It wasn't a huge role, but it was the best job of my life (so far). I was cast as "Skinny Steve", the slender body of Steve Rogers before he was injected with Super Soldier serum. In my first paid job as I actor I got to work alongside some big Hollywood names, and I couldn't be more grateful! So if there's any interest, please, ask me anything. (seriously, I love talking about it)

Proof: (You can find me as 'Skinny Steve', my name is Christopher Sarris)

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Oolonger1184 karma

Is it a blow to the ego to be cast as the skinny guy who nobody believes could ever be buff Captain America? Like they saw you and were like- THAT'S THE GUY. I should also say it must have been incredibly cool and I am obviously jealous.

Cobradactyl1461 karma

Haha, not really. I mean, I wasn't kidding myself beforehand. I am just generally a skinny, disgusting man.

fortoe1075 karma

What was it like having Chris Evans' head on your neck? Because of the extra weight would it lull to any particular side?

Are they looking for someone to play Fat Steve in the next installment?

Cobradactyl1616 karma

Chris's Head is very well balanced, so that definitely helped. And get this, the inside smells like lemons.

Cobradactyl831 karma

MRW I saw myself on the big screen:

Cobradactyl371 karma

Thanks, I couldn't get mine to link.

Chrischinray622 karma

Is Chris Evans a nice guy? Please tell me he is a nice guy.

Cobradactyl1016 karma

He was a bit intimidating to approach, but he was never anything but polite to me.

Chrischinray340 karma

Thanks! Wish you luck for future roles!

Cobradactyl326 karma

Thank you!

NorbitGorbit575 karma

Was there an audition process for skinny dudes? Did they have a weird portfolio of skinny torsos?

Cobradactyl1155 karma

There was a two step process, actually. Initially I went in for a cattle call. It was like 200 skinny white dudes that look pretty much like me. It was pretty discouraging. They lined everybody up outside (it was freezing, but there wasn't enough room for us in the building) and just started sending people home. Too tall, too broad, too this, too that, whatever, they were sent home. They narrowed it down to about 40 dudes, we went inside and were filmed stating our name and age, etc. A few weeks later I get a call to go in and actually audition. About 2 hours after I was done with that my phone rings, it was the casting director telling me I got the part.

NorbitGorbit147 karma

What was the conversation like? Did anyone try to form a skinny dude union?

Cobradactyl378 karma

Conversation between the skinny guys? It was... odd. A lot of the people there had never acted before. Everybody has to start somewhere, and I in no way mean to belittle that, hell, this was my start as well, but many of the guys there didn't really take the time to look into how to be properly prepared. Going into an audition means having a resume and professional headshot ready and with you. At the end of the day, this is a job, but I don't think that's where a lot people's heads were at. So the conversation around me was a lot of "dude, I want to be in the movie so bad".

dead_lift_it86 karma

what was the second audition like?

Cobradactyl220 karma

Well what's interesting is that when I was called the guy tells me "Callbacks were actually yesterday, but we couldn't find your contact information." I have no idea how or why that was the case, but I'm like, whatever. So I go and because they had already done callbacks, I was the only one auditioning at the time. So it was just me and this dude, and he sets up a little camera and hands me sides from the script and he gave me a few minutes to look them over and run through them and then he just recorded me delivering the lines a few times. When we were all done, I left and the recording was sent to the Casting Director in California. A couple hours later she called me to tell me I got the part.

TheOneTonWanton122 karma

I'll preface this by saying I have not actually seen the movie yet, unfortunately, but you actually auditioned with lines? Did you do the lines while filming? Of course now that I think about it it's not as odd to me, because I'd imagine having you do the lines on set would help everyone else out even though your head and voice would just be replaced.. so.. nevermind I guess. But I'm fucking stoked for you that you got to be a part of something so awesome, especially at the start of your career!

