Hey guys and gals. We are here to answer some questions. Thanks for taking the time to join.

Our fourth album is coming out on June 10th titled "Count Me In." We are also heading out on a 34 date headlining amphitheater tour this Summer.

You can download some tracks for free and see all tour dates at www.RebelutionMusic.com.

Pre-order "Count Me In" - iTunes: http://smarturl.it/htciqi CD / Vinyl: http://smarturl.it/nbto48


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nyxerus30 karma

So who's got the herb when you're dry?

RebelutionMusic31 karma

You wanna get so high

minitrukr25 karma

What would I have to do in order to get The Expendables, Rebelution, Slightly Stoopid and Stick Figure together for a show?

RebelutionMusic26 karma

I'm sure it's only a matter of time. Cali Roots usually has some combination of our bands. There's only so many established bands in this genre that we all tour together eventually.

Stay_Blazed22 karma

I just wanted to thank you guys. Your music (specifically Courage to Grow) helped me get through some tough times, it definitely helped me find the courage to grow! You guys are my all time favorite band! Keep on jamming!

RebelutionMusic9 karma

Thanks much :)

cleverpseudoname10 karma

On a scale of one to ten, how excited were you when you found that the portmanteau "rebelution" had not yet been taken as a band name?

RebelutionMusic17 karma

Utterly excited. We patented it right away.

Dank_Turtle9 karma

Saw you guys last year in Boston with Collie Budz. You guys sounded as perfect as it gets live.

My question is: What are you guys' favorite thing to do to pass time while on tour?

Love y'all, please tour with SOJA soon since y'all are both my favorite reggae bands

Peace & love

RebelutionMusic13 karma

Rory and I juice everyday for the band and crew to keep our health up and get our vitamins. I personally like to play disc golf and ride my bike. Rory and I also seek out local breweries or craft beer bars. Others like to work out or play video games. On days off we'll go see a movie or have a big dinner with everyone at a hibachi grill.

theeGuyOverdare9 karma

Not a question.... you guys are the fucking tits. Can't wait for your show in philly again!!

RebelutionMusic18 karma

Tits are good, I'm glad we're them.


Hey guys. Probably a silly question, but out of curiousity, how much weed does the band actually smoke? With that being said how does Eric maintain his great voice with all the smoke I presume you guys engage in?

RebelutionMusic16 karma

Not as much as people would like to believe I'm sure. I hardly smoke, Eric is careful about smoking so as not to get sick or degrade his voice. Marley and Rory smoke more frequently.

caskar8 karma

I don't really have a question, I just wanted to say I saw you guys on tour with Slightly Stoopid in STL a year or two ago and I have to say you guys were easily one of the best opening bands I've seen play with them.

RebelutionMusic10 karma

Thanks, come check us out when we headline some time!

selectyour7 karma

Hello Rebelution, just wanted to say that I love you guys and your music so much. You guys make me so happy. Fucking positive vibes and just rock reggae/roots reggae/whatever is a huge reason I'm not as depressed as I used to be. You guys got me out of a pretty deep hole emotionally. thanks

I can't see you in concert much, as I live in Kuwait, but I saw you in San Diego last summer and I've already bought great tickets to see you on August 8 again. Can't wait! The line up for this summer's tour is amazing

RebelutionMusic7 karma

Wow from Kuwait to SD?! That's a mission, thank you for making that work and taking the time. We appreciate your service and your fandom! Thank you

UTpowShredder6 karma

You guys are definitely at the top of the list in the reggae/rock arena, have seen you a few times in the Salt Lake City area. My band here in SLC called "Herban Empire" aspires to be on an opening bill with you guys someday. I love your collaborations with other musicians I listen to such as Collie Budz / Zion - I, what inspired you to work with these other artists?

RebelutionMusic6 karma

Most of the collaborations are with bands/artists we have toured with. We're so fortunate to tour with talented people. Getting to work with Zion I was particularly special for me because I grew up in the Bay Area listening to them. One of my favorites of all time! -ER

RebelutionMusic6 karma

Cool band name!

We usually become inspired to collaborate with certain artists after touring with them. At some point on tour we really get to know them and they may or may not come onstage and perform with us. We then keep them in the back of our mind and when a new song comes up that would seem fitting for their vocals we go from there.

T0mmyGun5 karma

Sometime around 2006 you guys played in the back parking lot of "The Marley House" in Isla Vista (obviously quite a few times). And Marley asked me to make sure no one put their drinks on all the amps and what not and basically keep people away from that corner of the stage. He said he'd give me $50 or an 8th of weed. I never got that weed, and with interest I think an ounce of your finest herb will do. Thanks guys.

RebelutionMusic5 karma

Haha I'll let him know!

jimhahahahahahalpert5 karma

First I want to say you guys are awesome. My girlfriend and I have seen you guys live countless times, and you kill it every time. I met Marley a few years back in Walnut Creek. I was working at the hotel you were staying at for a friends wedding and you signed a copy of Peace of Mind and left it for me. I never got a chance to say thanks!

