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Victoria from reddit is going to be helping me out with my AMA today. Ask me anything.

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Well, I really feel so fortunate that for the last hour and a half people actually wanted to ask me questions. You'll never know how touched i am to know that people give a shit what I think. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for spending this time with me. I liked this.

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RonPerlmanHere2127 karma

Someone asked how it was playing the Lich on Adventure Time: You know, the Lich gets a lot of really great comments from people. It's a really smart audience they've attracted. I'm not in the inner circle on where the story is going. They give me a call every once in a while, and it's nice to know they like the character enough to keep bringing him back. All I know is the enthusiasm I see on people's faces when they talk about the show. But it's always been a fun character to play.

IwishIwasGoku1249 karma

How long did it take to do that "sweet pussy" speech from Sons of Anarchy last season without laughing your ass off?

RonPerlmanHere1719 karma

Oh, I actually have to admit I laughed my ass off. It probably took twice as long as it usually should have because I ruined twice my own takes cracking myself up.

Frajer1055 karma

What is your best Guillermo Del Toro story?

RonPerlmanHere1646 karma

I'm not allowed to share it.

RonPerlmanHere3044 karma

The best Guillermo del Toro story is that he fought for seven years to give me the role of Hellboy, when everybody else wanted a bigger star. Seven years is a long, uphill battle man. He's the best. The fact that he's my friend is the best of all.

Clynser1020 karma

Who would win in a fight, you or Danny Trejo?

RonPerlmanHere2685 karma

Trejo for sure. I would forfeit. I wouldn't even fucking show up for that one.

CaptAntilles_XWing904 karma

Ron, I loved the Mickey Kaline episodes in "Hey Arnold" it was one of my favorite shows as a kid. What did you like most about voice work compared to other acting?

RonPerlmanHere2053 karma

You don't have to wear pants.

xxpepperbombxx872 karma

Hi Ron,

My mother is a huge fan of you and probably wishes she could have married you. Her question is "Are you going to be narrating anymore books?"

My own question is "Was it difficult for you to be in a interracial marriage in back when you got married to Opal?" I myself am a black woman married to a white man and sometimes I still encounter racism.

Thank you!

RonPerlmanHere1405 karma

You mean doing books on tape? Well I have my own book coming out in September called Easy Street, and I'll be doing the audiobook for that as well.

Racism is everywhere. You know, you're going to encounter it whether you want to or not whatever your situation is or isn't. You make your choices and you deal with them.

rollmop1773 karma

What is one interesting thing about you that most people don't know but that they really should?

RonPerlmanHere2231 karma

I'm way better looking in person.

mathias_curlinus638 karma

Hey Ron, thanks for doing the AMA. I could see you pulling off a really evil Star Trek villain and I think it would be awesome to see you in an Expendables film. With that being said, what do you consider to be your dream role that you have not had the chance to do yet?

RonPerlmanHere1462 karma

Tevye from the Fiddler on the Roof.

RonPerlmanHere1629 karma

I think I have an awesome Eastern European Jew in me.

lumpking69608 karma

Ron, whose dick do we suck to get another Hellboy movie?

edit: He answered me!

RonPerlmanHere820 karma

I don't know. Just click your heels three times like in the Wizard of Oz and maybe it will happen. Or do whatever it was that brought Tinkerbell to life in Peter Pan.

alexjplant558 karma

What was it like working on City of Lost Children?

RonPerlmanHere832 karma

The fact that we were in a city we were always lost in. No, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. City of Lost Children was like going to church everyday. These guys were like the high priests of cinema in their time, and the set was the most intense, serious place I've ever been in my entire professional career. Considering they make comedy, that's a strange combination, but then again, there's nothing conventional about Jeunet and Caro.

I_Am_Intoxicated540 karma

What is your favorite beer?

RonPerlmanHere1159 karma

Sapporo Draft.

lovelaughtersex502 karma

This is a statement rather then a question.. You're one sexy son of a bitch!

RonPerlmanHere1946 karma


ResolvingAegis477 karma

How did you like being a voice actor on Archer vs. acting in SOA?

