watering skiing when I was 11, everyone I competed against had huge tall hair. So they were my inspiration because I looked up to all of these guys. I started to get noticed for my hair after that and it became my signature. Now it's about a foot tall!

ICannotHelpYou5 karma

Favourite flavour of ice cream?

Bello_Nock6 karma

Who doesn't love Ice Cream!? As passionate as I am about staying physically and mentally fit, I am human and cannot resist the simple pleasures of life! Chocolate is my go-to flavor, however, I don't scrutinize against all of the other wonderful, delicious flavors the world has to offer!

dildocave4 karma

Do you feel lucky?

Bello_Nock4 karma

Well I have been preparing for these stunts for my entire life. My career in the circus could not have prepared me more for performing death-defying acts. I am currently balancing 33 feet in the air on a chair and I couldn't be happier. For as much as I've been training for these moments, that provides me with all of the luck I need.

nimishsdll3 karma

Do you like Indian curry?

Bello_Nock3 karma

I have a passion for food... who doesn't! Eating right is an essential aspect of performing at my optimum level. I'm glad you asked about Indian food because I enjoy cuisine from all over the world. I have been lucky enough to travel all over the world throughout my exciting career as stunt man and dare-devil. Through my travels I always make it a point to sample to local fare and experience the makes that city or country so unique.

klamon3 karma

What tends to be the last thought to run through your head before you walk a high wire?

Bello_Nock4 karma

That is certainly a great question. As far as my mind goes, I try to calm my mind as much as possible. The less thoughts I have running through my mind the easier it is for me to stay focused on the task at hand. I need to stay in the zone just as an elite level athlete would.

Shezzam3 karma

Is it a nice view?

Bello_Nock6 karma

Times Square provides one of the most unique views in the entire world! I am very lucky have the opportunity to inspire the masses by staring death in the eye and winning. I've been on this high wire for 3 hours and already I've seen thousands of people pass through and take photos, taking selfies, they're stopping and gasping. How often do they get the chance to see a world class dare devil balance on a chair 30 feet in the air for an unbelievable 8 hours!!!

Shezzam5 karma

Wow! 8 hours? On a chair? Awesome!

Bello_Nock4 karma

Don't forget to check out my website: TheUltimate.com to see my other stunts. We'll be posting new videos all summer long, culminating on August 30th when I perform The Ultimate stunt, comprising of 15 larger than life stunts that will blow your mind!

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How do you manage to keep your balance while texting on your phone on the wire while many people can't do the same just walking on the ground?

Bello_Nock-6 karma

I have been training as a professional stunt man and dare devil for my entire life. It has always been a dream of mine to inspire people by performing these remarkable stunts. TheUltimate.com has videos of past stunts that I have performed. We will also be posting all of my amazing stunts this summer on my website. Don't forget to log onto TheUltimate.com on August 30 to witness me perform The Ultimate that the human body can perform! You simply will not want to miss this, trust me!

ThatGuyNamedElliot2 karma

Dare you to jump

Bello_Nock1 karma

Haha not a chance my friend! 8 hours on the high wire is no easy task but I'm up for the challenge. I feel invigorated!

ThatGuyNamedElliot1 karma

How do you even have the guts to do that? Are you scared??!?!?!?!

Bello_Nock5 karma

All stunts provide a certain element of risk! I have to stay extremely focused to perform an act such as this... 8 hours on a high wire while balancing on a chair is no easy feat! This is why I train so hard, this is why I get up every day. I take this very seriously and I take great care and great pride in doing what I do!

ThatGuyNamedElliot1 karma

That's so cool to hear! When did you start doing it? I always wondered where people suddenly think "I wanna do that"

Bello_Nock1 karma

I come from a family of entertainers, generations of performers. I feel that I was truly born to be a dare-devil! I distinctly remember when I was 7 years old I was witnessing both of my parents perform high-wire acts and the joy I witnessed from the audience planted a seed that has grown to the point where I am today!

MagikHat2 karma

Wow! Cool idea for an AMA! Can't really think of a question ... what do you think of .... dickbutt?

Bello_Nock1 karma

I love the Reddit community! Anything for my followers!

Buckit2 karma

How do you mentally prepare for something like this?

Bello_Nock3 karma

Professionally athletes perform for many years to perform at their optimum level. Pilots that fly across the country need to train in their own specific way to stay focused for hours on end. I liken myself to an athlete in the sense that I have been training for this my entire life, physically and mentally. When it's time to perform the stunt I don't want to feel particularly nervous at that moment. Ideally, that should simply be another day of doing what I do!

benchif42 karma

What did you eat for breakfast?

Bello_Nock-7 karma

Staying healthy and keeping fit has always been very important to me. I simply would not be able to accomplish my high flying dare-devil acts without staying in tip top shape. That includes everything from eating as healthy as possible and exercising as much as i can! I've always been very disciplined and determined and I am enthusiastic about living a healthy, clean lifestyle.