Keep being awesome guys, I can't tell you how many good vibes you guys constantly put out there!

RebelutionMusic3 karma

Thank you! -ER

RebelutionMusic3 karma

Thanks, glad you got the album!

SocialSoundSystem5 karma

Since I know you guys and your experience in Isla Vista: How do you feel about the current state of IV considering the recent crackdown/riot during Floatopia? When we were there the band-party scene was bands would play for hundreds (maybe a thousand+) during a house party with kegs and good times. 20K kids in a few square miles would go to parties/bands every week. They became friends and fans of their favorite local bands. When they graduated they took those seeds of music with them back home, shared with friends, and it just grew from there... Now it seems like it will be much more difficult for live bands to come out of UCSB/IV vs. a DJ or electronic producer.

I feel like we saw the final high-water mark with Rebelution and Iration as far as bands that will be able to share that sound/experience.

PS see you guys this summer with the boys. PSS please kick Dean in the shin for me but tell him it was per Steph.

K, thanks!

RebelutionMusic6 karma

I couldn't agree more, the live musical environment there has definitely changed. Safety is always an issue so I can kind of understand but there should be an outlet still. Ideally it would be great if the city allowed weekly or monthly sponsored shows in the park and hired city security. Us and Iration really did experience the last era of playing with little consequences. I do have to say, on our last show in IV there were smashed windows and stolen property which was not cool. IV has too much of a reputation now and too many out-of-towners bringing drugs and violence into the small community. Good question!

wuttuw4 karma

As far as your music being released, how do you feel about fans torrenting your music?

RebelutionMusic17 karma

If you can't stop it, embrace it. We do it ourselves to certain degrees so that would be hypocritical. If the fans want to support us, they will purchase it or come to a show.

Rebelution4 karma

Hey guys! Huge fan as you can tell by my reddit name. Your first show I attended with SOJA and Zion I back in 2010 was life changing. Can't wait to see you play with Iration in June!

Who is your favorite band to tour with?

RebelutionMusic10 karma

That would be playing favorites! Honestly all the bands we've toured with have been gracious and friendly and we wouldn't have it any other way. This summer tour is going to be intense since Iration are our brothers, We've toured extensively with The Green, Stick Figure drives our old shuttle bus, and DJ Mackle is our homeboy. Doesn't get much more family than that!

GratefulGreg894 karma

Hey you guys whatsup?!? First I want to say I am a huge fan and thank you for making the music that has gotten me through so very hard times.. That being said What charities do you guys give to.. Obviously a lot of your lyrics are about giving back and I think that's a beautiful thing Second! If you guys are ever in SoCal can I come jam with you? It would be a huge dream of mine (and I know Eric wants to get down with another guitar player again)

RebelutionMusic7 karma

We've given/done shows for various causes over the years, especially the local SB organizations early on. We've donated to Surfrider a lot. We now all 4 have our own charities we will donate to. Mine will be pediatric cancer as I had a friend who lost their son to it.

fixed_curtains4 karma

Have you ever had plans to go on a college tour? It would be amazing seeing a tour with you Iration and The Expendables hitting up campuses around the nation.

RebelutionMusic7 karma

Most of the markets we play in are college markets actually. Sometimes we play at the actual campuses but many times those are closed to the public.

Jkenney104 karma

See you guys every time you're in the Philly area and it is always an awesome night. Can't wait for "Count Me In" and the show on the 14th!

Just wanted to drop by and say thank you for all of the music and everything that it has done for me personally.

RebelutionMusic3 karma


landers894 karma

Crazy fan girl question--- Would you be willing to ever play at a wedding? :) Ordinary Girl specifically! I would opt out of most wedding things to have you guys play!

PS, met you guys after last year's show in Stroudsburg, PA. It was an awesome show!

RebelutionMusic4 karma

Sorry but we don't really do personal functions like that. We also don't perform that song anymore as it was written by an original member that left the band.

jimmy23aver3 karma

Where did you guys get the inspiration for the name "Rebelution"?

RebelutionMusic7 karma

Rebel + revolution. Give it a positive connotation and there you have it! Rolls off the tongue easily as well.

kneesark3 karma

Hey guys love your music!

Eric, did you/do you ever take vocal lessons? Also, what is the creative process like when producing an album?

Thank you! I cannot wait for the new album!

RebelutionMusic2 karma

I never took vocals lessons... I took a vocal techniques class in college. I learned some good things from that class.

I usually come up with the idea and show the rest of the band. Then they alter/add their parts. I like to show the rest of the band what I'm working on before the song is finished to get their input. -ER

ChunkfaceMcDirtyDick3 karma

Sup guys?

First I'd love to thank you for always bringing a fresh positive vibe to my life every single day - it's easy to get drug down with all the negativity in todays society. It still amazes me that tossing on one of your albums can change my entire outlook on day to day life.

