My short bio: After 5 years in a major label stalemate, I'm excited to have finally self-released my second album, RetroHash (, this week. Look forward to talking about the experience and lessons learned along the way. Cheers!

Yo, gotta head to a small performance at Revolt. Finishing up! So we have until my ride gets here. Thanks for all your questions and look forward to doing this again soon. For real, I can't do this without your support. Means a lot to me. Thank you!

Rides here. Gotta go! Cheers.

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barronlroth336 karma

Dope Ash Roth Story Alert:

Three years ago, you came to Fort Lauderdale Florida to perform at a private party for some new Vodka launch. You tweeted about being in Lauderdale and going to this club at the hard rock, so me and my diehard-ashroth-fan buddies and I instantly hopped in our car and made our way to the club, bumping Seared Foie Gras, not knowing it was a private gig. It was quite a ride, but we finally made it there, and realized there was some serious security at the door. We were underage, and "not on the list" as the door lady put it. Being your distant cousin (same last name), I tried to convince the lady that I was supposed to be in there, I'm your "fucking cousin from Florida". She said, "If you're his cousin, call him and tell him to come out. Otherwise, you're not coming in."

My friends and I felt defeated. We lollygagged outside of the club for a while, hoping to catch a glimpse of some Ash Roth action, but it wasn't looking bright. I had one last plan; I shot you a tweet along the lines of "yo it's your cousin from florida, i'm outside and they won't let us in!"

Within ten minutes, you came outside with three wristbands and snuck my friends and I in. The doorlady felt like an idiot and we played it cool. You chatted with us for a while about Seared Foie Gras, the music industry, your new album (Is This Too Orange?) and potentially playing at our prom afterparty. You were a massive inspiration to us as young hip hop heads, and you even introduced us to the legendary Steve Rifkind! We floated around the party getting drunk for a while, then you invited us to join you on stage for your performance. It was quite a dream come true, and you introduced me to the crowd by saying "Everyone, meet my cousin from Florida who came out to support!"

Just saying, you're the illest, realest hip hop artist I've ever met. Question: Whatever happened to "Is This Too Orange"? Did Channel Orange really affect its release?

smashroth299 karma

Hahaha. I remember this! But I definitely did not condone underage drinking at that party....

It's always good to have "family" come support you! Look forward to seeing you dudes in Florida soon. How's the photography coming??

kzbaxdg740 karma

Ash don't believe this was MY idea to start tweeting (and to go to the concert in general). Thanks for an unbelievable night.

**side note - they gave away hard copies of Seared Foie Gras that night and we had barronlroth's mom sign it as Asher and we gave it to this friend of ours who was obsessed with him and we didn't tell her until like a year later.

also, here's a cool pic of when I got on stage with Asher at Peter Rosenberg's birthday party concert where I got to perform Lark and Blunt Cruisin' with him. Good times.

smashroth56 karma

killer hype man

TheDemander224 karma

Thanks for doing the cannon this AMA, Asher! My question to you is: Since your XXL cover with artists like Wale, you've gone the route of the indie/alternative artist, whereas some THA CANNON!CANNON!CANNON! of your peers have chosen major label careers. Would you consider a major label move at some point THA CANNON!!! in the future (ie: Knowingly-Ignant club rap) to build up your bank account? Or are you cool just doing you [REWIND FOR NO REASON] Or are you cool just doing you until the foreseeable future, regardless of income opportunities? the cannon! THA CANNON!!CANNON!

Thanks for your time.

smashroth113 karma

Hahahaha! This is amazing and appreciate seeing this in text form. Noted!

I'm going to do my thing for now and see where it takes me. I don't shun the major label system in it's entirety...artists just need to know what they're getting into and make sure they have bulldogs in the building that are fighting for them every step of the way.

vandalsupreme52 karma

What happened with the All City Chess Club?

Do you have any work with Kid Cudi planned or unreleased?

Much love.

smashroth70 karma

The All City Chess Club was a better idea than action. Hard to get all those agendas in one place at one time.

