Hello, I am Denis Levasseur, star of JFL Gags. I've been with the show since 2004, and we start filming a new season of Gags on Monday. Ask me anything!

Here's proof: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=564331467013400&set=a.167407250039159.34598.165551286891422&type=1&theater

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snooker7532 karma

Love your show. Physical humor seems to be a fading art form, but your show seems to consistently nail it.

I've always wondered how much of the gags are actually staged. Some of the camera angles are either insanely brilliant, or just too difficult to be truly hidden.

Anyhow, thanks for the laughs!

DenisJFLGags51 karma

The pranks are real, the reactions are real, but once we're done filming, we film some close-up shots of us actors for the final product. So, I'd say the Gags are about 99% true.

snooker758 karma

Thanks :) I get that reality TV is far from... real. Keep producing great quality entertainment!

DenisJFLGags5 karma


Dabee62524 karma

Hi, really love your show! My favorite of your clips is definitely the one where you have people enter a port-o-potty and when they exit, they end up in an active meeting room. Have you ever considered doing the reverse of that, where someone enters a meeting room, and when they exit they see a guy (you) on the toilet?

Eternally6520 karma

You should look at red flag demonstration. Watch the reactions on the victim's faces when the prank is triggered. Pure comedy gold.

DenisJFLGags16 karma

That's a very good Gag, but it would have been funnier if I was involved!

DenisJFLGags6 karma

That's very funny! I'd like to do that- why not?

Shutterbug14319 karma

When you're not pranking, what do you like to do for fun?

DenisJFLGags82 karma

Fuck. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Shutterbug14310 karma

Hahahahaha! BEST ANSWER EVER! ;)

DenisJFLGags12 karma


lookatmeme15 karma

Denis - Firstly I'd just like to say I think your facial expressions during your gags are what really make it! They are hilarious! My favourite of yours has to be the adding of disguises on your face in between giving directions. But I'd like to know what your favourite gag is outside of those you've acted in? Mine has to be the sexy foot play gag

DenisJFLGags7 karma

Oh yeah, that's one of my favourites- you've got great taste! My favourite Gag without me is probably Huge Red Flag Demonstration Prank (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNneIyKuL0w&feature=youtu.be). I love all twilight-zone Gags. Usually, when I'm not in a Gag though, I don't watch it! Hahah.

yeanobro12 karma

The show is filmed in Quebec, correct? Any ideas of coming to the rest of Canada?

And part B- why is show silent except for the sound effects? You don't hear the reactions of the people, just their facial reactions

DenisJFLGags49 karma

First question- We'd like to come to the rest of Canada. Where would you suggest?

Second- The show is silent because it's popular all over the world. We want people to enjoy it no matter what language they speak!

RicDan10 karma

Come to Toronto!

DenisJFLGags7 karma

Why not?

BigUptokes8 karma

East Coasters are great, go to Halifax!

DenisJFLGags4 karma

If I listened to all of you, I'd never have time to do Gags! I'll always be stuck on a plane!

BigUptokes4 karma

The only solution I see if a JFLGags: Airport Edition.

DenisJFLGags9 karma

Hahah, yeah. I don't think people would be too happy getting pranked at the airport. Everyone is pretty stressed already!

warex3d11 karma

Hi Denis, Which gag was the most expensive to produce?

here's my favorite gag https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Flx83GB6u3E

DenisJFLGags12 karma

Can't you just choose a Gag I was in? So frustrating! Hahaha.

I dunno how the finances work... but I'd think Hot Girl Car Destruction Prank was pretty expensive! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHZB0lNNJzA&feature=youtu.be

vborjas7 karma

here's one looking expensive gag and you are on it!!! much love!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFWG43smRqY

DenisJFLGags5 karma

Oh yeah, that looks expensive!

DenisJFLGags11 karma

Okay everybody, I've got to get going! Need to get my beauty sleep before we start filming on Monday! This was fun, thanks for your questions and I hope we do this again soon!

jasminl10 karma

Je suis un fan depuis les touts débuts à Surprise Surprise. J'imagine qu'une carrière entière passée à jouer des tours aux gens ça doit être génial. Super de te voir sur Reddit!

Petites questions:

  • Comment vis-tu ta célébrité internationale? ;)
  • Est-ce que vous prévoyez filmer des gags l'hiver ou l'automne? (pour le showcase de nos belles saisons..)
  • Est-ce que tu t'es déjà blessé pendant un sketch?


