Hello reddit, Phillip Phillips here (http://www.phillipphillips.com/raging-fire-video). You may know me as the Season 11 American Idol winner or you may have heard my song "Home" (http://youtu.be/HoRkntoHkIE) during the 2012 Summer Olympics. I've toured with John Mayer, Matchbox Twenty and have an upcoming co-headlining tour with O.A.R. starting June 12. My sophomore album 'Behind The Light' is out now http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/behind-the-light/id860371899.

Ask me anything!!

PROOF here and here

Thank you all so much for taking the time to come ask questions and talk music! I hope you all enjoy 'Behind the Light.' Visit me anytime @Phillips on Twitter. 

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C0vetous197 karma

How much do you love it when people say they love Home by Mumford & Sons?

Phillip_Phillips108 karma

I love it too!

chipper74786 karma

My last name is Daniels. If I name my son Daniel will you start a band with him? Daniel Daniels and Phillip Phillips...

Phillip_Phillips108 karma

I will only if you name him that! DD and PP!

j4ckalop360 karma

Are going to collaborate with Dave Matthews?

Phillip_Phillips33 karma

Haven't made plans but you never know what the future holds.

wellvis49 karma

Have you ever considered changing your middle name from LaDon to Fillup, just for consistency?

Phillip_Phillips76 karma

I may do that for my future child just to screw with him.

TwatsonDangle38 karma

Hey it's the guy that named your first song! You owe me everything!

Phillip_Phillips45 karma

Judson!! You owe me!!

square_balls37 karma

Is there anything about American idol you regret? Do you think you would have made it big without the show? Is it really as honest as t.v. makes it look? Would you recommend other musicians to try that path as well?

Lastly. Is your real name Phillip Phillips? No offense. Just wondering if it was a fate chosen by your parents to have an easily memorable name ;-)

Phillip_Phillips59 karma

My name really is Phillip Phillips. I don't really regret anything from Idol. I didn't give in to what they wanted me to because those things weren't me. It's pretty honest for the most part only if you make sure they are representing you how you really are. I recommend musicians trying it out only if they know what kind of artist they are and what career they want.

speaklouderpls34 karma

Hey Phillip!

I saw you last summer opening for John Mayer, and at the time, I hadn't really ever listened to your music. I was really impressed by the musicianship and energy you and your band showed. It seems like your jazz/blues influence shows a lot more in your live show, and it's great that you expand the arrangements of your songs. Love the trumpet solos and added jamming; it really brings your songs to another level.

What is it like preparing for tour with your band? Is it a collaborative effort, letting the arrangements come out naturally in practice, or are they more calculated by you prior to rehearsing. Best of luck with your music!

Phillip_Phillips19 karma

Thank you! I'm very open when it comes to playing live. I love to hear what ideas my band has. We come up with jams before touring and while we tour. We like to keep it different for us and the fans.

another_cynic32 karma


Phillip_Phillips194 karma

It's my fathers name. He hated it so he gave it to me.

Dabigfudge27 karma

Is it true that your best friend is macklemore? And is he the reason why all of your lyrics are so dope? Do you happen to have a sharpie in your possession? Why is it that you are such a bad driver?

Phillip_Phillips43 karma

hahhahahahaah you're crazy Ben! I just laughed out loud! Do you need to see my rear window wiper??!!

JSteggs21 karma

Knowing that Dave Matthews is one of your influences, what is one of your favorite songs of his? Also, between your first two albums what is your favorite song you have written?

Phillip_Phillips19 karma

I really love 'The Stone'. My favorite song I've written is probably 'A Fool's Dance'. It changes from time to time though.

_northernlights20 karma

Not a question, BUT Tim Hortons should give you free coffee for life for using your song in their commercials. Just saying.

Phillip_Phillips19 karma

That would be nice!

Ade_Loves_Music16 karma

Will you ever form a permanent band? Are the guys you are playing with now your permanent band? I hope so, they are awesome!

Phillip_Phillips25 karma

I keep the same guys for touring and recording. They are amazing musicians!

TiffyD89715 karma

Call me biased, but I consider you to be a lyrical genius. Does songwriting come natural for you or is it a process that has been challenging at times?

