I've been the on-air sidekick for The Adam Carolla Show since 2006. It's “The World’s Most Downloaded Podcast,” as certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. (Humblebrag!!) I've also appeared as a contestant on Comedy Central’s Beat the Geeks and on the syndicated game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and currently live in Los Angeles with my wife, Christie.

EDIT: Guys, please keep all questions to the topic of RAMPART. RAMPART QUESTIONS ONLY!!

EDIT #2: This was a lot of fun, you guys. Thanks for all the questions. Watch for me lurking and posting around Reddit in the future.

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nicklink1024 karma

What happened to Daves to Thunder?

baldbryan28 karma

Can I just say this…? Big fan.

AltonBrownsBalls21 karma

I think the one question we all have is do you think reddit as a whole is JV or all balls?

baldbryan35 karma

All Balls, bro.

dummystupid21 karma

Hey Bryan I've got a few questions for you:

  1. Your resume is so diverse, what's your ultimate career goal? What would you like to be doing in 5 years?

  2. If you do not die from cancer, how would you like to go?

  3. What are your top 5 Tool Tunes?

  4. Do you think you'll ever go on another game show like Who Wants to be a Millionare?

  5. What would be your ultimate movie? If given the power to wish one movie into existance, what would it be? (plot, stars, director, ect)

  6. Do they know the medical reason you became bald so damn young?

  7. Will you sign my copy of the audio book?

EDIT: Since I have the top question, I have one more: Do you have any animations made from your audio book?

Edit 2: The answer is yes. Here it is.

baldbryan20 karma

Your resume is so diverse, what's your ultimate career goal? What would you like to be doing in 5 years? -- Still living, ideally.

If you do not die from cancer, how would you like to go? -- Nuts bitten off by a laplander, like Frank Drebin described.

What are your top 5 Tool Tunes? -- How can I choose?? Check out the playlist on Songza.

Do you think you'll ever go on another game show like Who Wants to be a Millionare? -- unlikely. How many game shows are there any more? And how many rely on knowledge as opposed to eating bull testicles?

What would be your ultimate movie? If given the power to wish one movie into existance, what would it be? (plot, stars, director, ect) -- Shrinkage, The Movie (duh)

Do they know the medical reason you became bald so damn young? -- good/bad luck, I suppose.

Will you sign my copy of the audio book? -- no.

Boofers5 karma

You're answering these questions fantastically, it's quite rare to get full answers from most AMAs. Thank you for doing this properly for all of us here!

baldbryan46 karma

Please keep all questions to the topic of Rampart.


WinstonDog18 karma

BB, I'm a long time listener and supporter of yours. One question that has peaked my interest for a while now is 'how much $ do you make from The Adam Carolla Show'? I know it's a bit of a personal question but hope you take it in the spirit in which it is intended! Thanks and keep fighting the good fight!

baldbryan36 karma

No worries. Without getting into specifics, I make a good living from ACS, especially relative to the amount of time I actually spend in the studio. I actually couldn't tell you the exact yearly amount, since it goes to my tax person and gets lumped in with Film Vault, book royalties, and various other sources of income. And of course Christie's income, since we're married.

ClaudioRules14 karma

Bald Bryan, I'm a long time listener and supporter of yours!

Do you ever browse the /r/adamcarolla subreddit here?

baldbryan42 karma

Yeah, once in a while. Because I'm a loser.

opasewq12 karma

What was your favorite name for T's V?

baldbryan23 karma

I think the very first one was "The Valley of the Sun." That and "the Hurt Locker."

goods292912 karma


baldbryan22 karma

Netflix streaming movies is pretty much the best thing to happen to movie fans/podcast hosts ever. Not sure what I'd do without it.

SaintPaddy11 karma

One question : Is there a part for Bald Bryan in Road Hard???

By the way... Keep up the great work, I'm glad your treatments are keeping the cancer at bay. As a listener to the Adam Carolla show, I couldn't imagine it without your contributions.