I first discovered you guys when you were touring/opening for Slightly Stoopid around 5 years ago. Funny how fast time flies; it seems like yesterday. I have seen you live over 20 times since then and never miss a show when you guys come to St Louis or surrounding areas. The energy you guys bring to every show is incredible!

Your music bleeds positivity; how is that you guys maintain such a high level of positivity on a day-to-day basis? It's definitely something to be admired. Will 'Count Me In' maintain that same energy and positive vibe? What are some influences for the new album?

RebelutionMusic10 karma

It would be unrealistic to say that we're happy-go-lucky all the time haha! But really when it comes down to it we just look around at the live we live and it's a pretty blessed one. We do what we love, it's an honest living, and we make people happy doing it. It's the best job in the world.

RebelutionMusic7 karma

Even though songs may have different musical styles, our vibe will always be the same, it's what makes us easily recognizable as Rebelution. We each have our own influences. Mine have been Phantogram, Foster the People, and Crosses recently.

X3V3N3 karma

Man Im so excited to see you guys @ California Roots Fest in Monterey, Ca! My Question: How has it been having live artists paint during your shows? I love being able to see your set and a painting get done before your set is done!

RebelutionMusic5 karma

It adds another great dimension to the visual and spiritual aspect of our show. It's cool to look over and see the progress throughout the show. They work hard, and donate the sales of the painting to charity which is awesome.

gcalimpong913 karma

How much thc per month do you consume? Approximately

RebelutionMusic2 karma

Impossible to know, and different for each member. I personally consume a residual amount = <0.01

PhantomMercenary3 karma


RebelutionMusic7 karma

It was a lot of fun. It was our first glimpse at amphitheater touring so we learned a lot. We hope we can do some shows together again down the line, love those guys.

about3fitty3 karma

Hey what's up Eric! You probably don't remember a sound guy at UCSB named Chausse but I mixed you guys a lot for live shows on and off campus from 2004-2006. I remember sitting down with you and Marley in my room on Sabado and drawing up your first stage plot and input list, haha. Really loved your music and you were really nice guys. Just wanted to say I'm glad to see you're doing really well and seeing a lot of success out there. If you come to Australia let me know.

RebelutionMusic4 karma

Chausse! Definitely remember you. Great to hear from you. You helped us out a lot! Thanks for everything man. Much love for real. -ER

4lyfe3 karma

Hey guys,

Just wanted to say thank you for making amazing positive music that has changed my outlook on life and always look for them positive vibes. Cant wait to see you guys again in august in SLC.

PS Your new jams are classic.

RebelutionMusic3 karma

Stay positive!

RStreus3 karma

Hey! Big fan, seen y'all at least five times in texas and plan on seeing y'all at Free Press Summerfest in Houston

What is your favorite festival and why?

Does it ever get annoying when ppl ask y'all to blaze after concerts and wherever y'all may be?


PS keep up the good vibes :)

RebelutionMusic5 karma

There are a lot of great festivals: Cali Roots, Lolla, Bonaroo, Reggae on the Rocks, ACL, Outsidelands, Hangout, Sierra Nevada, Summerfest, etc. We've been lucky to play most of the major ones and even some cool smaller ones. Festivals are always fun because you get to hang out and check out other bands that you're a fan of.

To be honest sometimes it does get annoying, but it really is a gracious offer! We just don't smoke all that much, and we could possibly get sick from sharing so many joints.

Hyperlight3813 karma

Just stopping in to tell you guys that what you all are doing is amazing and there's nothing more I enjoy then introducing people to your music. We miss you all back home in SB and Ventura!!!

RebelutionMusic6 karma

Thank you for spreading the word, we count on you to grow!

GenerationWhyyy3 karma


Just wanted to say you're one of my favorite music artists out there and I cannot wait to see you perform live at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival next month in Boonville!

My law school professor and her husband host it and when she told me y'all will be performing I cleared my schedule the day you guys perform.

Love the new album btw keep the chill ass music flowing!

RebelutionMusic3 karma

Good work on clearing the schedule, see you there!

SaltyDog853 karma

Hey guys, I saw you in Milton Keynes, UK last year. I was the American that Eric gave the guitar pick to (thanks for that, btw!) Anyways, the venue was incredibly small and the show was awesome. Do you have any plans on coming back?

RebelutionMusic4 karma

We hope to be back this fall but we're not sure yet. Keep an eye out for the international dates.

midwesternlights3 karma

Huge fan here from Milwaukee. Excited for the album. My question is what music/artists have influenced you the most OUTSIDE of reggae music?

RebelutionMusic9 karma

Most of my influences are outside of reggae. Dredg, Circa Survive, Thrice, Alexisonfire, and City and Colour are my biggest influences. As a band we can all agree on Outkast and Nirvana as influences as well.

tkdfilipe3 karma

  • What are the artists/band that influence the band?
  • What have you been listen lately?
  • What is you're Rebelution's favorite song?