RonPerlmanHere1044 karma

What a fucking HONOR it is to be on Archer. Are you crazy? And then to be reprised a season later, to bring back Ramon Limon a season later… oh my god indeed. My daughter was on an episode of Archer, she came with me to one of the parties and met everybody, and they said "well we'll give you something to do on the show" and she was one of the best ones ever on Archer. She played a Columbian drug lord sex symbol who ended up being a cop. It aired about 3, 4 weeks ago. She was mindblowingly good. She and I, that's one of our guilty pleasures. We watch that show together.

chartreuse_chimay470 karma

Mr. Perlman.

I got to meet you in an airport last year. You are the first and only actor I’ve ever met, and you are by far my favorite.

The first movie I remember seeing you in was Blade 2. I wondered who is this guy who out-badassed Snipes in his own movie? Then Hellboy exploded into theaters and I thought Finally! Big budget awesomeness for an actor who is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I stumbled across Afro-Samurai and I recognized your voice before I even saw the credits. I think that is when you became my favorite actor. Then I heard about when you visited a terminally ill child in Hellboy make-up. That impressed me on a much deeper level. As a result, I will now go see any movie you are in just because you are in it. Even shitty ones like “In The Name of the King”… Damn Uwe Boll…

About then I started looking you up. HOLY SHIT-BALLS!!! You are in EVERYTHING!!!!!

Video games like Fallout, EverQuest, True Crime, Halo, Turok, Marvel Super Hero Squad, and Justice League Heroes.

Voice acting for Teen Titans, Afro Samurai 1 and 2, Danny Phantom, you are FREAKING Firelord Sozin in Avatar, Tangled, Batman, 1000 Ways to Die, you are the the FUCKNG LICH from Adventure time!

You're in all the movies and shows I love like Drive, Hellboy 1 and 2, Pacific Rim, SoA, and that awesome Punisher Short film.

So, I saw you in the airport last year and I did a triple take because I didn’t believe it. Personally, I was amazed at my self-control. I ordered my drink and waited until you and your co-star had a break in conversation before I asked a question that I now don’t remember. Before you left I asked for a picture (above) and you agreed. You made airport travel awesome.

My questions:

  • You’re turning 64 next week (happy birthday) and you’re fucking HUGE compared to me!! How much can you bench?

  • What was it like working with the Make-A-Wish foundation?

  • What was your most memorable role voice acting?

RonPerlmanHere865 karma

My question: will you still need me, will you still feed me?

I can bench at least 33 pounds.

Awesome. I've been working with them since Beauty and the Beast, which was in 1987.

I can't remember my most memorable role voice acting. It's because sixty-fucking-four.

anephric466 karma

I lost the love of my life some time back and one of the few things that really held me together was rewatching your performance as Vincent on Beauty & The Beast thanks to Netflix Streaming. Maybe it was Vincent's nobility or his gentleness or just that damn profound voice you have - I don't know. But I had written that girl a letter and I had always hoped to ask this... I realize now this is deeply awkward to read (nevermind type) but is there any possible way you could ... record the letter in that voice? For her, I mean.

And I realize you're busy and important and awesome but, man, what do I have to lose by asking, ya know? Thanks for being a cool guy on Twitter. Hope to see you on the big/small screen again soon.

RonPerlmanHere975 karma

If you send me a request on Twitter, I'll follow you and DM you and maybe we can figure out a way to do that this way.

Francis_Marion432 karma

Ron big fan, my roommate and I love the movie "Enemy at the Gates" but we have a disagreement on one part, specifically your death. I believe that when you jump the gap and get shot you dead body should continue its path in the air and land on the ledge or close to it. While my roommate says the bullet would push your body backwards hitting the wall and falling straight down much like it does in the movie. Please settle this argument! Ps SOA is badass.

Edit: next time you die in a movie I will mind my own business and not care about your body.

RonPerlmanHere1580 karma

You need to both mind your own fuckin' business.

SteveBer346 karma

Did you ever find your shoe in Pacific Rim?

RonPerlmanHere790 karma

Yes, at Guillermo Del Toro's house. Along with all the other props I tried to take with me.

ChuckEye308 karma

Just now realized that Roy Dotrice played "Father" in Beauty & the Beast with you in 1987 also played "King Balor" in Hellboy II: The Golden Army 20 years later. Was it a good reunion?

RonPerlmanHere549 karma

Every moment I spend with Roy is a great moment. He's my adopted pops. He possesses a humanity that is almost too good to be true, but he is the kindest, sweetest, most genuine human being I've ever encountered, and I adore him.


Who was more interesting to play, Clay or Hellboy?

