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unknowledge15 karma

Are you a cat or dog person?

suckingoffsatan37 karma

dog :)

chanokthedude14 karma

When do you make more money per night with a regular client that feels like he has a chance of taking you home or with or with some one who is just trying to have a good time and see your tits

suckingoffsatan19 karma

Regular clients. That's stable money. Theres always random people going to be in the club having a good time enjoying tits. But people that spend over 100+ they arent there often.

chanokthedude8 karma

I've seen this happen once and was wondering how does management and the dancers handle the problem of a client verbally disrespecting the stripper to the point of making her cry

suckingoffsatan14 karma

You usually tell management or the bartender when it happens. When youre in VIP just hold your hands up and stand there the manager will notice and come out of his office

PendingUser8 karma

Do you ever feel like you're taking advantage of someone if they are too drunk or sad?

suckingoffsatan8 karma

no the men are grown. they know right from wrong. i dont really fuck people over.

Dabee6254 karma

I thought of another question: What would you do if someone fell asleep during a lap dance?

EDIT: Not to insult the merit of your skills

suckingoffsatan17 karma

Oh its happened dude was drunk he passed out so i dipped. haha

mynameistoast4 karma

How do you view the men that come into your Establishment?

suckingoffsatan7 karma

I view them all differently. All walks of men come in. And each have a story.

mynameistoast3 karma

Do you have favorite regulars? What is a typical interaction like? How much of it is show and how much of it is you being yourself?

suckingoffsatan4 karma

I have a lot of favorite regulars :) There's also a lot of regulars I cant fucking stand lol
Guys come up to stage, tip me, I ask if its cool I come by when im off stage, I talk, see if he orders me a drink. Within 10 minutes I can tell if you're into me or not so I ask for a dance. Its pretty quick. I try to say Hi to everyone that comes in so you'll remember me when I'm on stage :)lol When I'm talking to anyone I'm always being real and being myself. I dont give out personal info but I do actually listen. All of its a show. If you were to come up to me in a normal bar and start telling me how your wife this your job that your kids I would be weirded out and probably get up lol

Sirthreknish4 karma

What is your type? (smart, funny, shy quiet guys, etc.)

P.S. love your posts

suckingoffsatan4 karma

I dont really have a type :) thankyou!

StevieStayCool3 karma

Just wanted to let you know, you are absolutely stunning. And my favorite Gonewild girl. Pretty much the female version of myself (Drinker, rocker, dancer, inked, etc.). Cheers Satan =]

suckingoffsatan3 karma


FabulousFaceRape3 karma

What are you doing tomorrow night?

suckingoffsatan4 karma

Working lol

R4ID3 karma

seriously u win most of GW so.. gj...

whats the most $ uve ever pulled in, in 1 night..

are certain holidays better for working? (IE xmas or something)

and whats you're favorite drink?

suckingoffsatan6 karma

:) 800-900.
Holidays are hit or miss. The weather. What event my bar is hosting. What events are going on around us. Etc. Dragonberry bombs! yummmm

Tronvillain2 karma

Is that what you call tact? You have "Subtle as a Brick" on the small of your back.

suckingoffsatan3 karma

lool <3

Vonka2 karma

My question is how do you stay so fit? You have abs girl. In other answers you said you drink a lot, does the dancing itself keep you from gaining weight? We have almost the same body and I go to the gym 6 days a week hahaha

suckingoffsatan4 karma

I'm on my feet 8 hrs a day walking/dancing. I have a fast metabolism. I should start working out haha oh and my diet is shit. liquor,cigs,med fries,chicken sandwiches and white rice lol

Lola_Lulu2 karma

How much do you make a year? How many hours a week do you work?

I imagine you have an awesome shoe collection!

suckingoffsatan4 karma

I have no idea about a year. I'm actually not a shoe girl. I have like 300 pairs of underwear though lol:)

stinger282 karma

Ever travelled with your work? like international?

suckingoffsatan4 karma

Not international. Around the state yes.