RebelutionMusic10 karma

Most of my influences are outside of reggae. Dredg, Circa Survive, Thrice, Alexisonfire, and City and Colour are my biggest influences. As a band we can all agree on Outkast and Nirvana as influences as well.

Lately I've been listening to Crosses, Phantogram, and Foster the People.

My favorite Reb song changes with each new song we write, so currently it's De-Stress.

jahsarmy3 karma

Texas misses you! When are y'all coming back?

RebelutionMusic4 karma

We will be in Houston for the Free Press Summer Fest

giveusliberty2 karma


RebelutionMusic4 karma

Check out our website, we sell VIP tix for every show. Not sure about the backstage thing though.

RebelutionMusic3 karma

We don't usually give away backstage passes but we are doing a signing session with the band prior to the show. Check out our website for more info about the platinum packages. Thank you for supporting! -ER

shizacauf62 karma

what are your guys' top 5 cities to be in? not just tour but for the overall culture, music scene, and of course food! please tell me Austin, TX is one of them haha. We love you here!

RebelutionMusic3 karma

Austin is definitely one of them. San Francisco is up there, Denver, Portland, Charleston, off the top of my head.

koske142 karma

How was it playing before OAR in Chicago a couple years back? I saw you guys and you guys put on a show. Thanks

RebelutionMusic6 karma

It was good for us to play to a different crowd, and those were some big shows too! Those guys were very nice and accommodating given our age difference and different musical style. Would love to do it again.

mpatty122 karma

How frequently do you guys make it back to Santa Barbara and Isla Vista, and when you do, where do you guys like to hang out?

RebelutionMusic3 karma

I'm the last guy living here in SB so I'm around town often. I only go to IV to catch an Ole's show or people watch during Halloween or Floatopia. Then again IV always has the good late night food. When I have friends in from town I like to take them to Lizard's Mouth, Funk Zone, Franchesci Park, the pier, Hendry's beach, and of course State.

randallpink4202 karma

Hello Gentleman!! Had a blast at the Tabernacle last year!! tripped my balls off lol Now we are upon a week countdown till i fly to San Francisco for Cali Roots!!! Are You guys ready to have a blast in Monterey?! Hope we can burn one together at some point!!

RebelutionMusic3 karma

Ready to rock my hometown fo sho! Hope the weather is nicer this year

TourPros2 karma

So when can we look forward to some extended jams and quality live shows being released ?

RebelutionMusic3 karma

We definitely dabble in the extended jams live to make the shows/tours different from one another. We're a little unsure about when we'll release a live DVD, but I'm sure you can find some fan recorded shows online.

animalshin2 karma

Just saw you guys for the 4th time at not-so-SunFest and you killed it yet again. What are your next big plans for the future?

RebelutionMusic3 karma

Sunfest was fun, couldn't believe the rain cleared for our set! You're seeing the big plans happen now - new album and big summer amphitheater tour. We're hoping to go to Europe and/or other international areas this fall.

blackychan642 karma

First off love the music. Question, why so few shows in Oklahoma or Louisiana??

RebelutionMusic2 karma

We have always had a hard time drawing there unfortunately. We'll be back in due time, it just can't be an anchor for us on tours :/

HollywoodVineGroup2 karma

what was the most important show, event, or meeting that Rebelution had that put you guys on? Love "safe and sound" and all of your reggae tunes.

RebelutionMusic6 karma

That put us on? Not sure I get that one. We had our biggest headlining show in AZ earlier this year so that was an accomplishment, and also headlining the Santa Barbara Bowl and selling out Red Rocks were huge for us.

WakeNJake2 karma

Yo guys! I met you backstage in Boston, it was dope. Love your stuff. Anyways, will there be an sweet collaborations between Rebelution and other bands in the future? Its always awesome to hear stuff like Jacob Hemphill on a Rebelution track or your (Eric) verse on the the Natural Incense song. The reggae community always seems to be shaking things up like that. Tell Marley I said waddup, HK Homie for life

RebelutionMusic4 karma

On this album we have collaborations with Amp Live from Zion I, Collie Buddz, and Don Carlos.

dgl3162 karma

What are each of your favorite bands? Will there be a dub and acoustic version of the new album? Also, will you consider booking a show in the Kansas City area? Living in the midwest, it is hard for me to make it to a show on the coasts.

RebelutionMusic4 karma

Hard to speak for everyone else. Mine is Dredg. Eric's was Dave Matthews at one point, Rory is Bob Marley and Nirvana, Marley is Tupac and Metallica maybe?

There will probably be an acoustic version, not sure about a dub yet.

It has been a minute since we were in KCMO, hope to be back sooner than later because I do like that area. Good food and good disc golf!

chrisonreddit2 karma

Why is Red Rocks your favorite venue to play?