Cobradactyl146 karma

Well, you pretty much answered your own question. I did run lines, and its for the exact reason you stated! Thank you for your enthusiasm, and please, see the movie when you get a chance, it's very good I promise.

kyleboddy431 karma





Cobradactyl458 karma


sikeman214416 karma

I know it's not polite to ask this kinda stuff, but was the pay good? I mean did you make some hard bank or what man?

Cobradactyl938 karma

Let me put it this way. The pay is good, but I was only on set a few days.

tl;dr: I'm poor.

MrServbot3000358 karma

Did you get a chance to speak to Sebastian Stan?

Cobradactyl721 karma

I had the pleasure of working with him, and it was surreal. One of my scenes called for me to walk alongside him and even run lines. It felt so crazy, I kept thinking to myself "Look at this. I'm acting WITH Seb Stan!"

So, yeah I spoke with him a couple times, although briefly. I initially met him in the hair and makeup trailer. He is such a laid-back dude, its hilarious. He was incredibly nice to me, even though he had no obligation to be. That's what really gets me. Even though I messed up a couple takes, he was so patient, professional, and encouraging. So if you're a fan of Seb, its for a good reason. He's a good guy.

GioGImic295 karma

First of all congratulations, that being your first paid job as an actor that's pretty amazing even if its was a small part it's still pretty amazing.

Did you get to spend any time with Anthony Mackie aka Falcon? If so how was he to work with?

Cobradactyl620 karma

I'm so glad you asked! I didn't spend time with him on set because he was not involved in my scenes, BUT I did meet him at the wrap party. Anthony Mackie is such a great guy. I approached him at the bar to introduce myself and I said how excited I was to work on a Marvel picture and meet him because I'm a big comic book fan, and he said (I'll try to remember this as accurately as possible), "That's just like me, man. You see, these other motherfuckers are jaded, but when they called me up and told me I was going to be Falcon!? It blew my mind!"

He's truly happy to do what he does, and he interacts with the crew and brings a high energy into the room with him. He's awesome. He's also pretty good at getting people onto a dance floor.

Timmytehpro257 karma

How cool. I always hated how they didn't use Skinny Steve's real voice because it was silly to think Skinny Steve could produce a voice that deep.

Why didn't they just use your voice?

Cobradactyl237 karma

Who knows. You make a good point, but that's just the way they want it.

DaArbiter225248 karma

Did Samuel L Jackson curse at you?

Cobradactyl598 karma

No but I saw him getting his makeup done in the hair and makeup trailer and thought, "How the fuck did I end up sitting in a trailer with Sam Jackson?"

Graciasamigo242 karma

How many days did you spend on set?

Cobradactyl440 karma

2 days of actual shooting, but I had to come in a few other days for costume fitting, and even getting my entire body scanned in 3D which was pretty cool. It was fucking impossible to not blink when they were doing my face though.

Jets__Fool216 karma

Who is your favorite Pokemon?

Cobradactyl597 karma

Blastoise. Shit was so cash, my brother's Venusaur didn't even stand a chance.

Achu01260 karma

Wow. Considering your type disadvantage, you must have really loved him and treated him well, as a good trainer should.

Cobradactyl271 karma


Advancedphish73 karma

I ruined the fuck out of my husband's Venusaur with my Blastoise. He doesn't commit to his training like I do. He could never be the best there ever was.

Cobradactyl65 karma

You sound like a trainer I can respect.

the_infinite94 karma

Ice Beam's where it's at

Cobradactyl210 karma

Surf. All day/ All night.

EColiMaster176 karma

Did you ever get laid by bragging that you were Captain America?

Cobradactyl782 karma

Exactly 0 times. Surprisingly, women only seem to want to sleep with the Chris Evans version of Steve Rogers.

dasher1195 karma

Can confirm; am woman who really wants to sleep with Chris Evans version of Steve Rogers.

Cobradactyl269 karma

Ow. My pride. We'll if you're ever ready to settle for that silver medal... you know who to call.

mMounirM152 karma

How would you describe the atmosphere when working on the set?