RonPerlmanHere622 karma


randomguyAMA259 karma

How was it playing a gangster in Drive?

RonPerlmanHere597 karma

Well, considering I was with three of my heroes, Ryan Gosling, Albert Brooks, and Bryan Cranston, and I made a few new heroes - Carey Mulligan, Oscar Isaac, Christina Hendricks, and Nicolas Winding Refn - it was pretty great.

seismicor255 karma

Is there something you're scared of, Ron? Can you tell us?

RonPerlmanHere790 karma

My wife.

wrathborne240 karma

Who wouldn't want to talk to Ron Perlman? Thanks for doing this AMA sir!

RonPerlmanHere310 karma

My pleasure!

haychen234 karma

Hey Ron!

You're an amazing actor and I am pretty sure my best friend is your biggest fan. He and someone else are doing a marathon of movies that they're calling Perlquest where they're watching all of your movies from the oldest to the most recent. Aside from a small handful they've been able to see every movie, and I've seen more than my fair share, too. It's actually more than likely they're going to finish Perlquest today so it's doubly awesome you're hosting an AMA! Just wanted to let you know you're very appreciated :D (PS: I hear you're holding out for a Hellboy 3, and I'm with you on that one! Crossing my fingers super hard.)

Now, onto my question, but what kinds of roles have you NOT done yet and are interested in?

RonPerlmanHere567 karma

I haven't played a young Hispanic seven year old.

Thank you so much for wasting all your time watching my movies! I guess there are all kinds of ways to get through the day. But seriously, it's deeply appreciated. Deeply appreciated. If you had called me earlier, I would have told you which ones to avoid.

rush_n_attack220 karma


RonPerlmanHere162 karma

Thank you.

MONKSFTW212 karma

Hey Ron Perlman, I'm a huge fan of your work and it's awesome that you given us this opportunity, I hope you get to my questions

  • Do you have any favourite behind the scenes memories whilst you were filming Police Academy:Mission to Moscow?

  • Can you tell us about the upcoming film you'll be in "Poker Night"?

  • What was it like working with the cast and crew on Season of the Witch?

Thank you again for taking time out of your day to give us this opportunity, on behalf of this AMA I'd like to commend you on your amazing work and wish you luck on your current future projects

RonPerlmanHere865 karma

Yes. I fell on my ass on the ice in Moscow, and I didn't break my hip. That was my favorite memory.

I hope it sees the light of day. We have a great cast and a really cool director who I loved working with called Greg Francis. I loved Greg and loved working with Greg. I hope the movie sees the light of day ASAP.

Nic Cage is just GORGEOUS. He's just beautiful. He's absolutely the first one on set, he not only knows his own lines, he knows your lines, he knows everybody's name. He's the most unmovie-star like movie-star I've ever met. Incredibly humble and so professional, a delight to be around, I had such a good time working with Nic and I consider him to be a friend for life.

RagingGhost181 karma

How did you find your experience with Nicholas Winding Refn in Drive?

RonPerlmanHere301 karma

I love Nic. I loved working with Nic. It was very bizarre, very interesting. Keeps you on your toes, because he doesn't think like anybody else I've ever met, and because of that, he challenges you to not think like anything you've ever done before. So I thought that the performance he elicited from me, and indeed from everyone in that film, was very original and very unlike the typical Perlman profile.

ajb1990180 karma

What do you imagine the finished product would be like if Guillermo Del Toro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet did a film together?

RonPerlmanHere334 karma

Sensory overload.

_be_here_now163 karma

How often are you mistaken as the actor who played Chewbacca? I spent 18 years of my life thinking you were Chewbacca and I have no idea why.

RonPerlmanHere546 karma

I've never been mistaken as Chewbacca but I have been mistaken for Harry in Harry & the Hendersons.

phonetoilet162 karma

Are you aware that Manchester United and England footballer Wayne Rooney named his son "Clay" after your character in Sons Of Anarchy?

RonPerlmanHere231 karma

I actually did read that, I guess on Twitter. And wow. All I can say is wow.

RonPerlmanHere279 karma

Thanks Wayne! If I have another kid I'm going to name him Wayne Rooney after you.

forgotusernamedamnit153 karma

Hi Ron. Love your work. A guy your height would normally attract a lot of attention. Let alone someone with your accomplishments. Are you able to go out like a normal person or do you always get noticed?

