My short bio: Hi, it's the creators & the cast (Alex House, Maggie Castle, Bill Turnbull, Melanie Leishman, Chris Leavins, Jason Mewes) of "Todd & The Book of Pure Evil" the bestest supernatural/metal/comedy tv series you've probably never seen.

We had 2 glorious seasons (26 craaaaaazy episodes) but got cancelled on some major super duper cliffhangers. We wanted the fans to get a proper ending to the series, so we decided to wrap it up with an animated feature film. After a successful fan-based Indiegogo campaign, we're happy to be in the studio recording the dialogue for our film "The End of The End."

We have the best and craziest fans in the world - so listen to them and watch the first two seasons (now on Netflix, Hulu, iTunes) and be prepared to be annihilated for "The End of The End" coming to you at the end of the year.

Ask away, Shit Roosters!!

(but not about the content of the film, we don't want to give any spoilers away)

As a special bonus, we've enlisted the ultimate minion Elliot Everwood (Brodie Sanderson) to help type the answers for the cast (as they'll be in the recording studio occassionally). So a big thanks to Brodie/Elliot (who -spoiler alert- comes back in "The End of The End.")

THANKS EVERYONE!! This was awesome! We're still recording but will try to answer all your questions a bit later!! And then...we're on an AMA sabbatical.

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Lizziekyroshiu25 karma

I have to say 2 girls 1 tongue was absolutely amazing, and that I'm really excited to see what's in store. My question is since the show has aired what is the craziest fan experience you all have had?

BookOfPureEvilAMA19 karma

Maybe some of the actors had some crazy fan shit, they're just coming in now and we'll ask them.

But we think the fan who tattooed the Book of Pure Evil in glow-in-the-dark ink on his chest was crazy, but in the good kind of crazy. But crazy.

BookOfPureEvilAMA14 karma

There was a "Save Todd" rally at FanExpo one year that was pretty epic... we really appreciate how LOUD our fans can be.

cottoncandicorn19 karma

Shit can I just throw compliments at you instead?

I LOVE YOU GUYS and this show was the most fun and imaginative I've seen in a long time.

Alex, you were super adorable on Degrassi back in the day. And Mewes too, of course. I don't even want to say how long I've had a crush on Jason Mewes, I'm just gonna keep my cool here.

Maggie, you were such a badass on the show, can you give me some tips on how to be more confident and Jenny-like? MELANIE TOO, but you remind me of my sister and I don't take her advice.

BookOfPureEvilAMA12 karma

Melanie says "something rude"

bassman666116 karma

Will there be a musical number in the movie? 2 Girls, 1 Tongue is hands down my favorite episode.

BookOfPureEvilAMA20 karma

Yes, yes and YES. \m/

Streetfightur15 karma

Was there ever a moment where the 3rd season ALMOST happened after outcry of being cancelled? That cliffhanger was seriously crazy. So sad they cancelled it.

BookOfPureEvilAMA24 karma

The producers were fighting tooth and nail to get a third season. We tried EVERYTHING (even satanic ritual, which, frankly, just got our clothes bloody.)

But there was a point where SPACE channel did give us some money for some scripts and outlines. We wrote one script and 4 more outlines. When Craig gets here, we'll reveal the titles of those "lost" episodes.

BookOfPureEvilAMA15 karma

Craig's here - here are some titles of the future lost episodes of Todd Season 3:

301 - No Vest for The Wicked (this is now part of the feature)

302 - Wanda Gets Waxed (our field trip to a wax museum)

303 - The Gripes of Wraith (our very special, very sensitive suicide episode)

304 - Mancat (a treatise on feline affection)

305 - The Art of Darkness (who knew that Curtis was a skilled artiste?)

mccormic14 karma

Jason Mewes:

I know you think eSport is a legitimate sport since you stated that in one of your interviews. We are doing a huge online charity event by the power of video games, especially eSports. We’ve tried to reach you via your publicist, twitter, website but no success. We’d like to invite you to this event held in August (possibly 8-14 August) to participate online via skype or if you wish we can bring you in locally. We gonna broadcast from Hungary, Europe.

We are a newly formed studio which will start streaming with an enormous 168-hour-long charity event and want to raise at least $1MM in donations for Save the Children, Doctors Without Borders and one more – yet to be announced - charity organization. The channel's topic is eSports a.k.a. competitive video gaming. This community exceeded ~70-80MM people worldwide and counting. We expect to reach 80% of them with the charity event. However we want to reach other non eSport fans too to popularize the genre.

