Hello. My name is Pedro Pascal. I play Oberyn Martell, the red viper on Game of Thrones. I was born in Santiago, Chile, and I grew up in the states. I've been in New York for about 20 years, I would say NY is home. I cut my teeth in the theater here, and one of my first jobs out of college was an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer which made my sister and friends very very proud of this day.

I'm here with Victoria from reddit so ask me anything.



I hope it was fun for everybody. This was a lot of fun for me. Keep watching Game of Thrones next week, try not to spoil it for each other, just enjoy it and trust that the show delivers. Thank you all very much. Just, gratitude.

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Pedro_Pascal5126 karma

Someone asked how I feel about Captain Crunch: I'm capable of eating an entire box of it without any milk. It is a sweet taste that is indescribable, Captain Crunch is its own flavor.

Pedro_Pascal3538 karma

Someone asked something people might not know about me, and the funniest GoT actor behind the scenes, but deleted their comment: I was a competitive swimmer when I was a child. I went to the state championships in Texas when I was 11 years old. And then I got into drama class, and I let that go right away. I'm still very comfortable in the water.

Oh my god, so many of them are so funny. The entire cast is very very witty and a fun cast, so this is very hard to choose, but I guess something that people might not expect is that Sophie Turner (Sansa) had me in stitches a lot of the time. I'm not sure if she was trying to be funny but she was still making me laugh.

Panukka2340 karma

What is the backstory of this image? http://i.imgur.com/CTgQDpf.jpg It's my favorite picture of the cast!

You look like a proper Disney hero there!

Pedro_Pascal2265 karma

That's me, Natalie, Sophie, and Maisie, and we were at an Entertainment Weekly party together and the 4 of us squeezed into a Photo Booth! To take credit, i was the first person to post the picture on my Instagram (with the approval of the other actresses) and so then I posted it, Sophie loved it and reposted it, and then EVERYBODY saw it. The processing of the image of the Photo Booth is obviously in our favor.

AaronC142018 karma

I'm going to try and keep this spoiler free. Oberyn is one of the greatest warriors in Westeros, what kind of training did you have to undertake to help fit with this trait of his?

Also I'd like to add that you're fucking KILLING IT as Oberyn. (the good kind of killing it)

Pedro_Pascal2541 karma

First, thank you VERY very much. That's always amazing for me to hear. And the production of Game of Thrones actually put me in some pre-training before I went to Europe to start shooting. I was put intro some classes with a master of Wushu, an acrobatic martial art, and they put me with a master, his name is Master Hu, and he has a studio in Los Angeles where he sort of basically showed me the basics and taught me how to fight with a spear and twist my body around and move in ways I never thought possible. And this was a guy who actually did Shaolin movies with Jet Li very early in Jet Li's career, and fought alongside him as his sidekick, so he was the real deal.

Then once I got to Europe and started shooting, there were really intensive fight rehearsals with me and the stunt team that was headed by C.C. Smiff, and other actors, and we did a lot of fight choreography and rehearsals. The Oberyn style of fighting is inspired by Wushu.

mandrewting1958 karma

What do you think of /r/gayforoberyn?

PS I'm really excited to see The Red Viper go up against The Mountain That Rides next week!

Pedro_Pascal2792 karma

That's awesome. I think that that's the whole point of Oberyn Martell. So I think to have /r/gayforoberyn is definitely in line with what he's about. And it would make him very happy and very busy, even busier than he would normally be.

FoxyOHoolihan1909 karma

How do you feel knowing you’ve caused countless men and women alike, to reconsider their sexual orientation, you beautiful beast?

Pedro_Pascal2307 karma

That makes me feel wonderful. I think that that's key to Oberyn. That he is the kind of person that is attractive and sort of breaks boundaries. He doesn't play by the rules, so the fact that anyone would be attracted to him, no matter what their sexual orientation is, is very in line with the kind of character that he is. So I think that's great.

jrunnin131909 karma

If Prince Oberyn were to give me advice on how to be as smooth as he is, what would he say?

Pedro_Pascal3662 karma

Have no fear. Be fearless. And get yourself some really nice clothes.