No work with Cudi yet but he and I seem to be mission aligned.

sammydizzo41 karma

Hi Asher, huge fan. I loved Pabst and Jazz and have been loving RetroHash.

What is the best part about going independent, apposed to your former label.

And, do you plan on doing a tour now that RetroHash is out? (If so, please come to Milwaukee!)

Also, go check out /r/HipHopHeads, a lot of big fans of you are over there

smashroth57 karma

Amazing! Really look forward to getting back to Milwaukee. Hoping to be a part of Summerfest soon!

The best part of being independent is easily the lack of interference and need for permission. Do what you want when you want! The downside is not having a lot money to work with but I feel like that forces you to be more creative and ultimately inspires the coolest stuff. It definitely isn't easy but if you're willing to do the work and have a vision it is very rewarding!

rfow40 karma

Do you plan on doing any more work with Spitta? I think I speak for everyone in saying that the Jet Life community would highly praise a Curren$y x Asher Roth x Harry Fraud project.

smashroth49 karma

Curren$y and I have very similar perspectives on life which is why I needed him on 'Dude.' And Harry Fraud and I have killer hair. So I don't think it would be too far fetched to see future collaborations between all 3 of us...

the_wolfbeard8 karma

Have you considered adding a beard to the already awesome flow? You know, nothing big or anything but I think a nice, five o'clock shadow could really add to it.

smashroth44 karma

Haha maaan, one must know their limitations. My beard game is not strong therefore I refrain from partaking in any serious commitment.

Killwaukee9439 karma

What does the Hook in "Pull it" mean?

smashroth68 karma

It's the moment when you decide to do it. That split second "pull the trigger" moment after contemplation...

ArmBarToTheBullshit37 karma

Hey Asher,

Are you still friends with Brain, Boyder, and wreckineyez??! I would stay up hours watching boydercams. It's making me sad seeing you guys drift apart :(.

smashroth56 karma

Absolutely. Relationships like that never end but real life just gets in the way sometimes. When I moved to NY and now LA it wasn't as convenient like when we all lived across the street from each other in West Chester. Or when we lived together in Atlanta. Which is what made those Boydercam videos so timeless. They were genuine moment captures which depicted genuine friendships which I feel like people could relate to. Those are my brothers. Wreckineyez is still my DJ. Brain and I were on the phone for an hour yesterday talking about everything and Boyd and I still laugh weekly. I feel like when relationships get tested by distance and time is when they really become real.

NathanC938 karma


In the exact same boat as you on this one. These vids were class, simple yet hilarious.

smashroth29 karma


masteryedi30 karma

Will we ever hear any tracks that were created for the Spaghetti Tree/Is This Too Orange or are they lost in the hands of some label forever? G.R.I.N.D. is still one of my fav tracks

smashroth56 karma

Man, I can't tell you how much the record G.R.I.N.D. means to me. We even had a remix with B.o.B. that was fresh. That record really was the "Pull It" moment I'm talking about above where I said...'I gotta get out of this major label system.' There's some really fun records that have been recorded with Pharrell, Oren, Organized Noize that I really hope see the light of the day. Soundcloud is a beautiful thing....;)

lebronjamess23 karma

What happened between you and Cudi, why haven't you done any music together?

smashroth63 karma

When the universe aligns itself will happen. And it will be a glorious day.

GokusNeighbor2322 karma

Have you worked with or plan to work with any of the guys from TDE? I think you and ab soul and definitely k dot could make somethin special

smashroth28 karma

I have not but I appreciate those dudes and respect their movement. With my time out in LA i wouldn't mind linking up and throwing around some ideas.

PhilDawsome19 karma

Asher, I just want to say thanks. On behalf of all your fans thanks for not giving up. It would've been easy but you came back and made something special with Retrohash. I like to know the story behind the music as it makes it all so much more meaningful. That being said:

On the new album could you give a bit of insight on two songs and where they came from on a personal level? Be Right and Pull it?