The possible program ideas are:

  • Talk Show: the most well known eSport stars will be present with film and sport stars to discuss a topic.

  • AMA: one or two star will be interviewed and the questions are coming from the viewers (moderated).

  • Game time: from two to ten famous stars will play a charity match with one of the streamed games and the greatest casters will announce it.

In case you can’t participate live in the event you could pre-record a video talking about hwo huge esport is and how related you are to the whole cause.

If you’re interested in further details you can message me here on reddit.

PS: You are a huge icon in the life of the current gaming generation :)

jaymewes14 karma

i like it, CONTACT 323-939-1188 / EXT 111- GLORIA

mccormic10 karma

wow! thank you so much, will contact ASAP

BookOfPureEvilAMA19 karma

Do we get any "points" for this interaction? Just Canadian points will do, thanks and sorry.

Virreinatos14 karma

Not having seen anything about the art style you are going for. Will there be plush toys of the characters in that style available? I'd totally get a Curtis, Hannah, and an Atticus toy and put them on my bed.

BookOfPureEvilAMA17 karma

We will consider this for sure - just don't get too freaky with your Elliot doll please (or do!)

EezoManiac8 karma


BookOfPureEvilAMA14 karma

All the monies.

EezoManiac7 karma


BookOfPureEvilAMA10 karma

Lets go with Bill on this one.

Bokonon788 karma

I now picture you in between typing covering your nipples like you do in the episode where the invisible pervert takes your shirt!

BookOfPureEvilAMA6 karma

Brodie: "This can be arranged."

Bokonon7814 karma

Hi guys! I am thrilled you are doing an AMA. I can say in all honesty that Todd & The Book of Pure Evil is my all time favourite show. I hope you all understand how rabid and loyal a fanbase you have. I still think it will become the ultimate cult show. I wish the show would have continued for years but am thankful for the two seasons and upcoming animated movie.

I don't really have a question but just wanted to say thanks for being a part of one of the greatest show in TV history. It inspires me to move to Canada. Oh, and I was one of the lucky shit roosters and ass taxis who donated to the Indiegogo campaign and received artwork from Bill and cookies from Melanie. Thank you both! You rock.

BookOfPureEvilAMA12 karma

Thank you so much for the support - you guys are the reason we get to keep doing this!! (literally)

How were the cookies??!!

Bokonon7810 karma

They were great. I told all my friends about the show while I shared the cookies with them. I did manage to turn a few into Toddies.

BookOfPureEvilAMA12 karma

Melanie is here and we told her you said the cookies were great and she said "Thats so nice."

Shes so nice.

Bokonon788 karma

Speaking of which: I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie Melanie is in called Stagefright. It sounds like it could have been an un aired musical episode of the show.

BookOfPureEvilAMA9 karma

Melanie says it will be released in the states theatrically on May 9 - and it was released on itunes in the States TODAY!!!! Its another project featuring lots of singing and buckets of blood.

BookOfPureEvilAMA11 karma

Awesome. Good thing Melanie made them, when Brodie bakes cookies they are usually a lot... stronger, lets say.

BookOfPureEvilAMA7 karma

Bill: "Cool! Which drawing did you get? Is it weird that I want you to post a cum tribute video?..... Yes?....."

annamaul9312 karma

Chris Leavins, I couldn't be more proud that your career bounded from amazing drama series(es), to Internet Cute Cultivator and Snarkmaster, to comedic Satanic Overlord. Really, very proud of your efforts! ..but what is next for you? Feature films? Pop diva? ..we want to know.

BookOfPureEvilAMA13 karma

Chris says: I want to tell you but I caaaaaann't because it is TOP SECRET.

ScowlyOwl12 karma

How does it feel to have such huge support for The End of The End? As a fan, it's really cool seeing so many people backing this and makes me pretty proud to be a fan of the show. I'm really excited to see it and can't wait!

BookOfPureEvilAMA12 karma

It feels fan-fucking-tastic, to be quite honest. Not "fan fucking" tastic, but fan "fucking tastic".

JoshH9912 karma

Question for the creators, After this is all wrapped up with are you guys looking into creating a new show and/or movie? And if so could we see any familiar faces involved?

