Hey everybody, my name is Andrea. I was on Survivor seasons 22 (Redemption Island) and 26 (Caramoan). I am most known for making my way back into the game on Redemption Island, and also being the only female to be voted out of the game with a hidden immunity idol! Memories! I've always been a lurker, but I just created my account a few days ago. I plan on doing a mixture of text, picture and video responses, depending on how good your questions are ;) So feel free to ask me any pressing questions about Survivor, or whatever floats your boat.

Also - to celebrate the finale of this season's Survivor I teamed up with AskMen (where I host sometimes) to make a skit about my life after Survivor. Take a look if you want! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SU-6aVad11w

PROOF: https://twitter.com/andreaboehlke/status/469232131231973377

EDIT: Hey guys, thanks so much for coming and asking questions! I'm gonna go watch the finale right now, see you all later.

ANOTHER EDIT: Ah! I see there were a lot of questions I didn't get to... more people showed up than I thought! Maybe I can go back and answer some questions in the near future. Thanks again everyone who popped in! xoxo

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contextplz55 karma

You say that you're a lurker here. How is it that you managed to do so without building a spy shack?

AndreaSurvivor30 karma

you're amazing

mrsurvivor21 karma

Let me sneak in a quick question...

  • How different is Boston Rob from his edit?

  • Who do you think is going to win tonight?

  • What is your favorite moment ever in survivor?

  • What is your favorite thing you got to do as host on AskMen?

  • What else do you plan to do in your career?

AndreaSurvivor24 karma

  1. In real life you don't see all the backstabbing that Boston Rob does... he's very charming. I think that's why he's one of the top Survivor players.
  2. I'm HOPING Spencer, and if he gets to the top 2 I bet he will.
  3. Probably when I saw my dad on the family visit. Having a family member out there, especially my dad, was a life changing moment
  4. Last year we went out to Vegas for a Red Bull breakdancing competition, that was pretty awesome. Oh, and skydiving too, that was awesome!
  5. Right now I'm loving hosting and seem to keep finding work. Being a part of a talk show at some point would be awesome. Ideally with some producing credits too :)

lazyfoot1021 karma

Favorite season of Survivor that you weren't on?

AndreaSurvivor60 karma

Probably this season to be honest! I think they did a wonderful job casting all new players who are ready to take risks. I'm kind of over returning players TBH unless it's a major all-star season.

DabuSurvivor20 karma

Both of your seasons were very poorly-received by fans. How did you feel about them as a viewer? Did you enjoy watching them? In both seasons, you were considered one of the high points in an otherwise unlikable and dull season; do you feel disappointed that people didn't like your seasons, or happy that you were one of the few things they enjoyed, or both?

Do you think it's a coincidence that two of the least popular seasons ever both included Phillip?

AndreaSurvivor32 karma

I'm surprised people didn't like Caramoan more. I think it turned out to be a pretty good season with some shocking TCs and interesting characters?? Did you like it? If not, I would be curious to why not.

Ha! I definitely understand why people didn't like R.I. It was kind of a snooze fest. So predictable. Personally, I'm not crazy about watching my own seasons, I always get super anxious and freaked out about it.

I guess I'm happy people seemed to enjoy me on my seasons-- I'll drink to that. corona drinking intensifies

Solitude818 karma

Who are you rooting for tonight, Tony, Spencer, Woo or Kass?

AndreaSurvivor42 karma

I've been team Spencer for the entire season! So.. Team Spencer FTW!

like_2_watch9 karma

If you were playing you'd have gotten Spencer out, though, right?

AndreaSurvivor24 karma

Yeah.. I think you'd be silly to keep him around at this point if you were playing. However, I think I would gel with Spencer so I see him as someone I would have possibly aligned with.

BAWAHOG18 karma

Ding, marry, kill: Eddie, Elrod and Malcolm.

AndreaSurvivor25 karma

Well, you have to marry Elrod... we all know this. Probably ding Eddie... and I'll just kill Malcolm because it's very unlikely he ever reads this.

ihasmuffins5 karma

You'd kill your king?! You may have just broken the internet with that response. A survivor world without Malcolm?! You cray.

