Hey, Reddit! I'm Shane Kippel, a Canadian actor/musician best known for my nine-season role as Gavin 'Spinner' Mason on the television series "Degrassi: The Next Generation". After Degrassi, I spent some time as Ralph on "Life With Derek", and played a juvenile inmate in the move "Dog Pound"

Most recently, I've put my acting on career on hold to pursue another passion of mine: music. I am currently the drummer for Toronto-based rock band Dear Love, and we just released our debut EP a few weeks ago! (http://soundcloud.com/dearlovemusic/sets/dear-love)

Twitter proof: https://twitter.com/shaneykipps/status/443525804832468992/photo/1

With the formalities out of the way, let's have some fun! Ask me anything!

EDIT: So. Many. Questions. (Love it) http://instagram.com/p/lbQn0XoMgL/ Keep em coming!

EDIT 2 Thanks so much, everyone, for your questions! This was an awesome first Reddit experience. If you want to get in touch, hit me and the band up on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/dearlovemusic) or Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/dearlovemusic). My personal twitter is @shaneykipps! Check out our single's music vid too if ya like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RONUWva1hA

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zoerivas55 karma

Aubrey did an interview a few years ago with VIBE and said this is him & a few others were "done" with Degrassi

"Drake: I can't really say I left that show. One day we came in and all the names were just changed on the dressing rooms. Everyone got cut. We go upstairs and it's like, "Who are all these people auditioning in the front?" They owe us a lot of money. The amount of loyalty, the years we put in with these people…they did us foul. As far as the producers go, I don't talk to anybody over there."

Any truth to that?

shaneykipps49 karma

My experience was different from what Drake described about his own, so let me elaborate a bit. That quote makes it seem like the cast was blindsided, and ousted over night. Handing the show off to the new crop of characters was a gradual process, as it needed to be, and no cast member at that point had delusions of being on the show forever. We knew the story lines could run out for our characters at anytime. When my character’s run was over, they were very cool about it and gave me more than half a season’s notice. So, there were no surprises for me, and I’ve got nothing but good things to say about how it all wrapped up.

knee-caps45 karma

wow okay hi! Ten years ago, when I was 13 I sent you the most embarrasing love letter ever. I asked a question about why kids on degrassi didn't swear because "i'm in middle school but kids say worse things than they do on degrassi" and because I read once in an interview that your ringtone was apple shampoo by blink 182 I felt the need to tell you how much I liked that song as well. I still can't listen to it without cringing and remembering the fact that I sent you that letter. I hope you never got it. Besides mine, what was the weirdest piece of fan mail you've ever gotten? Have you had any weird or uncomfortable fan experiences? haha.

shaneykipps70 karma

First off, totally remember that. And apple shampoo still has a special place in my heart (or on my hair?).

Actually, a lot of fantail was about people's relation to my character's storyline and the show itself. It feels good that through my role, I was able to open people's eyes to the fact that they weren't alone with their problems. It was actually very humbling.

The weirdest fan gift I got was an extra large g-string with their favourite spinner quotes written on the crotch... thrown at me from the balcony of a mall where I was signing below. For real.

shaneykipps35 karma

So. Many. Questions. (Love it) http://instagram.com/p/lbQn0XoMgL/

cjanegonzales31 karma

For whatever reason, "Stop it, I'm tender" will always be the most memorable line from you as Spinner. A random one, but I loved it!

shaneykipps43 karma

Stop it, I'm tender.

shaneykipps30 karma

Even more now than before.

degrassi4ever420LOL30 karma

do you care that skrillex stole your hair?

shaneykipps93 karma

He knows what he did.

Exitwoundz21 karma

Do you like watching Degrassi?

shaneykipps67 karma

Every day is like a Degrassi episode for me - minus the teachers and lockers. And VD.

notimeforidiots20 karma

Do people give you a lot of shit for being on Degrassi?

shaneykipps48 karma

It doesn’t happen as often as some may think. But when it does, you just have to smash a kneecap or two with the trusty sledgehammer. (Actually, I just cry a little inside).

disco_frog19 karma

BIG FAN OF DEGRASSI! I had no idea this AMA was happening. I'm so excited. I'm so scared.

1) Favourite storyline/acting opportunity within Degrassi universe?

2) Tell us a really salacious story about Drake. Don't hold out bro, I know you have one!

