Leading up to my new book DIRTY DADDY, on sale April 8th, I wanted to take some time to talk to you...my friends.

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Once, again just wanted to say I really enjoyed this AMA with all of you. Sorry I couldn't answer you all, but I really appreciate the questions. Excited for my book to come out Tuesday, April 8. Hope you guys like it. If you don't, give it to your mother.

Have a great TGIF and weekend.... Bob

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CupBeEmpty372 karma

I can still remember when I was younger and found out that you made offensive jokes it blew my mind because I only really knew you from Full House as a kid.

Do you ever feel it is awesome to be a pretty raunchy comedian yet be so associated in the public mind with very family friendly shows? Do you ever feel like you live a double life?

_Bob_Saget339 karma

I get asked that a lot. My lives seem to have blended together more these days… My comedy changes as well. And Full House was two-dimensional kid sitcom sod I couldn't just thrive creatively on that level of family comedy. But I appreciate and respect what it was.

irelandtjd256 karma

What ever happened to predictability?

_Bob_Saget419 karma

The Milk Man and the Paper Boy.

iPlay_guitar234 karma

Bob motherfucking Saget!!! I grew up on that Full House bullshit...then I found your stand up. You taught me how to curse like a big boy!! My parents thank you.

_Bob_Saget311 karma

Sorry to your parents. As long as you are using your cursing to help mankind, and not for it's detriment.

allahuakbar79223 karma

What did you think about your portrayal in South Park? Just watched that again last night.

_Bob_Saget444 karma

I liked that their grandfather found their version of me so hilarious while he watched me on that video show. It hurt and felt good at the same time. Like most of my relationships.

theslothoverlord217 karma


_Bob_Saget166 karma


PixelPurple198 karma

What is your personal favorite episode of Full House?

_Bob_Saget772 karma

The last one.

UnknownQTY197 karma

I'd just like to say that your voice narrating HIMYM is probably one of its defining traits, and one that allowed it to be accessible to so many people for so long.

It really is amazing voiceover work. Did they show you filmed and cut episodes, or did you just do it all at once?

Have you ever eaten a sandwich?

_Bob_Saget245 karma

First, Yes I have had a sandwich and I enjoy them sometimes. I would go to 20th Century Fox to a recording stage and narrate the show to picture. Other times I'd record it wild and they'd edit it in and the following week see if they wanted to redo it to picture. The process was fun and everyone involved were professional and kind in every way. A very fun gift of gig that I was proud to be a small part of. Josh Radnor is a good man. Now let me just wipe this brown stuff off my nose. Really though, I meant it all.

bobsagetismydad184 karma

If you had to get one word tattoo'd on your forehead what would it be and why?

_Bob_Saget369 karma

My eyes are down here.

curry-in-a-hurry165 karma

You're the man, real funny stuff. How do you feel about the fact that Josh Radnor was still the older version of Ted on the series finale of HIMYM and not you? (I would have preferred to see you)

_Bob_Saget248 karma

It felt appropriate to me. It's not theMatrix where Ted CGI's into a narrator of his voice that was done as a sweet way to tell his story from almost his conscience from the future of his own life. I went to the table reading of that hour episode with my oldest daughter, and we were touched and enjoyed how they weaved in and out to tie the show up in the way that felt write to them. Loveliest writing staff I've ever seen on a show. due to Carter and Craig and beautiful Pam Fryman who asked me to do the narrator's part in the first place nine years ago.

nasgilson153 karma

Is John Stamos' hair as nice in person as it is on TV?

_Bob_Saget290 karma

John's hair is even fluffier and yet manageable than anyone's hair I've been around.

operation_hennessey135 karma

Do people still send you fan mail the ol’ fashioned way, you know, not electronically ?

_Bob_Saget322 karma

Rarely. I send a signed photo now and then but being able to do this Reddit typing myself makes me feel more connected to fans, if that's not too creepy to read.

Jondave97126 karma

What is your biggest regret of your acting career?

_Bob_Saget178 karma

When I was younger: That I didn't have more skill when I had some cool opportunities present themselves in auditions for parts that may have been good for me and for the project.

president_clint125 karma

No question- just thought to myself "it would be really fucking cool if Bob Saget said hello to me".

So hey, Bob.

_Bob_Saget188 karma

Hello Sir.