ThatNordicGuy1608 karma

As a fellow Pedro; thank you for making our name cool again!

Pedro_Pascal3695 karma

If I could do anything to help start hearing Pedro other than "vote for Pedro," I'm glad to do it. The curse of Napoleon Dynamite on the name Pedro was pretty tough.

sanguisbibemus1561 karma

Considering the character you play, you must get hit on by literally everyone. Has that been a problem for you?

Pedro_Pascal2803 karma

I WISH. And maybe I just need to get out of the house more.

ningrim1558 karma

Your wiki bio says your family "was granted political asylum in Denmark while Chile was under the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet".

Can you tell us more about the circumstances surrounding this?

Pedro_Pascal2558 karma

Well, my parents were liberals, they were very young at the time, I was just born, and they were Allende supporters, and you know, Chile at the time they were under military dictatorship, under Pinochet, and they were involved in the opposition movement against the military regime. Which really meant that they were against crimes against the people, because it was a really dangerous time, and a lot of people who spoke their mind were disappearing and in danger, it was a very intense climate for many years, they tried to help some people and were caught. They actually snuck into the Venezuelan Embassy in Santiago, Chile and claimed asylum after being in hiding for about 6 months after finding out people were looking for them.

NorthernBear1393 karma

Hey Pedro love your portrayal as The Red Viper. I read that you did your audition with an accent, why did you want to give Oberyn an accent ? (Ps: love the accent by the way)

Pedro_Pascal2594 karma

Thank you VERY much. I think that it was just initially an instinct on my part? I could tell even though I hadn't read the books, I was up to date on the show, when I read the audition sights for the character, and I felt like they were ushering in a very new element with Oberyn Martell, and it seemed like it would be interesting if he sounded different than everyone in King's Landing so that there was a very foreign element. He looks different, he dresses different, and I thought it was important that he sound different. He also behaves differently than the rest of the characters, the way he goes up against some of the most dangerous characters with fearlessness is very unique, so I thought it would be very unique to have his sound fall in line, and be sort of unique from others.

EpicSeaPancake1147 karma

If you could play any other character in Game of Thrones, which one would you want to play as and why?

Love you btw :*

Pedro_Pascal1955 karma

:-* back!

And these kind of questions are always so very hard because I am a fan of the show, and was a fan of the show before I even had an audition for it, and I love so many of the characters. To be a little obvious and in line with all of the fans, I'm in love with Arya. I don't know if I could handle the kind of trauma that her character has to go through, but the fierceness with which she empowers herself sort of reluctantly is pretty amazing, and that would be a very very juicy role. But this is me being forced to pick one out of many others. I like Varys, the way he puppet masters things from the shadows. I don't know if anyone other than Alfie Allen could handle the role that he has and go through what he god through, from being lost to being despicable and victimized. And I'm not even going to touch anything else... I'm just going to stick with being Oberyn.

Hypergasm1010 karma

Good afternoon Mr. Pascal! First off, I wanted to say that you have been doing a terrific job this season so far in game of thrones. I've heard that you are a fan of the show as well! As a fan, what has been your favorite thing about being able to work on the show? Also, have you had any memorable moments behind-the-scenes with other cast members?

Thanks for doing an AMA!

Pedro_Pascal1861 karma

I've never had an experience like this where I got to be a part of something that i was already aware of as a fan. And the experience of being on-set for the first time was really surreal and a little overwhelming because even if you didn't know anything about GoT, if you showed up to work on it you'd still be so impressed and wonder how this could possibly be a TV show because it feels so epic when you're doing it. To add on top of that the fact that i was already a fan, and was being thrown into the center of such an important storyline and getting to interact with these amazing characters played by these amazing actors, I was pinching myself throughout the entire 4th session. It never really let up, there was never a point of adjustment, I never landed completely. I was kind of in awe of it throughout.