3) Biggest diva on set. If you don't want to name names, I will accept initials

4) What should I watch next on Netflix? (Netflix Canada, queue sad trombone sound because of the selection lol)

I'll check out your band!

shaneykipps30 karma

1) Cancer episodes were challenging and rewarding 2) One night he was the only reason I made it home from a party where my last memory is being wrapped around the porcelain god. On set the next day we told everyone I had food poisoning. It was not food poisoning. 3) SK 4) Always Sunny in Philadelphia

pineattheapple19 karma

What were your initial thoughts on Spinner and Emma being end-game?

shaneykipps51 karma

When we first read the script, everyone was skeptical, due to the fact the fact that they had no romantic past at all. But then we saw the make-out scenes and we were all for it.

cjanegonzales18 karma


charanna15 karma

I saw you in Chicago once and yelled "SPINNER" just out of annoying excitement. You didn't look that happy. My question is can you forgive me?

shaneykipps46 karma

I can forgive, but I can never forget. And I don’t really want to… cause I cherish you. and that moment. and your voice.

Emmadegrassiii14 karma

If asked, would you ever act on degrassi again? X

shaneykipps51 karma

Good ol’ Uncle Spinner? Show me the script…

scareika14 karma

Hello there Shane! I just wanted to tell you that you have always been my favourite character on Degrassi! I just wanted to know how it felt seeing Aubrey Graham again after not acting with him for several years. Was it an emotional meeting? Thanks for doing this AMA

shaneykipps21 karma

Are you referring to the reunion at the King of the Dot event here in Toronto? That was the first time in a few years that I had the chance to catch up with him, and all that was on my mind was to tell him how proud I was of how his career has been going. It was emotional, sure, but in an exciting way more than anything. Also, we saw some sickkk battles that evening.

Afrizzlee13 karma

Who was your best friend on set?! Huge fan and still watch degrassi to this day :)

shaneykipps23 karma

I had a few! To name a few, there was Aubrey, Mike, Adamo, Dalmar, Paula and the Jakes, and Melissa.

thatswhatfreudsaid13 karma

As someone who both watched sporadic episodes of Degrassi as a kid and has, in the last few months, marathoned seasons 1 through 9 to get me through a rough bout of unemployment, I just want to say that Spinner IS Degrassi, and millions of fans have you to thank for that.

I also have a mighty need to know your thoughts on the viciously teased Spinner/Holly J relationship. Jane was amazing. I love Jane. BUT IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE, COULD SPOLLY J HAVE WORKED? This is important.

shaneykipps11 karma

Hahaha that'd be a great one.

benmite13 karma

What's your favorite Britney Spears song?

shaneykipps45 karma

It's gotta be "Stronger". Reason being: I won a contest when I was 14 to go to Rio De Janeiro for six days and watch her perform at Rock In Rio after meeting her earlier that day. If only I wasn't young and chubby in those days, K-Fed woulda had noooo chance.

jbirddington12 karma

My father-in-law and I are both huge fans of yours (he is 58 and I am 29). We take a lot of flack when we hush the rest of the family during Degrasai re-runs. Anything we can tell the peanut gallery?

shaneykipps12 karma

That's very flattering! Hearing that Degrassi had an impact across generations reenforces how proud I am to have been part of it.

AlwaysAli8911 karma

I just recently watched "Dog Pound" and that movie really got to me emotionally. It was just too real. Your acting skills are amazing. You had me crying so bad by the end of the movie. After reading the script, what made you decide to play the part of Davis?

Ps. Will you marry me? ;)

shaneykipps18 karma

The script to me was so raw and dangerous that it seemed to me like if Degrassi was on HBO or something. We had freedom to take it to more graphic and darker places. It was also my first lead role in a feature film - so that was exciting!

schmoley11 karma

Just wanted to say that I've been a fan of Degrassi since it started and Spinner was always one of my favourite characters. <3

Ass-kissing aside, tell us about your most memorable encounter with another celebrity.

shaneykipps48 karma

There were three. When I introduced myself to Kevin Smith and he said “Yeah, dude I know who you are.” Another time, I bumped into Seth MacFarlane at the MMVAs (who was dating my friend at the time), and I didn’t realize it was him cause I was too busy catching up with her (that, and he wasn’t a dog or a baby). Lastly, I was walking through a hotel lobby in Vegas and had Bob Saget tell his whole posse to wait as he b-lined over to me and said that he HAD to have a picture with me cause his kids wouldn’t believe him.

degrassi4ever420LOL11 karma

dude, what happened to kendra?! didn't spinner have an adopted asian sister at one point? it's been driving me insane. she just vanished!

shaneykipps20 karma

Your guess is as good as mine.