Kknowsbest121 karma

Who was your role model growing up?

_Bob_Saget194 karma

Morning all- or afternoon- My role model growing up was my dad. Funny guy in the meat business.

SwampFox4113 karma

How accurately were you portraying yourself in Entourage? It was hilarious, real or not.

_Bob_Saget189 karma

Thanks for the props. It's not that real, although I am typing this in a black robe and Reddit is done, I plan to go smoke a cigar in my jacuzzi. That's not the Entourage character, just the wardrobe. The Entourage character I played would not be alone in his jacuzzi.

CrackedPepper86108 karma

Hey Bob, I wanted to give you the chance to plug your Scleraderma charity. Can you tell us about it a little?

_Bob_Saget126 karma

Thanks. Scleroderma Research Foundation 1-800-441-CURE. SRFcure.org

MyNameIsntPatrick92 karma

what did uncle Joey's hair smell like?

_Bob_Saget203 karma


DuchySleeps82 karma

Has anything ever made you want to leave the business?

What was it? What helped you get over it?

_Bob_Saget130 karma

I didn't want to leave the business but I certainly was depressed over taking ten years especially at first to even get started. Like most people's depression, the time window for depression got smaller and smaller during those struggling periods and good things did present themselves in career form.


Would you like to go ice fishing with me in Wisconsin?

_Bob_Saget279 karma

No, because, why fish for ice? Wouldn't fish be more fun to catch? I mean, you're so cold and working so hard to catch something….Ice….just seems the lesser choice for a sport. Maybe I misunderstood.

operation_hennessey79 karma

Do you ever get mistaken for a different celebrity ?

_Bob_Saget340 karma

Once I was called Bob Sajak. I stopped ordering from that Chinese restaurant.

phatmattd78 karma

Hey Bob,

What's the dirtiest joke you know?



_Bob_Saget414 karma

There's a lot of them. I don't even like most these days, cause they're usually just trying to outgross so there's no point to it. I always liked the old one (this is isn't dirty) where the mouse is on back of an elephant trying to have sex with the elephant and a coconut hits the elephant on the head. The elephant goes: OW!" and the mouse goes, "Suffer bitch."

RestoreSanityFear58 karma

What's the most common thing people say when they recognize you?

_Bob_Saget137 karma

Changes from- I loved Full House to-- You're Dirty. Then I say, "Ma'am please don't say that to me while holding your four year old."

uberlad58 karma

What's your very best life advice?

_Bob_Saget179 karma

Don't hurt animals. Oh yeah, or people. And try not to put sticks in your ears in the woods.

gammanaut49 karma

You, Dice Clay, Carlin, Kinnison, Pryor and Hicks are put in a dirty joke match to the death. Who wins and what joke do you come out swinging with?

_Bob_Saget91 karma

I don't swing. Maybe I misread the question. First, it's an honor to be mentioned in company with those comedians, well except one, but I won't say which. No one wins. I don't like seeing comedy as a competition. The only one I can compete even in subjective critiquing, is myself. Sounds like I just challenged myself to my own death match of dirty jokes. I hope I win.

Agreenbay3329 karma

Would you have wanted to make an appearance in the how I met your mother finally I personally think you should have been future ted ? Also how do you feel about the ending

_Bob_Saget68 karma

Loved the show. Everything was the way it was and that's how it should've been. Sorry been watching Star Wars and I can't stop talking in Yoda-speak today.

zadabe28 karma

Since Tom Bergeron is leaving AFV, might you consider coming back?

_Bob_Saget57 karma

I don't go back in relationships or a gig. I'm a forward moving kind of guy by nature. Unless I'm being paid to be in a relationship which is an altered reality and will never happen.

leahmonster28 karma

Bob, how has it affected you seeing the twins grow up to be what they are now. I mean, youve known them since they were a year old..

_Bob_Saget61 karma

It's nice to have friends you know from when they were kids and love them. It's kind of like having family that you 'chose' to be with when time allows.

silvergrant727 karma

What's something you always wanted to do

_Bob_Saget63 karma

Jump the Grand Canyon.

SmearBreazy27 karma

When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a career in acting?

