We are 2 guys and a grill,

with a lot of time to kill

working as part time employees...

it's usually pretty chill.

So ask us anything you please.

And answer you we will.


EDIT: The day shift is over so we're going home. BUT!! The super cool nightshift guys are clocked in. And the grill is staying for another 2 hours. They have promised to keep answering questions. So Ask them anything.

EDIT: 2 It seems like the guys on night shift got a lot of customers or something. But since this blew up so much I will answer a little from home instead.

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rogerammjet1073 karma

Are you disappointed with the salary? Have you considered a strike?

YoMama-Incorporated1396 karma

Spare me the puns will you.

owloclock354 karma

Dont quit, you may end up in the gutter

NotUrMomsMom214 karma

It looks like you're having a ball.

I am genuinely sorry.

KulaanDoDinok238 karma

Get out of here you turkey.

YoMama-Incorporated397 karma

Im having split opinions about all of these pins.... I mean puns..

EnFeugos536 karma

Do you secretly judge those who ask for bumpers?

YoMama-Incorporated1003 karma

I encourage it! I jugde those who needs bumpers and won't admit it!

MercuryCV523 karma

How often do you wash your balls?

YoMama-Incorporated588 karma

About two times a month, depending on how much i've bowled. Wipes it before every throw.

Volfie409 karma

Have you ever stood outside your bowling alley with a shotgun to drum up business?

YoMama-Incorporated1180 karma

NO. Business is bad for chilling.

olzhas756391 karma


YoMama-Incorporated608 karma

No............. Our boss likes to hire grills for their looks though.

Kaluga331 karma

Do you ever try to use the force to guide the bowling ball into the pins?

YoMama-Incorporated1244 karma

What do you mean "try"?

BetterWhenImDrunk296 karma

Have the pins ever been used as sex toys?

Edit: thought it said 2 guys and a girl not grill, but question still stands.

YoMama-Incorporated379 karma

Not that I know of, but Im sure its out there somewhere. We have caught people giving head in the locker room.

Herald_of_Ragnorok203 karma

You have a locker room at a bowling alley?

YoMama-Incorporated835 karma

Of course. The house-league bowlers change and store their equipment there.

Related story: A couple of years ago one of our male bowlers decided to get a sex-change during summer. He told no one.

Once the season restarted in the fall he waltzed right in to the ladies wardrobe started undressing and acting like nothing was out of the ordinary. Now this guy still looked like a man, only difference was he had tits now.

Everbody freaked out and bolted half naked out in the alley.

ravenouscraving277 karma

Did you put your head in the Shine o Ball o?

YoMama-Incorporated258 karma

Wish I could, but we don't have one :(

SunnyxBunny268 karma

How do you clean the rental bowling shoes?

YoMama-Incorporated641 karma

we don't...

Fatdig237 karma

Have you tried smuggling a bowling ball home?

YoMama-Incorporated628 karma

We tried once. It was a two man operation. I was going to distract while guy 2 stole one. He had a big hoodie on, so that he could hide it from our manager. 10 yards from the door (and freedom!) he got caught. When asked if he had something under the sweater, he said he was pregnant, it did not work :(

Pat_D25271 karma

Did he get fired? Or was it more of a "haha nice try, now put it back"?

YoMama-Incorporated531 karma

Nah, we got a chill boss.

TomMado223 karma

What's the tastiest thing you have cooked with the grill?

YoMama-Incorporated459 karma

Double bacon cheese burger with chicken nuggets on top... aaaaw yeeah.

gokatgo211 karma

When someone bowls a 299, do you find it sad or funny?

YoMama-Incorporated407 karma

So sad, I am usally in the first row cheering.

andyM1998183 karma

How old are you and would you reccomend the job?

YoMama-Incorporated377 karma

We are all 22. Working in a bowling alley can be cool and it can be shit, depending on the amount of people that go there and how things are done. Our bowling alley is super chill but structured.. It's nice to work in a place where people come to have a good time.

We also get to bowl, play air-hockey and reddit a lot so.-.. Yes I reccomend it.

owloclock155 karma

What happens if you run down the alley and throw yourself at the pins?

YoMama-Incorporated437 karma

Strike, strike all the time baby...

On a more serious note, there's no kill switch, so you will like be badly injured when the sweep tries to sweep you away and the table tries to pick you up and put you back down.