BookOfPureEvilAMA11 karma

Craig says "Yes. Always working on new ideas and hopefully some familiar faces will be gracing your media in the near future."

BookOfPureEvilAMA8 karma

Brodie says "My life is in your hands, Craig."

Virreinatos12 karma

What has Chris Leaving been up to lately? Anything in the Atticus range of awesome I can track down?

BookOfPureEvilAMA21 karma

Chris says: It's LEAVINS you shit rooster. Nobody understaaaaands meeee!

Ranyore11 karma

All I can say is someone excitedly told me this was on Netflix and by the time I had started the second season the disks were already in the mail. Cannot wait for the film! Thanks to all involved for a great experience!

BookOfPureEvilAMA12 karma

Thanks! We are diggin' the TBOPE fan love today!

BookOfPureEvilAMA8 karma

Chris says: Jason is a sweetheart. And a stud.

BookOfPureEvilAMA7 karma

Brodie: "Hes a maniac with a heart of gold."

hitthatdonut11 karma

Forgive me, but I must ask: Chris Leavins, is there any chance that Cute with Chris or any of its side projects will ever be resurrected? It is your genius that led me to "Todd & The Book of Pure Evil" (for which I am eternally grateful).

BookOfPureEvilAMA18 karma

Chris says: I apologize but all your dreams are probably dead.

SirPinkBatman10 karma

Will we be learning more about the alternate timeline, where Todd was sent forward in time?

heyrosen12 karma

Not in this film, but if we get to make more "Todd" projects in the future (fingers crossed), then for sure. We ALL want to know what "the incident" was.

Bokonon786 karma

And will Todd ever get to have his orgy... and will Curtis be with him.

BookOfPureEvilAMA11 karma

One can only hope.

BookOfPureEvilAMA10 karma


EatAtMilliways7 karma

Is Bill born with it, or is it Maybelline?

BookOfPureEvilAMA9 karma

"Maybe its surgery!"

BookOfPureEvilAMA10 karma

Norman Yeung (Eddie the Metal Dude) wants to give a shout out to all the babes on the show: the twins, Marcy (watch out for those German Herpes), Wanda, etc.

Did we mention that Norman's a horndog?

Orthum10 karma

I keep getting called Atticus by my brother. And wife... Why did you do this to my family?

BookOfPureEvilAMA6 karma

Because we can.

Dr_JuJuBeans10 karma

I don't really have any questions. I just want to say thanks for making the show and this movie. Seriously if my ass wasn't attached to me, I would have laughed that thing off a long time ago by this show alone.

BookOfPureEvilAMA13 karma

Thank you for the kind words - never take your ass for granted - one day it could be gone.

good_guy_apocalypse10 karma

What ever happened to the homunculus puppet? Did Mewes try to make a baby with it at any time during the taping of the show?

edit* for the lulz!

BookOfPureEvilAMA16 karma

We don't have any Hhhhhhomunculus puppets left (Alex may or may not use them for extracurricular activities.) But we will have a PROP SALE in the summer (lots of cool props like, say, a "severed tongue in a box"!)

PrissyKoala9 karma

I absolutely love this show (stumbled upon it 2 years ago during a Drunksgiving Netflix binge). My question is: Out of all of the 26 wonderful episodes, what is everyone's favorite villain? (homunculus, death-day cake perhaps?)

BookOfPureEvilAMA13 karma

Maggie says "The Producers."

BookOfPureEvilAMA10 karma

Metal Dudes are here: They say "That's kind of"

BookOfPureEvilAMA10 karma

Brodie says Homunculus - I encountered him alone in a dark room on set once, and I almost shat.

PrissyKoala8 karma

O.o Was it just sitting alone on a chair all creepy-like like it wanted to replace the taxidermied armadillo with you?

BookOfPureEvilAMA12 karma

yeah, pretty much exactly that.

BookOfPureEvilAMA9 karma

Melanie says "Brax! The Big Bad Baby. 'Cause he was the cutest!!"

BookOfPureEvilAMA3 karma

Bill:"The Phantom"

i_hate_the_eagles9 karma

Huge fan here! The show was absolutely brilliant and unfortunately so short lived. My question for the cast is how this cult classic shaped your work after its cancellation? I know Alex mentioned moving to LA and working here (fellow Angelino) but how about the rest of you?

BookOfPureEvilAMA11 karma

Brodie: "I live in Winnipeg and now I work in a museum - does that count?"