May you continue to live a long and fruitful life!

baldbryan25 karma

I am not in Road Hard. I'm sure Adam would find a role for me if I asked him to, but to be honest, I have no ambition to be an actor. And I'd probably make the movie worse with my "performance."

nouseforasn11 karma

I want to apologize for making you take pictures with me at the first live show in NY last year after I drank a bottle of Mangria and was probably annoying as shit. Thanks for the picture though, I'll be at the Ridgewood signing on Thursday

baldbryan16 karma

I accept your apology. I also have no recollection of this.

jajunkjunkjunk11 karma

Jo Koy or DAG?

baldbryan25 karma

As a guest? How can I possibly choose?

As a lover? Again, how can I possibly choose?

firstand209 karma

Hey Bryan, Glad you're still amongst the living, you bring a lot of laughs to the Adam Carolla show and /r/thefilmvault. Just listened to you on Morh Stories today, very interesting.

Given your condition, did you make a bucket list given that you might of not survived this long? If you did what was on the list that you wanted to do and did you do it? If you didn't make s list because you always felt you were going to "beat" your tumor, what is something extraordinary that you would love to do.

Thanks and my mouse died.

baldbryan16 karma

Thanks, Mohr Stories was awesome.

I did not make a bucket list. Partly because I feel that would have been admitting defeat before the game even started. But as soon as I started to feel even the least bit better, we made plans to take a trip to Italy. (There's an entire chapter on this in Shrinkage).

MrTaintTingley7 karma

Does the carpet match the drapes?

baldbryan20 karma


gprakotofetsy6 karma

Please be honest - do you actually, LEGITIMATELY enjoy the Transformers films or are you just trolling everyone?

baldbryan15 karma

Legitimately. But I also legitimately enjoy Charleston Chew candy bars, but I would never try to say they're fine dining.

PianoTrumpetMax6 karma

Hey Bald Bryan! Awesome to get you on an AMA!

My question is:

We hear Ace always go on about how he is so happy to be FCC free as it would be, the pirate ship and so on.

But how do you feel about this? Would you/could you go back to terrestrial radio? What are some perks (if any), and what would you see as the real negative as switching back.

Can't wait to read the book!

(Side fun question if you'd indulge me, what is your favorite drink? Whether beer, straight liquor or a mixed drink?)

baldbryan8 karma

You'd have to ask Adam, but my guess would be no. He was offered a lucrative deal a few years back and said no, so that'd be my guess.

I'm a beer and wine guy, but my cocktail is a gin martini, very dry, two olives.

1___6 karma


baldbryan21 karma

1) Is there a reason you stand during the Adam Carolla Show, while everyone else sits? -- I physically have a lot of ground to cover, what with my 360 machine, my laptop and mic, so swiveling in a chair would be distracting.

2) What is your favorite drop? -- Don't really have one.

3) Do you and Anderson really hate each other? -- It's more love/hate.

4) Can you recommend anything streaming on Netflix that you haven’t already discussed on the Film Vault? -- Haven't seen anything new in the last few days.

5) Any upcoming Snifftrax planned? - maybe. It's kind of a lot of effort for a marginal ROI.

6) What is your favorite movie of 2014 so far? -- Lego. By far.

7) What was the most uncomfortable moment you witnessed on the Adam Carolla Show? -- So many. ACE Awards does a good job recapping those.

8) At what age in a young Balding Bryan’s life, did you decide to shave your head? - Just after college. Realized it was a lost cause.

9) What is your favorite word? Because ostensibly it is ostensible. -- True. I also like "de facto." Ostensibly.

filteredspam5 karma

Last one, why haven't I seen Rampart yet?

baldbryan16 karma

FINALLY, a Rampart question.

Answer: I don't know.

beckyhonkington5 karma

What do you think of Lane Kiffin?

baldbryan5 karma

Great guy. Even better coach.