Cobradactyl414 karma

Its obviously very professional. There are a million moving pieces, and 5 crew members for every piece. So there are like 5 million people all around doing whatever fucking black magic they do to make it all work, and everybody is very professional about what they do. But aside from that, everyone was incredibly warm and encouraging with me. The thing is, at the end of the day, I'm an amateur actor trying to my best in what might be the biggest role I ever have. They treated me like I was no less important than Chris or Seb or anybody else there.

darkcohort145 karma

Just how skinny is skinny Steve? Also any stories from the set?

Cobradactyl320 karma

As for a story from set, I got to shake hands with Stan Lee, and I watched him film his cameo. Everybody was in love with him and got such a kick out of him doing his scene every take.

Cobradactyl276 karma

The character is supposedly around 90lbs. At the time I was about 125. Now.... I'm a few lbs. more.

McD0UBLE130 karma

How tall are you? And I enjoyed "The Winter Soldier". Thank you!

Cobradactyl214 karma

I'm 5' 7". I enjoyed "The Winter Soldier" too. No, Thank you!

ThatDamnClarkGable99 karma

How do you get into this line of work? I've always thought that it would be great to be an extra.

Cobradactyl152 karma

Being and extra is cool, but its a very different experience than I had. You're brought onto set for a few hours which is very cool to see and be a part of, but there's no way of knowing if you'll end up being a part of the final product or not.

PurpleRainMage85 karma

Who was the most interesting person to talk to on set?

Cobradactyl190 karma

That's kind of a tie. I spent most of my time speaking with Nate Moore the co-producer, and Stephen McFeely, one of the writers. I was great talking with Nate because I'm actually a huge Marvel comics fan, but I have zero friends that are interested in comics. Stephen was also great to talk to because I got some insight on the purely creative side of the process. Both seriously nice guys.

ViolentFrog76 karma

Anything planned for the future? Are you focused on a acting career, or something else?

Cobradactyl191 karma

I live in Cleveland, Ohio, and acting has always been my passion and dream, but it's very hard to make a living doing that here. Currently, I'm working full time at a production company as an animator. We're working on a documentary that we hope will push our small company onto making more films.

But Cleveland is starting to gain more traction when it comes to the movie industry, and when I have the opportunity to audition for something, I go. In fact I have something coming up this weekend. It's kind of a long-shot, but I'm going to give it a try and hope for the best.

aelysium103 karma

Holy shit... Skinny Captain America hails from my hometown.

..fuck yeah.

ThaddeusJP32 karma

I'm glad to hear success for a fellow clevelander. Seeing cap 2 was odd cause of all the shots of the shore way and downtown. I live in Illinois now and friends I went with were bothered to no end when was pointing out locations.

Cobradactyl33 karma

Yeah, people complained about the shoreway closure a lot, but it was worth it.

f_regrain62 karma

I'm working full time at a production company as an animator.

How coincidental. I was going to comment saying I worked on the VFX for Winter Soldier(out in LA) but almost decided against it until I saw this comment. Too funny haha.

Cobradactyl51 karma

Really? Do you know Lisa? I've been thinking about emailing her to say hi and ask if it would be possible to get my 3D scans, but I haven't done so yet.

f_regrain39 karma

Haha no I'm afraid I don't know Lisa. There were at least 5-6 VFX houses that worked on Winter Soldier.

Cobradactyl40 karma

Bummer. But I'm very interested to hear about what you did for the film. Please feel free to PM me if you'd care to tell me about it.

f_regrain41 karma

A lot of various paint work on the latter half of the movie is about the best I can sum it up. Cleaning up sets, changing the set, changing actors faces, fixing things, and helping integrate the cg.

Cobradactyl38 karma

Wow, that's really awesome. Thank you.

WigglestonTheFourth50 karma

Completely random question but was this role called "thin man" during the auditions? I tried out for the role and it's been bugging me if it was for Skinny Steve or not. Also, congrats!

Cobradactyl45 karma

That's the one.

carwatcher66 karma

How much did you get paid?

Cobradactyl125 karma

Standard SAG day-rates.

unglad59 karma

I don't remember "Skinny Steve" being on The Winter Soldier. Was there a flashback scene?