RonPerlmanHere566 karma

I just live my life exactly as I would like, and for the most part, I'm able to move freely. Every once in a while, somebody wants to stop, but it's all for the best possible reasons. Anybody who tells you that they don't like living with being complimented or being told that you did something they appreciated greatly, anybody who considers that an annoyance, may as well cut it out. There are so many harder ways to get out of life than that. I do my own shopping 2-3 days a week. I have already established how much I like to eat, so I do all my own shopping, I've never had a personal assistant. The only time I hire an assistant is to hang out with my dog while I'm on location to hang out with my dog while I'm doing 12, 14 hour days. I've never had to alter my life for any reason, and I like it that way.

Fatdevil420153 karma

Hey Ron!

  • 1) When did you realize you had the coolest fucking voice ever?
  • 2) You visiting that sick kid in full costume was an amazing thing. Thanks for being an awesome guy.
  • 3) Any word on the next Fallout game?

RonPerlmanHere257 karma

I'm just going to have to take your word on that one.

Well, I appreciate that a lot. And like I said, what an honor it is to have an impact on a kid's life who is looking at the worst scenario ever and thinking about something that you did that cheered him up.


Velorium_Camper140 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA Mr. Perrlman. Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid. Throughtout your career, you've done a lot of roles that require heavy makeup. How difficult is the process? What's been your favorite role requiring heavy make up?

RonPerlmanHere247 karma

The process is not difficult for me because every role I put the makeup on for I absolutely adored. I can't pick a favorite. If I would say Vincent I would be doing a disservice to Hellboy, and if I was saying Hellboy I would be doing a disservice to Vincent. But those would be tied for first.

kambr133 karma

Hello Ron we think you're really good looking for your age and we'd like to know.... Would you ever play Hellboy again?

RonPerlmanHere294 karma

I am possibly attempting to keep the conversation about Hellboy for me alive. It's an uphill battle but I'll never stop trying. I don't have any updates other than that.

SmellBeforeRain115 karma

Hi Mr. Perlman,

Can you mention anything about your experience with helping out the make a wish foundation?

RonPerlmanHere308 karma

It's an honor to be asked to work with the Make A Wish Foundation. And I'm a very lucky guy that I've been asked on a number of occasions. It just means you're in the thoughts of someone who is battling for their lives, and what greater service can there be?

trro16p113 karma

I don't know if it's too late but I loved you in ice pirates!

RonPerlmanHere326 karma

It's too late!

I_Lase_You112 karma

For my question, on SoA, which regular in real life would most likely be in a motorcylce gang club?

RonPerlmanHere334 karma

The character Happy, because he was actually a member of the Hell's Angels.

Clynser102 karma

Do you ever wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and think , wow I am one badass motherfucker?

and Do you actually ride your own harley?

RonPerlmanHere216 karma

The answer to both those questions is no. First of all, I wake up in the morning and most of the mirrors in my house are covered so I don't have to look at myself. And no, I don't ride my own Harley.

RonPerlmanHere329 karma

Oh wait, I do ride my own Harley, or whatever you want to think.

findasmileforme102 karma

Hi Ron

big fan, i was wondering how is it working with Doug Jones? as a lover of practical effects i'm always amazed at what he can do (you're no slouch either :)

RonPerlmanHere485 karma

Doug Jones - I'm going to go on the record now that might upset some people. But I hate Doug Jones. Doug Jones pisses me off, because Doug Jones is SO GOOD, SO SWEET, SO NICE, THAT HE REALLY MAKES ME LOOK BAD. SO FUCK YOU DOUG. FUCK YOU AND YOUR NICENESS.

GeezerMuldoon99 karma

What's your favorite Sinatra song to do during Karaoke?

RonPerlmanHere206 karma

The Best Is Yet To Come, French Foreign Legion, Mood Indigo, My Funny Valentine, and You Go To My Head.

ObamaIzHitla97 karma

Hey Ron,

Thoughts on marijuana? When's the last time you smoked?

RonPerlmanHere424 karma

Me and Bill Clinton had a doobie with Barack a couple of years ago. Once of us didn't inhale, but the other two just had the munchies for like hours.

C2nly93 karma

Love watching you in SoA ( especially when you're ranting about pussy ) and also in Hellboy, so my question is, are there are any other superhero properties you would like to be involved in ?

