We're the creators and stars of Blue Mountain State, a comedy series that ran for three season before being canceled abruptly in 2012. Now we're trying to make a movie. Ask us anything... and we mean anything!



Hey Reddit, here's an amazing?? rap by Thad Castle and his back up group never before seen, just for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfwjHJs2w28&feature=youtu.be

Alright, Reddit, we have to go. It's been amazing, thanks so much for everything! You guys are all as twisted as we are. Don't forget to visit our Kickstarter page! Love you! Eric, Romanski, and Alan

EDIT: Alright Alright, back by popular demand, we're answering questions again. AUA!

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Colez10564 karma

Kickstarter for the lazy!

ThatsRomanski346 karma

Thanks, Beans!

WarpedEcho462 karma

Trailer Park Boys recently landed a huge deal with Netflix. Have you guys tried getting a deal with Netflix or thought about it?

I'M GOING TO JERK YOU OFF Loved that episode.

AlanRitchson766 karma

Netflix was the first place Lionsgate went to after Spike decided not to renew the show. It's not out of the question, but it would have to reach a new level of success and popularity that we haven't seen yet. We are hoping that the movie is so big, someone would want to renew the show. The problem is, Netflix and others are into creating their own content. That means all they have to do is pay for the cost of producing the show, then stream it on their own platform. The reason they don't want to produce new BMS content, is because Lionsgate owns the show. They would have to pay Lionsgate a large some of money for the rights to produce a show, pay to produce the show, then give Lionsgate a large royalty for everything they make. This doesn't make sense for Netflix when they can just create and own their own content. It takes very little, on the other hand, for them to pay a small fee to stream episodes that have already been produced. We would love for the film to be such a success that we can keep making more.

earache26446 karma

If last year was Thad's last season, how do you plan on using him in the movie?

AlanRitchson1008 karma

We plan on picking up the story during Alex's senior year, but before Thad has entered the NFL. In the movie, Thad will be receiving a large signing bonus. What does Thad do with $50,000,000? You'll find out in this film.

sertigo376 karma

What is your opinion on the fact that the series didn't show boobs. Do you think that is a good or bad thing. How will it be in the movie?

ThatsRomanski927 karma

My opinion is, I wish we could've shown boobs. I think it's a good thing that we didn't though, because I personally want to break the record for most boobs shown in a movie. Does anyone know what that record is? Like, literally, how many boobs were shown in the movie that showed the most boobs? So I guess, yes, there will be boobs in the movie.

Itsthewrongway311 karma

Hey Romanski, I know your mom. Actually, I live in her neighborhood, and she was the person who first told me about BMS back when I was a senior in HS. We went to a Mudcats game together. So can you tell the story about your brother, the shit underwear, and the beanbag chair? Also, Jon tried to have sex with one of my moms friends on her 50th birthday.

ThatsRomanski710 karma

Oh yeah, Mudcats! So I'm guessing you're from North Carolina? Love it. Love that you asked me this question, because now I have to tell this story and it's the only organic way it would come up. So, my brother, Jon Romano, who lives in Washington D.C., shit his pants, awake, until he was 13 years old. He used to hide his shitty underwear all around the house. So flash-forward to when I'm 18. I move all of my stuff into my dorm room, who I share with a guy I don't know. It's the end of August and the heat is unbearable in our dorm. We wake up in the morning and can both smell something horrible in the room. After much investigation, we couldn't seem to find out where the smell was coming from, so that smell lingered in the room the entire day. We woke up the next morning and the smell was even worse. So again, we scour the room looking for the smell. I walk over to the bean bag I brought and smell it. Lo and behold, that horrible smell was coming from the bean bag, so with my new roommate beside me, I unzip the bean bag. Inside the bag there must have been 15 to 16 pairs of shit-filled underwear. We both gasped in horror. He turns to me and says, "why would you hide your underwear in a bean bag," and of course, I am saying, "no, no, it was my brother," and I tell him how he shit his pants until he was 13. I told him my brother used to hide his underwear everywhere, and I was finally finding out what "everywhere" meant. And... go Mudcats!