Cobradactyl138 karma

Yep. 2 flashbacks. Pretty brief though, so I don't blame you for not remembering.

unglad39 karma

The movie was great by the way!

Cobradactyl44 karma

Thanks! I think so too. Glad you liked it.

Expired_Bacon77 karma

The first time was before they went to the army base, and the second was a scene before Cap puts on the Smithsonian Cap Suit.

Cobradactyl204 karma

This guy is familiar with my work.

kaisar052 karma

Would you say he's familiar with your... body of work?

Kknowsbest59 karma

If they made a movie about your life, who would play you (other than yourself)?

Cobradactyl315 karma

Well just out of pure fairness, I think Chris Evan's should do it.

If he's not available, Margot Robbie.

If she's not available, Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

familybarton51 karma

Were you happy with the final outcome of the movie, like if you weren't in it, would you have enjoyed it anyway? Also, what kind of secrecy were you sworn to before it came out?

Cobradactyl170 karma

As for secrecy, I couldn't post any picture online or anything, that was a big no-no of course. My first day on set I had my phone out and a Marvel security guy came over, shook my hand, and said "Surely somebody told you that you are forbidden to take any pictures on set." I apologized, put my phone away, and kept it in my trailer ever other day I was around. I felt sick that somebody was going to call me and tell me I was getting kicked off. But that didn't happen. Also, that same security guy totally became my bro at the Wrap Party.

Cobradactyl124 karma

There were many times that I was sweating that my scenes had been cut (such as I didn't get an invite to the premiere in my city until a couple days before it happened.) I would have been bummed if I'd gotten cut, but I knew that no matter what I had such an amazing experience that would be a lifelong memory.

That being said, the movie is fucking awesome!

mrnavey49 karma

I assume you didn't do the first movie? I saw all the behind the scenes stuff just last week.

Cobradactyl98 karma

Correct. I did not do the first one. But be sure to watch the Behind the Scenes of Winter Soldier when it comes out on Blu-ray.

Coldproof56 karma

Why did they use two different people for each movie? Seems like it'd be easier to pick up the phone and call the same guy, instead of doing a whole new recast. Still, it was good for you I guess ;)

Cobradactyl110 karma

The last guy to do it lives in England, and because there was so much less Skinny Steve this time around, it was easier to use a local actor. Whatever the case, I'm very lucky they decided to do it this way!

scCrono51 karma

Captain American is from England.............?

Cobradactyl107 karma

Not anymore!

Jellyitin41 karma

Did you have to loose a lot of weight to "fit" the role? Or were you already skinny enough?

Cobradactyl242 karma

From what I heard, the actor that played Skinny Steve in the first movie did have to lose weight, although he was seen shirtless and what-not.

I did not have to lose any weight. Apparently I was gross enough the way I am.


Tzudro37 karma

Did you get to stick around after/before your shoot?

Cobradactyl108 karma

Before the shoots I would spend hours at basecamp where I had a trailer with air-conditioning (thank Christ, cause it was hot those days). I also would have to spend some time in hair and makeup and what not. There was one day that I needed to be scanned into a 3D model for visual effects. After that was done, I stuck around, met Stan Lee, and then went to set (even though I wasn't involved in that particular scene). I got to walk around before they started shooting, it was a museum set featuring a Captain America exhibit and it was awesome, and then I watched Stan the Man film his cameo. It was rad.

lannaaax332 karma

How often do big name actors mess up takes?

Cobradactyl77 karma

Scarlett flubbed a few times, but its no big deal. Everyone just resets and they go again.

lannaaax333 karma

I feel like that would be so awkward, especially if everyone's really in the flow of things and you mess up at the last second

Cobradactyl61 karma

The particular scene we were doing at the time, it really wasn't a big deal. She's very good at what she does, but everybody makes mistakes sometimes. I fucked up my scene a couple times too.

Yanrogue31 karma

Does seeing how buff they made capt in the movies make you want to workout? Or would working out make it harder for you to get any other capt america rolls as skinny steve?