AndreaSurvivor4 karma

hahaha.. okay fair point! I switch it up. Let's ding Malcolm. Goodbye Eddie :(

SMC369413 karma

What did you do to prepare for Survivor?

Were there any funny stories from either of your seasons that were never aired?

Were there any players whose games you looked to as inspiration before you went on?

Who are your favorite Survivor players?

AndreaSurvivor23 karma

  1. I always go into full on Survivor training mode. I start working out like crazy-- biking, hiking, running, swimming, usually I move back to WI a month or so before and try everything from sling shots to making fire and making my own fishing hooks. Before RI my family took a trip to the Boundary Waters to prepare as well.
  2. Something I will always remember is when Eddie and Erik started to get sooooo hungry and they told us they were going to chop down a coconut tree. There were like, maybe 7 coconuts tops on this tree. We were all like, NO.
  3. Everyone says Parvati, but there's a reason for that. She really is a solid player and uses her flirt card well (way more effectively than me;) But for my second season I guess I tried to use what I learned from Boston Rob.
  4. There's a lot! Strategy wise... some of my favs are B Rob, Cochran, Tyson, Rob C, Kim, Spencer, Sophie. I get a kick out of Coach. There's a lot of players I like for different reasons...

EFINI13 karma

Hi Andrea! In Redemption Island you described the relationship between Natalie and Rob as being "borderline creepy". Why did you feel that way? And do you still hold that belief, or was it just something you said "in the moment"?

AndreaSurvivor35 karma

Honestly, I still feel bad about that comment. Natalie is the sweetest girl ever, and she was also only 19 at the time when she played R.I. I was JUST voted out and very bitter. I think at the time I was looking for an excuse to be bitchy. At the time I probably thought that was the case, but looking back.... you just get soooo bitter and jealous it's not you in the final 3. Hey, I was much better my second time around, yah?? ;)

riversnake8111 karma

You and Reynold seemed to hit it off at Ponderosa to say the least - did you snuff his torch or what?

AndreaSurvivor33 karma

Oh my goodness, happy you brought that up. I was petrified when I watched that Ponderosa video. Reynold and I were 100% friends, he was like a brother to me. That video made it look like we were getting it onnnnnnnn. Not the case.

365behind11 karma

Was Phillip as crazy as he came off or was it all just an act? Also, would you ever play again if they asked?

AndreaSurvivor21 karma

It's not an act, per say, but he does know how to play to the cameras. I like Phillip-- he's just a very eccentric dude.

That's a good question! I'm not sure. It's really hard to say no when you get the call, but I'm not sitting here thinking about it too much.

brunub11 karma

Good afternoon Andrea, I hope all is well! Getting back from Survivor, what's a non-oatmeal food you couldn't get enough of?

AndreaSurvivor17 karma

Okay so peanut butter all the way. Peanut butter on fruit, peanut butter on a spoon, peanut butter smoothies (Malcolm made a really good peanut butter alcoholic smoothie drink), and also they had really good pancakes at ponderosa.

Clairendipity10 karma

Hi Andrea! Thanks for stopping by and answering our questions. I have two.

First, how often do you get to see your former cast mates nowadays?

Also, do you know how one might go about either being a part of the dream team or working with casting for Survivor?

AndreaSurvivor17 karma

Hello! Of course, thank you for stopping in!!

  1. I see the NYC Survivors the most, since I live here. A big group of us just did Escape The Room. When I was out in LA a few weeks back I was able to catch up with Natalie, Phillip, Cochran, Cha Cha, a few others. I like to keep in touch as much as I can.

  2. I'm not sure. I know when my sister came out to The Philippines (when she almost made the Family Visit episode) she got in touch with someone who hires for the Dream Team. She actually made a tape to apply for it, but they ended up not hiring her:/

The_Captain_10 karma

Andrea! How is your day going so far?

Do you have any plans for this evening?

