My short bio: Three years ago I made an AMA which can be seen here. I realize that I am not using the same account, but I assure you, I am the real broly (also, I forgot my password for that account). Back then, you helped give me the chance to experience one of my life's biggest dreams: to attend EVO. It was an amazing experience and I will be forever grateful to those of you who supported me back then. I've been to every EVO since then, and it has been a fantastic ride. I've been interviewed by newspapers, television reporters, and I even wrote my own e-book, which can be found here. And a short description of this book can be found here.

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Jaha_fucked_my_mom37 karma

How good are you at eating pussy?

Brolylegs88 karma

The best.

Hindu_Guy27 karma

I always see you logging on during episodes of Excellent Adventures. So I'm curious. Mike Ross, godlike or so godlike?

Brolylegs40 karma

He's neither, Kappa

gmhart22 karma

Hardest game to face-play?

Brolylegs77 karma

Other than Kinect, HAHA, uh games that support the shoulder/trigger buttons. Something like Call of Duty or any kind of shooter games is really tough for me.

RageCat500018 karma

pls stop bodying me online :c

Brolylegs6 karma

Sorry =[

1338h4x15 karma

If you had a chance to design your own custom controller, what would it look like?

Brolylegs19 karma

A replica of the Wii-U controller, but add two more buttons so I can execute more functions.

BLightning9113 karma

Who do you plan to main in Ultra? Still sticking to Chun-Li?

Brolylegs13 karma

Going to put in work with Poison first, but I think i'll eventually end up back with Chun-li.

paintballpmd10 karma

Explain "pro gamer" can you make a living doing this? And how long did it take to master playing the way you do?

Brolylegs18 karma

''Pro Gamer'' is generally a player that is paid to go to tournaments to represent a company. You can't make a living solely being a pro gamer, but it does open many doors for your future. I mastered this style of play when I was pretty small. I grew accustomed on using my mouth for many physical tasks, and all it took was motivation to master my craft.

Joelovesfood9 karma

How do you button mash?

Brolylegs31 karma

I have learned to press the button pretty fast with my tongue through the inside of my mouth. I first did this on Mario Party.

salt-the-skies9 karma

Have you met any other disabled gamers in your time? I know of one who was very well known in the TFC community, Malice, he played with his feet having been born without arms. I'm pretty sure he is still a very avid gamer, though I've lost touch with him.

Also a couple of deaf Counterstrike players, but obviously nothing quite to your degree.

Inspiring abilities sir.

Brolylegs12 karma

I've met a lot of players throughout my time in the FGC. Osamu, a japanese disabled player, went to Evo 2012, and hes a really good Ryu player.

BloodveinAzalie8 karma

Why are you so good at league of legends? -PedobearExpress

Brolylegs14 karma

Because I have always liked the healing/support role and understand what it takes to fulfill that role. Besides, I love Sona/Nami

Sugoimotherfkr9 karma

nerf Brolylegs gg

Brolylegs8 karma

I agree, lmao

Removalsc9 karma

Oh I thought my friends were joking when they said playing Sona is just rolling your face on the keyboard :P

Brolylegs3 karma

Na, shes easy and sexy, =]

USC_FAN6 karma

How Bro? How?

Brolylegs17 karma

I figured a way and kept with it. When theres a will or a way.

Thre3Dawg4 karma

Where there's a will, there's a it not that?

Brolylegs3 karma

Thats the quote =]

elephantcage6 karma

But how do you "operate your joystick" while you're on the computer?

Brolylegs9 karma

I type with a chopstick with my mouth. When I do play PC Games, I plug in a PS3 controller that has the same layout has the 360.

FizZmc5 karma

Which game have you spent the most time on?

Brolylegs12 karma

At the moment, I started streaming on twitch some Street Fighter 4 2012. I honestly want to try out other games since I love RPG's and Platformers the most.

FizZmc3 karma

Cool, thanks for the very quick response! Have you ever considered making let's play youtube videos?

Brolylegs5 karma

You know, I was thinking of doing that with the games I recently bought. Just as an experiment.

AuhsojSivart1 karma

Check out Child of Light. It comes out today and is a platformer/rpg.