Whats worse, you would get oil on your clothes...

owloclock110 karma


Is there a secret area behind the pins like that episode of malcolm in the middle ( im hoping that show was popular in Norway!)

YoMama-Incorporated215 karma

Yes, love that episode!! Hal was so close to 300. We have a secret area behind the pins, but it mostly used to store spare parts and not a hook up zone for customers.

owloclock74 karma

It could have been the perfect game :(

Whats yours and the grills top score

YoMama-Incorporated200 karma

Me: 238 The grills: 245

Edit: Other guy has 235 he wrote this and left himself out in shame.

16293144 karma

What country are you in?

YoMama-Incorporated374 karma

The Glorious Land Of Fjords and Trolls Norway. Bowling isn't really a big sport here though.

1629350 karma

Ever have any bowlers as classy as Jesus?


YoMama-Incorporated169 karma

No Jesus, but more along this line

CaptainEnigma140 karma

Have you ever tried to balance bowling balls on top of each other? If so what's your record?

I used to work at a bowling alley and we used to balance a ball on a flat surface on the thumb hole, so it was nice and stable, then see how many more we could balance on top in the same way. Best to do it with 8lb balls or lighter... Squashed my hand quite badly once.

YoMama-Incorporated212 karma

Record is 5, but this is something new to us... We will improve! What is your record? We also like to build towers of them in the lanes and bowl around them.

chola80129 karma

What's the funniest thing to happen there while you guys were working?

YoMama-Incorporated439 karma

Well... weird and funny things are just happening constantly here.. so it's hard to pick one out.

But shitfaced batman was here yesterday.

And 15 minutes ago my coworker was challenged to a bowling duel by a kid with downs syndrome. We always accept challenges. Unfortunately when the kid lost he started crying... So my coworker gave him a free slurpee.

Edit: As I was writing this some 3 year old kid started imitating all my movements... Figured I should include that.

HydrateLevel4108 karma

What percentage of challenges do you guys (grill included) usually win?

How badass are you at bowling?

YoMama-Incorporated194 karma

Grill does not bowl as often as us. But she's pretty decent. Us guys are unbeatable to anyone but the active veteran bowlers.

lrhoades1104 karma

How often do you get people that need very different sized shoes (say, size 4 and 7)? I have a club foot and avoid bowling because I don't want to be a pain/feel awkward.

YoMama-Incorporated162 karma

I would not really know, as people just go and find their own shoes for free here.

fuzokuzo90 karma

Do you guys just play for free when there's no one playing?

YoMama-Incorporated213 karma

We don't care if somebody else is playing really. We just play when we feel like it and keep an eye out for customers who need help.

Snake_in_a_tree84 karma

I work in a bowling alley! It sounds less interesting than yours though... and less cool to work at... but I work with some pretty girls! No grill though. Man my bowling alley sucks.

YoMama-Incorporated163 karma

Get a knew one, and bring the hot chicks with you.

chrismetalrock77 karma

How often is there a 300 game bowled?

YoMama-Incorporated235 karma

Aproximately once a month. But it's usually the same guy though. He always wins everything....

StevO_3275 karma

How many drunks were there having a rowdy time tonyte? And as well, have y'all seen any fights break out over losing?

Badass poem by the way, thumbs up man :)

YoMama-Incorporated159 karma

We are unable get a liquor license for some reason. So there is little fighting. Some of the mentally challenged people can rage out pretty hard some times though.

Thank you for your praise ... It means a lot.

HylianSamurai70 karma

Do you ever get bored of bowling? What's your favorite activity outside of bowling?

YoMama-Incorporated107 karma

Some of the employees are bored of it. But we manage to keep it interesting somehow. But of course there are periods when there is never anything to do when we get a little tired of it.

Mine is playing keyboard. Grills is handball and the other guy is a soccer enthusiast.

adedward66 karma

I love bowling, but I'm not particularly good. Were you good at it before you started working there, or did your skills come as a byproduct of being there a lot?

YoMama-Incorporated82 karma

The latter. Getting consistently high scores takes a lot of practice,

HockeyCannon51 karma

Have you made a bong out of those water bottles on the right? They look like they could make a makeshift ghetto zong bong!

YoMama-Incorporated124 karma


She_Likes_Cloth49 karma

Have you ever banned someone from the bowling Alley? What did they do?