Lena is one of my favorite persons. And she (in life) is so funny and so smart, such a good person, a good friend and a good mother, I think everyone on that set and anyone who comes in contact with her develops an instant crush. Talk about male or female, you're going to get a crush on her easy. And I was just lucky that I got to work with her and hit it off and continue being friends. Everybody was a joy to work with. It's just this huge family and the great thing about the way that David Benioff and Dan Weiss have adapted the character of Oberyn is that they have him interact with even MORE characters, and getting to be in the trial, and at the wedding, I got to meet so many of the actors, and being an actor from the US, I was staying in the hotel that all the other actors were coming in and out of. I got to meet and hang out with so many of the other actors that I didn't have scenes with. There was another new addition to the cast, which is Ellaria Sand played by Indira Varma, and she and I got along really really well which is very important because she is a character who is Oberyn's equal and the love of his life. And she's just as fierce as he is, and that is why they are together, so we got to do a lot of fun stuff together. But I got to love working with so many of them, Peter Dinklage and working with him was a career highlight, I mean, you can refer to what i said earlier about it never ceasing to be a completely surreal and wonderful experience.

Anacoenosis1043 karma

I just want to jump in here and say your shared scenes with Peter have been the emotional center of the show in the second half of this season. That's saying a lot, considering how many other important and harrowing things have been happening.

Also, as an Argentine-American it's great to see a neighbor getting the attention his talent deserves.

Pedro_Pascal1252 karma

That is very meaningful for me to hear, and I think that to be given the opportunity of playing a character that is able to bind himself to such a great character like Tyrion, even though Oberyn has his own agenda, there is a kind of kindred spirit to the two of them, and for that to have an impact is so important to me just as a viewer, so to have been able to have contributed to that is a tremendous honor. Thank you, I love Argentina and Buenos Aires is one of my favorite cities in the world.

ClwbCardiff860 karma

What is your favourite piece of literature and why? What does it mean to you?

Pedro_Pascal2265 karma

Oh my gosh, THAT is a good question. I think one of the greatest reads I've ever experienced was Crime & Punishment by Dostoyevsky. I know that sounds highbrow, but to be completely honest it was a page turner for me. When I was a kid, I remember reading this book called Watership Down. That was one of the most grueling, it's by Richard Adams, and I also love One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. And I love Jane Eyre, I love anything by J.D. Salinger, I love reading.

wrinkled_penis844 karma

Is the Mountain really that tall in person?

Pedro_Pascal2133 karma

Yes he is. He is the largest person I have ever seen in my life.

temphey825 karma

So far (S4E7) has there been a scene that was particularly difficult for you to film?

Pedro_Pascal1854 karma

I think that my first day onset was actually a pretty big scene, this was my scene in Tyrion's cell with Peter Dinklage, and it's a beautifully written scene but it was really important to me to get it right. And I was really nervous. And it turned out not to be a difficult scene to shoot because Peter was so amazing to work with and he's such a generous actor. And our director Alik Sakharov, he was the director of that episode, and he's one of the best directors I've ever worked with, so that and the amazing writing turned it into (to this day) one of the best workdays I've ever had.

And of course, as far as what is upon us in the next episode, The Viper versus the Mountain, was one of the most challenging things I've ever done.

geniustai1128 karma

Wow, that scene was actually filmed your first day on set? I would never have guessed that.

Pedro_Pascal1402 karma

Yeah, it was my first day, it was my first work day, my first day in full costume and working on set. I was very nervous but the team rallied around me and made it one of the best days of my life.

Pedro_Pascal1309 karma

I actually did lean incorrectly at one point and they ended up having to rig the torch so that no matter what my movement it wouldn't move, because I too, have a tendency to be clumsy.

JZer86783 karma

Hello Pedro, you're absolutely perfect for the role* of Oberyn, truly a perfect casting decision.

There's a bunch of non-shoot related cast photos floating around the internet, for example some beach photos where everyone looks to be having the times of their lives. Is the GoT cast one giant family? Have any funny stories while on set?

Pedro_Pascal1065 karma

The GoT cast is a giant family. And they also have the amazing opportunity to shoot in really cool locations, and so there was, I can't remember, I suppose it was a weekend that the weather in Croatia was really beautiful and we all had the day off, so we all hung out and captured some of it on camera. And that was those photos.

