I have been a wedding photographer for 3 years. I work at a 5-acre, all-inclusive wedding venue. I see it ALL!!

'Tis me. http://imgur.com/s1iCagw

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kikashoots1 karma

Hi! Thanks for doing this AMA! I will be shooting my FIRST WEDDING next weekend and have two questions: 1. which lens do you think is most essential when shooting portraits at an outdoors (city) wedding? 2. Do you switch the settings on the camera (from manual to portrait to action) or do you generally stick to one?

PrettyLittleLesbian1 karma

I like my 28-74, but I think it's a preference.

I always shoot manual because...it's manual and I'm a hands-on learner. If I set my settings, I will likely remember them. And it's a good practice because you can walk into a building and have a general, if not exact, idea of what your settings will be.

ningrim1 karma

Should photographers be compelled to photograph a gay wedding if they believe it violates their religious beliefs?

PrettyLittleLesbian5 karma

It's their business. They can do as they wish. We, on the other hand, are all for it.

i_loves_pancakes1 karma

Hi! Fellow photographer here. When you are not shooting weddings, what is your favorite thing to shoot for your personal work? Do you have a favorite personal project you've done?

PrettyLittleLesbian1 karma

My favorite is nature. I'm adventurous and I take my camera just about all my adventures.

I've never really had a personal project, but my all-time favorite, so far, has been the Florida Keys!