Tylerddrummer9 karma

I just want to say this is seriously one of the best shows I've ever seen. I love it so much! Thank you all for the great time! Also what is your favorite food?

BookOfPureEvilAMA10 karma

Bill says "depends how sad I am."

BookOfPureEvilAMA10 karma

Metal Dudes:

Dan: "Fish Tacos" ;) Norman: "Salad" Rob: "Pizza" (cowabunga!)

BookOfPureEvilAMA8 karma

Maggie says "poutine and Thanksgiving dinner"

BookOfPureEvilAMA8 karma

Brodie says "Is booze a food? If so, booze... if not, tacos."

BookOfPureEvilAMA12 karma

Melanie says "cauliflower, cuz its the new kale".

PureEvilVirgin9 karma

Chris, can I have a lesbian basket even though I'm half a lesbian?

BookOfPureEvilAMA9 karma

Half basket.

Pure-Evil-Gurl-959 karma

First off, I love the show. I'm slowly getting my friends from school into the hype. This might sound a little cliché, but I think I learned something from it; I learned that being a teenager---all the angst, fears, desires,rough times, good times, the good, bad, and ugly---it's normal. So, to everyone that made the show/franchise what it was, thank you. Second, how does it feel seeing eachother again? Does the cast seem to get along well as a whole?

BookOfPureEvilAMA7 karma

Brodie says "All jokes aside, this means a lot!"

This cast has a great time together - some lifelong friendships were definitely made on this show!

BookOfPureEvilAMA10 karma

Brodie hearts Bill.

zarlana9 karma

Chris Leavins. I don't even know what to say. I'm just so happy that you continued to work in film and entertainment! I loved, LOVED Cute With Chris, and the defining moment of my teenage years was getting a picture on the website. Just...thank you for everything.

BookOfPureEvilAMA7 karma

Chris says: Thank you teen viewer. Good luck with your twenties. You're gonna need it.

notsoup9 karma

What was the decision process of choosing wolf rape over other animal rape?

BookOfPureEvilAMA7 karma

Extremely tough decision, as you can imagine.

joop23238 karma

What new surprises can we expect? Also, how Mewstastic with Jason Mewes be?

BookOfPureEvilAMA8 karma

Ridiculously Mewstastic.

GnarlsBronson8 karma

Do you wanna make a baybay?

BookOfPureEvilAMA7 karma


Bokonon787 karma

I don't know if Maggie is there but tell her she has an awesome voice. She's like a bad ass rock chick.

BookOfPureEvilAMA9 karma

Maggie: "Oh, thanks!"

drcannabinoid7 karma

I think my question got hidden/deleted so I'm going to try to rephrase it.

Hey Ball Dockers. Thanks for entertaining us redditors again. I loved Todd's(Alex) last AMA. \m/

I was wondering: if you saw enough community interest, would you accept any type of crypto currency as payment for your new movie The End of The End?

Also, Where can I get one of those Jizz Magicians to preform at my birthday party?

BookOfPureEvilAMA5 karma

We'll probably accept any form of currency; crypto, klepto or wampum.

Bokonon787 karma

At the end of the AMA will Bill (Curtis) shout out "I love you cora baint" like he does in the DVD commentaries?

I love Bill (Curtis) We have the same first name and similar body shape!

BookOfPureEvilAMA10 karma

Thats a good lookin' body shape. Bill thanks you!

BS067 karma

Any plans for you all to work together again?

P.S. Will Maggie Castle go out with me?

BookOfPureEvilAMA10 karma

Well they're still working together for the next two days, so we don't want them quitting right now. But the chemistry of this GEMINI AWARD WINNING ENSEMBLE CAST is undeniable - there has to be another project for the whole Todd gang to work on. Anyone got a kickass script and millions of dollars?

Franturth7 karma

Please tell me you have musical episodes... At least one... And I'm sorry for illegally transferred to my pc the series, but there's no other way to see it here in Portugal...

BookOfPureEvilAMA6 karma

Download away Portugal! There will be music in the movie fosho.

jquindlen7 karma

No question, just want to say that I loved every second of the show, cannot wait for the movie, and I want to express my opinion that Melanie Leishman is the hottest redhead on the planet. I watched the whole series in two sittings, each time with 2 hits of LSD. It was a crazy experience, but I am sucker for the occult and over the top B-movie style horror effects and those two seasons were some of the funnest TV I've ever watched. All around class act, from the writing, directing, costumes, music, and cast. I loved all the small attention to details in the show, such as jokes in the background, on magazine covers, flyers, pictures etc. I hope you're able to get a season 3 deal with Netflix or something.