DenisJFLGags8 karma

Oui, c'est génial! Bien, j'adore quand les gens des differents places a travers le monde viennent me voir pour me dire que je les fait rire. Il fait trop froid pour tourner durant l'hiver. Et oui, mais pas gravement.

jasminl9 karma

Donc tu as un boulot idéal pour passer l'hiver au chaud! Merci encore et bon tournage!

DenisJFLGags7 karma

Merci, bien gentil!

entirely19 karma

Do you film mostly in Montreal?

DenisJFLGags11 karma

Yes! We film all around Montreal. My favourite place to prank is Square St-Louis!

Kknowsbest9 karma

If you weren't in the entertainment industry, what would you do for a career?

DenisJFLGags10 karma

I'd either be an archaeologist in Egypt or a history teacher.

Joseph4218 karma

Hi Denis, I love the gags and I love your work! Do you ever consider revisiting old pranks and refreshing them for 2014? I love so many that I would really enjoy seeing new clips of them filmed today. I love the shopping mall one with the wallet and everyone wearing the same outfit!

DenisJFLGags12 karma

I would love to revisit old Gags and film them again today. I would like to indeed! Also, I had a lot of fun filming that Gag you mentioned! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R-Dr-qar1w

Joseph4213 karma

Thanks, I hope you do revisit some of your best pranks and maybe do a little twist or switch genders. For example, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkGFw7gzgkQ is a great prank but imagine a women going inside the toilet and emerging as a guy? xD Denis you are truly great and all of your gags make me laugh and smile! Merci!!

DenisJFLGags3 karma

That's a good idea! I can do anything, nothing is impossible when you're trying to make people laugh!

Shutterbug1438 karma

Have you ever had a hard time finishing a gag because you couldn't stop laughing? Is there a JFL gags blooper reel? :)

DenisJFLGags11 karma

Definitely! It's always me and MP laughing like crazy. Sometimes my goal is to make Marie laugh. We have Gags blooper reels, we watch them at our wrap parties at the end of every season.

CanadianEhhhh7 karma

How many people have gotten punch in the face during filming? I feel like there would be a few

DenisJFLGags16 karma

Yeah, a few. My only once, our director Jean once... maybe in total about 4-5 times in 15 years. Not so bad! Again, when we see people strating to get mad, we stop filming right away.

Shutterbug1436 karma

How did you get into the entertainment business? -Elizabeth N :)

DenisJFLGags8 karma

I always wanted to be an actor. So, I went to theatre school and afterwards I did about 10 years of theatre in Montreal. I was discovered by the producer of the prank show 'Surprise Suprise' while I was doing a stage production, and he asked me to join the cast. I've been doing pranks since then!

unglad6 karma

How often do gags fail? Do you often get recognized while you're in character? JFL should release a behind the scenes!

DenisJFLGags7 karma

Our gags don't fail very often. But sometimes we have to make some adjustments if something isn't working. And sometimes I do get recognized while in character, especially when I'm playing a police officer. We're working on a behind-the-scenes series right now. Look out for it soon!

Linus_6 karma

If you could prank anyone, any celebrity, who would you want to prank?

DenisJFLGags15 karma

Robert DeNiro because he's my favourite actor and I'd like to see what his eyes would look like when I pranked him. If I pranked him, I'd be VERY happy because that would mean I out-acted him!

carmensantiago5 karma

What type of gag is the most fun to film? Do some gags take a long time to film?

DenisJFLGags9 karma

All Gags. Sometimes Gags take a while to film... we have run into technical problems, props that don't work... And sometimes, I'm stopped by so many women on the street that want to take a picture with me, give me their address, telephone numbers. It's a tough life!

Trainer-Grey5 karma

Just stopped by to tell you I love your videos! You and your team are hilarious, a perfect distraction from the everyday lifestyle!

DenisJFLGags3 karma

Thank you very much!

nataneraser5 karma

hi, been following your youtube channel for a long time, very entertaining and love your performance.

My question: Have you ever got hit by someone who did not take the joke?

ps: I had a crush on Marie.. shhh!

DenisJFLGags6 karma

Yeah! I was hit 2 years ago by a big guy, 6'5, 220 pounds! He hit me in the face... it was while we were filming this Gag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSsv4SaRB-g

jbrazier3 karma

Ouch! Thank God for Canadian healthcare!

DenisJFLGags5 karma

There is about 5 women around me at all times to take care of me.

jbrazier5 karma

awww real women or maybe men dressed as women?

DenisJFLGags8 karma

No no, no men dressed as women. Please.

nataneraser1 karma

damn that must have sucked! anyways thanks for the reply! :)

DenisJFLGags2 karma

No problem!

