My name is Grieves.

My new album, Winter & The Wolves, comes out this Tuesday (Mar 25th), on Rhymesayers Entertainment.

I'm here to answer your questions.


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Edit: Thanks Reddit! i had a blast talking with all of you. Make sure you order your copy of "Winter and the Wolves" dropping March 25th on Rhymesayers. Lets do this again sometime, it was fun!

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slug_atmosphere266 karma

would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck, or 100 duck sized horses?

GrievesRSE220 karma

Horse sized duck. So i can sleep through the frozen night inside of it’s dead carcass.

profstophouse75 karma

i forgot you had a lip ring...

i'll hang up and listen...

GrievesRSE117 karma

had it since i was seventeen in hopes to one day meet you and tickle your engorged ass hole with it. call me? love you?

juleslundgren65 karma

Do you hang out in Minnesota much? And how cool is Slug in person? Seems like a pretty down to earth dude.

GrievesRSE264 karma

he's here now. drunk on the floor.

lars127365 karma

Do you have any future plans to work with Budo again?

GrievesRSE59 karma

i'd be open to it.

F00kinprawns15 karma

And what happened here? I didn't hear any news of a fallout, did you two just grow apart?

GrievesRSE36 karma

no fallout. we were just in different place creatively.

GeneralMakaveli64 karma

Will you or would you ever do a song Aesop Rock?

GrievesRSE112 karma

i would love too. i grew up on that guy. he's old.

GrievesRSE61 karma

Thanks Reddit! i had a blast talking with all of you. Make sure you order your copy of "Winter and the Wolves" dropping March 25th on Rhymesayers. Lets do this again sometime, it was fun!

Morova55 karma

Do you ever see yourself doing feature with Doomtree? Please, we need our earcrack.

GrievesRSE90 karma

i would love to. i love those guys. BANGARANG!

toxiod53 karma

it's tuesday. 20 minutes until you go to fifth element. you're on the toilet, you finish shitting and you look at the result. it's a three headed cobra. do you leave and prep for the signing/in-store performance or do you fight it out with the cobra and go with the fact that you shat out a cobra?

GrievesRSE64 karma

i fight the serpent and own my own misfortune.

best question yet.

Jarshy42 karma

I hear your tour manager is a legend in the sack. Confirm/deny

slug_atmosphere187 karma


GrievesRSE125 karma

double confirm

turtlemiller40 karma

what's your relationship with other rhymesayers artists like?

were you close to eyedea before he died?

and at last, do you still keep in touch with macklemore?

thank you for this ama. you're an awesome person and poet, just stay that way! :)

GrievesRSE61 karma

Rse is a family everybody is pretty close and like minded.

I didn't know eyedea very well. i was new to the label when he passed.

Macklemore is the homie we still get lunch when he's free. same with ryan.

admiralkitten38 karma

Growing Pains is my jam man :)

GrievesRSE34 karma

mine too!

88rx-730 karma

Grieves! Love your work! I'm incredibly pumped for Winter & the Wolves. Is there any particular reason why you did not work with Budo on WATW? Also, you should give my wife Heather a shoutout. She is your biggest fan and she would flip shit. See you on Tuesday @ 5th element.

GrievesRSE37 karma

Budo and i were in different places creatively and we needed to take the space to let our ideas grow. Thats my brother and him and i will always be friends. we just we’re in the same artistic place. Also… WHATS UP HEATHER?!!!! how youuuuu dooooooooooiiiiin? see you tuesday.

leiftheviking8730 karma

Why did you drink everything in my liquor cabinet?

GrievesRSE74 karma

Cause that's what happens when your parents go out of town. i come over and drink yo mommas margarita mix!

LadySovereign29 karma

Is k.flay super cool in real life?

GrievesRSE35 karma

She’s very cool. So is her drummer Nick. i love those people.

BigRigButters7 karma

I've had the great pleasure offering her a few times, I can confirm that she is in fact even cooler than she seems.

GrievesRSE51 karma

i'd offer the shit our of her too.

buttersoftness28 karma

Was it pure coincidence that you and atmosphere both have a winter-ish themed album or can we expect some sort of winter themed epic tour? Cause i would be totally cool with that. New track is wicked by the way, look forward to the rest of the album!

GrievesRSE36 karma

it was a coincidence. but they are 2 very different records. get both!

Jarshy27 karma

You once got me backstage at Red Rocks, where I proceeded to get very drunk and embarrass myself in front of famous rappers. Thanks for that!

GrievesRSE32 karma

Tell patty i love her!

pearbobber26 karma

GrievesRSE36 karma

this is the best. you fucked up not saying hi. you seem awesome

toutacoup24 karma

Do you miss sharing a haircut with Justin Bieber?

GrievesRSE131 karma

now we just share drug problems. i miss the good old days.

theBABS20 karma

Does your girlfriend still beat you?

GrievesRSE42 karma


stalegrapes20 karma

At a show you did in Arizona I got my friend to lick cake off of Budo's face on his birthday. When you are in AZ again for cyclomesa, could it be possible for her to lick cake off of your face this time?