DarkBowels5 karma

What's your favorite sandwich?

baldbryan21 karma

GREAT question. Best one of the day. Here's my move: Get a caprese sandwich (mozzarella, basil and tomato) but ADD prosciutto. That's a bad ass sandwich right there.

mjsher25 karma

What movie are you dreading most for Anderson to assign you?

He also spoils movies as often as you, he just deems those movies unfit for spoiler protection. (SNIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF)

Also, I recommend Mortified Nation and the Short Game that are currently streaming on Netflix.

baldbryan7 karma

Mortified Nation! I Flickfessed that one and talked about it on Carolla Show. My friend produced it and it's really good. Streaming too.

badgrafxghost5 karma

Hey Bryan!

I'm a big fan of ACS and The Film Vault, been listening to you for years now. First off, just wanted to say thanks for being so candid about your experience and recovery. Your interview with Christie on ARIYNBF a few weeks ago was fantastic....really enlightening.

I'm wondering how much your podcast persona matches you in real life. How much of the bickering between you and Anderson is genuine and how much is a bit?

Also, what are the chances that you can extend the book tour down to the Baltimore/DC area?

Congrats on your success and good luck with "Shrinkage" sales!

baldbryan9 karma

The bickering is 100% genuine, although I should point out that we really do like each other. Well, I like Anderson, anyway.

As for DC, I'd love to, but that's up to the publisher (St. Martin's Press). Bug them and maybe it'll happen!

HSimpson8184 karma

Whose your favorite Simpson's character?

baldbryan16 karma

How can you choose?

Speaking of "choose," I'll say Ralphie. "I choo- choo- choose you!"

Smashinator3 karma

Are you as excited for Jodorowsky's Dune as I am?

baldbryan7 karma

Probably not. DOn't like Dune at all. Although I'll give it a shot. I'll see almost any doc about movies.

GUSHandGO3 karma

Hey Bryan... I'm an Oregon alum, so I hope we can still be friends even though you're a Trojan and I'm a Duck.

Love the ACS and your contributions. I've always wondered how you have your drops set up and how you can access them so quickly. Do you just have a folder of MP3 files open on your computer? Do you have the most popular ones ready to go at a moment's notice? Have you ever had the production guys add in a drop you may have missed after the show is done?

Thanks, Bryan! Fight On and Go Ducks! :)

baldbryan8 karma

Every once in a great while I'll ask Chris or someone to track down a drop I missed for whatever reason. Usually because of some technical fuck up.

As for setup, I use a 360 Instant Replay with about 600+ drops and also Soundboard on a Mac, mostly for songs and intros and such.

imjoeyournot3 karma

Have any other podcasts/ radio shows tried to hire you away from Carolla digital?

baldbryan9 karma

Haha, no. I doubt there's a HUGE market for bald sound effects guys, but I guess you never know.

drhamr3 karma

Hey Bryan, what is your favourite drop of all time?

baldbryan21 karma

I don't know if I have a favorite (spell it right, you dirty limey), but the first ones I ever loaded up on the machine were "This is DAMN exciting stuff!" and "Sweet irony!"

manzbot3 karma

What's your favorite Pixar movie?

baldbryan13 karma

Probably WALL-E. So many great ones, but WALL-E, particularly the first half, is a resplendent work of art.

capsfan193 karma

Could you describe Adam Carolla's odor for me?

baldbryan7 karma

Considering he jumps rope before every show and doesn't use soap in the shower, he's surprisingly odor-free.

Socioillogica3 karma

When you were diagnosed, did you struggle with death anxiety and did you find avenues to lessen that (i.e. meditation, psychedelics, religion, alcohol, etc)?

baldbryan4 karma

Not death anxiety per se, but yes, there's an entire chapter in Shrinkage about my experiences with alternative healing, etc).

dpprace3 karma

Long time listener, first time caller here.

Bryan, why is the ACS podcast filmed (there's always a short clip uploaded to adamcarolla.com), but the videotaped portion is never released? It don't make no sense.