YoMama-Incorporated68 karma

There are a few people with agression issues who have flipped out over little things and have been told not to come back. But for most things we are pretty forgiving.

69sucka42 karma

Which pinball games do you have at the alley?

YoMama-Incorporated62 karma

Only games besides bowling is air hockey and stacker.

catsarentcute40 karma

How much must you pay the wizard?

YoMama-Incorporated74 karma

3.50 kr

wolfofthenightt38 karma

Have you ever had any celebrities come to bowl?

YoMama-Incorporated124 karma

Local celebrities sometimes. International celebs would only be the Ylvisåker brothers from The Fox by Ylvis

StarbossTechnology33 karma

Do you have a cigarette vending machine?

YoMama-Incorporated81 karma

nop... Most people use snus/dip in norway

meech760728 karma

I rather dislike bowling. It's one of those things that I end up doing much more than I would like to as it's something relatively cheap and something easy for a group of people to do together..

Do you, the other guy, and the grill every hang out, outside of work? What kind of activities do you partake in?

YoMama-Incorporated44 karma

Yes we do. Drinking, gaming, movies all the normal stuff i guess.

Chiver31628 karma

how gross are the holes in the bowling balls... are they ever "cleaned"?

YoMama-Incorporated46 karma

hmmm. never thought about that... guess they are kinda gross...

ThereGoesYourKarma27 karma

What kind of pinsetters do you have?

YoMama-Incorporated45 karma

AMF pinsetters.

this_guy_jIM26 karma

Do you have 10lb 4.535kl balls

Edit: metric conversation

YoMama-Incorporated33 karma

Some days...

aust_b25 karma

Has anyone actually put their head in or near the ball return.

YoMama-Incorporated48 karma

I have a scar on my hand from one of those.

rik9867123 karma

What's a maskinfeil?

YoMama-Incorporated28 karma

Good eye! Its "machine errors". Malfunction log for the technician when he comes around.

dizzymanifesto14 karma

What are your highest scores?

YoMama-Incorporated77 karma


DamienLunas14 karma

How often do fursuiters bowl at your location?

YoMama-Incorporated12 karma

I would dare say never. But now I wish they did.

jspike9110 karma

Have you ever caught customers doing sexual things in the alley anywhere before?

YoMama-Incorporated18 karma

Yes, I wrote about this earlier. What I did not say was that one girl who we caught giving head in the wardrobe, will turn around in the door if the people who caught her are on the job...

lawlcrackers7 karma

How do keep your gutters and capping clean?

YoMama-Incorporated16 karma

We have two special made mops, and we just hold one in each hand as we walk up and down the lanes.

sleepyshouse7 karma

Either of you ever put your penis in the...grill?

YoMama-Incorporated18 karma

not yet, damn

lightninhopkins2 karma

Wait, is this real bowling or bowling with wimpy baby sized balls(aka Canadian bowling).

YoMama-Incorporated3 karma


Jbearydelicious2 karma

Do you have 10 pound balls?

YoMama-Incorporated3 karma

oh yes!

[deleted]1 karma


YoMama-Incorporated15 karma

Bowling sure does cost a lot.

Some people bowl for all they've got.

But with a pal working at the alley.

You can bowl for free and buy a galley.

Sailing across the ocean blue

And dream of free strikes for me and you,.

noargumenthere4 karma

How do you find the time to come up with clever rhymes?

I removed my comment when I read you're in Norway. (I'm not.)

Why do you suppose bowling isn't popular there? What is popular for young and old to do on a date or just a night out with friends or family?

One thing I think makes bowling popular is being able to drink beer while you work off some calories. It's too bad your alley doesn't have a liquor license. I don't supposed people can bring their own bottle or six pack? Now, that would cut down on the cost.

Do you have candlestick bowling there? That's popular in New England (USA). The balls are smaller, no holes, and its harder to knock the pins down. I don't like candlestick. I've only played it a couple of times.

Is curling popular? Just kidding.

YoMama-Incorporated3 karma

Bowlings popularity in Norway depends on the weather. During the summer the alley is empty.

Alchohol is not allowed in this alley at all...unfortunatly. It's more fun to bowl tipsy than sober.

We have just regular bowling, candlestick bowling sounds awesome, variations are fun!

Curling is popular and fun!

[deleted]1 karma


YoMama-Incorporated15 karma