Vito112711 karma

What was your reaction to drake taking off like he did after working with him for so long, and do you still keep in touch?

shaneykipps19 karma

I’m really proud of my old buddy and all his successes that are growing by the day. We touch base from time to time, but it’s not like I need to talk to him to know what’s going on with him. And he knows he’s got my love and support! (He hooked me up with some OVO stuff for Dear Love's first video too lol)

Afrizzlee10 karma

Who is the most famous person in your phone contacts?

shaneykipps28 karma


Lmax8810 karma

Have you ever bragged to anyone that you knew and worked closely with Drake?

shaneykipps44 karma

I actually fantasize about him bragging about me. And I'll allow it.

ebil_lightbulb9 karma

Do you feel like you lived relatively regular childhood? Did it impact your life in an overly negative or positive way?

Do you feel like a lot of people are fake to you? Are true friends hard to come by?

Just saying, Spinner and Emma were my favorite characters from the show and I enjoyed watching the show as I grew up.

shaneykipps17 karma

It was certainly unconventional. There were amazing aspects about it. There were some struggles too. Definitely allowed me to experience things I never thought I’d be a part of. When I was was 19, sitting at a signing table in Atlanta (a gazillion miles from home), and meeting thousands of fans telling me how much the show meant to them, how far they drove to meet me and my fellow castmates, and that they slept in line over night to get to the front first - these are some memories that I definitely keep with me forever. The adjustment to moving from a hit TV show into the uncharted land of being a musician continues to be an awesome challenge. When you’re acting, everything is created and then handed off to you to prepare and show up. With a band, it’s building something from scratch, so it’s all you - successes or failures.

Sourcefedistan9 karma


shaneykipps18 karma

It was definitely the most trying of any storyline I had on Degrassi. It took a lot out of me. Many, many hours working on my own and with my acting coach, but I’m very glad they gave me the opportunity to take it on.

Afrizzlee9 karma

Who are you still close with from degrassi?

shaneykipps12 karma

Dalmar, Adamo, Paula, Cassie, Danny and Jake I'd say

Baastrami9 karma

What did you think was the craziest story line in Degrassi? Did you ever think "man, this is cheesy..." (No offense of course. I grew up watching your seasons)

shaneykipps26 karma

There were so many cheesy moments, I ran out of crackers years ago.

ginabeena9 karma

Hi, I actually have a few questions. Answer as many as you want.

  1. What was your favorite episode of Degrassi to film?

  2. What is you all time favorite episode to watch?

  3. Did you ever watch Degrassi when you were on it?

  4. Any storyline that you think they could've handled better or a storyline they didn't do that you think they should've?

  5. Any musicians would you like to work with?

  6. Do you think you and Cassie Steele or Drake will ever do a song together?

  7. Do you hate when people ask about Drake?

  8. Favorite Degrassi character that was not Spinner?

shaneykipps22 karma

  1. Cancer episodes and Degrassi takes Manhattan.
  2. The one where Marco comes out to Spinner.
  3. Yes, but always with a critical eye on my performance.
  4. In my experience, everybody could always use that second shot. But what’s done is done - be proud!
  5. Do you have three weeks?
  6. Ahem. http://youtu.be/iJ7UCm6uxNc
  7. Who?
  8. Craig

jesymari8 karma

Ok let me rephrase the question into a statement ... YOU NEED TO COME TO TEXAS :)

shaneykipps11 karma

Yes, we do!

littlegraydude8 karma

I have it on good authority that some guy lost a $400 pair of your Prada sunglasses at the bottom of a lake and you didn't even get mad at him! The two of you just crushed a couple more Sam Adams and kept the party going. My question is, why are you such a nice guy????

shaneykipps16 karma

I have it on good authority that a hundred dollars was supposed to be paid out but was never received. This nice guy is about to get not so nice! Sam Adams for life!

Kknowsbest8 karma

If you weren't in the entertainment industry, what would you do for a career?

shaneykipps22 karma

This is the scariest questions yet lol. And I ask myself every day. I’ll get back to you when I figure it out.

shadowshea8 karma


shaneykipps28 karma

What, these hair choices? http://imgur.com/AxXud65

nattotofu7 karma

How would you defend yourself against a chimpanzee attack? Baring in mind that the first thing they usually do is bite off your genitals and hands.

shaneykipps21 karma

Step 1: attempt American sign language Step 2: if step one fails, hand him a typewriter

That's it, that's all I've got. These may not work.

apajax67 karma

Which of Spinner's hairstyles do you regret the most?

shaneykipps13 karma

Flock of seagulls.

