I Won't disclose personal information that might lead them to me, but anything else is free game. Plans, phones, network, management, etc.

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I'm still grandfathered into an unlimited data plan. Are there any plans to completely dissolve this service in the future? It's honestly the only reason I'm sticking with Verizon.

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Yes they will be dissolved eventually, but I don't have a clue when. I can promise that they will go away, we have been told this. The timeline is completely unknown though. It probably depends a lot on how well the edge program is adopted.

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Are you reading my text messages?

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Not me, but yes there are departments with access to your text messages. They aren't supposed to pull them except with due cause though.

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What is their most shocking secret?

verizonwireles82 karma

They are giving away free network extenders if you claim to have bad service and don't have an employee discount. You may have to threaten to disconnect first though. They may also offer you $75 off but decline that. They're normally $250.

Also, believe it or not, they really don't want you in a contract.

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  • Do you consider Verizon to be an ethical company?

  • Has Verizon made any changes that you're aware of in terms of freely sharing user information with the NSA without obtaining a warrant or informing the customer?

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Verizon is not about ethics. It's about making money. They aren't even all that secretive about that either. And yes, Verizon freely shares information with the NSA as it's requested. They don't appear to have any problems with it from everything I've looked into.

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Just to throw this out there, before I transferred to another carrier (and am now paying less than half for total unlimited service), I made it a point to abuse my unlimited data, with a record of 22GB in a month, and an average of 15GB for my last six months.

I feel very proud. :-)

So, what's your opinion on the fact that 4G data and services are cheaper than the previous generation, but the phone companies charge even more to use them?

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Because they want your money. Verizon tells employees that we charge more because we're better. Otherwise there is no reason. The profit margin is much higher using data on the 4g network compared to previous versions. I've seen customers who've used well over 80-100 gb in a month before though.

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Do the Verizon 4G towers force phones down to 3G mode when a heavy amount of data is being used? This seems to happen to me quite often.

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3g is actually less reliable and more expensive so no, they don't force it back down. You may either be having network issues with your tower locally, or it could be an issue with your phone.

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I'm interested in what you want to spill but you might have better luck in /r/casualiama.

[edit] Nevermind, OP got verified.

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Nothing in particular just questions people have that we can't tell you at work

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So are they really just total dicks in corporate or do they appreciate customers?

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They appreciate the money that the customer's give them. Anything they do for customers is specifically meant to ultimately make them money. They have to fund Verizon Landline because it doesn't make any money.

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how do i get my unlmited data plan back

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You can only get it back if it was removed in the last 30 days. There is a whole team dedicated to making sure you don't get it back. Also an automated auditing system.

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Why is VZW so slow with updates and insist on crippling such great features on their phones? In short, why is VZW the worst for getting the best phones (especially Android)?

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Verizon takes all of the updates and tests them internally before any are sent out to the phones. This process can take forever. That's why the updates are slower. It's supposed to make them less likely to cause problems but it doesn't seem to be working.

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I'm a Verizon customer and traveling for 2 weeks in Ireland next summer. I have a Galaxy S4. What should I do to have service there?

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Your service will work but pretty expensive. $30 per 100mb and crazy minutes charges. Call and ask for global support. They can unlock your phone so that you can use a prepaid Sim from Ireland and it will be much cheaper

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I don't care if they find me

I Won't disclose personal information that might lead them to me

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You got me there. I mean, i'm still going to try to stay covert.

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Verizon's relationship with NSA?

And is there anything NSA related to how (AN UNLOCKED Verizon iPhone) cannot get fixed in Canada, rather we have to take it back to the US to fix it, because its a different model? Kind of makes me wonder why Apple has different versions for the same product? Why is it so critical not to exchange it for a Canadian model, rather than American? Kind of makes me feel like the American ones are tapped in on, rather than the Canadian ones.

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I honestly can't say that one. Verizon is unfortunately being very compliant with the government right now because they want to push the ability to charge you more for access to certain sites and services. (net neutrality debate) Their cooperation in turn, will make the government more sympathetic to Verizon's cause. All speculation on my part though.

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I maintain my unlimited data for $30 plan. I just bought a new phone off contract. Can I use it as a hotspot or will I get fees until my wallet bleeds?

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It's $30 for unlimited mobile hotspot if you have a 4g device, or 2gb on a 3g device.

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I know you work for Verizon but I just need to ask: Verizon or AT&T?!?

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I would definitely choose Verizon, at least for now. Voice quality is much better and much more LTE. LTE service isn't really that much faster on att, and only is at all because of less users pulling off of their towers. No matter what the commercials say, the price is almost exactly the same between the two

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what secrets do they have, everyone knows they are getting fucked by Verizon...

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You'd have to be more specific. We make tons of money and Verizon takes it all, which is pretty annoying. We're basically funding them. Also, their employees are unionized and get treated better than the wireless employees. All union efforts have been crushed, which depending on your views may be a good or bad thing.

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Why so serious?

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How do I get out of my 2 year contract so that I can get on the edge program

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They're running a promo right now called early edge where you can trade in your phone and go into edge even if your contact isn't up. Call and see if you qualify. The other way is if you have a different phone eligible for early edge, just use that one then switch devices. Most people are eligible because they want to get as many people on edge as possible.

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I currently have 3 smart phones on the More Everything Unlimited w/ 4GB and pay $190/mo before taxes. Is the Edge unlimited plan cheaper month-month for me? Are there any trick to get the month-month price down?

verizonwireles4 karma

Not on the four GB plan. If you have ten GB and are on edge the price per line drops from $40 to only $15 though.

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How do you feel about the new edge program. Better or worse for customers. It seems better.

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Better for a lot of reasons. You actually pay less than the two year contract price if you trade in at the one year mark on the more expensive handsets. Also you get new phones more often than a ridiculous two years. But even better for Verizon because they make more money lol.

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How well do employees are treated there .do you feel appreciated orbjust another expandable. I work for a comm company too but different country. Is it the ongoing pressure sell as usual but everybody has to keep it on the downlow.do people get fired easily. Do you have alot of people calling in sick and being under sick leave for mental illnesses.

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We have very similar issues it sounds like. A large part of our front line work force is also plagued by mental illness. We do get a bonus every year based off of "profitability", but it's actually just really what the board approves.

Edit: their expectations are impossible to meet, and no one does meet them. But they put you on warning after warning for not meeting one of 5 major metrics, even if it's a different one from the week before and you improved the other.

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Why can't I not answer a caller and not let them access my voicemail?

I want to ignore spam, but that means it goes to voicemail and my voicemail box is now full of spam, which I'm forced to go through and delete.

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No clue other than it would have to be developed by someone or pay for the development of the feature. Also, there could be patent issues. Either way, not something they care about.

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Sent it to mods, awaiting confirmation. Been an employee about 6 years