Pedro_Pascal1209 karma

One of the funnier moments that I had offset was making Gwendoline who plays Brienne and the two show runners Dave and Dan pose with me on the steps of a plaza in the old city of Dubrovnik for a fantasy album cover of mine. I haven't shared this photo yet, though! It's just for me! Not to be too much of a tease, but the photo was taken by Nikolai too.

WizzyBoots695 karma

You are literally the most beautiful man i've seen. Thank you for being you.

Pedro_Pascal1056 karma

Thank YOU for being YOU. You made my day.

letsloseourselves672 karma

Hi Pedro! Your portrayal of Oberyn is fantastic so far, seriously wow.

My question is: Did you read/refer to the books for this role or did you stick to the script?

Pedro_Pascal1036 karma

I read the Tyrion chapters in Book 3 after I got the part, and it helped me a lot, and there's such a richness in George R.R. Martin's language and there are things that are described that can only be played, I guess, on screen, so it was very informative to me. And I think now I'm excited because when all is said and done, I can just sort of (and when I need my GOT fix) i can start at the very beginning and read all of the books.

subenbotic647 karma

What's your biggest fear?

Pedro_Pascal1586 karma

I suppose my worst nightmare would be to be buried alive. One of the worst things out of all of the many many ways of killing a person on Game of Thrones, the one that terrified me the most was trapping a hungry rat and the only way that it could get out was to eat its way through a person's heart. That for me is probably the worst way to go.

Legendary_Forger645 karma

If we see you on the street, would it be okay to ask for a picture?

Pedro_Pascal1283 karma

Absolutely. It would be my pleasure. So far everyone has been really polite and sweet, and it's been a total pleasure, and I mean that. Maybe I don't get out enough, because I don't go out to bars, where I get accosted by drunken fans, it's usually been in the middle of the day going to and from work. People have been so kind, they really really have. It's been really special to be back in New York and working. It's easy to forget that people are seeing me, I mean, it's not like I forget, I know it's happening, but it's always a nice surprise.

Pedro_Pascal1017 karma

I've gone up to many people myself throughout the years to give them congratulations as a fan.

jbmoskow623 karma

Pedro, where did you get that amazing accent from that you're using for Oberyn?

Pedro_Pascal1295 karma

I remember I had this strange instinct that Oberyn Martell sounded like my Dad. I don't know what that says about my Dad. So my Dad had a somewhat thick accent, my family is Chilean as some people know, and when I was very very young coming to the states, Spanish is my first language because that is what we spoke at home. Unfortunately I don't practice it as much as I should, I can always improve my spanish, but my parents spoke perfect English but Spanish-accented English.

sophiepritch5564 karma

Seeing as you are relatively new Game of Thrones, have you had any strange/funny fan encounters yet?

Pedro_Pascal2029 karma

I am in New York right now, and I am in rehearsals for Shakespeare in the Park (Much Ado About Nothing) and I walk home and ride the train like I always have, and the difference being that strangers will sort of look at me and it will take a second to figure out why they are looking at me, and sometimes they will approach me and say "are you the guy on Game of Thrones?" Recently I had an hour break and was walking near Union Square to go to Barnes & Noble, and there was somebody trying to sign people up for something, trying to get them to talk to him on the street, and the guy was trying to get people's attention and he said to me "And YOU sir, look like Oberyn Martell on Game of Thrones!" and I stopped in my tracks for a second and didn't know what to say, and he said "Holy Shit, you ARE Oberyn Martell on Game of Thrones" and then he left me alone. Haha. And let me go to Barnes & Nobel!

author144548 karma

How closely do you relate to Oberyn Martell in terms of your personality?