Also, love your drops, but can we get Motley Crue's Girls, Girls Girls added to the "stripper" rotation? Cherry Pie works okay, but there are other cheesy songs that are just begging to be used.

Major congrats on beating the C and I can't wait to read Shrinkage.

baldbryan9 karma

No idea about the video.

As for Girls Girls Girls, that was sort of Anderson's drop. Cherry Pie is more mine.

patricksaurus3 karma

Is Anderson genuinely misanthropic?

Does Christie share your taste in movies?

Have you ever seen Rampart?

Who is the coolest guest you interacted with between Loveline, ACS on KLSX, and the podcast?

Have you tasted any of DAG's smoked meats?

Why does Adam hate dogs near craft services when he talks so much about eating a nut from a tarmac that was in the beak of a bird?

Was Jack Silver really that massive of a tool?

1 Carolla-sized Bonaduce or 100 Bonaduce-sized Carollas?

Your book arrived today, can't wait to read it! Keep on kicking ass amigo.

baldbryan11 karma

Is Anderson genuinely misanthropic? -- I don't know what that word means, but yes.

Does Christie share your taste in movies? -- Not really. Her favorite movie is The Holiday.

Have you ever seen Rampart? -- RAMPART QUESTIONS ONLY, PLEASE.

Who is the coolest guest you interacted with between Loveline, ACS on KLSX, and the podcast? -- Too many to choose. Most guests are cool, honestly.

Have you tasted any of DAG's smoked meats? -- No! I'd love to.

Why does Adam hate dogs near craft services when he talks so much about eating a nut from a tarmac that was in the beak of a bird? -- He's a complex dude.

Was Jack Silver really that massive of a tool? -- I promise, he was worse.

1 Carolla-sized Bonaduce or 100 Bonaduce-sized Carollas? -- I'd like to see a super-sized Bonaduce.

macgruber69692 karma

Hey BB, big fan and just got the book in the mail 10 minutes ago. Can't wait to read it after finals. I heard there was a shitty doctor story in the book on acs the other day and as a medical student, I'm always trying to be better at patient care. Any pitfalls to avoid or possible things someone can do to better help a patient who got as serious of a diagnosis as you did?

baldbryan10 karma

In my specific shitty-doctor experience, it just felt like he was reading out of a book chapter titled "How to be an empathetic doctor," or he was a robot set to "sympathetic mode." I'd say just act like a god damned human being and you'll be fine.

pharmorjac2 karma

Long time listener of the ACS, first time IAMA-er.

My question is around the podcast. Do you guys ever have an outline of what will be discussed on the show? It seems most Mondays now there is a hooray for baldywood, and of course the news. But other than that?

Also I loved that video you and Alison did when you were baby sitting for that family. You should do another!

baldbryan7 karma

Thanks. The show outline is pretty loose. Mostly it's whatever Adam wants to do/talk about. But yes, games and bits are generally slotted in beforehand.

coffeemug732 karma

I listen to you and the gang every day and I have to know, in a game of "Marry, Fuck or Kill" how would you rank: Dameshek, David Wild and Matt Atchity?

baldbryan11 karma

M: Wild. Gotta have those book royalties. K: Dameshek. I mean, that voice… F: Atchity, I guess. I feel like I just lost this game.

krb2582 karma


baldbryan6 karma

I'm a Lo Mein/Chow Mein man.

itsnotatoomer2 karma

Hi Bryan, Do you have any fun stories you could share that the average fan might not know about from the Carolla show radio days?

Special bonus question: What is your favorite Dick Banks song?

baldbryan8 karma

There's a lot of stories like that in Shrinkage. Mostly about Jack Silver.

UltimoRush2 karma

Hey Bald, Big fan. What are your favorite podcasts to listen to?

baldbryan11 karma

I listen to tons of podcasts. I couldn't possibly list them all, but I've never missed an episode of How Did This Get Made? Funny shit.