IamEricFalconer80 karma

Greatest question so far! I'm looking forward to Romanski's answer.

subversivechannels292 karma

I have seen Sam Jones III repping the kickstarter campaign. Does that mean our boy Craig Shiloh might be making an appearance in the movie?

IamEricFalconer364 karma

Our goal is to make this movie a celebration of the series, only bigger and crazier. We'd love to have Sam and all of our former cast in the movie are working toward making that happen.

GuardianOfTriangles135 karma

Does that mean green arrow will come to avenge his football team?!

skizmcniz90 karma

I've seen Stephen Amell posting about the campaign, so he's definitely supporting it. I'd love to see him in it.

IamEricFalconer67 karma

Me too!

sportsfandb267 karma


ThatsRomanski322 karma

You don't mess with the things that get a man through his day!

klocke47211 karma

Have any of you guys ever sent a dick pic?

ThatsRomanski638 karma

Yes, I have, and I always put my face in it, just so people don't think I'm sending somebody else's dick.

AlanRitchson282 karma

Can I post the dick pic Romanski sent me this morning? It's gross though cause you could see poop in the pic.

hockeyrocks5757190 karma

Did those fake parties ever turn into real parties?

ThatsRomanski397 karma

Nope. Wink.

Waffle_Bot182 karma

Hey guys,

I have a question for Eric and Romanski. What caused you guys to change Mary Jo's character from being obsessed with Alex at the end of season two, to being a full-on lesbian at the start of season three? Not that I'm complaining or anything.....

IamEricFalconer231 karma

I can't remember exactly where that idea came from. We ended season 2 with Alex and Mary Jo hooking up and telling Sammy about it in the aftermath of the campus wide riot. I loved that Riot episode and I loved paying that story off in a finale. But Alex as a character would have died on the vine if we ever gave him a serious girlfriend. So to start season 3 we decided to change things up for them. I think this is where the Mary Jo/lesbian story line came from. If was a way for us to reset the characters in a way to start the new season. Another side to this is that we wanted to make fun of the fact that sexual orientation can change so quickly for college students. One day she's straight, next she's gay, next she doesn't want to talk about labels.

I_of_the_tiger156 karma

Hey brobeans, thanks for doing this. No matter how many times I watch BMS it never gets old. How much fun was filming the show? How do you guys plan on working Thad's NFL career into the BMS story? Will any of the former cast or special guest be a part of the movie (Sam Jones, Chad Ochocinco)?

ThatsRomanski192 karma

Hey, thank you for coming on and talking to us. Filming BMS was by far the funnest thing I've ever done in my entire life. I lived, ate, and breathed it for three years. Even though the show ruined my marriage, I wouldn't trade it for the world. Thad is gonna get drafted into the NFL and it's gonna be a big part of the movie. And yes, we're going to have a lot of special guests/former cast members. Later, beans!

FightTheLiving145 karma

Hey guys, what was your favorite episode throughout the series? By the way, huge fan!

ThatsRomanski430 karma

Marathon Monday, because it was amazing to shoot with Jay Chandrasekhar. The jerking off story came from a real story of mine, except I told the guy, "I will suck your dick."

Ezzik136 karma

With such a strong cult following, what events led to the eventual cancelling of the BMS TV series? Also, Go Goats!

AlanRitchson233 karma

Simply put, business... Spike is a very small network and couldn't afford to keep licensing the show. Shows usually get about 5% more expensive every season. It became too much for them.

forsstromftw132 karma

Why won't Denise Richards sign my poster?

AlanRitchson370 karma

Denise is extremely busy and we didn't want to commit her to potentially spending weeks signing merchandise. We are grateful to have her as a part of this cast but we felt it was a lot to ask. So we created a limited merch package for her. Her fans have a way to get a signature, but we didn't want to limit the amount of posters the rest of the cast was ready and willing to sign. Our goal is to make this movie, and we are prepared to do almost anything to meet our goal. But we respect that not everyone in the cast is in a situation that affords them that opportunity.

subversivechannels264 karma

That was incredibly rational and well thought out. Can you now answer the question as Thad?

AlanRitchson1297 karma

Cuz she's a huge sloot and probs has nothin better to do than cook ham sandwhiches and shit in the kitchen and she probs has like too much arthritis from so much vagazzling anyway to sign a sweet poster with my gorgeous face on it.