Shutterbug1431 karma

Ouch! Did they get it on camera? ;)

DenisJFLGags11 karma

Yes. One day we're gonna show you.

jbrazier5 karma

Denis, Bonjour - Comment ça va? I love your work! Do you develop most of the gags yourself? My favourites are Jesus walking on water and the romantic flower gag. Those are genius! -Jenny

DenisJFLGags5 karma

Je vais bien, merci! No, I'm not the one who writes the Gags, the two directors (Jean and Francois) do that! Jesus is my favourite pranking character because the face on the people... they think I'm such a weird person! But when I pull off a miracle... they're like "WHO IS THAT GUY? He's doing miracles!" Because Jesus was about 30... me, I'm 50!

jbrazier3 karma

Jesus can take many forms. ;) If I saw you in the park or something, I would wonder if maybe I was drunk from the night before or maybe unintentionally took some hallucinogenic drugs!

DenisJFLGags2 karma

That's exactly what people think!

el_crunz4 karma

Mr. Levasseur - just wanted to thank you for the entertainment that your show has provided me while flying. For some reason it seems like I can always watch Just for Laughs Gags when I'm in an airplane.

DenisJFLGags3 karma

Well, you're welcome!

fizar3 karma

How do you reveal at the end of the gag that it's a hidden camera show? It always seems to make them loosen up and laugh.

Also; how do you end up hiding the camera so well so that nobody ever notices it?

DenisJFLGags17 karma

When you tell someone it's the Gags, they know the show and they laugh instantly! It's funny, the cameras are hidden in a BIG box covered in posters... it looks like something that belongs on the street. If you know what they look like, you can spot them from a mile away. But when I look someone in the eyes and ask them something, their attention is on me and they're not looking for weird details. Also, they can't look away- my eyes are VERY attractive,

fizar6 karma

Ah, Thanks so much for doing this! I love the show, always makes me laugh when I need a good laugh.

DenisJFLGags3 karma

Very glad to hear that!

entirely12 karma


DenisJFLGags4 karma

Haha! You speak great French ;)

kaiserzeit2 karma

Big fan here of you here. In the videos it always seems like everyone cooperates with you easily, are most canadiens really like that or does it take a long time for the victims to cooperate? PS. Send my regards to MP, she's awesome.

DenisJFLGags3 karma

No, it's VERY easy to talk these people into our pranks! They just want to help... and then BANG!

DenisJFLGags7 karma

Also, what about MY regards?

kaiserzeit2 karma

Where are my manners, you are awesome as well!

DenisJFLGags7 karma

Okay, we're good. You're my friend. For now.

the_dooder2 karma

Helllo! Can you tell us about your favourite behind the scenes moments with the JFL Gags crew? Any wild moments at JFL Gags parties you'd like to tell us about? ;)

DenisJFLGags6 karma

I laugh so much with MP... sometimes we laugh so much in front of victims that we can't finish a Gag. Marie is on the ground laughing like hell and the victims just look at us like we're weird. There are lots of wild moments from JFL Gags parties, but my favourite part of those nights is watching our bloopers from the season for an hour! And, you know, talking with women.

TheDude772 karma

Huge fan of the show, you guys are amazing!

You must be popular around Montreal - How often are you guys recognized when you're trying to prank someone for the show?

DenisJFLGags3 karma

Thanks! We get recognized by about 2 people every 10 victims. If someone recognizes me, I just tell them I'm gonna prank the next guy. Sometimes they stick around and watch. We have to move on fast because we have to catch about 15-25 people for each prank!

Scendo2 karma

Does your show use ideas that people submit or do you come up with the pranks 100% on your own?

DenisJFLGags3 karma

The directors Jean and Francois come up with most of the ideas! We don't take Gag ideas from other people for now... but you never know!

carmensantiago2 karma

Hi Denis! Thank you for doing an AMA!

What is your favourite gag? What is the most memorable reaction you've seen? Do you ever watch the show when you're at home?

Have you ever broken character?

DenisJFLGags7 karma

My favourite Gag? There's a lot! But I have a Top Ten video... those are my absolute favourites. Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmxYoRx1Zi8

Most memorable reaction for me has to be in Funniest Drowning Prank! I've never seen reactions like that! The woman from Ontario... she pissed her pants! Almost... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WBwRn_J2vQ

I never watch Gags at home. I don't like to watch myself on TV because I find all my faults... like I should have done this or that differently.

carmensantiago1 karma

It is so scary to think you might have killed someone. They really believed it.