Pedro_Pascal1212 karma

Well, let's see. I would certainly say that I'm a lot more cautious than Oberyn Martell is. But in fantasy, as in my own fantasies, I think he would encompass the kind of person that I would like to be in my dream life. And I find him to be a very sexy person for a lot of different reasons. There's so much about him and the richness of his character, because he is very dangerous, very sensual, but he's also very intelligent, and a loyal person full of integrity and his loyalties go very very deep. And his hatred runs from a very very emotional place. It's not just because he has beef with the world out of just being an angry guy, it's very specifically related to a tragedy in his life. And I think the hatred's deepness is so profound that i find that really attractive.

blended_elderlies543 karma

Mr. Pascal, thanks for the goosebumps in your speech to Tyrion. What is the best fruit? (The right answer is mango)

Pedro_Pascal937 karma

I would say that my favorite fruit, I like berries. I like any kind of berry, blueberries or raspberries or blackberries or strawberries.

Pedro_Pascal1994 karma

They decorated my table at the purple wedding with a bowl of berries, and they kept on having to refill it because i was eating them. And the brothel had some nuts and berries, sort of decorated throughout the set, that's why you keep seeing me eating in the scene, like I'm chewing on stuff while I'm talking, is because I kept eating the berries.

fiftyshadesoffrey534 karma

how do you feel about Chile's chances in the upcoming world cup?

Pedro_Pascal1038 karma

Well, I mean, I'm rooting for them. Whether their chances are good or not, I'm behind them all the way.

lilbooda493 karma

Is it weird that I'm reading all your replies in Oberyns voice?

Pedro_Pascal790 karma

It is!

madkingray476 karma

How is George RR Martin as a drinking companion?

Pedro_Pascal927 karma

I got to hang out with George RR Martin. He invited me to a screening of the first episode of Season 4 at the Jean Cocteau cinema in Santa Fe that he bought and renovated, and we had a really really good time. We shared a Red Viper Sangria, they were selling it in the lobby, and he's just a really nice guy.

keelabee449 karma

What is your favorite animal?

Pedro_Pascal1208 karma

Elephant. I'm just completely transfixed when I see one on television or at a zoo. I find them sort of magnificent, and humorous, and intelligent, and gentle, and dangerous, and I just think that they are incredible.

SlowbroBaggins448 karma

Who do you want to see sit the Iron Throne?

Pedro_Pascal1082 karma

I think the most capable rule of Westeros would be Tyrion Lannister. I wouldn't want to put Arya there because it's too dangerous of a place, and I think that Tyrion is very cunning, very very intelligent, smarter than everyone in the room, smarter than everyone in any room that he is IN, but also has an emphasis that is for ultimate rules.

SPQR_XVIII407 karma

Can you recommend a good Chilean wine?

Pedro_Pascal836 karma

Chile has very, very good Merlot. And I would say that, hmm, there's one called the Alma Viva, it's a Cabernet, and that's very good.

frings_demise380 karma

I'm having you over for dinner. Pizza and beer or prime rib and wine?

Pedro_Pascal920 karma

ALL OF THEM. I would never turn down prime rib or pizza, beer or wine.

Allio123362 karma

I need a champion. Will you fight for me?

Pedro_Pascal655 karma

Sure, why not. Any opportunity to fight!

baronspeerzy331 karma


If you were a betting man, and had no prior knowledge of the outcome - who would you put your money on? The Mountain or The Red Viper?

Pedro_Pascal835 karma

I would put my money on the Red Viper.

masterchifchaf325 karma

How do you eat a balanced diet? I find it extremely difficult when only cooking for one. Usually pizza is eaten.

Pedro_Pascal713 karma

I have the same problem. I eat out a lot. I unfortunately don't really know how to cook for myself. I try to find good things to eat, but sadly am often on the go, and a microwaveable pizza finds its way into my situation more often than not.

scigs6319 karma

I'm eating a bagel right now. What's your favorite? With what on it?

Pedro_Pascal888 karma

I like an everything bagel toasted, with cream cheese and lox.

Pedro_Pascal692 karma

OR a toasted egg bagel with peanut butter and jelly.

seismicor310 karma

Is there any dream movie project you would like to participate in?

Pedro_Pascal679 karma

A dream movie project of mine would be to get cast in something with a bunch of friends, so Lena in there, my friend Sarah Paulsen, and then you know, have it directed by Alfonso Cuaron. And yeah, it would be great to work with a great director like that and friends, that would be my fantasy.

mikeymora21304 karma

What has been your favorite city in the world that you've visited?