Wring72128 karma

Was Harmon part of the original idea for the show? It seemed like he appeared out of nowhere after the episode where Alex gets demoted to third-string.

AlanRitchson224 karma

No Harmon was born during the writing process after the show was created. He's one of my all-time favorite characters so I'm glad he showed up when he did.

IamEricFalconer133 karma

Harmon was a character we came up with during the writing of season 1. We knew we wanted the team's kicker to be a mess of a human being and we originally talking about him being a big drunken slob. We auditioned a lot of people for the role, but it wasn't until we saw James Cade's audition that the character really came to life for us. He wasn't physically what had imaged the character to look like but his take was so funny and so unexpected that we had to hire him. And then once we saw him on camera in (There's Only One Second Best) we decided that we had to have him in as many episodes as possible. Funny side note: Rob Ramsay who played Donnie on the show, originally auditioned for the role of Harmon. He wasn't right for the role, but we loved him so much we created the character of Donnie for him.

FightTheLiving123 karma

What was the funniest prank someone pulled on set?

IamEricFalconer1091 karma

The funniest prank anybody pulled on set was giving Romanski an acting job.

ThatsRomanski360 karma

Alan took a shit in my trailer and left the toilet paper all around it. To get him back, I took a shit in his and turned the heat up as high as it could go and shut his door.

guynumber11114 karma

What happened to Frances Shaw's character, Mary Jo, in the third season? She just sorta... Disappeared. Did she leave the show?

IamEricFalconer163 karma

Here's the long answer... we shot the show in Montreal, QC partial because when we started in 2009 the US dollar was really strong against the Canadian dollar and we saved money shooting there. But by the time we hit our third season, the US dollar had tanked and we were actually losing money by shooting in Canada. Because of this the studio asked us to make some difficult cut backs on our budget and unfortunately, Frankie Shaw's contract ended up being one of them. We fought to keep her on the show because we loved her, but the best we could do in the end was to get her into a couple of episodes. It was a tough loss, but if we hadn't made those cuts, there wouldn't have been a third season at all. Frankie will definitely be in the movie though.

f1u1n2y1110 karma

Hey Brobeans, did you guys have a fun 4/20?

ThatsRomanski452 karma

Let's just say I smoked a lot of weed and watched Game of Thrones... fuck you, Joffrey!

unoriginalRambone92 karma

What up bro beanses! Couple of questions.

  1. Alan, best Mojito recipe?
  2. Romanski, is the beard staying for the movie?
  3. How soon will I be seeing BMS The Movie if everything stays on track?

Thanks for doing the movie and if you could manage a couple more seasons that'd be awesome sauce too.

ThatsRomanski117 karma

I want the beard to stay. I look like an old 19 year old kid without it. I hate shaving.

Zhammy387 karma

What if the kickstarter fails to raise all the money? Is this the last chance for BMS? Any Plan B's? $100 backer and pray for a movie.

AlanRitchson136 karma

Honestly, no. If we can't find the interest to support a very low budget movie I think we've nailed our own coffin. Hopefully that's not the case. We feel like we can make a hugely successful movie that appeals to everyone. If the movie is successful we will do more.

IamEricFalconer113 karma

Yes this Kickstarter campaign is the last chance for us to make a Blue Mountain State movie. If we don't raise the funds, I'm pretty certain the movie will never happen. We've exhausted all other routes. Thank you for the donation! Hope we can make the movie happen for you.

multigrain_cheerios84 karma

As a person who has seen only one episode and doesn't remember it, what is the thing you would use to convince me to watch the series and subsequently the movie?

AlanRitchson218 karma

You a guy or a girl?

AlanRitchson605 karma

If a girl: Get off the computer and get back in the kitchen. I'm starving.

AlanRitchson397 karma

If a guy: Drugs, sex, boobs, beer, frat house, craziest college experience possible, pocket pussies, cum ransom, riots, beer pong.

bsol2782 karma

Will anyone hang dong in the movie?

ThatsRomanski166 karma

I'll hang a flacid dong in the movie.