Brolylegs1 karma

Will do.

standingcat5 karma

Holy shit. I really didn't know you played with your face! Respect, man! I can't even dash Ultra and seeing you doing on that one episode of Excellent Adventures was sick!

You mentioned having trouble pushing shoulder buttons on the controller, I'm just wondering what button layout you roll with.

Brolylegs3 karma

I can use the RT, but thats it. Face buttons plus RT is my layout.

Ginger_King4 karma

Wait, so you're telling me that you're typing of this with your face right now... Mind=Blown. But fo' realz, are you?

Brolylegs9 karma

Chopstick in my mouth.

Carluun4 karma

What's it like being half of the Legendary Super Sayian?

Brolylegs25 karma

Great, but the balls are inert

S2rulL4 karma

Why are you the best stream monster, like, ever?! And how can you actually put up with my tweets?!?! :P

Brolylegs6 karma

Well Trollylegs is my other persona, and I have to uphold it. I can tolerate any kind of tweets, so no worries man.

IzludeTheFool3 karma

I was unaware you were disabled, I saw the Adventures of Gootex and Mike Ross where you BODY'D them. And you did this with your face? Dayum...

Brolylegs5 karma

Yessir, all with my cheek and mouth

sabreo0011 karma

That dash ultra :)

Brolylegs8 karma

Sorry Mike Ross

Brolylegs1 karma

Yessir. =p

adogcanada3 karma

have you thought of beating super meat boy?

Brolylegs9 karma

I have seen the game and looks fun. Maybe i'll give it a try sometime.

pro_fluke3 karma

When are we going to host a dual stream together on twitch? :p

Brolylegs3 karma

When you want


Do you play PC AE? You totally should.

Brolylegs1 karma

Not yet, gotta buy it sometime.

Bluecas3 karma

Does your neck hurt after long gaming sessions?

Brolylegs4 karma

Sore, yes. Actually, my elbows get the worst of it.

EyeSawThat3 karma

How often do you facepalm?

Brolylegs9 karma


Brolylegs2 karma

Everyday i'm hustlin

br00talBUSBY3 karma

Hi Broly! What would you say the hardest part about traveling and attending tournaments is? What little things can tournament organizers do to make things easier for you?

Brolylegs3 karma

The Hardest part is actually getting their. Unfortunately, i'm no sponsored player, so I am limited to where I go. Other than that, i'm pretty capable when I get there.

swiftp3 karma

Have you had any occupational therapy? If so, what was that like?

Brolylegs1 karma

I have, but the improvements were minimal. I think i'm content with what my abilities are.

brodog63933 karma

Do you have someone sanatize your keyboard or controller after each use? If you are using your mouth I can imagine you could get pretty sick from the germs that could form.

Brolylegs12 karma

Well on my keyboard, I don't physically touch it with my mouth. I only use the stick to type. For the mousepad, i'll usually clean it with a Wipe to clear off any germs. Same with the controller.

ianhamilton__3 karma

I assume remapping would be your top one, but other than that, what would your top game design accessibility considerations be? Things that developers can implement to allow you to play more easily?

Brolylegs1 karma

Just put more buttons on the face of the controller.

big-rox3 karma

I heard you fell off a roof not to long did that happen?

Brolylegs15 karma

Not a roof, but a ramp to my house. I went too slow going up and the chair tipped backwards. I fell off and broke my hip in three places. That was three years ago, so i'm good now.

chocolatesandwiches3 karma

Any chance we'll see you enter Melee at EVO 2014?

Brolylegs4 karma

If I go, Yes. If you or any others want to donate, lemme know.

getmeaburrito2 karma

Go Hawks?

Brolylegs8 karma

Anything but the Heat

Alfarin2 karma

How did you discover that using the controller with your mouth was the best way to play for you? It's really impressive to say the least.

Also, will your book be coming to Google play?

Brolylegs4 karma

Since I was 2. I learned out of wanting to play. My book can be accessed through free apps of Kindle.

NorbitGorbit2 karma

what kind of controls do you use that you think could be commercialized for the broader market?

Brolylegs3 karma

Well I honestly feel the 360 controller is the most comfortable remote for me because of where the Analog stick's placement. It allows me to use my cheek on it and see the screen conveniently while having my mouth use the buttons comfortably.

mackdaddytran1 karma

Do you still main Chun-Li? Ever thought about playing other charge characters?