Pedro_Pascal734 karma

One of my favorite cities in the world was Dubrovnik, Croatia. It is seriously one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen, that's my kind of weather, that's my kind of water, I could live there year-round happily. I love Lisbon in Portugal as well. I also love Madrid, and Buenos Aires, as I've said before. But Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.

Soren_Ephraim302 karma

Would you rather fight one Gregor-sized Oberyn or a hundred Oberyn-sized Gregors?

Pedro_Pascal621 karma

I only want one thing about of Gregor, and that is to take him down and kill him.

JawKneeYou287 karma

Is it awkward for you to watch yourself in Game of Thrones?

Pedro_Pascal789 karma

To be really honest, I would go into an episode and lose myself in the story and then it would get to a scene where I would appear, and my initial reaction was like (alongside fascination and excitement) there was also a little frustration in that at first it would kick me out of it a little bit, and I would be like "I'm enjoying this episode! I don't want to have to see myself!" But then I let that go and keep watching and it's fine.

DutchTourist271 karma

What was working on The Mentalist like?

Pedro_Pascal384 karma

I had an amazing time with Robin Tunney, she is a new friend, and it was a really friendly set. And it was nice because I was sort of, I just signed a new lease on a new apartment in Los angeles and I was able to drive myself to work everyday, which was cool. And Simon is a really great guy, the two of them have a really special chemistry and it was great to see that in person.

turtle_duck3268 karma

What is your favorite color of socks to wear?

Pedro_Pascal604 karma

I'd say the easiest socks to wear would be black socks. And the most fun socks would be some sort of, you know, odd pattern of purple, aqua and green.

turtleini249 karma

What should we know about Chile?

Pedro_Pascal676 karma

Chile is a beautiful country with 3 different physical environments because it's so long, it's kind of the flagpole of South America, so you have incredible vast, otherworldly looking deserts in the North. There are valleys in Northern Chile that look like the surface of the moon. And there is the greatest sky, it is world-renowned for the amount of stars you can see there, it's a place for the greatest astronomers. Then you go to central Chile, and it's like the coast of California, there is great skiing and amazing beaches. Then you go further south and there are beautiful volcanos and lakes. If it wasn't so hard to get to (because all it has is Ocean and mountains) it is one of the most breathtaking landscapes and you get so many sights. It's one of the most beautiful countries on earth, and if you ever get a chance to go, you should take it.

Fin_Brody244 karma

I need to know, dogs or cats?

Pedro_Pascal789 karma

Well, I LOVE Dogs like there's no tomorrow. And unfortunately I have an allergy to cats, although I find them to be beautiful creatures.

Pedro_Pascal895 karma

I didn't choose my allergies!

Kknowsbest225 karma

Who was your role model growing up?

Pedro_Pascal412 karma

I had a lot of different role models. My dad took me to the movies my whole life, he was a big movie buff, and me and my sister would go with him to the movies a few times a week. So I had so many heroes, like all of the major actors. I would have to say one of my favorite actors is probably Gene Hackman, but that's a really hard question to answer because I've had so many heroes that I've admired, filmmakers that i have loved, I remember seeing Steven Soderbergh's first movie when I was really young and then seeing every movie he did after that. I was a very book reading, television and movie watching geek. So it makes it endless in terms of the amount of people that I have admired.

raheezyy223 karma

Hello Mr. Pascal! You said you loved to watch movies and read books growing up so I have to ask, who is your favorite superhero and why?

Pedro_Pascal691 karma

Sorry for not picking an ACTUAL superhero, but one of my favorite characters that was a superhero to me was Beatrix Kiddo in the Kill Bill movies, played by Uma Thurman in the Kill Bill Movies 1 & 2. For me she is one of the fiercest movie characters of all time.

Pedro_Pascal447 karma

I guess I COULD pick a superhero - but I always end up liking the villains more. in the case of Gene Hackman, I could watch his portrayal of Lex Luthor on repeat.

ApolloN0ir203 karma

Prince Oberyn, what undergarments are present under your tunic?