_Andreas_80 karma

BMS' parties at the goat house were truly epic...how will they compare to the party you will throw at the winning university?

For those of you who are unaware of the contest: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/773106364/blue-mountain-state-the-movie/posts

PS- Can we get some y-axis labels on that graph??

AlanRitchson57 karma

So much crazier!

dvegas272 karma

Radon was in the Kickstarter video, is he making a comeback at BMS or possibly a rival school?

AlanRitchson205 karma

We can't wait to answer that question with a movie! Kidnap twenty people you know and make them donate at knife point!

burnsyboy9772 karma

What is each of yours favorite scene or episode from the series?

AlanRitchson369 karma

My favorite episode was Vision Quest. And my favorite scene was every one Thad was in, but not Coach Daniels, but Mary-Jo when Sammy wasn't with her, and Alex if he and Thad were being bros, but only when everyone was drunk.

IamEricFalconer140 karma

My favorite scene in the series is the rabies scene between Thad and Craig in season 1. It almost didn't make the shooting script because the whole rabies thing was so up for debate in the writers room. A lot of people felt it was too ridiculous. They weren't wrong, but we shot it anyway and I'm glad we did.

ThatsRomanski137 karma

My favorite scene was from "The Peak," when Thad gets shot ala Saving Private Ryan.

WobbieZ69 karma

Do you plan to have all the "main" characters back in the movie? And when the Kickstarter is successful, is it 100% that there is going to be a movie?

AlanRitchson94 karma

Yes and Yes!

m_tf1567 karma

What's the movie gonna be rated?

ThatsRomanski206 karma

It's gonna be rated R, but there's gonna be some XXX stuff in it. I, personally, think my character should have sex with an animal, particularly a goat, but there is more than one writer on this movie, so I say you put a petition together so Eric Falconer will let me do that.

IamEricFalconer226 karma

No joke, Romanski has been begging me to write this into a script for YEARS.

bernsteinator67 karma

I know you guys partied together off set. What is the funniest thing that happened at a REAL BMS party??

IamEricFalconer233 karma

We shot the series in Montreal, QC. During season 3 we decided to throw a "pre-wrap" party half way through production. Romanski had about 200 people in his apartment, and by the time I got there, he was so fucked up on mushrooms that he had to leave and go stay in a hotel for the night. All night people were asking me where the owner of the apartment was and I had to explain that he was at a hotel for the night. He missed a lot of great things at his own party. What I remember most from that night is Rob Ramsay who played Donnie on the show, coming up to me and telling me there were so many people on the fire escape that it had detached from the building and was about to collapse. We got everyone off the fire escape safely, but it was a close call. The next day Romanski called me saying "What'd I miss?".

thank_bossy2264 karma

How many mojitos would you say Thad has every day?

ThatsRomanski154 karma

Thad Castle probably has about ten a day. Alan Ritchson, who plays Thad, has about 15, along with a suck-and-blow. It really is his favorite drink.

Casual199060 karma

COCAINE!!!! lol but seriously any chances that the series gets picked through netflix after the movie though?

AlanRitchson96 karma

There's always a chance. Hollywood loves making more of something that's a known success. It's the territory that we're in right now where we are trying to prove our brand of comedy in a film for the first time that's the hard part.

domrani59 karma

Was there any particular scene while filming that any of you just couldn't hold your laughs in?

IamEricFalconer209 karma

The hardest I've ever laughed while filming might be in Vision Quest when Thad thought he had to put the dildo doorknob in the mouth to open the door. Romanski and I were behind the camera with our director and we kept making him do the scene over and over again. We kept telling him to get more and more of the dildo in this mouth. In the final cut, we only see him start to go down on that dildo, but we have footage of him REALLY going down on that thing and it's hilarious.

JMcNeil1856 karma

Where is Blue Mountain State supposed to take place? Any inspiration from other schools?

IamEricFalconer114 karma

We never really decided on a specific location for the school. We wanted to treat it like the Simpsons treat Springfield... could be anywhere in the US. We drew inspiration from all big party schools. We looked specifically at Boise State and University of Miami back in the 80's and early 90's.

burnsyboy9756 karma

To all: what sport, other than football, do you all enjoy watching/playing?