RebelutionMusic3 karma

It's in the top 5 that's for sure. It's just an incredible outdoor amphitheater, from a visual aspect and a musical one. It's a destination for many concert goers for good reason.

Brosef062 karma

What's up, guys? Super stoked you are doing this AMA. Saw you guys live for the first time last year on the 311 Cruise and have seen you three times since then. Thanks for all of your positive vibes, it really is a guiding light and helps me keep things in perspective. Also, thanks for being super chill and always interacting with your fans.

My question is pretty simple, but what is your favorite part about touring?

See you guys next week for California Roots and June in Atlanta.

RebelutionMusic5 karma

Glad we made some fans on that cruise! Props to 311 for having us, that was an experience.

Our favorite part of touring is traveling for a living. We've seen so many places we never would have had the chance to if this wasn't our job. We've really gotten a taste for how different cultures can vary from place to place and the wonderful food and people that come with it.

spaceplustime2 karma

I was recently at one of your shows in Santa Cruz and there was a fight. What do you think about that and why didn't you say anything on stage, you just let it continue?

RebelutionMusic6 karma

Eric almost always calls out a fight if he sees it escalating. We don't condone it in anyway. People are there to see a show.

supervillain912 karma

I'm a huge fan! I hope to see you out here in Dallas soon, my question is do you guys have bumper stickers? Would love to rock one!

RebelutionMusic4 karma

We'll be at the Free Press Summer Fest in Houston coming up. We don't have bumper stickers per say but we do have regular stickers.

DikaChu2 karma

Do you guys record your live sets and if so how can I get my hands on them?! Listening to you guys live is an awesome experience. Can't wait to see you in Atlanta again this summer!

RebelutionMusic3 karma

We have in the past and were supposed to release a live dvd but there were some complications. We hope to in the future! -ER

RebelutionMusic2 karma

We don't have anything out for the public ourselves but there are some fan recorded stuff on YouTube and Archive.org

pinkfloyd8582 karma

First off i want to say Thank You for the music you guys put out. You guys are one of my favorite bands and have been following you guys since your first titled album, and the music you guys make got me through some rough times. The way you guys are always happy and pumped up at shows make it all the better.... Is their one band that you would love to play with, or have a collaboration with such as slightly Stoopid, SOJA? Thank you for making my life better with your music.

P.S. see you in Philly in a month!!!

RebelutionMusic6 karma

Stoked to get you through those rough time, stay positive!

Can't say there's any one band, we've played with most our peers in the genre. Maybe an old roots reggae cat or somebody bigger like 311 or RHCP.

8103050352 karma

Hey guys, thanks for doing this AMA. I have been a huge fan of your guys work for a long time. I dont know if you remember me but you allowed me to film your concert in 2008 at Canes in San Diego when you were opening for SOJA. At the time I was a film student but later on I switched majors and the video was never finished. Anyways, I still have footage from the whole concert including you guys jammin with SOJA and hangin out backstage. I was planning on finishing editing it and if you guys wanted a copy I would be more than happy to send it to you!

RebelutionMusic3 karma

We would love a copy! Message us privately if you can please!

jaydubb292 karma

Where can I get my hands on courage to grow? I can't find the CD anywhere. Btw you guys are amazing and I can't wait to see you guys in august at the OC fair

zapata252 karma

Let me tell you guys something, that you guys are an inspiration to people in my area. I live in Guadalupe an hour away from SB and to have a local group be as known as you guys are, it really feeds me and gives me light for the future where I want to be in a group and rock it. The hard thing is in small areas such as mine the desire is rarely found, so having you guys come up from a near by place really generates motivation for me and others. I am excited to say I'll be seeing you guys in SB this summer can't wait!

RebelutionMusic6 karma

Keep it up! Thanks for supporting! SB is a great place to play music. -ER

rocky03902 karma

Love you guys and am excited for the new album.

Anyways, my question is what is about you guys that allows you to produce music with such positive vibes? Also having seen you guys live a couple times, tell Rory his jamming out on the keyboard is much appreciated.

RebelutionMusic4 karma

We have been a band for 10 years and we all get along really well. We are friends that really enjoy playing music. We try to think positive in everything that we do. I will definitely tell Rory! -ER

RebelutionMusic3 karma

We grew in positive areas of California with positive parents!

Rory has been doing a melodica solo on Suffering lately that is just tops.

durkalurk2 karma

Coachella 2015. I want to see you guys play the Outdoor Stage during the day. Please make it happen.

RebelutionMusic6 karma

Coachella needs more reggae if you ask me. I agree -ER

RebelutionMusic3 karma

Get them to book us and we might! Maybe we need a funnier name...

Pitz882 karma

Courage to Grow is one of favorite albums. I woke up to that album and rose to greet the day happier than a sonovabitch because of your sound. You guys rock. Thanks for the tunes and positive vibes. Oh and those riffs are fucking sick. Carry on.

