My short bio: I am the head designer and founder of a small finnish startup called Framery. We are making the world better place to work with our soundproof phonebooths. I also know just about everything about creating awesome offices. Going open plan is not that bad thing if done right.

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For how long would a very smelly fart linger in the booth?

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That's a very good question. Our ventilation system has an airflow of 900L/minute and our booth's inside volume is 1512L. And because the ventilation is always on, all the air inside the booth is changed every 1,68 minutes or 100,8 seconds. The airflow is also from the ceiling towards the floor so the fresh air hits your nose quite fast.

If you are 1,8m tall and the booth interior height is 2,1m, the volume above your nose is at most 360L, which is removed in 24 seconds.

So I think the answer is 24 seconds.

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Literally anything?!

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Damn it I wasted my question. Can I have another?

framery89 karma

Go ahead :)

TheSilentEskimo55 karma

Alright I got one.
If Jimmy cracked corn and no one cares, why do we keep singing about it?

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I'm not singing about it, so it seems like I care. Karaoke is basically the same thing, no one cares to listen but still they keep doing it.

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Quite a few

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Wow really?

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Of course. Wouldn't you?

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I appreciate the AMA.

1.) If you stood in the phonebooth, closed the door, and allowed it to be submerged in a lake, would it be able to keep out water for a fair amount of time?

2.) Would you rather eat peppered beef jerky or chicken fried rice for a month?

framery69 karma

1) I haven't tried, but it would probably float quite a while since the ventilation holes are in the ceiling and in the wall at the height of you belly button

2) Beef jerky, obviously

nooki183 karma

  1. Is this the future of the cubical?

  2. What are you thoughts on an open office environment compared to a closed (with single offices)?

framery44 karma

  1. Cubical is the past. Going entirely open plan is the present. Just long desks without any partitioning is the way to go. In general the new generation of professionals love to work around people. The main problem is the increased noice in the work environment. We are solving this problem with our phonebooths. In the future there will probably be even more sophisticated booths for silent and concentrated work.

  2. As said, going open plan is the present and the future. If it's done right way, people are happier and more efficient at their work. This is called activity based office, which provides different spaces for different kinds of work. If open plan is done wrong, closed office is way better for the employees. It's (closed office) still really expensive for the firm though.

Today_is_Thursday65 karma

Why can't you make them big enough to fit a chair, computer, filing cabinet and then change the clear glass to frosted, and provide one for each person?! That would make my future open office 120% more bearable.

framery17 karma

Actually you just described my dearest fantasy :) It would probably be too expensive.

We have made those kind of products to that kind of use for some of our customers. We call them small conference rooms, but they bought the products to use as isolated workstations.

absx34 karma

They're soundproof by how airtight are they? As in, will this limit the overly long calls by eventually suffocating the user?

framery30 karma

They are airtight where they need to be. Of course there is a ventilation system that circulates air from the surrounding office to the booth(900L/min). But that is done with acoustically designed ventilation channel, which is of course a compromise for soundproofing. As we have thought this quite a while, all our structures have such high structural sound insulation rating that we can afford to have that compromise.

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Gobs program y/n?

framery16 karma

y, if you can see the sun.

DownvoteMeToInfinity23 karma

How much does each phone booth cost to make?

framery29 karma

Too much, considering how little they cost to the end customer.

MorsTerrorque12 karma

How did you get into your job? What did you have to do after school/in university?

framery20 karma

I founded the company as a joke with a friend from the same university in 2010. Today, I took it quite seriously, though having fun all the time. Previously I was working at a software company in internal dev projects, marketing and sales.

I have worked quite a while as a construction designer in a small construction designing firm, where I learned how to use CAD.

StonedDwarf1 karma

Would you say that there's room in an open style office for me to really let my inner dwarf out? Swing my mighty little mace and wear my miniature armor?

framery1 karma

You can even put on your robe and wizard hat. That's what I'm saying.

Jointmaster420SWAAAG1 karma

So, uh... How you doin'?

framery1 karma

Waching the game, having a Karjala(similar to Bud). You?

The1WhoRingsTheBell1 karma

Hard or soft cheese?

framery1 karma

Harder is better

I_Carry_a_big_stick_1 karma

What's your favorite color?

framery2 karma

I'm not picky. Just wear the regular black boxers.

zzedisonzz-3 karma

Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

framery1 karma

100 duck-sized horses, but you can't beat 100 rabbits

freeyourballs-4 karma

Wow, what great luck that someone randomly posted your phone booth product and you are here to now further promote it by answering questions.

Here is my question: Do you have any tips on how someone might run into similar luck?

framery3 karma

I can see where you are pointing at. I was told about this, however, in Facebook earlier - I have no idea who is the original poster.

What a dumbass would I be, if I weren't here answering to your questions when given this kind of attention.

And to your question: Remember to buy your lottery ticket every week. Or just be sitting in a board meeting when someone sends you a message that "Btw, You are on the front page of reddit".