Brolylegs3 karma

I do have a pocket Bison, and trying out E.Honda. I think i'll try Guile out, but Chun is still my main.

imphic1 karma

If gaming wasn't a viable career option, what would you be doing instead?

Brolylegs4 karma

Broadcasting Sports

Zerms41 karma

If you could pick up another fighter, which game would it be for you? Also what would be the easiest fighter for you to learn and the hardest(Kinect Fighters would be allowed, but also list the hardest non-kinect fighter game too!)?

Brolylegs2 karma

Hardest by far is MVC2. Tried, but just cant due to speed. Easiest and most wanted fighter to play is Injustice.

fakepizza1 karma

Ever played Sim City?

Brolylegs1 karma

No, I haven't. Always wanted to though.

big-rox1 karma

What's the highest you've ever placed at a major w/chun? Do you think you will get sponsored if you get a few top 8's at majors?

Brolylegs6 karma

I've placed 9th at a Texas Showdown, and 7th in SFxT. Recently, I have been making it out of pools pretty consistently.

TurboTaco1 karma

What did you think of Injustice?

Brolylegs3 karma

Really want to play it again. I have it, and enjoyed it when I first played it.

TurboTaco1 karma

Whats stopping you from streaming some later? :) Also who would you main if you were to play it again?

Brolylegs3 karma

Nothing really. I might stream some later this week. I'll still main Bane I think.

armorov1 karma

I saw a video in YouTube, is an interview with gootecks, and you said you can only use 4 buttons, are you interested in King of fighters (4 button layout) ?

Brolylegs2 karma

i'm actually trying this on Steam.

Mithost1 karma

Who do you main in Smash Bros?

Brolylegs1 karma


Its_Suavemente1 karma

Why is your brother such a weird guy(jk i love that dude)

Brolylegs4 karma

Owl City, Kappa

[deleted]1 karma


Brolylegs2 karma

No, thats not me.

shlikeee1 karma


Brolylegs1 karma

Nah, ZSS too stronk

NO3SCAPE1 karma

So much questions but not enough about your Street Fighter history. I've seen your Chun Li on Yogaflame24's channel and your Chun Li packs quite a punch.

How do you think you would do against someone like Daigo or PR Rog?

Brolylegs2 karma

I've played Rog and the matches are close. Haven't played Daigo since AE, but I think he'd destroy me.

Beece1 karma

Does your disability limit you in any way as to what type of characters you play in street fighter? Like do you find charge characters generally easier or did you just naturally gravitate towards Chun li?

Brolylegs3 karma

Lets just say out of all the characters in the game, Chun was the most usable with my disability. So yeah, I am limited in my choice.

analbumcover1 karma

I've played you on XBL a few times and usually get destroyed. Any advice for me as a Vega player v.s. Chun? I feel like it's an extremely footsie-heavy battle that requires lots of patience but other than that I'm lost.

Brolylegs1 karma

Feel like the matchup is pretty bad for Vega. You have to get the right jumpins on Chun, and execute the combos. Once you get the life lead, turtle it out. Vega can keep chun away with pokes, air throws, anti-airs, and runaway wall dives.


I think I played you in halo 3 a year after it came out. There was a guy with no hands and he had to play with his tongue. If that was you, I'm sorry for calling you a "no handed shitbag".

Brolylegs3 karma

LOL, I dont know if I played Halo 3 a lot online, but its cool man.

Colopty0 karma

Seeing as you type with a chopstick in your mouth, do you kinda just peck around like a chicken, or am I imagining it wrong?

Brolylegs2 karma

Youre kinda on the right track, but I memorized the keyboard to improve my accuracy and speed in typing. I even wrote my book like this.

ThaGriffman0 karma

How do you eat dinner? Do you just have a plate in front of you and go to town

Brolylegs3 karma

Usually my food is cut up in pieces, and then, i'll go to town, xD

Jason4Realz0 karma

Do you ever think that you could be a much better gamer if you didn't have stuff holding you back?

Brolylegs3 karma

Never really worry on that, but I guess I can agree that I would be much better.