RonPerlmanHere308 karma

Hellboy 3.

RonPerlmanHere430 karma

He's kind of like the quintessential anti-hero, you know? He's a bachelor who lives with empty pizza boxes and beer cans and cat litter all over the place, a big slob, and he would much rather be watching Marx brother movies than being out saving the world, that's what makes him a great superhero for me. Because even though he possesses these extraordinary powers, he's an ordinary beer drinking slob. It's a delicious juxtaposition.

T0mmyGun87 karma

Back in highschool I wrote a report about the 1995 french film The City of Lost Children. I read somewhere that you do not speak french yet all your lines were. I had always wondered how that was for you and how you felt about the movie in general. Of course I'm a big fan of all your other work as well. Thanks!

RonPerlmanHere152 karma

Well, you know, you're always learning lines. And they're lines you didn't write, so it's always going to be a question of memorization. In this case, it was just memorizing something a little more exotic than English. The english lines you're learning for the most part. It was great, it was challenging. I like being challenged and having to do things that make me stretch. And I really liked the world of the City of Lost Children. So whatever I was asked to do to assimilate into that world was a pure pleasure.

StareyedInLA75 karma

First off, I just want to say thank you for doing this AMA. I've been a huge fan of your work since middle school. That said.

I rewatched Tangled last night, and want to ask how did you get the role of the Stabbington brothers? I know you always wanted to do a Disney movie, but I am wondering how it happened.

RonPerlmanHere157 karma

Pure luck!

RonPerlmanHere287 karma

Everybody else who was up for the role died.

Shadowman23574 karma

Hey Ron, what is something everyone in the world is doing wrong?

RonPerlmanHere328 karma

Well, half the world is doing something right all the time? So the whole world is never doing something wrong all of the time. I gotta tell you though man, whoever it is that is denying that our planet is deeply being affected by the shit we're putting out into the air, I hope you're the first ones to have to answer for whatever it is the fuck you're thinking. We better get a handle on taking care of this incredible planet of ours. I'm sure that not everybody on the planet is guilty of that, but we're in trouble. And our kids are the ones that are going to have to pay that fucking bill.

RonPerlmanHere353 karma

If you're ever denying that we're fucking up our planet with the shit we're putting in our environment, god help you. Because that is irrefutable.

I_Am_Intoxicated73 karma

Hey Ron! Huge fan, especially from your work in SoA and Enemy at the Gates.

Two questions:

Who makes a better duo during a zombie apocalypse, Clay Morrow & Jax Teller OR Vasili Zaytsev & Koulikov?

What is your favorite scene in all of SoA?

RonPerlmanHere170 karma

The second pair.

That's a tough one. My favorite scenes are the ones I did with Kim Coates. He's the best actor on the show, myself included.

alfienism66 karma

Ron thanks for being such a great character actor! I grew up watching you on Beauty & the Beast then Hellboy & into Sons of Anarchy! You're just awesome! What's your favorite thing to eat from Krafty or do they make you special meals on set?

RonPerlmanHere275 karma

Well, craft services is definitely chocolate. I'm a chocaholic. I have about a $550 a week chocolate habit. I'll buy chocolate anywhere, from M&Ms to the best belgian chocolate on the planet, and everything in between. I eat what's in front of me. Because the craft service people on the shows I work on, they get to know that I really appreciate when they supply me with different types of chocolate. So I just like a good variety of it around, even if it's Reese's peanut butter cups? Whoever came up with that fucking combination? That guy is tied for first with the guy who invented Viagra.

RileyRichard65 karma

Hey Ron!, what was your favorite segment from 1000 Ways to Die and what was the "death" you found to be the most hilarious?

RonPerlmanHere110 karma

Oh jeez there were too many to mention. I can't remember. But thank you for playing You Bet Your Life!

IntoTheMorgue54 karma

What'd ya have for lunch Mr. Perlman?

RonPerlmanHere132 karma

Branzino. Italian sea bass. It was pretty good.

ObamaIzHitla51 karma

Hey Ron! Huge fan; LOVED you in Hellboy 1/2 and Blade 2. Also love all of your voice over work. What are you working on now besides 13 SINS? And what is a good reason to see it besides the fact that youre involved and youre an absolute fucking stud?