DenisJFLGags1 karma

Oh yeah, that was the most freaky one I've done!

netro2 karma

How come there are still Montreal residents who don't recognize your faces?

DenisJFLGags8 karma

I dunno! That's it. It's a miracle! I'm a kind of Jesus.

netro3 karma

Thanks for the response. Love your show btw. I'm from a non-Anglophonic country and people here can understand and enjoy watching your show. Your silent comedy setup really allows your show to make people laugh no matter what language they speak.

DenisJFLGags3 karma

I'm glad to hear that, really!

jbrazier2 karma

I will be in Montreal in July. Where can I find you so I may wind up being pranked? Also, has anyone ever been really upset or mad because of a prank? In the US, you could wind up getting hurt! - Jenny

DenisJFLGags4 karma

When people are mad, we stop filming immediately. Most people aren't mad, just flabbergasted. As I mentioned earlier, I DID get hit once. Only once in 13 years. I've been hit before by women, but only in my private life, hahaha.

If you want to watch a Gag being filmed while you're here, let us know on Facebook! We'll figure something out ;)

Nabil_1232 karma

What is your advise if someone decided to follow your path?

DenisJFLGags3 karma

Never quit!

sg2kca2 karma

Big fan. Whenever I get pulled over I always hope its you coming out of the police car. A lot of actors end up behind the camera directing/writing... Any plans like that in your future?

DenisJFLGags4 karma

Thanks, I wouldn't give you a ticket, promise! I'd love to write or direct one day... I'm actually writing a film script right now! I also made a little web project called Police 911. You can see it on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/denislevasseuractor I'd like to try more stuff like that! I need money! Haha.

jbrazier2 karma

I also have to compliment you while you are here - Vous etes le meilleur a ce que vous faites et faites mes jours heureux en regardant vos pranks! :))) Merci!

DenisJFLGags2 karma

Merci beaucoup et je vais continuer a faire des Gags pour toi!

jbrazier2 karma

Vous etes trop gentil!

DenisJFLGags2 karma

Et toi tu est tres gentille!

TysonD642 karma

Your show is my absolute favorite prank show EVER! Where do you get the ideas for your pranks?

DenisJFLGags1 karma

The directors have tons of ideas and I interpret them. I'm an actor. And they're crazy. Me too!

oh_dude682 karma

salut denis, je suis de montreal, je suis cette serie depuis le début, j'ai toujours été interesser par le jeux d'attraper les gens par surprise. Je fais du stand-up et de l'ecriture, j'aimerais savoir comment je pourrais avoir une opportunité pour une entrevue ou quelque chose dans le genre. Jeune homme 24 ans merci!

DenisJFLGags3 karma

Il faut que tu appelles le bureau des Gags Juste pour rire et ils te diront quoi faire. Bonne chance!

BigUptokes2 karma

Has there ever been a prank you really wanted to do but just weren't able to for whatever reason?

DenisJFLGags2 karma

Sometimes we do a prank thinking it's gonna work, but when we try it out something goes wrong and it can't happen. So, we have to do something to rearrange it or change it completely VERY fast! Sometimes, Gags just don't work in real life!

Xestela1 karma

Do you have a crush with Marie?? LOL

DenisJFLGags6 karma

Uh, no! I would like to... but she don't want me.

vborjas1 karma

Hi, I live in the USA but I'm from Cuba, have u been there? Do you practice any religion? Love the show and you are the BEST!!!! can't stop watching all the pranks on youtube ;)

DenisJFLGags4 karma

Hi! I was in Cuba a long time about, about 30 years ago I think. I think it's changed a little bit since then! No, I don't practice any religion. I'm Catholic but I don't practice. Thanks for all the kind words and continue watching Gags!

NorbitGorbit1 karma

I didn't know it was Canadian; the commercials always made it look vaguely European. Do you go shoot material abroad?

As actor can you pitch your own pranks? What is the most elaborate/expensive one that they approved?

DenisJFLGags3 karma

We shoot everything here in Montreal- maybe it's kind of European looking? And yes, I can pitch a few Gags myself. I've never pitched a BIG Gag... I did pitch the Drowning Baptism Prank: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1pavEelsnM I also pitched this Blind Gag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWsGt7viaDE Pretty good stuff, right?

CrazyCanuck571 karma

You guys have been my favorite prank show since I was 4! If you ever want to visit Pittsburgh let me know!

Anyways, how long does it take from the thought of a gag until it's filmed? Also, how long in advance do the actors know what prank they will be doing? And do you practice much or make up what you say to the prankees?


DenisJFLGags3 karma

Sure, I'm already on the plane!