RebelutionMusic5 karma

Thank you sir!

RebelutionMusic3 karma

Thank you! -ER

zapata252 karma

What is your groups work ethic regarding music. Writing, playing, practicing? Let me know what makes you guys sound the way you do.

RebelutionMusic5 karma

I usually write the music at home or on the road and then I bring it to the band for them to add/alter their parts. We tour so much that we don't get to practice as much as we should but we do get sound checks to stay on top of it. -ER

Little_shredder2 karma

Hey guys, long time fan over here. I remember when I heard your EP I listened to it on repeat for a month (not kidding). I think the thing that captured me the most was Eric's voice. I was wondering where you came up with your "sound". Did you take voice lessons or something? It's really unique and has had me coming back to your shows time and time again. I was also wondering what the instrument was that you had on tour almost 2 years ago. It was like a weird electronic clarinet thing. It had a really cool sound. Anyways, thanks for doing this reddit and spreading the love everywhere you go!

RebelutionMusic2 karma

I never took vocal lessons or had any formal training. I'm not opposed to it though. I suppose I just sing how I would normally sing. I think every show I'm becoming a little more comfortable expressing myself through music. The instrument you are talking about is called an EWI (electronic wind instrument) and our sax player Khris Royal is a master at it! Check out his band Dark Matter! -ER

meistofu2 karma

Hey! I'm stationed out here in Oahu and I bought tickets to go out and see you guys in June. So excited!!

RebelutionMusic2 karma

Awesome, can't wait to be back in Hawaii! They should be playing our new song Roots Reggae Music on the radio over there now.

RebelutionMusic2 karma

Awesome! Thank for supporting -ER

claytorismorris2 karma

No question. Just wanted to say you guys are amazing and all I love everyone one of your albums. Each for different reasons, and I cannot wait for the new album.

Also I saw you guys last month in Portland w/ common kings and you were hand down the best live reggae performance I have seen. Also I can't wait to see you in Eugene, OR in August!!

RebelutionMusic2 karma

Thank you -ER

fixed_curtains2 karma

Hey guys, first off thank you for doing this AMA, I love your music and it has gotten me through some tough times.

As far as questions, of all the albums you have produced as a band, which one was the most fun to record? And also which reggae album is a personal favorite of yours to listen to?

RebelutionMusic3 karma

This recent one was the most fun to record. We took our time with it so there was no pressure, we recorded in a couple different studios both on tour and off tour, and we experimented with some things like electronic drums and such.

One of my favorite reggae albums is Da Real Thing by Sizzla

JuniorMonchis1 karma

My wife and I have been huge fans since "Courage to Grow" was released. We've seen you many times at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz CA, in SLO, Cali Roots Fest, Reggae Rising 2009 in Humboldt (epic festival), Sierra Nevada music festival and you guys killed it every time!! Much respect!! I have 2 questions. First, what advice would you give to our youth today?? Second, can you play at my daughter's baptism - July 12th Central Cali? :]

RebelutionMusic3 karma

I would just say work hard and lay off the hard drugs. Find your purpose and motivation instead of waiting for it to come to you.

Don't think we can make the baptism, but congrats :)

Lion_Style1 karma

What's up guys!! huge fan here. I saw you guys last year during your winter greens tour at the cabooze in Minneapolis (when there was the power outage and everyone was blazing in the dark), which you guys absolutely tore down the house when the power came back. (even tho i was hoping for a little acoustic set in the dark instead) ;) and then i just saw you recently at First ave in Minneapolis. like 1/3 of the way through the set i took a fat rip from my Gpen and blew it right on stage, Eric totally made a face like "someones smoking some dank" and let out that big ole grin of his :p Keep coming to the midwest, we need more Rebelution Ps. Lost in dreams is Fire!!!

RebelutionMusic3 karma

Both fun shows, one for the memory books there at the Cabooze!

ClaytonGold1 karma

What do you think of the new Tribal Seeds ?

RebelutionMusic3 karma

I believe in evolution, and they are evolving just as we all are. I embrace their change. They are all the best of people and are making great, relevant music.

jsmall0181 karma

If you guys could tour with any group who would it be? You guys need to make another music video on dp! much love guys keep up the good work

RebelutionMusic3 karma

Hard to say, we've toured with all of our peers in the genres so far. Maybe tour with an old school roots reggae guy, or maybe somebody big like 311 or RHCP.

Check out this IV vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GycIW5x1tN4

Mo_death_mo6661 karma

Hi guys thanks for a chance to speak to one of you! I just wanna ask how can one smoke with u or even give u some herb its a dream of mine!

RebelutionMusic3 karma

We typically don't smoke with people too often because it's an easy way to get sick but if you see us toss a nug!

auriemmn1 karma

Stoked to see you guys play at The Stone Pony in NJ this summer, such a great lineup, and my friends in the band Sweet Leaf will be opening for all you guys. If you guys could define Rebelution by one word what would that word be? And what would you want your jobs be if you hadn't made it big?