Phillip_Phillips16 karma

That's very kind. Writing is a strange thing, sometime's it's very quick and other times it may take a week or days or longer.

annamollyx12 karma

Hey love your stuff!! Just wondering, are you still under contract with idol? How much input did they have on your album?

Phillip_Phillips30 karma

Thanks! I'm not under Idol and they had no input. All from my producer and I.

gracefrance9 karma

Since my name is Grace, I am especially interested in your new song on the deluxe edition. What are the lyrics to 'Grace' inspired from? I am dying to hear it at Red Rocks this summer! YOU READY?! AHHHHH!

Phillip_Phillips34 karma

It's actually one of the first songs I've ever written. It's a love song between an elephant and a rhino... I'm just kidding, but it is a love song.

beautyinprecision7 karma

Hey Phillip! I've been following your music since you auditioned for American Idol. I instantly thought that DMB was a big influence of yours due to your voice and style. My question to you is: how does it make you feel when you're compared to DMB? To me, there's nothing wrong with that but others would say differently. Congratulations on doing so well. I know a lot of Idols who really haven't done much!

Phillip_Phillips13 karma

I take it as a compliment. He's an amazing writer and very nice guy.

zmoney886 karma

Who are your musical influences? Who are your favorite guitar players?

Phillip_Phillips8 karma

I'm a guitar player first and my first hero was Angus Young from AC/DC. I learned everything he played. Then I fell in love with Hendrix, SRV, and so many more!

tanglado6 karma

How did you like working with/touring with John Mayer? I saw the two of you in New Orleans & was absolutely blown away! The concert was amazing!

Phillip_Phillips8 karma

He was great! The fan's and whole crew were awesome as well. Thanks for coming to the show!

fehhhandrade5 karma

Wazzup Phillip, im from Brazil! and i wonder if you return with your new tour over here :) Love you so much, xo

Phillip_Phillips9 karma

I really want to come back to Brazil! I absolutely loved it there!

jenc7154 karma

Do you have any plans to do a Live CD of some of the songs on Behind The Light?

Phillip_Phillips6 karma

We shall see!

WantCenter4 karma

do you often just plug in your headphones and relax to Behind the Light? How often do you listen to your own stuff?

Phillip_Phillips17 karma

I don't too often but the reason I will is to listen to them to memorize everything. I have a horrible memory with lyrics.

sultanreigns4 karma

Phil! It is I, Mark from valdeezy that met you through Ben! Long time no talk brother, first how is everything bro? Hope you're keeping stress free. But when are we doing our acoustic/djembe jam at flip flops!?! Haha much love man take it easy!

Phillip_Phillips3 karma

What's up dude! Yeah it's been a while. We'll jam for sure! I'm good and hope you're doing well!

palatineleefan4 karma

What song is currently stuck in your head at this moment?

Phillip_Phillips25 karma

"The Final Countdown' because someone who works with me was singing it the other day and it hasn't left my brain since!

alysiamarie144 karma

Are you a fan of the TV show Impractical Jokers?

Phillip_Phillips8 karma

I LOVE that show!

dalakes3 karma

What was your favorite Canadian city to visit this past tour?

Phillip_Phillips6 karma

My favorite place on the Canadian tour was between Vancouver and Quebec City but there were some other great one's as well!

Kknowsbest3 karma

How ready are you for the next season of Walking Dead?

Phillip_Phillips2 karma

I can't wait!

TreyCooper2 karma


It's Trey. How in the HELL did you get Robert Randolph to play on your album? (You guys killed it by the way)

Phillip_Phillips5 karma

What up bud! I've always loved him and he is a good friend of my producer and that's how we got to meet. He freakin' murdered that song!

yellOribbon1 karma

What venue are you most excited to play with O.A.R. this summer?

Phillip_Phillips5 karma

Red Rocks for sure!


What was your favourite song to record from Behind the Light? Which song are you looking forward to play live for crowds?

Phillip_Phillips2 karma

My favorite song I recorded on the new album was probably 'Thicket' or 'FACE'. I'm ready to play all of them honestly. ha!