I appreciate your hard work dedication to us. Keep groovin'.

smashroth22 karma

Thanks for line. Giving up is definitely the easy way out.

'Be Right' kinda touches on all that. I felt like I needed to share that personal experience of growth with my audience. Very similar to "Falling" on AITBA. "Pull It" has a lot to do with relationships of all kinds. I want(ed) to leave it open for interpretation but it has a lot to do with making a decision and sticking to it.

paidbythekill17 karma

Hey Asher been a huge fan of yours since Greenhouse Effect Vol. 1 and I really like how you've grown as an artist.

Anyways in Eminem's song "Asshole" he dissed you and it sounded like it was because you dissed him first. But you didn't, you simply just rapped about how you guys were constantly getting compared to each other in your song "As I Em". How did Em dissing you make you feel? Did you like that Eminem even mentioned your name or did you take it as a "Eminem misunderstood the concept of my lyrics"? Because you definitely didn't diss him in any song.

Thanks for the AMA!

smashroth39 karma

It's really hard to takes disses personally if you don't know that person...personally. I chalk it up to entertainment.

AskAboutTACOS17 karma

What is the maximum amount of tacos you could eat at one time?

smashroth36 karma

I mean what kind of tacos are we talking here? Chicken, al pastor, carne asada? Is this lunch or dinner? Time limit?

kcray16 karma

When will we get a sequel to The Rawth EP, ..the Rawther EP?

smashroth37 karma

Soon. Very soon. Nottz is currently concocting his new studio.

grantnoffsinger16 karma

What up Asher? Shoutout to /r/hiphopheads. Long time fan here. Few questions:

  1. What do you think went through your mind in between the release of Asleep in the Bread Aisle and Seared Fois Gras to Pabst and Jazz even to Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2?

  2. Chuck Inglish said that you and him have hundreds of songs together. Will we be seeing a collaboration album sometime soon?

  3. Funny question: After you dropped As I Em, do you think the Eminem comparisons went down or up?

smashroth22 karma

All I know is that where you're living impacts the music you're making. For instance, Seared Foie Gras was recorded NYC and feels like my time in NY. Pabst and Jazz was recorded when I was wildly lonely in my first stint in captures those moments. Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2 was homage to all the people that have held me down since Greenhouse Effect 1 so I wanted to give them something that felt like that.

  1. Chuck is a really close friend. Shoot, he was in the I Love College video! We have a lot of music and I look forward to putting out a collaborative project with him.

  2. Not sure? I just wanted to attack that conversation head on. They tell you to do that in public speaking classes and all that. Go at the blockage!

dpadilla193315 karma

Hey Asher, I'm a huge fan and pumped to toss a couple questions your way.

  1. Having followed your career for a while, I've heard about a lot of unreleased projects. I.E. Tracks with Pharrell, Is This Too Orange?, Whatever "Last Man Standing" was supposed to be off of. Is there a project that you wish would have come to a more substantial fruition?

  2. Who's one of your favorite hip hop artist on the rise? Having been in the game for a while, I assume you have some opinions on developing talent.

  3. Will there ever be a Pabst and Jazz Vol. 2. (It's one of my favorite mixtapes of all time, so I'm hoping.)

  4. Will you tour RetroHash nationally? Maybe Kansas?

smashroth23 karma

I don't really have a project that I wish would've came to fruition mainly because what's meant to be will be. I'm sure I'll be able to release some joints...always good to have some in the stash for the post humous album! Can't really get caught on past snags. Gotta keep it moving!

I dig what those Chicago kids are doing. Vic, Chance the Save Money Army. They're talented, having fun and understand the power of music.

I doubt there will be a Vol 2 to Pabst and Jazz. For the most part, although treated like a mixtape, that was kind of an LP! All original production.

Definitely hitting the road to perform RetroHash live!

ig4613 karma

the song "Change gone come" with B.O.B and Charles Hamilton seemed to resinate with me. What was your inspiration behind the song? I also love the way you pronounced your verse... how long did it take to write and perfect that verse? For any one who isn't familiar with the tune I suggest taking a look!

smashroth17 karma

"We've been pompous ever since Columbus couldn't work a compass..."