GrievesRSE41 karma

what kind of cake? how big is your tongue?

stalegrapes24 karma

We can choose cake depending on your personal cake preferences, I take you for probably a confetti cake sorta man, but maybe on some nights a silky german chocolate? Tongue is of adequate and pleasurable length.

GrievesRSE33 karma


worldoak18 karma

What made Astronauts the right track to finally work with Slug? Seems only natural for you guys to work together, so what made it take so long/why is now the right time?

slug_atmosphere80 karma

he had to save up the cheddar, yo.


GrievesRSE33 karma


GrievesRSE18 karma

it was time for us. right beat right time right subject. plus i had saved up that money.

jtrodule18 karma

Grieves, thanks for doing this AMA man! I've been absolutely hooked on your music ever since I heard Scar Gardens like 5 years ago. I haven't stopped listening to Together/Apart, or any of your other albums for that matter, since it came out nearly 3 years ago (Man has it been that long already?!). I hope this doesn't get buried too quickly. I figured this would be the best way to express my gratitude for your work, something I've always wanted to do but never had a proper avenue to do so. I'm a huge hip-hop fan, both mainstream and independent, but appreciating it as an art is sometimes challenging; however, I consider your lyrics true poetry. Something about your music just resonates so well with me. You have such a talent for taking personal issues and putting it into a song that really speaks to people. I often describe the themes of your music as "dark" (which is sometimes certainly true), but the more I listen, the more uplifting your words become. I can't even begin to thank you for all the help your music has provided me over the years. I gravitate towards it in times of need as an escape, but also times of pure joy too.

Are the songs you write emotionally draining on you? The personal level you bring some of your songs to paints a picture of a man who has been through struggles and ultimately learned how to live with his demons. It sounds corny but I've learned so much about myself through you and I'll appreciate that for forever.

I've got a couple little questions to ask you: What song has been your favorite to write and record? I've got to say that Sunnyside of Hell is one of my all time favorites.

What was working with Budo like? That little guy had such an amazing stage presence! Him switching back and forth between the trumpet and guitar was so cool to watch. Was it hard to make this new album without him?

Before I ramble on too long I wanted to thank you specifically for one line in particular from Catapults: "find the beauty in the little things you can't control." This one line has brought immense comfort to me every time I hear it. Thanks for everything you've done for me without knowing it. I can't even explain how much I'm looking forward to hearing your new album when it drops Tuesday!

Ps. I was disappointed you weren't headlining a show in Minneapolis on tour this spring but I understand that you've been here many times already and you're looking to go to new cities for your fans. I can't make it to Fifth Element next week but the good news is I'll see you at Soundset! Good luck on tour and congratulations on the new album, I'm sure it's gonna be another classic!

GrievesRSE28 karma

Man.. this is a super long question. i'd love to answer it in depth but i'm feeling a little swamped. can you post that question on our facebook so i can come back to it later?

TheAdderallAdmiral18 karma

What is your favorite album of all time?

Are you an ass man or a tit man?

GrievesRSE101 karma

D’angelo Voodoo. and I’m a more of a big fat vagina kind of guy.

rockasltu15 karma

How were your first songs born?

GrievesRSE92 karma


Sarare15 karma

You're good. Seeing you in San Francisco for my bday! That's all I really got.

GrievesRSE20 karma

prove it!

Sarare20 karma

padgo11 karma

OP delivered

GrievesRSE23 karma

touche! see you then!

BigPetersHalfwayInn13 karma

Can't wait for the new album. I've been rocking Shreds for a couple weeks now whenever I have people over and everyone loves it.

My forehead is the first you ever signed at a show in Iowa City a few years ago, have you signed anyone others since then or am I still your one and only? Also, I still proudly display my autographed flask.

GrievesRSE36 karma

I remember you! you were my first, my last, my everything…… in iowa.

MFJ61610 karma

Who is your favorite Star Wars character??

GrievesRSE42 karma

i’ll give you a hint….. “it’s a trap”!

IzzRHachi9 karma

Who are you listening to now days? Do you know of input?

GrievesRSE25 karma

Mayer Hawthorne

drotothex8 karma

If you had to rob a bank with three public figures, who would they be and what would be their roles (getaway driver, mastermind, lookout, tech guy, etc)?

GrievesRSE28 karma

Bushwick Bill- getaway driver Bill Murray- Mastermind Bill Nye- Tech Guy R. Lee Ermey- muscle/explosives

i get 4 cause i want 4. deal with it.

Whonky8 karma

Out of all the artist at rhymesayers which one is your favorite to work with?

GrievesRSE15 karma

J Bird

MJ4YYYY8 karma

you should rerelease your older stuff on vinyl, jussssayyinn

GrievesRSE22 karma

loan me some money!

pandorasaurus8 karma

Hey Grieves! You're dope as fuck. My boyfriend and I would like to propose a relationship where we watch Star Wars films and play GoldenEye. Yeah in? Excited to hear the new album!

GrievesRSE29 karma

is there sex involved? cause i'd need to know that.

WacArnold8 karma

How did you hookup with Kyle Mooney for your "On The Rocks" video? Were you a fan of his before you worked with him? That song and video is awesome! Link Here!