JohnnyUtahJazz2 karma

When Shrinkage gets turned into a movie who will play you? You can't say Michael Biehn. He could be a love interest though.

baldbryan17 karma

If Michael Biehn is unavailable, then I'd like it to be a respected actor with an Oscar, if possible.

So… Chiwetel Ejiofor.

bigfish375952 karma

I am actually listening to you on Mohr Stories as I was reading this AMA.

baldbryan8 karma

Too much bald!

chadridesabike2 karma

What did you do to prepare for Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Do they give you an idea of what categories the questions will be from beforehand?

baldbryan7 karma

They don't tell you anything about categories, questions, etc. It'd be illegal if they did. I just had Christie read me a ton of Trivial Pursuit questions as "flash cards," just to get my mind nice and agile. And of course I watched tons of episodes, just to get the rhythm of the game down.

firstand202 karma

How are you liking, or disliking, Reddit since you joined?

baldbryan10 karma

I like Reddit a lot. I like anything where you can get actual honest opinions/info/feedback on anything. Spend a lot of time in the writing and podcasts subreddits just lurking.

furrrsurre2 karma

Hey bald Bryan, you have always been my favorite member of the ACS crew and I've been listening since day one. I'm looking forward to all your smug and self satisfied answers.

My questions:

  1. What's the biggest thing you learned about your life, yourself, or the things that have happened to you while writing the book?

  2. Any thoughts of branching off and doing your own podcast? (Without Anderson, listening to him makes me want to rip my ears off).

baldbryan7 karma

What's the biggest thing you learned about your life, yourself, or the things that have happened to you while writing the book? -- Just learning to appreciate the little things.

Any thoughts of branching off and doing your own podcast? (Without Anderson, listening to him makes me want to rip my ears off). -- Trust me, I know the feeling.

filteredspam2 karma

How often are you and the lackies extremely uncomfortable in the studio while Adam's flying off on a huge a rant or arguing with someone like Gavin Newsom?

One more, you mentioned once that your wife's a foodie... What your guys' favorite place to eat out in LA? (live here) Oh and fuck it, best pizza?

baldbryan7 karma

The Gavin Newsom thing was so disappointing because I think he was a good mayor, but he avoided answering Adam's questions to such a degree that it was embarrassing for him. I forgot that at the end of the day, he's still just a politician.

I'll combine the answers for the second question and say Mozza.

Growin_Pains1 karma

Bryan! Thanks for doing this AMA, I'm sure this is a very busy time for you.

I'm overweight, and you apparently once were as well. I'm about 5'10" and 260lbs.
How much was you biggest, and what prompted, or motivated you to lose it?
Also, I thank/hate you for making me think of drops randomly through out my day and no one else would get it. If someone ever says "nine times" in a sentence, I instantly think... "Niiine tiimes."

Get it on, and can't wait to read (let's be honest, listen to) your new book!

baldbryan9 karma

I was just unhappy with the way I felt and looked. It really was just as simple as eating better and exercising more. The answer is boring because it's THE answer.

Growin_Pains2 karma

Follow up, what age did you lose the weight?

baldbryan6 karma

I think I was about 24.

filteredspam1 karma

Are there more behind the scenes people than we hear mentioned on the podcast? How often are you guys hiring and what kinds of positions open up there?

baldbryan6 karma

Most of the key players get mentioned on the show from time to time. That said, there are always people floating around the studio who I have no idea who they are.

Dr91 karma

Is Anderson with you? Can we ask him questions too?

baldbryan14 karma

Anderson is always with me. He's like a skunk's spray that I can't wash off.

dsap541 karma

Is there a tool tunes equivalent for movies? I love a good bad movie I can enjoy with all the shame and none of the care. Looking for suggestions. Thanks!

baldbryan7 karma

We did Top 5 Guilty Pleasures on The Film Vault. I'd imagine you can find a lot of those types of movies on there.

monicachugscock-5 karma

Bald, love you on ACS

Do you hate Alison as much as the listeners?

baldbryan17 karma

How dare you.

I hate how beautiful and talented she is.