_Bob_Saget37 karma

I was a film student kid first, then standup at the same time when I was 17, so I guess at about 22 when I moved to LA from Philly I wanted to act… So to do that went to acting school for like 5 years and then went out on auditions and got some guest parts on shows as people do.

Ken_U_Dig_It23 karma

You've been given 48 hours to live - what would you spend that time doing?

_Bob_Saget76 karma

Reading this Reddit and putting on cushy socks.

theymightbe22 karma

If you could guest star on any currently running TV Show, what would you chose?

_Bob_Saget62 karma

Walker Texas Ranger.

igono20 karma

What is your favorite joke of all time?

_Bob_Saget39 karma

Can't pick one. And can't type any of them here either. Not to be difficult, just about 20 come to mind at once and they're all not for public consumption.

drinkingyourdinner20 karma

What made you decide to write a book?

_Bob_Saget40 karma

It just came out of me. And then the book did. I wrote a treatment of what the book would be, like 13,000 words, and then I meet Mark Chait at it books/harpercollins and it felt like a great match. The inspiration was to write a book about comedy and death and how they have intersected in my life. Comedy has been a survival for my family and for me. And then there's my lower regions which can't help but be incorporated because that laptop sits right on your junk, so it can't be ignored.

moocowfuckmilk19 karma

Hey Bob. Just wanted to say that I loved your bit in The Aristocrats, it went a long way in dulling my memories of you hosting America's Funniest Home Videos, which was a low point in my childhood. My mom loved you in that; I hated it. Now that she's dead I can enjoy you saying things like "he hits his son in the eye with his penis, pops it right out -- now he's cock-eyed. Mind you, he sees this as an opportunity!" Much appreciated.

(in all seriousness, you're awesome, thanks for being around and being funny for so long.)

_Bob_Saget33 karma

Thanks man. Although when you read all the quotes you put in that question, others may want to banish me as a mob from the village.

beerwick18 karma

Do you prefer making the occasional cameos or do you secretly miss having a your "own" show? and has anyone approached you with anything worthwhile you would even consider working on?

_Bob_Saget36 karma

Yes and yes. I don't do stuff I don't want to do, so when Jim Jeffries asked me to be on his FX show, it was an easy yes. And yes, I'm 'as we say' developing something for myself that could be fun and worthwhile and combines different sides of me. Trust that was vague enough.

thoverlord17 karma

Have you ever seen the family guy scene portraying you? If so how did you feel about it.

_Bob_Saget74 karma

Seth is a very talented person. Honored to be ripped on as myself on Family Guy. South Park did it well once and it took me two months of therapy to get over.

Zouch16 karma

If you could go back in time and host one television show besides America's Funniest Home Videos, which show would it be?

_Bob_Saget32 karma

You Bet Your Life.

Brendanaquicz15 karma

Bob! What did you purchase with your AFHV money?

_Bob_Saget33 karma


sco7714 karma

Now that we've all gotten used to the fact that you are a foul, foul man (kudos for that, BTW :D ), do you still get a thrill from the people who are floored by the turn about from mild mannered dad figure to "Aristocrats?"

_Bob_Saget32 karma

It's nice when your audience knows and digs who you are-- I think most people who haven't seen me perform live are most happy that I'm funny, love being funny, and enjoy doing a show that's fun for me and for them. It's not about the 'dirtiness' of it. I go in waves with how far I cross the line. I'm a lot cleaner material-wize than many comedians out there. It's nine-year old poo and wiener jokes. I got a lot of growing up to do comedically. That will be a fun journey now.

skullturf13 karma

Who were some of your favorite raunchy comedians when you were younger?

_Bob_Saget35 karma

I never looked at funny people as raunchy. Funny is funny and dirty or not dirty I don't separate. Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, Don Rickles, Bill Cosby, George Carlin, Rodney Dangerfield- all influenced me.

fadetoblake12 karma

What is the weirdest thing that happened off camera/set during Full House?

_Bob_Saget30 karma

A live pig got loose.

abiz4shiz12 karma

John Stamos and Dave Coulier, they seem like such class acts on the set, then again, so did you... what are some funny attributes about your cast members of Full House most people would be surprised to know?

_Bob_Saget58 karma

Funny attributes-- Dave's flatulence issues, more a violation of your personal space, but yet charming because he means no harm, just to mark his territory. And John always found a way to save someone who needed help while we worked on that show. Whether it be a handicapped kid visiting set, or me trying to learn my lines. He has handsome hero syndrome.