AndreaSurvivor12 karma

My day is going wonderful! I might watch the Survivor finale with the NYC crew if I wrap this up in time. Otherwise I might crack a beer and watch at the office here. We also have cornhole! I'm weirdly good at that game

The_Captain_5 karma

Glad to hear that you're having a wonderful day! What is your favorite beer then?

diemunkiesdie1 karma

No lime?

AndreaSurvivor13 karma

Lime Shortage, tough times

ihasmuffins10 karma

Is there anyone voted out after you in Caramoan that you would have voted for over Cochran?

AndreaSurvivor10 karma

Well... if Dawn made the final three I probably would have voted for her because we were together the entire season and making a lot of moves together.

ihasmuffins18 karma

Do you mean if Dawn had made it sans Cochran....because she was in the F3....you could have voted for her...

AndreaSurvivor6 karma

Yes. I think I would have voted for Dawn over anyone else

Tacate9 karma

Erik has stated on /r/survivor that if Eddie had won that final immunity challenge he probably would have won the season. Do you think that's true?

AndreaSurvivor10 karma

Not sure. If Cochran is still there with Eddie in the top thee, Cochran wins. But if it's Eddie, Sherri and Dawn? That's tough. It's actually very possible! Which is crazy! But everyone was so pissed at Dawn at Ponderosa, that a bunch of people would have thrown their votes Eddie's way. Now I really wonder how that situation would have played out...

pugdogs109 karma

You were easily my favorite survivor ever. I was really pulling for you your second time around but I just thought it was really cool how you appreciated the way you were voted out and didn't pout about it.

Anyways Cochran is also one of my favorite survivors, and I wondered whether or not you two are still friends because you seemed to get along well in the show and I know that you tweeted a lot of pictures of you guys hanging out for a little while after that season.

EDIT: Also do you like Harry Potter? :)

AndreaSurvivor18 karma

Yeah Cochran is someone I can see myself being friends with for a while. He's in LA right now killing it writing for The Millers so we don't talk as much... but I'll always be a Cochran fan and when we do catch up it's nice.

And yes, of course I like Harry Potter! Big Danny Radcliffe fan.

contextplz5 karma

Then why didn't you throw in some Harry Potter references like Malcolm did with Lord of the Rings? Fans loved that.

AndreaSurvivor11 karma

Not as cool as Malcolm I guess!

Classyconman8 karma

Hey Andrea,

I have a question about your Jury votes, In Both the seasons you where on you not only made jury both times, but also voted for the winner each time. Now of the 2 winners Boston rob, and Cochran. who did you feel the best about voting for? Do you feel Rob deserved to win more or Cochran?

AndreaSurvivor23 karma

Oh man. I guess I felt "best" about voting for Cochran because he was a good friend of mine and I genuinely felt proud of him. I think Boston Rob played close to a "perfect game" but then again... look who he was playing with. He had it a lot easier. I remember not really wanting to vote for Rob, but I had no other choice.

Pagong8 karma

If Caramoan had ended up being an F2 with Erik and Dawn, who would you have voted for, and who do you think would have won?

AndreaSurvivor11 karma

I would have definitely voted for Dawn. I had a relationship with Dawn, and she actually had some really good moves in the game-- getting information from Corinne, the boys, etc. She just went a little crazy at the end there-- but even she would tell you that ;) Love Dawn.

DabuSurvivor6 karma

Would you have voted for Eddie over anyone else who was in that final ~5? The show made it look like you guys bonded, but of course it's highly edited.

AndreaSurvivor10 karma

Hmmm... it's tough. It depends on if he did anything strategic towards the end of the game. But if it was Eddie, Erik and Sherri, then it's possible. I would have probably voted for Brenda over Eddie.

KelliBuck8 karma

How fierce is Sophierce?

AndreaSurvivor19 karma

Sophie is incredibly Sophierce.

ugbar138 karma

Favorite memory from ponderosa?

AndreaSurvivor25 karma

When I first got there, I heard from everyone that Phillip was IRATE. He was talking so much smack about me. So we had to have this deep discussion about how I really hurt his feelings and how this season didn't go like he thought it would. But then we made up, and then he shifted his focus to haaaating Erik. And then Erik showed up and then he shifted his focus to haaaaating Dawn. It's funny what ponderosa does to people.

linesinaconversation8 karma

What's your favourite element of the periodic table?