Okay, well we film 2 Gags a day, one in the morning and second in the afternoon. When I arrive on set, I have no idea what I'm gonna do that day. Sometimes, they say "Denis, today you're a policeman" or "Denis, today you're gonna be naked and people are gonna feel your butt."

We do a rehearsal before the Gag, go through it a few times, and after "BANG!" We do it. With my experience, I know exactly what to say to a prank victim to trick them!

DelaneySmiles1 karma


DenisJFLGags2 karma

Oh Hello Delaney!

DelaneySmiles1 karma

Ok Denis.... here is my question. Will you ever do a meet n' greet? ;)

DenisJFLGags3 karma

Yes, yes! We do that a lot. Whenever someone recognizes me on the street, I stop to take pictures and sign autographs, then go prank someone else!

hussainSweden1 karma

Hi Denis,,my compliments for both of you. Who is she to you??

DenisJFLGags3 karma

You talkin' to me?

hussainSweden1 karma

Yes I do.

DenisJFLGags5 karma

Well... that's nice. I'm glad I'm talking to you.

Shutterbug1431 karma

Have you ever been to the U.S? If so what states? Any favorite sports teams? NHL? NFL? MLB? etc...

DenisJFLGags5 karma

Yes, I've been to California, Florida, Arizona and South Carolina. I love hockey and my favourite team is the Boston Bruins. Montrealers- please don't kill me! I also watch a lot of football. My favourite team is the Denver Broncos... I lost a lot of money last Super Bowl!

Shutterbug1436 karma

Boston Bruins fan living in Montreal, that must be rough! lol

DenisJFLGags3 karma

Oh yeah!

Eternally651 karma


DenisJFLGags4 karma

Now when I see Habs fans, I'm gonna have to say "Hey! It's a joke! You're on Just for Laughs Gags!"

Nabil_1231 karma

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

DenisJFLGags2 karma

Doing Gags! When I make people laugh, I'm the happiest guy in the world.

CrazyCanuck571 karma

I've always wanted to recreate one of the pranks, but I don't want to steal ideas. Any thoughts for a good fun prank? JFL should have a recreation contest!

DenisJFLGags1 karma

You'll think of a good one. Just have fun, then maybe film it and send it our way!

margarita-1 karma

Hey! I've alaways wanted to be a part of the show even though it is impossible. So, my question is: if one day i'm in Montreal, and these days you are filming some prank, could I help you in any way? I'm not pretending to be an actor, I have never been so and I don't know French. So maybe some help arranging the scene or something? Just to have a good experience? Thanks!

DenisJFLGags4 karma

Sure... if you offered to help, we'd take it! You have to give me $1000 first. Hahaha.

jedainz1 karma

How long do you film one gag with different people? Does it take a day or more? How many people do you prank with one kind of gag? How do you keep people from knowing there's something going on? Do you film by intervals? How long?

Love love your show very much. I've been curious for a long time! :)

DenisJFLGags6 karma

It takes about half a day to film one Gag. We prank about 15-25 people for each Gag. No matter how suspicious people seem while they're in a prank, we just keep going. Always keep going. We usually take a couple of breaks in the middle of filming a Gag. We need time to eat and have fun!

Demethus-2 karma

Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses?

DenisJFLGags3 karma

Are you sure you're okay?

bumstab-5 karma

I just want to say they aren't funny, some are actually disturbing and/or offensive. ex: spraying fake chemical weed-killer in peoples faces.

Sorry to only provide negative feedback but i'm jumping on the oppertunity.

DenisJFLGags1 karma

Um, sorry?

bumstab-1 karma

It pretty much explains itself. As a Canadian, I find JFL Gags not funny and sometimes disturbing or offensive. Here's a invented example.

Normal TV Prank Guy walks into a coffee shop, orders coffee and they give him a comedy size mug which he's forced to use. Everybody lols.

JFL Gag Guy walks into a coffee shop, orders coffee. He is made to see them putting boiling hot coffee in a cup then they throw it in his face by "accident". It takes him a second to recover from thinking he's received 3rd burns as he goes to retort the camera is pointed out to nullify his pending rage.

You see, one is funny because it puts a person in an odd situation they have to deal with, the other is border line trauma in the guise of comedy.

sg2kca2 karma

Why not start your own gag show

DenisJFLGags1 karma

That's right, you have a point!

HughGeorgie-6 karma

How much of your show is fake? All of it or just some?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRMILtZHr4A http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyWDOI_lIjs

DenisJFLGags1 karma

Get a life! Hahahaha.