RebelutionMusic3 karma


Couldn't imagine another job besides this, and don't want to! Hopefully not flipping burgers.


Hey guys! Rebelution is one of my favorite bands and I'm happy to see you on Reddit. What is your favorite city to play in? I'll see you guys at the Pavilion in Portsmouth, VA on June 21st!

RebelutionMusic3 karma

Our hometowns in Cali are usually up there for good reason. Other than that: Portland, Denver, Austin, I could go on an on. Different cities have different appealing qualities to them so hard to play favorites.

not_dannydevito1 karma

Hey, huge fan here! Here's hoping you come to Chicago or Detroit soon (other than Lolla)... :)

What's your all-time favorite lyric from any one of your songs?

RebelutionMusic3 karma

What's yours?

inlandsurfer901 karma

Hey guys, huge fan for years now, seen so many shows you guys have played. Couple of things: one, I am so stoked and surprised how you guys continue to create solid album after solid album. Every one is so great front to back and theres always a fresh style without losing your sound, so congrats and thanks. Next, are you guys planning on keeping a horn section around as full-time members and touring ensemble? Also, Wes, as a drummer myself, who are some of your influences? Lastly, what are the odds of us meeting up after your show in Tahoe this August? Already have my tickets and would be super down to take you guys for a boat ride on the lake or something. We could do some wakesurfing and hit the lakeside bars, the whole bit haha, well thanks keep rockin. CREATION^ -A loyal fan

RebelutionMusic2 karma

We certainly would like to have a permanent horn section, it's just not the same going back after having them. It's something we're continually pursuing.

Good to talk to another drummer! My biggest influence by far is Dino Campanella from Dredg and Crosses. His musical decisions, playing style, and ability to play the keyboard simultaneously is unparalleled. Whenever I need inspiration I go to one of their shows or watch YouTube vids. Other than that I like Steve Clifford from Circa Survive, Abe Cunningham from Deftones, and Riley Breckenridge from Thrice. They're creative without overplaying, something I strive to achieve.

After the show it might be late but we usually have official after parties where we can be seen. I'll try to make it out to that one just for you!

ecurb1 karma

Saw you guys at Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA. Great energy. Great show. So what was your favorite thing about Athens? Btw, Errol Brown is da man! I was standing next to him and didn't realize until later how close I was to a true Reggae legend!

RebelutionMusic2 karma

Athens was a great surprise, I had no idea they had such great food and atmosphere there. Errol truly is the man!

okay_johnson1 karma

I saw you guys twice at the sherman theater in stroudsburg and you were incredible! You should definitely come back again cuz both times were amazing. Cant wait to see you, Iration, Stick Figure and the Green this summer. My question is who was your biggest musical influence and why?

RebelutionMusic7 karma

My personal biggest influence is a band called Dredg. Their music just hits an emotional chord with me, their songs are rock-oriented and the musicality in their playing is astounding, and their drummer is one of a kind. I highly recommend them if you like rock.

NJ_state_of_mind1 karma

Do you guys still play the song What I Know at your shows? I've seen you guys a few times and have always wanted to hear that live.

Also, will we ever hear you guys collaborate with Matisyahu?

Huge fan of you guys and all that you stand for. I'll see you this summer in Asbury Park NJ!

RebelutionMusic2 karma

No we do not, it was written by an original member that left the band.

It would be cool to collaborate with Matis, he came onstage with us towards the end of our tour together. Awesome fellow.

MossCock1 karma

Hey guys, big Rebelution fan from the Midwest, thanks for doing this AMA. Question for Eric, how did you learn to play guitar so damn well?

RebelutionMusic3 karma

I really don't think I'm a great guitarist but I appreciate it. I suppose I just spent a lot of time playing my instrument. -ER

Jhunterparrish1 karma

Saw you guys back in 2008 in Norfolk virginia. After the show, the band hung around and talked with any fan who stuck around. I thought you guys were a class act and I still sing ordinary girl to my fiancé randomly.

RebelutionMusic3 karma

Thanks, we like to attend the after parties now and again for that reason.

Nillawafer121 karma

you guys killed it at aragon in chicago. how come you guys dont play ordinary girl or courage to grow at any shows?

RebelutionMusic6 karma

We originally had a second singer and he wrote those songs.

bsl88911 karma

Hey guys, big fan. Who are your musical influences and have you ever considered covering their song(s) on a rebelution album? Which ones would you like to? Can't wait to see you guys in June in Asbury Park!

RebelutionMusic2 karma

Hard to speak for everyone else. Mine is Dredg. Eric's was Dave Matthews at one point, Rory is Bob Marley and Nirvana, Marley is Tupac and Metallica maybe?

