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a1reddit17 karma

Have you heard of a lawsuit that is going to the US Supreme Court on behalf of Amazon's Warehouse workers? I think this one is against Amazon and Integrity Staffing Solutions.


What is your experience working for them? I think Amazon is trying to get out paying you for time you are required to spend going through security. From what I read it can be lengthy.

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I've heard of this one. IMO (not the opinion of Amazon), this should've been a lawsuit against the staffing agency because they're the ones that hired a lot of people during the peak season. During the year, it only takes 2 seconds to walk through security.

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Hi vebent!

-How did you get involved in this job?

-What's an average day like for you?

Thanks for them AMA!

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My stepsons dad told me that his wife works here and told me what staffing agency to go through. I've done such a damn good job that Amazon decided to hire me on along with 50 other people at the time.

Well, I arrive to work about 30 minutes before my shift. I grab a water and maybe a snack from the vending machines. I clock in and we go to our stand-up. Basically they go over numbers, how good of a job we did the previous day, and any issues that may have happened. During the stand-up we're also doing our basic stretches. This lasts for maybe 10-15 minutes. After that, I log into my scan gun and start picking. If the pack department is taking a beating then I'll usually head up there to help them out.

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Does Amazon collaborate with the NSA to intercept packages?

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That's something I never deal with and wouldn't it be the FBI or CIA that would intercept it? I thought the NSA dealt with spying.

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Why does Amazon repeatedly refuse to treat it's warehouse workers like human beings?


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So these conditions are specific to that particular warehouse and of course ass hole managers from the looks of the article. The managers in our warehouse don't even enter our lunch room and we can't clock back in until after exactly 30 minutes. Yes, they can alter the time if need be, but our managers give us our full breaks and lunches.