Just one of those joints that pours out of you. Don't remember it taking too long just playing on the theme that change was going to come...and always, inevitably does.

SpidermanJones10 karma

Woo! What's up, Ash! Awesome job on Retro Hash I absolutely love it. You're my favorite rapper and one of my biggest inspirations. Thank you for being you and doing what you're doing.

So you were originally going to be a school teacher but decided that rap was your true calling. At what point did you realize this? And would you ever consider going back and finishing up your degree?

Also, Go Sixers and Go Niners!

smashroth16 karma

Not sure of the exact moment when I consciously decided it was my calling. It more or less chose me. I definitely would considering going back to get my degree as one can't rap forever. But I still keep the craft of teaching in mind when writing raps. However, teaching is the much harder occupation.

kupoadude10 karma

Hi Asher. I'm an Irish lad who's gonna be traveling around California in August. Can I crash on your couch in Los Angeles for a night? We can play Fifa and listen to Marley.

smashroth25 karma

Ha! Not a bad idea. I've got a solid couch good for sleeping and sitting. Holler when you're around the way and as long as you're not the creepiest ever and a solid dude we can always grab a drink at Franklin & Co.

eddieble10 karma

Hey Asher,

Pabst and Jazz really shifted me mentally and got my priorities straight; currently on the road to being a Physical Therapist and whatnot, so thank you! I missed your LA show because I really felt like I was going to pass out, and I'm really sad because my friend showed me The Cool Kids reuniting and your set looked awesome.

  1. Reading your interviews and just keeping up with your music updates, it seems as though you would just be a really cool friend to have... is this far-fetched to say? You seem like such a mellow person.

  2. To my understanding you are very spiritual and one with yourself, when did this start and was there a certain instance that made you want to do it?

smashroth14 karma

Appreciate the love for Pabst & Jazz as that flew under the radar a little bit.

1) I like to think of myself as a good friend although I can be terribly "focused" at times. Been working much more at it as cited on "Keep Smoking" on RetroHash.

2) My mother reads tarot cards and my dad is a self proclaimed ARDist. So with that being said, it kind of forced me to find my own way. Still learning and growing every day but I'm a firm believer in you get what you give.

derbyna2 karma

It was great hearing that you're getting more support from your parents. Those texts you posted were way different from the "Asher you should grow up and become the man your mother and I know of" stuff you were on

smashroth5 karma

haha exactly!! which I've definitely heard more than once.

Chezzworth9 karma

Whaddup Asher! Huge fan since Asleep in the Bread Aisle, The Lounge is a fantastic jam.

My question is: do you feel underrated or under appreciated by the rap community?

RetroHash is too good for words and your flow is impeccable. Keep up the awesome work/vibes/positivity!

Edit: Does a bra have to be a C at least?

smashroth16 karma

Was thinking about The Lounge recently and how cool it would've been to shoot a video for that!

I do not feel under appreciated. I receive a lot of love from people like yourself and the negativity is necessary for balance. After all, I'm still fairly new the game and have to earn my stripes.

sammydizzo9 karma

What's your favorite video game?

smashroth21 karma

off top: Twisted Metal, Tony Hawk 2, Kid Chameleon and Ninja Turtles Arcade....Galaga is fun too but I'm awful.

ifaulk77 karma

What made you choose to go Independent? BTW I love the album!

smashroth14 karma

Creative control really. The compromises you make in the major label system are weird...from my experiences you can basically do 80% of the album but then "they" want "singles." And it's this huge hunt for "singles." That process is grueling because no one REALLY knows what people are going to like. That's why I got to the point where I was just like "Hey, whatever happens happens. I just want to do my thing."

smellis2107 karma

what track off of retrohash are you most proud of?

smashroth22 karma

Hard to pick considering they all compliment eachother. However, "Fast Life" opened up my world as I finally was able to tell someone else's story. I look forward to doing more of that in the future as this life isn't all about me...