Notyourstickerbitch7 karma

Have you ever read the website "Boycott the Caf?" And if you have how do you feel about their love for you?

shaneykipps7 karma

I have! And I've never figured out what I did to avoid their crosshairs. Why did they hate every other character but me???? Since they didn't hate me, I have nothing but love for em!

The_Molenator27 karma

What was the most rewarding part of being on Degrassi? Like, connections you made in the industry, making friends, etc.

shaneykipps18 karma

These little danishes they had in the green room. And the craft service people - they would make you annnnything.

Afrizzlee7 karma

1) Favorite memory from set? 2) were u ever romantically involved with a co-star/who?!! Cause I'm sure you were

shaneykipps10 karma

There were a few. I'll never forget that night.

cjanegonzales7 karma


shaneykipps10 karma

Favourite show? Simpsons, for sure. Can Bart do an AMA?

My AMA will have to end eventually - but everyone's been so great I may just have to do another!

ard947 karma

3 things

1) We live in a time of huge change for LGBT individuals on an international scale, and also for those in the limelight - celebrities, sports stars, etc., all coming out. The episode where Marco comes out still holds a lot of weight. But what did it mean for you then, and what does it mean for you now?

2) Let's get crass - Spinner popping a boner. Any recollections on that? I hesitate to be more blunt...

3) As a drummer who are your biggest inspirations?

shaneykipps10 karma

1) I was always grateful for being one of the key players in that story line for the reason to how important it has been in terms of bringing the issue into the spotlight - even if I had to play the antagonist. 2) Greatest part of popping the boner was one of the class reaction shots when I was off-camera, and turned around with a giant salami poking through my pants. Candid reactions were captured, let's just say.

cjanegonzales6 karma

Describe the craziest fan encounter you've ever had. & also, do you think your acting background is helping your band's fanbase development at all?

shaneykipps11 karma

1) The most entertaining and memorable encounters are the ones where no words are exchanged due to overpowering tears and hysterical gasps for breath. I just want to hug all of you, it's so sweet!

2) Absolutely! And thanks for the support and interest!

Skeeders6 karma

I went to FAU and one semester I took a class and the guy next to had rumours going around the classroom, 'thats the guy that was on Degrassi'. Turns out it was Daniel Clark, I ended up taking two classes with him and got to cordial level of conversation. Do you still keep in touch with him or any other alum?

shaneykipps6 karma

I actually just spoke with him today!

TheBakercist6 karma

Does watching the show now make you feel super uncomfortable?

shaneykipps30 karma

Not as uncomfortable as it makes my bandmates.

NotABarbie6 karma

How long is it going to take Dear Love to come to Halifax?

shaneykipps12 karma

Since 75% of the band is from Hali - I’d say not too long at all!

chrizzzzy5 karma

Were there ever dramatic Degrassi-like moments between cast members? Can you tell us about some such moments, please?

Bring your band to Baltimore!

shaneykipps12 karma

There were. And I cannot. And yes, Baltimore sounds great. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

hrrypttr5 karma

Ever met anyone with the last name 'Degrassi'?

shaneykipps10 karma

No joke - I have. Once.

emmie_turtle5 karma

What is your favourite song of all time? Favourite Dear Love song? P.s. I still have my left foot yellow Cd and I still love the journey.

shaneykipps6 karma

1) Amsterdam by Coldplay. Pet by APC. 2) Favourite Dear Love song? Lost! 3) Ha! Thanks for the LFY shout out, the Journey was my fav song on there too.

lovelymisslolly5 karma

shane, you & the rest of the guys from dear love are straight-up awesome to all of your fans! Will you ever come & perform in the states?

shaneykipps3 karma

Oh, you know it! You'll be well-aware when the time comes!

rox1864 karma

I loved you on Degrassi and I just wanna say that I hope you and your band have major success. I'd love to see you guys live :)

shaneykipps5 karma

We're playing in Toronto on April 12 if you're local. If not, we hope to visit your town asap!

datfeelbr04 karma

I have no questions but you're a cool dude so have a good day. (:

shaneykipps9 karma

No, you’re cool! I just work here.