GrievesRSE19 karma

the director knew him. that was my first time meeting him but him and i got along really well. we keep in touch now and he still comes out to the shows. he's a funny dude

bherndon7 karma

Is there a particular reason you and Slug are the best there is. Or was it just something from birth...cause damn

GrievesRSE23 karma

we drank the blood of the same demon.

bherndon7 karma

Are you going to add more tour dates to your schedule. I need my fix over on the East coast

GrievesRSE16 karma

i think i can do that just for you.

Nobirdleftbehind5 karma

I know you from Brooklyn. I used to live with A. Nalepa. Just saying HIIII.

GrievesRSE6 karma

i miss that girl. she's the best. peace to you!

Jon_Cake5 karma

Discovered you by chance as Atmosphere's opener in Edmonton, discovered Prof by pure chance as your opener when you came back. My question is: Please come back soon!

No, wait! My question is: I really liked the sample-free nature of the tracks on Together/Apart, and I think it's an awesome direction for hip-hop to go. Will WATW also be entirely original instrumentation, and do you ever see yourself touring with a full live band?

GrievesRSE10 karma

WATW is sample free and i tour with a band now. just no drums. i like my hip hop drums.

Captain_scum3 karma

the top or bottom bunk on a bed?

GrievesRSE15 karma

i'm more of an upper deck guy.

toxiod3 karma

Is the vinyl edition of the album a 2x lp? Whats your favorite song off of this album? I'm having some trouble with what your signature says, exactly. What does it say on the pictures you've posted of you signing the albums? Cool ranch doritos or nacho cheese?

My record and shirt should be coming tomorrow, I'm pumped! I love your work, man.

GrievesRSE17 karma

DAMN MAN! lots of questions! the records is a 2x lp. my favorite song is Autumn. my sig says grieves 2014 and i don't fuck with doritos. i'm a gold fish man

TheJackOfAllShades2 karma

Hey Grieves, I have to take the chance to say how much your music strikes a chord in me. Tragic is one of my all time favorites.

I heard your shout out on the Golden Era Mixtape 2013 (their sample on Posse Cut was wild btw) and was wondering if you had any plans working on a collaboration with Hilltop Hoods? Hearing you with Pressure and Suffa would blow my mind.

Keep killing it!

GrievesRSE3 karma

i would do that in a heart beat. i did collaborate with horror show though. that shit was awesome! check it out. i believe suffa is on it.

vanillak2 karma

I love you, as does my sister, my fave concert buddy. Would you be so kind as to ask her to be my maid of honor? I know it's super corny, but she's been my right hand lady at shows, and I want to ask her to be my right hand lady for this in a way she'd love. Just here throw out a MEGGIE MURDER, BE KELLY'S MOH!

Regardless of whether or not you do it, thanks for being you!!! Your show is great, and you're super nice!

GrievesRSE4 karma

im gonna tweet it right now.

GrievesRSE3 karma


thegabefabe2 karma

My dream job would be to be an entertainer on the Rhymesayers label. What was it like getting signed?

GrievesRSE4 karma

that moment when your idols become your peers is a beautiful moment. life changing for sure.

Jarichpatco2 karma

You and type need to hook up for illegitimate children pt. 2.

GrievesRSE3 karma

its already recorded.

gimpisgawd2 karma

Marry fuck kill: Russell Wilson, Mila Kunis, Slug?

GrievesRSE6 karma

kill and then fuck them all. marriage is for pussies.

missstonechild2 karma

Whats your favorite kind of beer and video game?

GrievesRSE2 karma

ambers and sexually interactive games.

[deleted]2 karma


GrievesRSE10 karma

Soundset is for everyone.. not just indie rappers. i think it's good they are catering to a wider spectrum.

atmospherical2 karma

Grieves! So stoked to see you do an ama. I met you and Budo on warped tour in philly a couple years ago, and ended up naming my dog after Budo!

My question... who is at the top of your all time wish list on possible collaborations? Also are there any collaborations in the works you are particularly excited about?

GrievesRSE5 karma

i would love to work with quest love and D'angelo. also.. i'd like to keep working with B lewis. that dude is the shit.

OliveGardenRep2 karma

Why are you not at the Wild Buffalo more often :(

GrievesRSE3 karma

cause i don't fucks with that place that often.

kelleth2 karma

Hey, Grieves! First of all I just want to say that you are so talented, and I'm so glad my boyfriend introduced me to your music. Rebecca and The Room We Hide In are my favourite songs of yours. Every time I put either of them on I always listen on repeat :) Anyway, is there any chance of you doing a concert in Toronto sometime soon? Thanks!

GrievesRSE3 karma


Eazelawl1 karma

Hey grieves, I am such a huge fan! I'm wondering if you are ever going to europe, as in the Netherlands or germany etc..? :)

GrievesRSE7 karma

I’m actually coming to europe in april. check out the dates on . we are hitting germany.

ScientologyRocks1 karma

When are we having boiling crab next?

GrievesRSE3 karma

may 3rd. i wanna play black flag