smellis2105 karma

Thank you! You're just incredible and so is the new music. And fast life is by far my favorite track. And love the teaser trailer video you did for it. Me and my friends are thinking about putting your "message" in a box for strangers in our city. :) much love.

smashroth7 karma

Do it! If you do be sure to send us the video!

fuzzytos6 karma

Yo Ash, I dont have a question. I just wanted to say thank you. About 3 years ago I feel in to a deep depression. And if not for your music. I honestly think I never would have gotten outta it. Grind was biggest inspiration I had to keep going. And now im.bummpin retrohash every day.

smashroth15 karma

Whoa. This is really why I do what I do and keep the mentality I keep in my music. Thank you for this. Stay up!

dug-fun-e6 karma


smashroth15 karma

pewn pewnnnn

ronaldo1196 karma

What up Asher, congrats on the new album it really is amazing.

  • How difficult was it to get this project out throughout all the trouble with labels, the industry, etc.?

  • Do you regret how the early part of your career played out?

  • How upset are you that Da Bar in Levittown closed?

Also, next time you're home let me buy you a beer. Keep putting on for bucks county

smashroth10 karma

  • The special thing about "RetroHash" is it manifested itself rather easily. I was just very patient with the label stuff. Didn't kick and scream and degrade anyone on the way up or down. After a couple years went by it just got to the point where I wanted to do it right or not do it at all.

  • I have no regrets about how my career has played out. Things won't always go your way or how you hope it might and you have to roll with that.

  • I'm more upset about JB's not getting brought back to life. That's a place by my parent's house that was a great local hang out. Let's get it up and running again!!

sobeplsok5 karma

Hey Asher! Huge fan. Why did you grow your hair long?

PS are your mario kart skills still outrageous?

smashroth21 karma

I really started to grow my hair long to have a ridiculous driver's license photo. Then I kept growing so I could donate it. Now I just have long hair which will be cool when I'm older to look at photos and be like...yeah I did it.

Mario Kart skills will always be outrageous. Much stronger on the 64 than the Wii tho.

CallMeVacant5 karma

  1. Will you ever come to Kansas/Kansas Area? (Please?)
  2. What is your most memorable career moment?
  3. How much did you smoke on 4/20?

smashroth11 karma

1) For sure mane.

2) I'd probably say that first Great Hangover Show in Boston. Unreal moment to see that many hands in the air.

3) I took it pretty easy...a little of this, a little of that to keep me floating through the day

djh1235 karma

Pabst and Jazz is one of my all time favorite albums! Everything about it is so catchy and your lyrics flow so well on every song. I noticed some similarities on Retro Hash and am curious if you took the same approach when making it. Overall, I would just like to know the similarities and differences between making Retro Hash and Pabst and Jazz. Thank you for doing this Asher, if you ever come to Seattle, I will be there!!

smashroth7 karma

The main similarity is the Blended Babies. They produced RetroHash and a majority of Pabst & Jazz. Whenever you get consistency in the production department you start to build a genuine relationship. JP & Rich (Blended Babies) are my friends and we trust eachother. That allows us to be more confident about ideas and try new things. It also means things are very relaxed and easy going in the sessions!

Boobert5864 karma

What is a Flohican man?

smashroth20 karma

It is a lyricist who is one with the world

b33kz4 karma

Hey Asher,

been a fan since the Roth Boys video. First of congrats on Retro Hash i've had it on repeat since it dropped, and I can't wait for the vinyl to ship. But on to the questions, I've got 2.

  1. How many songs did you record for the album before you chose the final tracklist and What one was the most fun to record?

  2. For the Fast Life video did you have the short film idea while you wrote the song or was it after listening to the song you came up with it?

Bonus question. Are you planning a tour for the album? If yes, might you do a show in Detroit?

smashroth9 karma

I don't know how many songs we recorded for "RetroHash" maybe close to 25 ideas. 'Tangerine Girl' was definitely the most memorable to record as it was fast and easy and awesome.