AlanRitchson210 karma

Here we go... Ya'll are gonna hate this. But... I hate watching sports. I use to like watching the Cowboys, but I won't do that again until Jerry Jones croaks. I grew up in a household obsessed with watching sports: Baseball, Football, Golf, you name it. My older brother and my dad would lay around for hours. I always wanted to do something with them, but for that to happen that meant sitting around. So when I moved out, I had no interest in sports. I love watching sports live! A lot. But for me I don't like doing things where you can't get to know the people you're with better. Just me...

ThatsRomanski201 karma

I'm a big Boston Bruins fan. I love play-off hockey.

SorryTooBaked55 karma

Hey thad, big fan one question, Which actors, fictional characters did you use to inspire yourself when playing thad?

AlanRitchson185 karma

I used a few of the douchebag guys I hated in high school to build Thad. I didn't hit puberty till I was 17 so I got bullied at times. He's based off those guys. But I exaggerate his insecurities, which I know are in those guys, and it's why they bully. Thad gives us the picture of what these guys might be like behind closed doors.

Meth_Damon53 karma

What is the right way to approach you, Alan, if I see you in public?

ThatsRomanski147 karma

I'll take this one, Alan. "Hey Alan, I'm a big fan of Romanski's. What do you say we give him a call and make fun of him together?" Beat, and then, "Oh, you don't have his number?"

142BPM51 karma

Will you guys be holding auditions for the movie? I'm in Canada and understand that you guys film here

AlanRitchson94 karma

Definitely, brush up on them acting chops!

ThatsRomanski97 karma

Tell that to yourself Alan.

LegendofKikoAlonso49 karma

Does Alan Ritchson really love mojitos?

AlanRitchson99 karma

He's right. I also just wrote a song called mojito and shot a huge music video for it. The music video is called mojito. And there were tons of mojitos in the video. We filled an entire pool with mojito and I kept calling it mojito heaven.

I also love Key Lime Martinis and Cherry Vodka Sours.

ThatsRomanski82 karma

Yes, love is not even the right word. If he doesn't order a mojito, he's ordering another drink that usually gets the bartender's eyes rolling.

xFlawless11x47 karma

What rhymes with best bros...

AlanRitchson121 karma

mest crows?

TGal22747 karma

Hi guys! I'm a senior about to graduate from Emerson College. Coming from Emerson, I have a very... different experience from what's portrayed on the show. What inspired you to make something like that?

ThatsRomanski120 karma

Congrats on your upcoming graduation! I had some very fucked up friends at Emerson, including myself, who inspired a lot of these stories that you saw on the show. We're actually in the conference room on the fourth floor of the new building doing this AMA. Come say hello!

jackdaniels3345 karma

Any crazy jerk off stories?

AlanRitchson106 karma

Romanski does it in his trailer.

JackTheElephant40 karma

I don't know how you made that show, the girls were so sexy possibly the best on tv.

But my question is, How many storylines were based on true events?......and is the movie going to be R rated?

ThatsRomanski70 karma

Yeah, thanks. The girls in Montreal may be some of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. I would say 75% of the storylines were based on true events and unfortunately, most of these things happened to me. And yes, it's gonna be rated R, the highest R it can be before NC-17.

xXSwagMaster69Xx39 karma

What was college like for you? Were you athletes and/or people who enjoyed large parties?

AlanRitchson139 karma

I quit college cause it wasn't satisfying my creative side. When I'm president I can assure you formal education will be re-structured in a way that reaches everyone where their talent and interest lie.

ThatsRomanski88 karma

I went to Emerson College in Boston, and it was a fucking blast. That's actually where I met Eric Falconer. He kept trying to shower with me, so one day I just finally let him and we've been writing partners ever since. We were not athletes at Emerson... nobody was. It's a film/communications school, but the parties were pretty amazing. A lot of the stories in the show came from those parties.

trevor_hervey39 karma

Romanski!! how fun was filming drunk history? what was that process like? What was the beer brand in BMS that you guys always drank and did you guys actually get to get a little shitty on set (im figuring no)?