Cobradactyl168 karma

On one hand, working out would probably mean I wouldn't be Skinny Steve again, but I have no idea if they'll ever even need a Skinny Steve again. So really, the only thing keeping me from working out is the fact that I'm really super lazy.

And just as an aside, Chris Evans is fucking jacked for real. He's huge.

ratguy10130 karma

How did they get the effect of having Chris Evans's head on your body?

Cobradactyl63 karma

I had to wear some white dots painted on my face to help the animators with motion tracking. That's all I know. Beyond that it may as well be black magic. It's incredible what the VFX team over there is able to do.

ratguy10171 karma

I also wanted to say that this is one of the best AMA's I've seen. Rarely is there such a high answer rate in an AMA. Great job!

Cobradactyl88 karma

Thank you! I'm just sorry that I'm not a real celebrity.

JDMSasquatch26 karma

Who's the most famous person you've met on set?

Cobradactyl65 karma

I spent time around a lot of the stars. But I didn't get to speak to all of them. All in all I was (at very least) around Chris Evans, Seb Stan, Scarlett Johannson, Sam Jackson, Anthony Mackie, and Stan Lee. And at one point I shared a trailer with Cobie Smulders, but I only caught a glimpse of her getting in and out of her half, because she was wrapping just as I was getting on location.

Most famous person I actually worked with would be Chris.

PdawgPatts23 karma

I've wanted to audition for movie roles but wasn't sure how to start. Whay would be your advice for a small town person like me?

Cobradactyl46 karma

I hate to say this but if you really want to get into it, the first step is getting out of that small town. But I know that's hard. I haven't done it myself. I got lucky because in recent years, my city is being used more and more for movie production, but even still parts are very scarce. Even I have to consider leaving for the west coast, because there simply isn't enough here. If you fail to land a role, you won't see another audition for a few months.

But in the meantime, act in anything you can. Whether thats a school or community play, or even a web show that you post on YouTube. It can all go on a resume. When I was in college, I made a YouTube series with my friends. We just did it for fun, but now I consider it part of my acting experience. Do that stuff now so that you have something to point to when you try out for the bigger things.

Pizza_Saucy19 karma

Do you have a theatre degree?

Cobradactyl117 karma

No, I don't. I have a bachelor's degree in Communications and East Asian Studies. Surprisingly, neither one of those were helpful during my time on set.

IAMAJimmieRustlerAMA19 karma

What did you think of the mid-credits scene in the movie? Did you know about it before the movie was released, or was it just as of a surprise to see Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch to you as well? Lastly, did you see either Aaron Taylor-Johnson or Elizabeth Olsen (the actors who played the Maximoffs) at any of the events? I'm just very curious as to how these credits scenes play out in the studio. Thank you for doing this AMA!

Cobradactyl44 karma

I had no idea the Twins were going to be in the mid-credits scene, and as a big Marvel comics fan, it was awesome to see. I did not meet either of them since they were never in my city. That scene was actually done under the supervision of Joss Whedon, not the Russo Brothers who actually directed Winter Soldier.

IAMAJimmieRustlerAMA16 karma

Wow, I never knew that was how the mid-credits scenes worked! Thanks for being the first AMA to reply to me! Keep up the good work!

Cobradactyl36 karma

No prob, but how do you Rustle so many Jimmies?

Jelliclekitty17 karma

Seems like a dream come true. One day I'd like to go in and watch the camera crew to pursue a career in cinematography

Cobradactyl27 karma

It's fascinating stuff. Currently I'm working for a small production company, so I'm still in the film industry, but I'm on the other side of the camera for the time being. Being on a movie set is just awesome. Good luck in pursuing your dream. If you ever make it big, call me.

smurfslaveowner12 karma

Hey Chris, Thanks for doing the AMA! How does Marvel keep such a lock down on everything they're doing...did you have to sign anything crazy or have crazy rules while on set about privacy?