The Fast Life video came to life after the song floated around a few friends for a little bit. The dude Smash LeFunk heard it and was like yo..."we are very lucky." Next thing you knew we were downtown spreading the word.

Always planning a tour and when that goes down I would be shocked if Detroit wasn't in the mix.

Ronald8McDonald3 karma

What would you be doing now, if you never had a rap career

smashroth14 karma

Wow. I'd probably be an elementary school teacher somewhere. Imagine that.

GokusNeighbor233 karma

I gotta say Golden Midas is one of my favorite songs of yours. I really hope you and Boldy James can collab again. With a chuck inglish beat of course

smashroth5 karma


ArmBarToTheBullshit3 karma

Are we gonna get a retro hash tour? We love you in the DMV.

smashroth6 karma

Yes! Looking like May-June. Perfect time of year.

haeglebagel2 karma

Number one, I fucking love you. We danced on stage in NH last year. Made me heart skip a beat

Number two, does anyone ever get lark on my go kart right? Enough to be impressive?

smashroth3 karma

Ha! Yes. Love to you. Honestly, Ed Sheeran knows it better than anyone I've ever met. Shouts to Ed!

BusSeatFabric2 karma

What's on your bbq season playlist this year? Maybe radical magical bbq v2?

Congrats on the album drop by the way. The fast life video was something special.

smashroth5 karma

Ribs and Newcastle. Wreck and I definitely wanna keep the Radical Magical train going.

BusSeatFabric2 karma

How do you balance being goofy and bring real? Like how can you have songs like 'just listen' and 'keep bouncin' on the same mixtape?

smashroth5 karma

i think you just do it. It's hard for me to ignore the many sides of who I am. I've always been playful and easy going but I want to discuss the real stuff sometimes. Balance is really important to me.

JohnDorian112 karma

Hey Asher,

I'm a long time fan and loving your new album. You really killed it and the whole thing just flows together so smoothly.

On a scale of 1-10 how disappointed and frustrated with the music industry are you?

smashroth5 karma

Man, uhh I'm not really disappointed. It's always been this way....more a political landscape than a business. Where "everyone else" was getting paid except the act. It's a lot of hard work if you want to do it right so frustrated more than disappointed when operating in a world that isn't always concerned with quality.

GriffinsGaming2 karma

Hey Asher, Im a HUGE fan i just bought Retro Hash and im loving it. Today also happens to be my birthday! just wanted to say thanks for making good music, I've been jamming out to you sense Asleep in the bread aisle. I love Retro Hash it is such a chill album :D have a good day :D

smashroth2 karma

Happy Birthday!

jamisonpjodoin2 karma

your verse in 'rooftops' probably has the cleverest lyrics I've ever heard, "Ay yo, fee fi fo fum, fiddler on the hot tin Cat Stevens in this wild world, where do I begin?" never gets old man

smashroth3 karma


maradonuts2 karma

Hey Ash,

First off, your show at the Westway was on my birthday and I just wanted to thank you for an awesome time!

Second, in the video for In The Kitchen there's a pretty awesome 2 second Action Bronson cameo. Did you get to eat any of his cooking during that shoot?

Thanks and can't wait for my RetroHash vinyl to come in.

smashroth2 karma

Haha no Action Bronson burgers for the "In The Kitchen" shoot. I definitely hope to try some lamb shank or something soon.

burnttestical2 karma

Preference: weed or alcohol? (in moderation of course)

smashroth13 karma

Shoot, weed and alcohol aren't for everybody and people should for real know their limitations and not succumb to peer pressure. As I get older, I can't ignore the happiness of a beer at day's end or midday to reset. Tree can be a life saver too. No matter your preference please don't abuse either. Stay thirsty, my friend.

BlueMoon172 karma

What is your favorite song to perform live?

smashroth7 karma

Recently, Tangerine Girl has been a lot of fun because we've been starting Soul Train lines. Last of the Flohicans went OFF in LA because Major Myjah was there. But 'Lark' and 'I Love College' still call for an amazing time.