HazyHunter8012 karma

Can you take a selfie up there?

Bello_Nock2 karma

Haha great question! Unfortunately no I do not have a phone on me. I don't think that would be too safe!

BassCreative2 karma

Who wins in a fight, you or Criss Angel

Bello_Nock-3 karma

Criss is a wonderful performer and entertainer and I love to witness entertainers spanning many different genres. I get inspired when I see someone who is passionate, who's worked their entire lives to accomplish a single solitary goal. To see the dedication required to build themselves up to reach the pinnacle in their career, the summit of their arena. People like this are worth your time.

Acetius2 karma

Are you bored at all?

Bello_Nock1 karma

I'm never bored! How could I be bored when I'm balancing 3 stories about the ground. I simply cannot afford to let my guard down, if I lose focus even for a split second I might slip and fall. The wire I'm balancing on is only the width of the average human thumb! Me, never bored...

always-asks-why1 karma

What made you realise you wanted to do high wire stunts?

Bello_Nock-1 karma

I have been doing death defying stunts my entire life! High wire acts fall into line with my entire resume. I love to inspire people by attempting acts that others cannot fathom let alone accomplish.

Nagasaki-1 karma

Hello, Bello, and congrats on not dying. What's next for you after Times Square?

Bello_Nock-4 karma

That's a great question, thank you! THe very best way to follow all of my intense action this summer is to log onto TheUltimate.com. I will be performing death defying acts all summer long, so don't miss a minute of the action. TheUltimate.com has videos of past stunts, and we will be posting new stunts all summer long... don't forget to check TheUltimate.com on a daily basis!

magnum_pu1 karma

How's the view?

Bello_Nock0 karma

Times Square in New York City is unlike any other location in the entire world. This is truly the heart of the world, the heart of America! What better place to perform a stunt than Times Square. There are thousands of people making the pilgrimage the this larger than life destination. It is truly invigorating!

daphan1 karma

Does your hair give you awesome balancing powers?

Bello_Nock3 karma

Well I'm glad you asked. My hair is so unique that yes, it does gives me a sense of confidence. My hair completes my act, without my foot tall hair I simply wouldn't feel right.

ksanthra1 karma

Why are you doing this?

Bello_Nock1 karma

I have been a stunt man and dare-devil my entire life. I have a passion my this. I find it absolutely satisfying to inspire people. This is what I live for!

foobadoop1 karma

What music do you listen to before you go out there?

Bello_Nock2 karma

I absolutely love music. Did you know that I can play 12 musical instruments. But yes, I have a soft spot in my heart for The Boss... Bruce Springsteen is a legend and an icon. I could listen to his music every day because I find it to be inspiring. I also listen to almost all genres of music, great music is great music. For certain moods I prefer to listen to relaxing music, energized music, or even classical music if the time is right.

bugboots1 karma

Hi Bello! I've got three kids and they love watching you. You're a hard guy to forget!

What instruments do you play?

Bello_Nock-1 karma

I'm selfishly fluent in about 12 different musical instruments. Guitar, drums, saxophone, trombone, violin and cello are some of my specialties. I even play some funny instruments like hand bells. I am self taught in all of them. I haven't taken any lessons whatsoever. Some of the highlights of my life have been able to play on stage with the Boss Bruce Springsteen. Another highlight of my life was playing on stage with the band Cheap Trick. I've always been a hug fan of theirs and to get the honor of playing on stage with them was an unforgettable experience that I'll never forget!

Nicoleramia1 karma

Hey Bello! I just signed up for The Ultimate! I'm really excited to see your dream stunt event live!!! You seem so comfortable sitting three stories up in Times Square! You make it look effortless! However when GMA handed you the gift box on a pole I realized how hard it really must be to not break your concentration. Will all eight hours be mentally taxing as it is physically?

Bello_Nock0 karma

I not only have to train every day for hours physically to be able to perform stunning acts such as this, but training mentally is almost more important. I do my best to quiet my mind and stay calm, I want as little distraction as possible. I need to stay focused to stay in my element, stay in the zone. This is just as important if not more important that the physical aspects of my stunts.

rasta_man1 karma

You seem like a pretty incredible entertainer. How did you begin your career and what is the craziest stunt you've pulled in the name of entertainment?

Bello_Nock2 karma

That is almost an impossible question for me to answer this question. Wow I'm having trouble pinning down just 1 stunt! I have been a performer and stunt man all my life. My career with the circus couldn't have possibly trained me in a better way. I have always taken pride in being a superior performer... it is a fact that more people have paid to see me perform in my lifetime than Michael Jordan and Muhammed Ali combined. Also, I come from 7 generation of performers. At a very young age I witnessed how much joy my family brought to the public and ever sense that moment I knew exactly what I was going to do for the rest of my life.