Cobradactyl37 karma

I did have to sign something that said I wouldn't show my pages of the script to anybody. There were also rules about not taking any photographs of the set. But in my opinion the biggest factor of keeping every secret is everybody's professionalism. Everybody working on set knows better than to reveal anything important. There's also Marvel security that helps keep things under wraps. I do remember that pictures of the Winter Soldier had leaked at one point, and its because the area they were shooting was visible from a distance to the general public. So some things are unavoidable. Sebastian was disappointed when that happened though.

smurfslaveowner15 karma

Yah, I figured it was a matter of pride for being involved with the projects...I picture "Marvel Security" looking like something out of the matrix wardrobes.

Cobradactyl29 karma

Lol, not really. I'm pretty sure the guy I met was wearing an Avengers t-shirt when I met him.

Sacredflapjacks10 karma

What advice could you give to a teenager who hopes to be in movies?

Also, how were all of the cast members on set? Do any experiences stand out to you?

Cobradactyl25 karma

If you're not involved with your school's theater program, you should be. I was in Drama club during grade school and high school and it's what got me interested and comfortable with acting. Act as much as you can while you're still in school. When you get to the point that you're ready to pursue acting seriously, remember that it is a real job. It's not just something famous people do for fun. Take it seriously, practice. Memorize a monologue. Another great thing to do is poke around /r/acting. There's a lot of valuable information there.

redditt2095 karma

Do you collect Marvel comics?, if so which is your favourite?

Cobradactyl16 karma

I do. Currently I'm loving Hawkeye. That's probably my favorite as of right now. I was liking Superior Spider-Man, but now that's over.

shtaaap4 karma

I live in Ireland, Im really interested in acting and i think id be pretty dam good.. Whats the first thing i should do to pursue that career?

Cobradactyl5 karma

One of the biggest things anybody that wants to pursue acting needs to do is get themselves somewhere that has a lot of movie production happening, like Los Angeles. I'm not sure how much is done in Ireland. But making a big move can be very difficult to do.

If you're not ready to make a move to a big movie-city, I suggest acting in anything and everything you can in the meantime to build up a resume for when you do land a bigger audition.

shtaaap3 karma

Thanks! There is alot of small productions here in Ireland with.. so maybe i could start here! then make a move to London or the states. Do you think i should take class's? maybe just go for it without lessons or acting education?

Cobradactyl4 karma

If classes are an option, that would be a really great thing for you to do. But acting is an interesting thing, because if you really are talented you can get a role without having formal education. But still, go for classes if you can. I wish I had.

shtaaap2 karma

cool thanks! last question, any pointers/tips?

Cobradactyl5 karma

Yeah, check out /r/acting. You can learn so much about getting started and what to expect in different situations. They also have great resources over there, like how to format a resume. Also, in your spare time, find a monologue (or two) and memorize them. You never know when you'll need one for an audition.

FreakAss3 karma

Did you et to hangout with the stars and if you did. Did you become friends and stay in touch

Cobradactyl6 karma

I got to meet a few of the stars, but I wouldn't say I got to "hang out" with them. Anthony Mackie was at the wrap party, so when I spoke with him it was "outside of work" so to speak, but he was so surrounded by people I didn't get to chat with him very long.

HeisenburgerAndFries1 karma

Do you even lift?

Cobradactyl17 karma

No, I don't, thank God, or else I wouldn't have gotten the part.

Ahrny1 karma

is it possible for you to appears and the agents of shield series? i think you could if you can contact them... please respond... i wanna make my dad jealous! (he's a captain america fan)

Cobradactyl1 karma

Honestly, no, I don't think I could be involved with Agents of SHIELD.

Tell your dad I said, "hi".

hahaimadeuquit1 karma

How was scarlet johanson? She is so attractive, ever flirt with her :p?

Cobradactyl2 karma

I did not flirt with her because I knew if I did she wouldn't be able to resist me and it would ruin her marriage.

harlangarland1 karma

Have you tried using this to pick up women at bars? It would totally work on me!

Cobradactyl1 karma

No, I haven't. To be fair, it doesn't matter what movie I'm in, its not going to make me any more attractive.