ThatsRomanski76 karma

Hey Trevor, filming Drunk History was a fucking blast. I started drinking at 1 o'clock and we didn't start filming until about 6... at least I think it was 6. I don't remember what the beer brand was, but it was a made-up brand. It was non-alcoholic beer. We didn't drink while we were shooting, but we got pretty shitty after each day of shooting with the cast and crew. It was a blast!

SpekHond39 karma

Will the movie appear in every cinema in the world? (like the Netherlands)

AlanRitchson201 karma

Even the ones on the moon and mars and stuff. Universe wide release so all the alien sloots can watch.

TheBatman6938 karma

You guys all own pocket pussies?

AlanRitchson112 karma

Tried to steal Ocsana but it was so damn mangled by the end of that episode it wasn't even worth it.

Egan9335 karma

For Alan: Darin Brooks, Chris Romano, and James Cade. You gotta fuck one, marry one, kill one. Go.

ThatsRomanski62 karma

Please say fuck Chris Romano???

MundoDexter31 karma

Is the movie going to have nudity?

ThatsRomanski108 karma

Yes it will. I am hoping to do the first full-frontal completely hard. And of course, no one does anything about it.

SpasticToboggan20 karma

Any advice to someone who's interested in acting but has little experience? PS Love the show, can't wait for the movie!

ThatsRomanski50 karma

Nice beans. I would say in order to be a good actor, you have to stop caring about what people think of you in that moment. Again, that's coming from me, maybe one of the World's worst actors.

vig30318 karma

Have you ever actually yelled "I will jerk you off!" to anyone in a fight? Please say yes.

ThatsRomanski27 karma

Um, I'm gonna have to say no because I yelled, "I will suck your dick," but they wouldn't let us use that in the show. But either one works. Try it and let me know, brobeans.

CnS1317 karma

What's is the weirdest place you've masturbated in real life?

ThatsRomanski31 karma

Next to my sleeping brother in the aft-cabin of our boat. Sssshhh! His name's Jon Romano.

building_a_moat8 karma

You guys wanna get drunk with me?

ThatsRomanski32 karma

Sure. I live in LA. If you're in LA, let me know what bar you're going to and I'll meet you there. First thirteen rounds are on me, beans!

GoingInRaw2 karma

I fucking love this show and hope the movie is raunchy as hell and does everything you couldn't on tv. But a question for all three, what is your favorite scene from BMS?

ThatsRomanski2 karma

Thanks, beans! The movie's gonna be really raunchy. Would love to show some penetration, if the other guys are cool with it... jk? I also love the scene where the girl with the beer can arms is chasing Thad in "Drug Olympics."

Kknowsbest2 karma

If they made a movie about your life, who would play you (other than yourself)?

ThatsRomanski3 karma

I would say Paul Giamatti, if he was way uglier.

bassethounder2 karma

Romanski is this movie when Mascot finally gets a cool jerk off story?

Edit: (without forcing it)

ThatsRomanski3 karma

A cool jerk off story would be me not jerking off. It would be me having sex with somebody. Maybe I should write that for my character to do? Why does Alex get to have sex with girls and I get to jerk off in a closet that was given to me by the captain of the football team?

superstan692 karma

When/where can European fans donate money?

ThatsRomanski3 karma

Hey, beans. You can donate right now, right here: www.Bluemountainstatethemovie.com

NBLBProductions2 karma

Loved the show, guys. Can't wait for the movie.

My question is, how close are all of you in real life? It seems like you guys have a fairly close relationship off the set, too.

ThatsRomanski4 karma

Thanks, beans. We're really excited for the movie, too. We're all really close... some would argue too close. And that's not just us three, it's the entire cast and crew. We became like one family.

OwningTheWorld1 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA Wish BMS was a real college. For Chris what made you think of the idea for the show? For Alan do you ever relate to Thad in certain situations?

ThatsRomanski5 karma

I wish BMS was a real college as well. For me, it does feel real. The reason we came up with the show was that Eric and I had always talked about doing a show about college. Eric and I pitched the craziest, most outrageous show that we'd want to see on TV and Spike bought it. And I'll answer the second part for Alan. Not only does Alan relate to Thad, he basically is Thad, in every single way. Yes, I'm talking about the scream.