Afrizzlee4 karma

Do you watch any of the more recent seasons of degrassi? If so, what do you think of it?!

shaneykipps14 karma

I’m out of the Degrassi plot-loop, however I do know a lot of the current cast members personally, and they’re definitely qualified to be carrying the torch!

kimsbers4 karma

Shane, I still love you oh so very much. Any plans on a tour soon? Would love to have you perform in Austin!

shaneykipps7 karma

We're working hard to build our name and hope to visit everywhere we can! Austin is on the dream list! Thanks so much for the support!

taniffy33 karma

Ah Degrassi! I would watch it at Christmas with my best friend and she was in love with you! Also, every time we went to Canada to visit family, I would tell my parents we had to find the Degrassi school. Unfortunately, never did :( Oh a question, what's the best memory you have of being on the show? And why did they cancel Life with Derek???

shaneykipps8 karma

There are too many Degrassi memories to pick just one. As for LWD, what I was told was that it was never supposed to go beyond Derek and Casey graduating from high school.

Emmadegrassiii3 karma

Where can I buy a dearlove tshirt? X

shaneykipps10 karma

Being an independent band means doing everything on our own. We are a little inept when it comes to setting up online stores but we're learning - I swear it’ll be happening soon (isn?). But you can get our EP on iTunes!

jesymari3 karma

How often do you travel to the states ?? Any plans on visiting soon ?

shaneykipps7 karma

The band and I are entertaining the idea of playing some cities in the nearish future (Boston, NYC, Chicago perhaps?)

Emmadegrassiii3 karma

Will you ever come to Scotland or ever been? x

shaneykipps5 karma

I’ve never been. Mel Gibson made it look beautiful, so I would love to come... But seriously, I'd love to come!

666simslover6663 karma

Hi Shane!!! I have a few questions. First thanks so much for doing this!!! U rock

  1. What has it been like to have been on degrassi from the very beginning and to watch it grow? Do you personally think the older seasons were better than the newer ones?

  2. Who was the most talented actor/actress you've had the chance to work with on degrassi? Why?? :)

  3. Does it bother you when people recognize you in public from degrassi? Me and my friend want to come to one of your dear love shows to watch your band play, but we really just know you from degrassi. Would it bother you if we were like omg we know you from degrassi?? Haha kinda a weird question but whatever

I love you!!! You're so talented. Thanks again for doing this. I hope to see u in the future

shaneykipps6 karma

  1. All seasons = good!
  2. It was an amazing day when I got to work with Colin Mochrie of Whose Line Is It Anyway, etc. Also, it was sweet to have a few scenes with Kevin Smith. As for colleagues, the actor I was always fascinated by, and looked up to, was Jake Epstein. What a talent!
  3. Absolutely, fan-out if you need to! But I bet you’ll love the music too!

toomanyburritos3 karma

I don't even know what to say.

You're amazing. I follow you on Twitter and find myself constantly laughing at your posts (laughing WITH, I should say) and wishing I knew you in real life because I'm pretty sure you'd think I was pretty awesome too.

That's all. Big fan, dude.

shaneykipps6 karma

You're awesome!

bigjeffrey3 karma

Are you still friends with Drake?

shaneykipps8 karma

No new friends. No no no.

AlwaysAli893 karma

How long have you been playing the drums? And why did you choose drums out of all the other instruments?

shaneykipps8 karma

Been playing 14 years. They chose me.

myhermeshandbag2 karma

A few questions, but my biggest one:

I don't mean this to discount your time on Degrassi as an actor, and I certainly feel you gave a lot as the series went on, but when watching Dog Pound I felt you had really grown as an actor. I say this as a young director (and one who dabbles in acting). This leaves me wondering when, or if, you'll return to acting? Not Degrassi, or even TV, but film. I know of course that music is your priority at the moment, but I also know I'm not alone when I say you should definitely come back when the opportunity strikes.

Related to that - what is your own personal process as an actor? How do you approach and engage material, both during rehearsals and during shooting?

To go back to Degrassi, were there any storylines, whether they were about bullying, relationships, sex/sexuality, etc., that mirrored your own life experiences?

Finally, you're an excellent drummer. For me, how drums are captured during recording is one of the most important components of music production. In your case, do you have a preference in terms of how the sound is captured/how the drums are miked? I know I like fuller drums, like how Steve Albini rocks it, but I'm curious what your opinions are.