Pedro_Pascal624 karma

Um, well, I've got some pants on and under that... skin.

McMonocle190 karma

Did you enjoy playing Oberyn's very sexual (even by GoT standards) character? Or was it uncomfortable?

Pedro_Pascal438 karma

I enjoyed it. I think that he gives no explanation and makes no apologies for the way he lives his life, and I think that was very exciting and important to portray, that he has no hangups around the experience of pleasure, and he will take any opportunity to experience something beautiful, and I think he finds that in lovemaking. He doesn't see the sense in limiting oneself of experience and pleasure, and I think that is very cool.

TodosYoHijo09184 karma

Hello, Pedro. First of all, you are a beautiful man and have a wonderful accent for Oberyn. My question is which fictional world would you most like to live in and why?

Pedro_Pascal348 karma

I remember seeing Flash Gordon when I was a little kid, and to be in whatever that palace was that seemed to be elevated into the sky, living amongst the clouds, that would be really really cool. I wouldn't put myself in Westeros because it's just a little bit too dangerous. I would like something easy going and tropical. So if you can think of a fantasy world that has a beach and margaritas, really really good weather, write some fantasy fiction around that and I'd gladly move there.

Eaglesfan427174 karma

How did the people casting for game of thrones pitch Oberyn as a character to you?

Pedro_Pascal388 karma

There's a really intense character description to Oberyn describing him as the greatest badass you've ever seen. That's the easiest way to sum it up.

maegyr168 karma

How long would you last in a zombie apocalypse? Cheers for the AmA, and I hope to see you in more stuff soon <33

Pedro_Pascal471 karma

One of my favorite movies is 28 Days Later, and I used to think about this a lot after I watched that movie because I feel like it's such a terrifyingly realistic possible circumstance, that a virus would turn these people into rabid zombies, so I kind of wondered often how i would survive. I remember that I had a dog at the time, and I knew that i would have to keep her alive at all costs. I don't know exactly how well I would do, but I would probably do everything to keep myself and my friends safe. I might not last that long because I would probably sacrifice myself to save a family member or something like that. I'd like to think so anyway. I would say that so far I've been pretty lucky because my mom has good genes, and that's gotten me by, I am capable of watching more hours of television than I am doing exercise in a week, so it would really depend. I actually get out of breath really easily, so I think in a zombie apocalypse I would have to rely a bit more on my brain rather than my body.

subenbotic165 karma

What's your favourite sci-fi film? :*

Pedro_Pascal580 karma

GOOD QUESTION! OOOOH I have so many favorite science fiction films. I would say Alien and Aliens are two of my favorite scifi films. Also Children of Men would be one of my favorite science fiction films. I love the original Solaris and the remake. And even though it wasn't a film, the series Battlestar Galactica was one of my favorite TV shows.

DumCapitNoxDiem152 karma

Your AMA is not good for a hungry person.

Pedro_Pascal254 karma

Because of my inclination for junk food? I'm sorry. I know that I should be recommending a really good diet, and it is a goal of mine as well.

RaygeQuit146 karma

Hi Pedro! Who is your favourite character in GoT? And your least favourite?

Pedro_Pascal312 karma

Oh gosh, my favorite character on Game of Thrones. It's so hard to choose! Like it's impossible to choose because there are so many. You almost want to ask people who THEIR favorite character is. I love Arya and the Hound, that's an amazing reluctant relationship that is happening, the same way Brienne and Jaime have developed a deep bond with each other. And I would say that a character that scares me a lot is Ramsey Snow, you could say he is probably the closest to a least favorite, because I don't have a least favorite but I do have characters that I wouldn't want to cross paths with. I would say Circe is an amazing character, she is definitely one of the more dangerous characters on the show but there's such a humanity to her that makes her a fascinating character to play.

highigh131 karma

Do you have a favorite Disney movie? Which one?

Pedro_Pascal503 karma

Even though it's associated more with Pixar, I would say Wall-E. And the Incredibles. Those are two of my favorite films of all time. And then as far as Disney, more of the classic animations, I would say my favorite Disney film is Dumbo. I like to cry, what can I say?