I_Am_Intoxicated1 karma

What's your favorite beer?

Cobradactyl10 karma

I'm sorry, but I hate beer. I can't deal with the taste. I barely drink alcohol at all, but when I do it's never beer. Closest thing I drink is hard cider.

I_Am_Intoxicated2 karma

Ahhh no prob bud! Hard Cider is great. Which is your favorite?

Cobradactyl7 karma

Woodchuck with the red label. The green label one is fine but its so sweet.

gazork_chumble_spuzz0 karma

Ever heard of Fruli? I hate beer too (my husband and I make homebrews but only he drinks it), but this stuff if beautiful - it's a wheat beer, so it's pale and light and not bitter, and it's made with strawberry juice. It's a lot like a cider. You'd probably really like it, if it's available anywhere around where you live.

Cobradactyl5 karma

I haven't heard of it, and I'd be willing to try it, but in all honesty, every time somebody has told me "Yeah but you should try this beer," I still never like it.

ultrachronic1 karma

You were more prominent in the first Captain America film

Cobradactyl10 karma

Skinny Steve was more prominent, yes, but that was a different actor. Not me (unfortunately).

ultrachronic2 karma

Oh wow! I did not know this.

Cheers man.

Cobradactyl6 karma

Are you from the UK? I ask cause you say "cheers". The guy that did the role in the first movie was a English guy. So who knows, maybe he's more near you than you thought.

nspectre1 karma

I thought that was all Chris Evans and VFX hocus-pocus?

Edit: Case Study: How to make a Captain America wimp

Cobradactyl6 karma

The way its done is; Chris runs through the scene, "skinny steve" runs through the scene, and then the two actors are combined with VFX. That's kind of the simplified explanation, but you get the idea.

nspectre1 karma


And congrats on getting the part. A great addition to the résumé. And getting lines! I have friends that have done extra work for a long time before they were able to get their SAG card.

Break a leg! :)

Cobradactyl1 karma

Thank you.

Actually__No1 karma

So did you do the first avenger too and just not get paid?

Cobradactyl5 karma

The guy who did the First Avenger was a different actor.

Actually__No1 karma

Huh any idea why they didn't just use the same guy?

Cobradactyl11 karma

Cause he lives in England, and I live in the city they were shooting.

theironbear0 karma

In reality does this mean anything for your career or was it just a one and done type of scenario? Do you think you have what it takes to be a big name actor? The reason I ask is a few of my mates are in a really famous band and when people support them they lose their mind thinking this means they are going somewhere but they never do. They support them in that local town because the band has to have a local band, the organisers put that band and and the big band doesn't care or listen to the small band.

Cobradactyl6 karma

I think it could make a difference for my career, absolutely. This one job made me eligible to join the Screen Actor's Guild, which is a big hurdle to overcome as an aspiring actor. That being said, I haven't joined, at least not yet, because the cost is so high. But if I decide I'm ready, I have the option to do so, and being a part of SAG means that people take you more seriously. So, yeah I think it helps, but there's no guarantee that I'll ever 'make it'.

Also, good luck to your friends band. I'm sure that's tough.

theironbear0 karma

They are the big band so it's not tough for them haha they just tour the world and play shows, I meant the band's who play for them rarely go anywhere after supporting them. I was trying to liken it to a small role in a movie. How much is the screen actors guild? Hopefully you can go far and do well.

Cobradactyl4 karma

Oh shit, they are the big band!? Now I'm curious...

Initially fee to join SAG is like 3 grand, then you pay a few hundred dollars bi-yearly. For somebody like me, that's a lot of money.

Cramplodon-8 karma

How does it feel knowing that it's all down hill for you from here on out?

Cobradactyl28 karma

Can we please focus on RAMPART?

wallywallbanger-9 karma

Thank God you weren't in the First Avenger. That movie took so long to get going I lost interest after the hour and a half intro.

Cobradactyl6 karma

Did you enjoy Winter Soldier? I did.