We're not too keen on having cover songs on an album, seeing as the album is a chance for the artist to show their won song writing. With that said, we may work a full cover into the set one of these days. We've tossed around a lot of ideas but its hard to agree on one.

jaszmunch1 karma

Just stopping by to say you guys are freakn great. Love your music. Can't wait to see you guys live for the first time this summer.

RebelutionMusic4 karma

First timer! Hope you have a good show and hope it's not the last :)

muhself1 karma

Hey! long-time fan here. I've seen you guys live more than 7 times in the SD/LA area, I lost track to be honest. Anyways, my questions are: I've always wondered why I've never seen you guys play "Wake Up Call". I think it's one song that has a very strong message and meaning and it should be spread in every concert, is there a reason you don't play it? Also, how on earth do you keep going on tours one after the other. I bet you wear out sometimes. I just want to say sincerely THANK YOU for every show, every song, and every piece of effort you make to give us fans what you most love doing: amazing music. I'll see you again soon!

RebelutionMusic3 karma

We played for quite a while early on, just more popular and upbeat songs made their way to the forefront over time. We glad people still appreciate that song and it's meaning, especially in the wake of the Occupy movement.

We do get a little weary from touring eventually but we get pumped and make it through. In the end we love what we do.

deier1ag1 karma

Went to saint andrews hall on april 16th to see you guys for my boyfriend and I's birthday. We were SO SO SO SO excited, we are HUGE fans. We got to hear 4 songs and then when So High came on we lit a joint in the middle of the crowd (along with many others) and they grabbed my boyfriend by the collar and threw him out. It was the worst night ever. We were so upset. You guys should never book a show there again. They were so rude and wanted nothing to do with the GOOD VIBES you were spreading. My dream is to see you on a beach in Cali one day!!

RebelutionMusic6 karma

Can't say I'm a big fan of that venue either. I too hope we can play somewhere else in Detroit next time. My cousin has MS and there was no wheelchair access which I think is illegal. Myself and some awesome fans carried him up the stairs!

troykais1 karma

What's up guys! First saw you six years ago at the TLA and was instantly hooked. I've seen you twice since then and was blown away both times (you made Slightly look awful). I'm super stoked for your show at the stone pony with Iration/The Green/and Stick Figure. You guys have encouraged me to perform and write my own songs and I have covered countless of yours. If there's anyway I could meet u bros or jam with you that'd be amazing!

With that said, I'd like to ask about your old time bandmate Matt Valasquez. All your albums are great but Courage to Grow is still my favorite. Why did Matt leave? Do you guys still keep in touch? Is he still making music? At most of your shows I'm usually pretty fucked up but its hard to remember, do you play songs that he sang like Heart like a Lion and On my Mind?

RebelutionMusic6 karma

We usually have a jam with the band contest so look out for that.

Matt left because this life/work wasn't for him, as it is not for many people. It's tough being away from family and being on the road half the year. Not sure what he is up to or if he is still making music but I hope so as he is a good singer obviously. We don't perform songs he wrote anymore out of respect.

PM_Me_Cocks1 karma

Are you planning to play in Europe anytime soon?

RebelutionMusic3 karma

We're working on getting out there in the fall. We are close to confirming the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Stay tuned for dates.

mboss711 karma

Hey Eric and Wes,

If you each could choose one song off of any of your albums which is your favorite and why?

P.S. Keep bringing the good vibes!

RebelutionMusic3 karma

Unfair question haha! New songs are always the favorite at the time because they're fresh, so currently De-Stress is all the rave. -W

cuddlf1sh1 karma

Have a favorite Strain?

RebelutionMusic4 karma

I keep hearing Sour D and headband a lot.

Andot_L_Pab1 karma

Hey guys thanks a lot for doing this AMA! I have a couple of questions about your recording process: Do you guys typically track live or do you prefer the one at a time method? And secondly what microphone(s) and amp combinations have given you the best results when recording guitar?

RebelutionMusic2 karma

We track live at first to get the drum and bass, keeping the guitar and keys as scratch tracks that we may or may not use. Then we overdub. I'll leave the guitar question to Eric but I believe we use his trusty Fender.

dozothebozo1 karma

Can you move your release date to June 8th so it comes out on my birthday? Also what is your favorite pizza toppings and what advice do you have for someone trying to make it in the music industry?

RebelutionMusic3 karma

That would be nice...for you, but alas we cannot! Postpone your birthday to June 10th!

My favorite pizza toppings are chicken, pineapple, and basil.

Advice would be to play as much as possible, write as much as possible, and perfect your craft. People will notice your hard work.

deejay_11 karma

Craziest story touring California? What are you guys up to today?

P.S. Keep bringing the good vibes! Plan on seeing you in August with irration

RebelutionMusic2 karma

All our Cali shows are crazy these days because we have so many family and old friends that come out, they turn into gigantic family gatherings. Glad to be playing amphitheaters and big venues that can accommodate everyone in our hometowns.

Enjoying the sunshine today, it's a beautiful day!

Ragn4r0 karma

Do you like turtles?