Hi everyone, I’m Gary Samore. I’m the Executive Director for Research at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard, and, before that, I was White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Obama administration.

Later on, I’ll be joined by my colleague Matthew Bunn. He’s a Professor of Practice here at Harvard Kennedy School, as well as the Co-Principal Investigator of the Project on Managing the Atom. He’s an expert on nuclear issues from nuclear terrorism to the future of nuclear energy.

I will be answering your questions from 13:00 to 14:00 EDT under /u/garysamore, and Matt will take over from 14:00 to 15:00 EDT under /u/matthewbunn. We’re looking forward to some good questions!

Nuclear issues have been in the news a lot of late, with another round of nuclear talks between the P5+1 and Iran about to kick off and the recent Nuclear Security Summit now in the rearview. We’re here to answer all your questions about nuclear negotiations with Iran, nuclear security, and all things WMD.


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Edit 2:06pm - Well folks, I need to go, but Matt Bunn is ready to take the reins. I really appreciate all the good questions here - keep them coming!


Edit 3:19pm - Alright everyone, we're all done answering questions today. Thanks so much for the great thoughts and ideas. If you have more questions on nuclear issues, we encourage you to check out the Belfer Center website, and reach out to us on our social media. We really appreciate it!


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-Gary and Matt

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garysamore1 karma

US Tactical nuclear weapons based in Europe serve very little military value but they provide a political symbol of U.S. commitment to the defense of Europe. The main US nuclear deterrent is submarine and land based long range missiles that can hit their targets very quickly.

As far as I know, no nuclear power uses a "Dead Hand" system.

HKS_BelferCenter2 karma

Just a heads up! This answer was in response to this question (below). We posted it there, too.