BookOfPureEvilAMA8 karma

Thank you for enjoying LSD and our show.

filfyrich6 karma

Is it true that Brodie Sanderson, who plays Elliot Everwood, is just as much of a smug fuck in real life?

BookOfPureEvilAMA11 karma

Yes, perhaps even more.

BookOfPureEvilAMA10 karma

Thanks filfy.

smorebtts6 karma

So what are the odds of all of you coming to Belgrade, Serbia for my birthday this summer? Also I have converted most, if not all, of my friends into Toddies and now they all agree with me that T&BoPE is easily the greatest thing to come out of Canada since maple syrup.

BookOfPureEvilAMA7 karma

Hmmm, summer in way, it's the only time it's nice in Canada so we need to take advantage of our own home now.

BookOfPureEvilAMA6 karma

Hey everyone, the Metal Dudes just arrived for the recording session tonight. Any questions for Dan/Norman/Steve (aka Brody/Eddie/Rob)?

fnorders8 karma

What is your favorite alkali metal?

BookOfPureEvilAMA7 karma


Akhenaten236 karma

All I wanted to say is that Todd and the Book of Pure Evil is one of my all time favourite shows and I was really sad when it ended. But the fact that you guys are giving the show a proper end with one last hurrah is awesome and I can't wait to see the film!

My question for you guys is how did you pick which songs to play at certain parts in the series? High on Fire's "Snakes for the Divine" is one of my favourite songs and I lost it when it came on during Todd's 'learning to drive' scene.

BookOfPureEvilAMA10 karma

Songs are selected right from Craig David Wallace's demented mind, he is a huge metal fan - with the help of a music supervisor and editors.

We fought tooth and nail to use Danizig's "Blood & Tears"

OminousShadow6 karma

I just found out about this show about a month ago from my roommate. I watched the whole series in one sitting and probably watched it through about 3 more times. It's freakin' awesome! Such a lovable cast! I have two questions: Is there any hope the show will be picked up by a streaming service? And my second question is, if you dudes and dudettes could only listen to one album for the next month what would it be? Thanks for the AMA!

BookOfPureEvilAMA9 karma

Answer #1: It's on Netflix (US) and Hulu (US) and iTunes (US). If you're in Canada, it's just DVD right now. Nuts, huh?

JeffsDad6 karma

I asked this in an AMA a while back, but any word on a Barbarian Apocalypse album? I'd get that on iTunes in a heartbeat.

BookOfPureEvilAMA7 karma

They, uh, kind of broke up after one song. Luckily that song is on iTunes. Look it up, it's called "Todd's Metal Fantasy (featuring Barbarian Apocalypse)."

MissSpicyMcHaggis6 karma

I just want to tell Jason he's amazing. He's been through a lot and fought hard. I love hearing Kevin Smith talk about him. You can really feel the love they have for each other,n o homo...well, maybe a bit.

BookOfPureEvilAMA8 karma


hellopug6 karma

I love you maggie.

BookOfPureEvilAMA12 karma

Alex say "Thanks."

BookOfPureEvilAMA6 karma

Maggie is here now! She says "I love pugs!"

Kknowsbest6 karma

What is the best advice ever given to you?

BookOfPureEvilAMA12 karma

Brodie says "Cover your nipples."

stoned_hobo5 karma

Is the soundtrack already selected for the movie? Will it be as brutal add the show? Maybe even more metal?

BookOfPureEvilAMA6 karma

Soundtrack is not fully selected yet - but our fantastic composer Shawn Pierce is hard at work creating original songs (yes, there are new songs!!!) for the movie... as usual, there will be face-melting metal as well as a song from the indiegogo contest winning band Enceladus.