AndreaSurvivor19 karma

Chromium obviously... all about the bling.

BAWAHOG4 karma

Lol, I think he was going for Polonium.

AndreaSurvivor17 karma

Polonium is the most unstable element in my periodic table.


SurvivingTWD7 karma

Would you ever consider doing Big brother? =]

AndreaSurvivor32 karma

Absolutely not. They show EVERYTHING on that show, and I come from a pretty conservative family so I would feel like I would have to censor myself all the time.

like_2_watch8 karma

What about Amazing Race? Who would you partner with?

AndreaSurvivor22 karma

Ooh! See that I would do. Not sure who my partner would be? They don't really cast past reality contestants and someone random though. Usually it's some reality duo. Otherwise I would say my younger sister Sabrina would be pretty amazing at it.

hanselpremium6 karma

I remember the show describing you as a 'farm girl', what kind of farm did you grow up in?

AndreaSurvivor18 karma

I grew up on a 2,000 acre cattle farm in Wisconsin. Up until age 19 I was showing steers, pigs and horses at the fair and at the state level. And now I live in NYC. Oh, life!

hanselpremium2 karma

Did you get cast prior to moving to NYC or after? Most of the casting usually comes from big cities I heard.

AndreaSurvivor2 karma

Before! I sent in an audition tape that I taped on our farm, over a year before moving to NYC. Got it on my first submission.

darrylrm156 karma

Who's the real Phillip?

AndreaSurvivor40 karma


TheJmaster7x5 karma

It's great to see so many Survivor AMAs recently. Seeing as you are Miss Survivor, and the host of Reality Game Masters I was wondering if there was anything in the works for the survivor of season in rhap.

AndreaSurvivor3 karma

I hope so!! I just saw Rob C out in LA about a month ago and we were throwing around some ideas. I'm hoping something really cool is in the works very soon :)

diemunkiesdie4 karma

What bet did you make at the 2014 Kentucky Derby?

AndreaSurvivor12 karma

It was a trifecta box on one of the first races

SharplyDressedSloth2 karma

Hey Andrea!

Do you think California Chrome will pull off the triple crown?

AndreaSurvivor23 karma

Yes! I think he will.

Funny story - I was at the derby this year and placed my first bet ever... and this happened:


WhiteGuyThatCantJump2 karma

Hey Andrea, thanks for doing the AMA.

I owe you a big thank you. I was going to UWSP, and I saw an article in the paper about a student being on Survivor. My brother was always telling me I should watch it. I figured I might as well watch and cheer on a fellow Pointer. Since then, I have not missed a single episode. I am hooked. And I have made a bunch of friends just because we are Survivor nerds. THANK YOU.

As for a question.... gotta go back to the roots. You can only order one thing from Belts. What do you get?

AndreaSurvivor4 karma

Hello fellow Pointer!!! I am so glad I got you hooked ;) It's an addicting show! You are very welcome, I do what I can!

Oh, I miss Belts! I mean, I have to go for straight up chocolate ice cream. Great... now I'm craving Belts.

fishman7282 karma

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for doing this AMA! Who from either of your previous seasons that has played only once would you like to see get a second chance?

AndreaSurvivor15 karma

RI- I doubt they would ever bring anyone back from here at this point, but Mike Chiesl is actually a very interesting dude, despite what you saw from his edit. He's really funny actually. And David Murphy could have been a good villain. I feel bad, those two really got the short end of the stick. It would also be interesting to see what Matt Elrod would do if he ever came back... would he drop the moral shtick and play a completely different game?? Could be really intriguing.

Caramoan- Reynold would be cool to bring back, but I know he said he wouldn't play again. Plus, he's like... having babies and all that. I'm also in love with Snowy and Matt The Beard... those guys would have been great on an all-newbie season. Also, Allie, if she would have gotten further in the game, could have been a dynamite player. At least that's what I think.