My name is Roxanna. I survived stage 4 breast cancer, a divorce due to my cancer, and the bank trying to take my home. Ask me anything


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Edit: I would like to remind you of my petition to help save my home. After divorce payments were stopped and fell behind. I can afford payments, but the bank refuses to allow me to keep my home. Please help me, thank you all so very much

Edit 2: I was asked about my situation with the banksters. This is directly from my petition.

"My name is Roxanna Zamora. My husband and I bought our home in Whittier, CA in 1994 and have raised our two children. Now Wells Fargo is trying to take the only home my children have ever known.

In August of 2007, my husband and I made the difficult decision to end our marriage. I left our home, and shortly after that I was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. Over the next several months, I underwent two rounds of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, and aggressive radiation twice a day for four months. In February of 2008, I was awarded the house in a court judgement and returned to my home cancer free. Only then did I find out that my husband had stopped making mortgage payments and our loan was in default.

I immediately contacted Wells Fargo to try and resolve the problem and see what I could do. I was met with a total lack of sympathy for my situation, and an unwillingness from Wells Fargo to work with me. After fighting for my life, and ended my marriage of 18 years, I was now the sole provider for my two children and our home.

For years I have gotten the run-around from Wells Fargo trying to get a loan modification. I was approved for and completed several successful trial loan modifications, but Wells Fargo refused to make it permanent every time. I was told that in order to get approved, that I needed to present a divorce decree. Although my marriage had ended, my husband and I delayed filing for divorce while I was battling cancer so that I could remain on his health insurance plan. I tried to explain this to the bank, but they didn't care. They basically gave me a choice- my health insurance or my house. I chose the house because without it my children and I would have nowhere to go.

Unfortunately things didn't end there. After the divorce, Wells Fargo still continued to drag me along and deny me for a modification for one reason or another. I've tried everything- I filed for bankruptcy, worked with NACA, applied for Keep My Home CA. Nothing seemed to work, and now Wells Fargo has scheduled a foreclosure sale for April 20th.

I have been through years of mental abuse, stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and even had suicidal thoughts from dealing with Wells Fargo, but I'm not giving up now! I will not leave my house of 20 years. What I need is for Wells Fargo to give me a fresh start- a fair loan modification reduces my principal and interest, and removes the years of added fees and arrears that have accumulated while I've been in this fight.

Wells Fargo has a well-documented history of abusing customers seeking mortgage modifications, racial discrimination and peddling faulty mortgages that led to the financial crisis. Now a lawsuit has brought to light a 150 page manual used by the bank, that attorneys say provides a step by step instructions for Wells Fargo lawyer’s to fabricate documents in order to illegally foreclose on millions of homeowners.

Despite all this Wells Fargo will be celebrating its record as the country’s most profitable bank at its shareholders meeting on April 29th in San Antonio. Home Defenders like me are organizing to deliver a message that these predatory practices have to stop.

Please sign my petition, and demand that Wells Fargo do the right thing for my family and all the others that are at risk of losing their homes."

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thepuglover3 karma

What's the most terrifying experience with cancer you've had?

RockyRockSand4 karma

I was terrified that I might die alone in a hospital bed without my children. Also, coming home all alone to a house with nothing but my dog was as demoralizing as it was scary.

thepuglover1 karma

What was your reaction when you were diagnosed?

RockyRockSand1 karma

I felt forsaken and lost. No words could ever describe the dread I felt. Like a dead boat in the middle of the ocean, without hope, without a paddle. I was more scared for my kids then myself.

thepuglover2 karma

Also, what were some really bad symptoms you experienced?

RockyRockSand2 karma

Before I found about the cancer I tended to fall a lot and noticed myself being sleepy all the time.

The radiation was the worst part. My skin was falling off and left me raw.

thepuglover1 karma

Oh that sounds very bad. One last question, what's your cat's name?

RockyRockSand6 karma

His name is Gus The Cat :)

landonb982 karma

Do you feel anything (physical) when you have cancer

RockyRockSand2 karma

Just fatigue and loss of balance.
I feel more pain about my home being taken.

sillstaw2 karma

What would you do to keep from getting bored during chemo? (Alternately, what would distract you?)

RockyRockSand3 karma

Well what I did the whole time I went thru this I read everything in the bible on healing and believed I was healed

HereForFriends-5 karma

Right, because the doctors using science, technology, and human ingenuity had absolutely nothing to do with it.

RockyRockSand4 karma

The Doctors had a lot to do with my cure but I feel that my faith and believing I was healed HELPED!!

BigFluffyTRex2 karma

Not really sure why people are downvoting you - having a positive mental state and believing you will get better does play a part in medicine! I for one would find it extremely difficult to sustain optimism given that kind of diagnosis, but I'm glad you managed it. Fingers crossed for your battle against the bank!

RockyRockSand2 karma

Thank u so much:)

Pudmeister2 karma


RockyRockSand6 karma

My heart goes out to u and ur family I have been they a lot in 7 yrs and I know what a nightmare this can be. just stay strong and tell your family too. I believe there's light at the end.