RonPerlmanHere120 karma

Beautiful film called Before I Disappear which will hopefully be out over the next few months. A new pilot for Amazon called Hand of God, which should air sometime in the summer or fall. About to shoot a movie called Moonwalkers, which should be out in 2015. And about to direct my first movie, called Wooden Lake, in August of 2014.

HxRagexH48 karma

Wow Ron, huge fan of yours, thanks for doing the AMA. You've played a really large spectrum of characters and I was wondering which one was the easiest for you to step into?

RonPerlmanHere106 karma


trollinandscratchin47 karma

Hi Ron.

Curious what you think of your sons music? I'm a fan of Delroy Edwards and was always curious what your take on stripped down techno is.

RonPerlmanHere148 karma

I think my son is the smoothest motherfucker on the planet.

KingLadislavJagiello41 karma

First off, I just wanted to say you're an awesome actor. Personal favorites are your voiceovers of the Fallout series and the Hellboy adaptations. Pacific Rim just got even better with you in it! Thank you for doing this! Two part question, possibly things you get all the time: One, how long did it take to get the Hellboy gear on? Two, any plans to voiceover any future video games?

RonPerlmanHere73 karma

Don't have any video games on the horizon right now. The Hellboy makeup took 4-6 hours.

private_meta38 karma

Hello Ron,

As I love your narration in Fallout 3, and I've seen that you have done other jobs in video game voice over, what is your opinion about well known actors taking roles in video games, be it voice acting or even full acting with motion capturing. How do you see the future of actors in the video game industry?

RonPerlmanHere109 karma

I think the whole thing boils down to is imagining it in writing. It doesn't really matter where it exists. Like right now for me, because if you'd asked me this question 5 years ago it would have been different, the best writing is in cable television. 5 years ago, it would be in independent cinema. And sometimes the way these video games are rendered, it's a very satisfying exercise for a good actor to take part in, which is a great challenge. I love being a part of them because people write great characters and great stories. It doesn't matter what form it takes, as long as there's some great depth and great originality behind it.

UrbanToreador35 karma

All this time I thought Ron Perlman was that boy band producer

RonPerlmanHere110 karma

You need to get it together!

Dollarama33 karma

Ron, just wanna say I loved the film Outlander. Did you enjoy filming in Nova Scotia? Any funny behind the scenes stories?

RonPerlmanHere86 karma

I'd rather be eating Nova Scotia. Especially with a nice bagel, a pumpernickel bagel and some schmear.

C2nly31 karma

Do you think Hellboy could take down a Kaiju or a Jaeger ?

RonPerlmanHere106 karma

Yes. At the same time. With one hand tied behind his back. It's Hellboy, for crying out loud.

gibsacaster30 karma

Is Theo Rossi a nice guy in real life? I loveeeee Juice. And how'd you like working on Sons of Anarchy?

RonPerlmanHere66 karma

Theo Rossi is a great guy. I love Juice too, he was one of my favorite things about Sons of Anarchy. My two best friends on that show were Theo and Jim.

theArnoldFans129 karma

Ron, Whats your best Arnold Schwarzenegger story?

RonPerlmanHere58 karma

I don't think I have a good Arnold Schwarzenegger story!

RonPerlmanHere90 karma

I got to know Arnold a little bit when he had made True Lies because Jim was married to Linda Hamilton at the time, so there was a lot of socializing taking place, and I just remember Arnold being just really smart, really charming and really funny. A great storyteller, which, I'm a sucker for that. But I don't have a great Arnold story because I never got to work with Arnold.

keoghberry29 karma

What is your favourite food?

RonPerlmanHere99 karma

Pizza. Pizza in general.

RonPerlmanHere80 karma

I'm a New Yorker, so hint hint.

BonerFencing26 karma

Hi Ron, huge fan. My question is regarding Drive - I really enjoyed your part and found you made your character incredibly convincing. How did playing a bumbling criminal differ from playing a badass non-human vigilante? Also, what does Ryan Gosling smell like?

RonPerlmanHere49 karma

Um, let me answer the second question first. I didn't get close enough to Ryan to see what he smells like. My love for him is always going to be from afar, but no less intense. And you know, the character that I played was not unsimilar to other things I've played before, but the circumstances were unique because working on a set controlled by Nic is very very unlike anything I've ever experienced before, so it was kind of like one of those moments that I search out, which is the moment you're kind of reborn again, and you're discovering yourself as an actor the first time, so you're not getting caught up in this monotony, workaday, cynical repetition.

ewoktuna24 karma

I love listening to your movie commentary, and it sounds like you have a lot of fun on set. On which movie did you have the most fun on set? And why?