DickWitman11 karma

Loved you in Entourage. Any chance we'll see you in the movie?

_Bob_Saget25 karma

There's a chance. Slip some bucks to the editor.

Brreeeee11 karma

What's your favorite thing that you've done or participated in regarding directing or being in movies, stand-up comedy, 90's shows, etc. ?

_Bob_Saget36 karma

Probably starring in a play several years back on Broadway written and originally starred in by Bob Martin, called The Drowsy Chaperone. Love that play, loved the entire experience.

ccalzone10 karma

Do you have a favorite moment from when you were acting on Full House?

_Bob_Saget22 karma

The last scene in the last episode. That's a joke. It was all moments that were fun. The relationships we all had together. It was a cast that just loved each other. Was fun.

twosides10 karma


_Bob_Saget25 karma

Ginos or Pats. Love Philly. Downtown…

womm10 karma

Tom Bergeron was on here a couple days ago doing an AMA. Have you guys ever thrown down? I'd imagine Tom has some pretty quick old guy moves, but you're tall and lanky. You've got reach.

_Bob_Saget22 karma

When you say thrown down, do you mean check into a sportsman type lodge and sit by the fire? I like Tom. Nah, I don't live in a wrestling celebrity death match type of fantasy, but thanks for suggesting it, next time I see him I'm going to get him in a headlock.

blboyle229 karma

Your version of the aristocrats joke is my all time favorite. Thanks for being so crude and lovable!

_Bob_Saget21 karma

It's a hard joke to do. It's not even a joke. What I love about Dirty Daddy, which, unlike The Aristocrats, took a year and half to write, is that it blends the inappropriate with the truth of what happens in life. Tough stuff happens to people. That's why sick jokes get told, to help ease the pain, or try to deflect from the pain of everyday life.

looknclick8 karma

Bob, you rock!

Question: why you wouldn't advice someone to become a comedian or an actor?

_Bob_Saget35 karma

The path is so hard- You have to do it because you have no other choice. It's a huge amount of rejection daily, and that's if you're putting yourself out there and trying to get a job. If you really want it, it'll just happen. To set out a goal to be rich and famous is valueless and may be fun if you attain that for a while, but ultimately shallow and meaningless. Better to do good work and share something that people find entertaining, compelling, or wonderful.

joeishot68plus18 karma

Bob, where does the magic come from?

But seriously, what have you drawn on in your career for inspiration?

_Bob_Saget13 karma

I draw on people who I read or meet that are inspiring that have nothing to do with a career in any aspect of show business. I enjoy the creative process and moving forward. I only like to move backward when I'm at one of my Moon Walking classes.

derekfor_real7 karma

Were you told on to just be yourself on entourage or was that more scripting than anything else?

_Bob_Saget19 karma

It was a heightened version of me- I asked Doug Ellen the creator the first time he wrote the first time I was to be on the show-- I asked him to write me ballsier than before. Not be a whiner about having lost money- just wanted to be a ballsy successful guy who was a bit of a player. Very endearing character. Not.

ShellOilNigeria4 karma

What's your best story about being young, filthy rich, horny, and drugs?

Also, why should I buy Dirty Daddy?

_Bob_Saget8 karma

My best story about being young, filthy rich, horny, and drugs? That it is the worse constructed question ever. Sorry. And 'on' drugs? Anyway, I'm very proud I wrote Dirty Daddy and hope people come away with a good feeling from it. That it's funny and honest and sometimes poignant and that the sadness we go through in life is universal. I was never filthy rich and horny and young simultaneously.

Jochems4 karma

Is there any acting role for which you've been asked, but didn't get? Maybe a Sagway commercial? :D

_Bob_Saget15 karma

Ha. Yes I've been asked to do a lot of stuff I didn't want to do. Sometimes it's repeating a more heightened reality like in a sitcom, and other times it's to throw down my more nasty self, just trying to parlay the Entourage version of me into some other show.

Vitruvian_2 karma

Hi Bob.

Thanks for the AmA. If I would meet you today, would I see the Bob Saget as acted (?) in Entourage?

_Bob_Saget3 karma

If you would meet me today…. The setup to that question leaves me speechless.