Giles_Jay5 karma

Huge fan of the show. My friend turned me onto the series saying it was the “Clone High for grown ups”, which really intrigued me. I really like the concept you have created, how you don’t make each story the same formula for every episode. Also, I’ve never seen a comedy as laugh-out-loud hilarious as Todd Smith. Anyway, blah, blah love the show here’s some questions for you guys:

  1. How close are your lines delivered to what is actually written?
  2. Which actor improvs the most?
  3. Which actor smokes the most off camera?
  4. What kind of music do yinz listen to?
  5. Who is the funniest actor on set/to work with?
  6. Who is usually the first person to crack a smile/laugh at a joke when shooting?
  7. Which actor is most like the character he or she plays?
  8. What is a Brazilian Smother Monkey?
  9. To Chris Leavins: How much did you make the character of Atticus and how much was written in? I think you are a phenomenal actor, and I’m trying to picture what material you were given to how you made your character the way he is.
  10. Are you hiring voice actors for the new film or have they already been cast? Because I would love to audition

Again, I think you guys are great, I could literally go on for hours about how much I love Todd Smith. It's the best TV show ever and it's only 2 seasons long!

BookOfPureEvilAMA8 karma

Chris says: 1. We pretty much stick to the script. The writing is awesome. 2. Nobody improvs that much. I'm the one who cracks up the most. I'm very unprofessional. 3. Brody Sanderson. (Elliott Everwood) Such a fuckin stoner. 4. All One Direction all the time. 5.The ones we rip to pieces. 6. MEEEEEEEE. It is my secret shame. 7. Honestly, none. They are all very different than their characters. 8. It is a furry human-like animal that lives in the anus of all Brazilians. 9. I got the job the day before we started shooting and I just threw on a sweater vest sorta winged it. 10. NO YOU MAY NOT AUDITION YOU MUTHAFUCKA. STAY AWAY FROM MY JOB. xo C

Pharius5 karma

Love you guys and I'm so glad you're doing more for the show. How good are corn chips?

BookOfPureEvilAMA7 karma

A lot good.

MaybeTowelie5 karma

I'll start out by saying I love this show. Sometimes I see it on Netflix at night, but cant decide if I should watch it or suck it off. Thank you for actually doing real effects and not relying on CGI for everything. It really brought out the awesomeness of the show.

Was the cancellation a complete shock? The way you ended season 2 seemed like you were fairly certain you would be back for a 3rd season.

My 2nd question. Who came up with the great lines that I now use daily, such as Shit Rooster, and Holy Jupiter Shit?

Last question, cant I expect to see the awesome Mischievio in the movie?

Thanks everyone for being so awesome!

BookOfPureEvilAMA10 karma

The cancellation was a shock to everyone. We had just won the Writer's Guild of Canada award for Best Script when we found out we were cancelled. Also, SPACE had given us some development money to write a few more scripts and outlines, so we think even they were surprised that they cancelled us!

For your 2nd question, our fantastic writers: Craig David Wallace, Charles Picco, Ian Malone, Adam Reid, Max Reid and Garry Campbell. Sometimes it's hard to tell who contributed which line to which episode.

Pretty sure Charles came up with Holy Jupiter Shit. Atticus is half Vincent Price and half Charles Picco.

fnorders4 karma

How did I get here?

BookOfPureEvilAMA4 karma

Get off The Reddit, Grandpa.

EezoManiac4 karma


BookOfPureEvilAMA4 karma

Norman loves Sleater-Kinney

Dan loves Arctic Monkeys and Mumford and Sons.

Rob loves NKOTB.. fo realz.

multiusedrone4 karma

Will you guys auction off some show props after the movie's released? I'm saving up to get some Todd swag, and I'd probably release all sorts of bodily fluids if I could get THE Book of Pure Evil, or THE Todd Statue, or THE Hannah futanari peen!

BookOfPureEvilAMA7 karma

Its a good peen.

Bokonon786 karma

For some reason I really want the album "Ask Not The Innkeeper" by The Metal Dudes. 1982 was a classic year for metal.

BookOfPureEvilAMA6 karma

The album will be in the sale!

EezoManiac4 karma


BookOfPureEvilAMA11 karma

Aren't you just a peach.

OldKidHowsItGoing4 karma

What was the absolute best thrown out idea for the show? "The one that got away" to you kind of deal.

BookOfPureEvilAMA8 karma

An ode to Heart of Darkness, on a river of menstrual blood...yeah, that was one we always tried to fit in. We just couldn't crack it.

PureEvilVirgin2 karma

Is it true that the Mayor of Toronto will be making a cameo appearance in the film?

BookOfPureEvilAMA5 karma

His schedules pretty busy these days, with all the drugs and drinking and such - we'll see what we can do!!!!