RonPerlmanHere90 karma

I gotta keep going back to Hellboy, because Guillermo has got the intellect of like Nietzche, Schopenhauer and Freud all put together. But he never graduated from 11 year old fart jokes. Nobody has the right to be this funny and smart at the same time. His sets are a complete mirror of who he is. When we're actually doing the work we're incredibly serious and focused, but while we're waiting for lighting to happen, or in between takes, I've probably never laughed harder or had more fun than on his. And I've done 5 movies with him now, so it's not just any one movie, it's just being in his presence.

capncantaloupe23 karma

Hey Ron, big fan here.

I was just wondering, did you get Charlie Hunnam on board for Pacific Rim, or was it just a coincidence?

RonPerlmanHere61 karma

More like a coincidence. I think Guillermo knew about him more because Charlie had worked with Alfonso Cuaron on Children of Men, and Alfonso is Guillermo's best friend, so Guillermo had heard good things about Charlie from Alfonso and asked me what my experience was like with him, and I said "he's a shit, he's completely unprofessional, but if you want to hire him, I don't give a shit." that's not true, I gave him a ringing endorsement, but I think Guillermo was going to hire him anyway with or without my endorsement. I'm really fond of Charlie, I consider him a kid brother, I consider Guillermo a kid brother, and it was great to expand the family and get two people I really love working together.

SurvivorType15 karma

I really don't have a question for you, sir. I just wanted to say, when I heard these words for the first time and realized it was you... chills.

"War, war never changes."

Add to that all the movie roles I have seen you play, damn. You are truly a class act.

You have transcended being an actor in the sense that you are now something far beyond the sum of your collected works.

You are a legend.

RonPerlmanHere22 karma

I sure appreciate that.

Macakes7 karma

Hello, Ron!

I was just wondering. What do you plan to do now since you were killed of off Sons Of Anarchy? (I, and everyone else I know, was totally pissed about that, by the way.)

RonPerlmanHere19 karma

Thank you very much. I have a new TV series that I am doing for Amazon called Hand of God which should begin to air in the summer or the fall. It's drama. I play a judge who's the most powerful man in town, and when we meet him he's breaking down and he is hearing voices, he doesn't know if they are coming from God or from his son's ventilator machine, his son is in a coma on life-support which is what triggers his meltdown. His instability is of great concern, because as he goes, so goes the well-being of the son. You have a trophy wife, and a $1,000 a night call girl who he's supporting. He's got the mayor, the chief of police, and every cop on the beat in his pocket. He's a pretty powerful dude. I hate to be a self-promoter, but you're going to fucking want to see this fucking show.

PantiesMallone5 karma

Hey Ron, big fan of your movies. You're easily the toughest looking actor ever. My question is about Alien: Resurrection's basketball scene. Did you know anything prior to it like Sigourney's training or was it more like you showed up and was told she wanted to do it herself? In the unedited footage you look completely shocked and excited.

RonPerlmanHere18 karma

Well, we all knew she was training, we all knew she was going to do the Basketball scene and we knew she was training with a girl from the WNBA. She was working on all these specialty shots, and the scene was supposed to end with this unbelievable shot where she puts the ball over her head backwards, she's about 30 feet away, and it's supposed to go through nothing from net. You'd cut to a basketball in the hoop and then to me reacting to it. So on take 1, Sigourney starts walking away, puts the basketball over her head, and the motherfucker goes IN. ON TAKE ONE. ANd I started to crack up like "I can't believe what just fucking happened" and almost ruined the shot. They had to play it back almost 30 times to see whether my laughter and going crazy ruined it, but luckily they were able to cut away from me in time to save it. But that really happened.

TrixieVanSickle2 karma

I've seen many adorable pictures and videos of you with your little dog (a Jack Russell?). What is his name and do you take him with you everywhere?

RonPerlmanHere8 karma

His name is Nigel. He's a Jack Russell terrier. He's 10.5 years old. And I take him with me everywhere I can. There are places I can't take him, but he goes with me all places I can take him.

plh104731 karma

Ron ! Will you be doing a book signing?

RonPerlmanHere1 karma

I'm pretty sure I will. Check your local listings.