LegendaryShepard126 karma

Yo Pedro, now that we are seeing characters such as Doran and other Dornishmen being cast for Season 5, are they modelling the accents of these new characters off the Chilean one you used for the show or will they go with something different?

Pedro_Pascal183 karma

I don't know what they are going to be doing! They also have Indira as a model for the people of Dorn. I don't know how they will be pursuing it, but I know that they will probably just try to find the right people for the roles.

Mr_Tulip116 karma

How do you feel about bourbon?

Pedro_Pascal242 karma

I love bourbon, how did you know?!

Pedro_Pascal196 karma

I often order a good bourbon on the rocks.

NovaKnights101 karma

Hi Pedro, thanks for doing this!

Just curious, Oberyn seems like a very calm and relaxed character most of the time in the show. Are you like that most days as well? If so, how do you manage to keep cool and stress free?

Pedro_Pascal242 karma

I unfortunately am not a stress-free person. I am so happy that Oberyn is coming across that way. I would love to be able to move through life with the ease with which he does. But that is not the case in my reality. I guess I relax with any opportunity to jump in the water, that is a good one, and of course i also watch a lot of TV. But I am not as cool and collected as Oberyn, unfortunately.

GrumpyWaffle100 karma

Hello. Who would win in a fight - Oberyn or Darth Maul?

Pedro_Pascal210 karma

I think it would be kind of a duel, because our styles are quite similar. Chicken or the egg? Whoever came first, one learned from the other.

Toomid95 karma

Reddit has named you Mediterranean Liam Neeson, What do you think of the nickname?

Also, thank you for absolutely CONQUERING the Red Viper. My friends and I wait to see your scenes every week, and we're pretty pumped for tonight's episode.

Pedro_Pascal120 karma

I love it. I watched Liam Neeson in movies growing up from High Spirits all the way to now, so it is a complete honor to be in the same sentence as him.

PandaBrr76 karma

If you weren't an actor, what profession would you like to pursue? (Assuming skills aren't an issue!)

Love your portrayal of Prince Oberyn, and I can't wait until next week's episode! <3

Pedro_Pascal207 karma

If I wasn't an actor, hmm. It would be my fantasy to be a war journalist. Or teaching literature, maybe?

shootingpeas64 karma

Hi Pedro! I've um, got a really important question.. Do you like hummus? :c

Pedro_Pascal160 karma

I love hummus. I was eating hummus this morning.

SophieMartell63 karma

Hi Pedro, if you could travel forward or backward in time to any period, when would you visit and why? =D

Pedro_Pascal184 karma

I think I would probably go back in time and visit the 1920's. I think that probably either the 1920's in New York or Paris, before the war, they called the 20's the real sexual revolution.

ahmedje12331 karma

Will you use Reddit after this AMA?

Just wanted to thank you for your amazing portrayal of Oberyn and i hope to see more of you in other movies/tv shows!

Pedro_Pascal73 karma

I'd love to!

Davetek46320 karma

I'm curious about how much wiggle-room you're given for portraying Oberyn's mannerisms and smoothness. Like, do they give you a general idea of what to do and just let you run with it or is everything really carefully choreographed and nothing left to chance?

I've done several small short films myself and have always favored giving performers freedom to, well, perform. I'm curious to see how it's done on a production as big as Game of Thrones. :)

Thanks for taking the time to do this! You're one of the best parts of this season. I haven't read all that far in the books, but I do hope you get to stick around a lot longer! :D

Pedro_Pascal30 karma

Thank you so much.

I think that in terms of the writing, the language needed to be letter-perfect and pronounced correctly because you know, you just don't want to screw writing that good up. But as far as my behavior and my mannerisms and the execution of those lines, they really really gave me free reign and I think that they put all of their trust into people that they find capable. It was a real experience for me to be given trust by those I admire as much as them. And they gave me a tremendous amount of freedom in my interpretation of Oberyn Martell, and I felt like it was very clear to me in terms of what they were writing and what they wanted. And the hope was always that the fans would be satisfied.