Eh, whatever - two things that don't need an answer due to their frivolousness, but still fun queries regardless: You lost a fair deal of weight between Season 1 and 2. What triggered that? Also, I've seen a transcript of the Degrassi.tv chat you did ages ago. That shit was hilarious.

shaneykipps4 karma

1) I'm a child of the arts. If I can pursue both at the same, that's the ultimate dream from me. 2) Depends on the script, cast involved and subject matter. It varies. 3) Oddly enough, it was my life experiences that started to mirror Degrassi story lines. 4) The drum mix I will always strive for would be between Abe Cunningham on White Pony and Jose Pasillas on Morning View.

brtnyelzbth2 karma

Where is your favorite place to go in Canada? Also if I were to visit the area you live/are from where is the best place to go to eat?

shaneykipps5 karma

Wherever the geese are flying.

Heartshapedboxes2 karma

If you could be any inanimate object, what would you be and why?

And just wanted to say you're super cool and thanks for doing this AMA. Please bring your musical talents to Chicago!

shaneykipps8 karma


pompeii10092 karma

No question here, just wanted to say that I saw you guys play at Horseshoe a few weeks ago and it was great! :)

shaneykipps4 karma

Amazing - thanks for coming! Next time (April 12 at The Rivoli) come say hi!

kiwi4ever12432 karma

Will you go to prom with me in two years ;) My other serious question is do you plan on acting in the near future or will you be focusing on just singing?

shaneykipps3 karma

If I could act and drum at the same time, I'd be all over it. If I could sing, I'd leave it all behind. (I'm the drummer)

dis0riented2 karma

If you were trapped on an island with a mermaid would you rather the mermaid be Top half human and bottom half fish or top half fish and bottom half human (could be any fish of your choice)

shaneykipps15 karma

I've always imagined what a hammerhead shark with sexy legs would look like. Let's go with that one.

cjanegonzales2 karma


shaneykipps3 karma

Do the double rolls count?

doodleboots2 karma

I just want to say hi hi hi!!!!! I'll be 23 this year but I remember being young and watching degrassi early in the morning when teennick was still noggin! I still keep up with degrassi, but nothing will ever be like the Spinner-Paige days! Please just say hello to me and I can melt and die happy!!

shaneykipps5 karma

Hello! Say hi on Twitter too - I'm often on!

bewarethetreebadger2 karma

Dear Love rocks! When and where is your next show?

shaneykipps6 karma

We’re hitting up The Rivoli in Toronto on April 12 with our friend The Little Black Dress. If you're around, come out!

cjanegonzales2 karma

As I'm sure you're well aware that your enabling the inner fangirl in many of us, just curious, is there anyone you would be all giddy and excited to meet?

shaneykipps17 karma

Colonel Mustard. In The Library. With a candlestick.

AlwaysAli892 karma

I'm just so curious to know who leaves the posts, comments, and likes on the Dear Love Facebook fan page? Do you all take turns or do you all just sit around the computer together? How do you guys work that out?

shaneykipps10 karma

There are times when Dave (lead singer) is in the pilot seat. There are also times when we all hold hands and post together.

ryandury1 karma

Hey Shane :)

shaneykipps2 karma


missbritt1251 karma

Hey Shane! I probably missed this question already but any plans for Dear Love to tour the US anytime?

shaneykipps1 karma

We're working hard to build our name! Always plans to visit - we'll let you know when we're on the way!

cjanegonzales1 karma

I'm too impatient to post questions one at a time so please forgive my curiosity oh great ShayKippz:

1) Aside from your band & acting career, what else would be on your resume (part-time jobs... I'm curious haha)? 2) Who was your favourite power ranger of all time? 3) Which Dear Love song shall I check out first? 4) ONE DEGRASSI QUESTION IM SORRY I HAVE TO: Which girlfriend of Spinner's was your favourite to film with?

Thanks a bunch! Love ya you handsome bastard!

shaneykipps3 karma

1) Ambassador and speaker for the BodyProud organization! And also, I have an honorary degree in giggalo-ism. 2) Green ranger. White ranger, maybe. 3) Don’t Miss The Brakes http://youtu.be/-RONUWva1hA 4) If I wasn’t afraid of the fallout, I’d answer this question differently than, “I loved them all!”... maybe Jane.

lolael1 karma

When I was in college my friends and I were going to fly from LA to Toronto to see Soundspeed perform. Our friendship was bound by our love for Degrassi, so it only made sense. We wanted to be groupies and hook up with Degrassi characters.

Anyways, I just want to say sorry I couldn't make that flight, but I would have probably been kicked out for being a crazy fangirl anyways...

shaneykipps3 karma

Well, the great thing about Dear Love, we've yet to meet a person that we were truly terrified by, and needed to have kicked out of a show - but we're always up to the challenge. So, bring it!