Tonyruatx2 karma

How long did the doctors give you to live after the original diagnosis?

RockyRockSand4 karma

Doctors didn't give me a time span, but said I would have a 10% chance of living. They soon discovered the cancer spread from my breasts to my spine. Aggressive chemotherapy saved my life

MeanFluffyBunny2 karma

How much was the total medical costs?

RockyRockSand2 karma

The therapy was in the millions. It burnt me to the point where my skin was falling off. I almost wish I could show you all a picture. I know Reddit loves gnarly things like such :)

MeanFluffyBunny0 karma


RockyRockSand-1 karma

I would love to show one, but never got a chance to have a picture taken.

T13KK1 karma

I hope you are okay! Stay strong and god bless!

RockyRockSand1 karma

Thank you T13kk. I hope faith cradles you as it has me.

its7101 karma

You are awesome and an inspiration. God bless.

RockyRockSand1 karma

Thank u soo much I hope my story helps many many people

chibi_momo1 karma

Wow I applaud you for staying strong and positive all through out! How were you able to stay positive? What made you keep going even though the cancer was in stage 4 already?

RockyRockSand2 karma

Thank u😊

animusbulldog1 karma

Wow, congratulations ma'am. I'm so happy for you. So happy to have you with us

RockyRockSand0 karma

Thank you so very very much.

LordHappyofRainwood1 karma

Hi, you are a trooper, keep fighting the and be positive.

My wife caught a lump in her breast last summer and we had it checked out and after some tests the doctor told us that this was the earliest stage breast cancer and she'd need an operation and possible radiation and chemo.

She lucked out and got into surgery pretty quickly and fortunately it had not spread anywhere else and she didn't need chemo or radiation.

Now I was freaking out like never before (Tried to keep a calm exterior) thinking of all the worst outcomes before the doctor told us she was cancer free.

The question is, how worried should I be that she'll get it again?

The thought is always popping up and clawing at me that she might be diagnosed again

RockyRockSand-3 karma

I am happy it was found and treatment was given and she is now free of cancer. You are a great soul for sticking by and being strong.

MyCyro1 karma

Being a european, do you still have to pay for your treatment? Or does medical insurance come in between?

If so, what amount did you pay on your own

Owning a million dollars to a company seems crazy. The situation is indeed shitty but you survived to see your kids grow up!

Best of luck and takr care of yourself !!

RockyRockSand2 karma

My insurance took care of all the medical cost 👍in the million thank u for ur support

RockyRockSand2 karma

I was fortunate enough to qualify with my insurance provider to not pay a cent.

canadian_warlord1 karma

Are you ever worried about going into remission?

RockyRockSand1 karma

I will always b in remission

[deleted]1 karma


RockyRockSand0 karma

I put my trust in faith. It was as much a physical battle as it was mental. Being lonely and dying is something I would not wish upon my worst enemy. Now my home is threatened to be taken away.

israphial1 karma

I'm not going to ask you questions. Rather, I'm here to congratulate you on your success and on beating cancer. People like you make my day. Congratulations on living. :)

RockyRockSand2 karma

Thank you

zer2131 karma


RockyRockSand2 karma

No I did not. I said to myself I must stay positive, even when death was certain.

zer2131 karma


RockyRockSand1 karma

I'm so sorry for your losses.

zer2130 karma


RockyRockSand1 karma

You did not hijack anything. My heart goes out to you and everyone who knows how this feels.

Pokefan66121 karma

Jeez you are a strong women and I hope everything works for the best. How did you find out about the cancer and how did you feel?

RockyRockSand0 karma

I wanted to get myself checked because of fatigue and my loss of balance.

Pokefan66121 karma

Wow. How did your family react to the news?

RockyRockSand0 karma

They were devastated. Even now that I have made a full recovery they are depressed because the bank is trying to take my home. I have a petition if you like to help.

shinytyphlosion1 karma

What would have been your dying.wish

RockyRockSand2 karma

To live and see my children grow up.

SamDTang0 karma

Hi Roxanna,

Thank you for sharing your experience. My mother was recently diagnosis with stage 4 of liver cancer. The cancer has spread to her spine as well. It brings me joy hearing people surviving such severe forms of cancer.

-Samuel T. Ps. I did help sign for your petition, wish the best to you and your family.

RockyRockSand1 karma

Thank u sooooo much please share with others I need all the signatures possible 😊 hope ur mom fights the fight.

RockyRockSand0 karma

I would like to remind you of my petition to the CEO of the bank to allow me to keep my home. I can afford payments, but they will not allow me to stay. .

jdb8880 karma

No question. But stay strong and god bless!

RockyRockSand1 karma

Thank you so very much.

MrSteelYoGurl0 karma

I don't have a question, but that's pretty amazing, good for you and I hope you have a great day

RockyRockSand3 karma

Thank you so very much. You have just as great of a day.