IvoShandor1 karma

I take my boys to see you every year. They LOVE LOVE LOVE you.

Bello_Nock0 karma

Thank you so much for taking your boys to watch me perform, I really appreciate it! I wouldn't be anything without all of the fans so I am grateful from the bottom of my heart! Make sure your boys tune into TheUltimate.com on August 30th to watch me perform the most stunning dare-devil, death defying stunts known to man!

MrMarcos4481 karma

How the hell did you grow the courage when you did your first high-risk stunt?

Bello_Nock2 karma

My family have been entertainers for generations. I was born for this. I realized at a very early age that I would a performer and stunt man for a living! Once I realized how much joy people can take from witnessing these fantastic stunts... well I knew that was my calling.

kpeterson20111 karma

this is freakin' sweet

Bello_Nock1 karma

I'm happy I've had the chance to impress you. I've been performing dare-devil acts for the entirety of my life and I live for these moments... It's a beautiful day in the heart of New York City. What better day to sit 30 feet in the air for 8 hours!

ThrillingChase1 karma

It it hard to get permission to do stunts in Times Square or over the Statue of Liberty?

Bello_Nock0 karma

That's a great question!!! New York City is not an easy place to get permission to perform stunts such as this. NYC is the busiest city in the world with millions upon millions of tourists visiting each year. I am lucky enough to work with such an incredible group of people that help me achieve my dreams. I thought to myself, what better place than Times Square to perform my act? I've been on the high wire for almost 4 hours and already thousands of people have passed through. You should see the look on their faces! I'm attempting to break a world record and I think I've succeeded in creating more dropped-jaws before noon!

strensms-does-reddit1 karma

Dude, what's with the hair? :) Also do you have any rituals pre-stunt?

Bello_Nock1 karma

You know they are life long rituals. I don't do certain things per se. I try to slow everything down mentally. What I do gets everyone inspired and excited. However, I need to stay as calm as possible so I can stay in the zone and keep my balance as good as possible.

No_Worries_Bro1 karma

What instruments do you play?

Bello_Nock-1 karma

I'm glad you asked that question... I have a passion for music. In fact, I am fluent in 12 instruments. Some of my favorites are the classics: guitar, drums, trumpet and even the likes of violin. I've never once taken a lesson in my entire life. I am self taught in all 12 musical instruments. Do you play any instruments?

Wally44101 karma

Hey. How's it hanging?

Bello_Nock2 karma

Never better! I'm 4 hours in... I'm halfway home! I've had some close calls and there have been a few gusts of wind, but I'm still here... Only four hours to go! Thanks for the question.

mexmone11 karma

You said that sometimes you forget that you are up there...How could you forget that you are on a highwire?

Bello_Nock0 karma

Well, you know what? This is no easy task and focusing for 8 hours takes immense discipline. Those close calls keep me on my toes and remind me that I am human and I cannot take this feat lightly! I've been on this wire for 4 hours three stories above the ground so believe me, I'm doing my best!

kaasmi1 karma

Is there such thing as a low wire?

Bello_Nock1 karma

You can purchase various products and tie them between trees... it's great practice for something like this. Mastering the fundamentals is the best way to learn any skill, whether it's dare-devil stunts or mastering the intricacies of mathematics.

specificwalk1 karma

Is there competition amongst performers? If you see someone else perform a stunt, do you think to yourself "I can do way better", or is it all in the community and you think "hah, cool stunt"?

Bello_Nock0 karma

That is certainly a good question. I enjoy entertainers from a wide platform. I often find myself in awe of musicians or professional athletes. I wish I could hit a 500 foot home run in Yankee Stadium! But to answer your question, yes I do in fact get inspired from other people and try to incorporate various aspects into my training regime. Whether it is the balance of an Olympic gymnast, the strength of a body-builder or the tunnel focus of a zen master! I can learn from anyone to become a more well rounder person and performer.

troglodave1 karma

Not a question, and I may be too late for the AMA, but I took my kids to Ringling Brothers for Bellobration and it was an experience we still talk about. I just wanted to say thanks for the memories!

Bello_Nock1 karma

Isn't it amazing how the circus can be an event you remember your entire life!? That is exactly what inspires me to do what I do. If I can motivate or inspire only 1 person, than all of the hard work I put in is worth it. Don't forget to check out my website TheUltimate.com on August 30th to see the greatest stunt of all time!!!

zacharywcox1 karma

Have you ever encountered an arousing gust of wind while on a high wire?

Bello_Nock2 karma

Of course! I am truly out here in the elements in the heart of New York City in Times Square. Gusts of wind definitely come and go. However, this is not my first time on a high wire... I train vigorously for these situations. I take my stunts extremely seriously and leave no stone unturned. Trust me, when the inevitable gusts of wind hit me I promise you that I will be prepared!