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mrsbass79211 karma

Will they ever be a full version of insane in the brain with the London symphony orchestra? (Simpsons hullapoolza episode)

brealtv198 karma

Something that's definitely on our mind!

SeafoodGumbo44 karma

Are you real????

brealtv606 karma

No. I'm B-Real. And you're C-Food.

datniggachris84 karma

tell us the story behind the famous cypress hill ice cube ak 47 picture from back in the days. did you shoot the rifle?

brealtv197 karma

That picture was taken backstage at the shoreline amphitheater in SF at Lalapalooza. That AK was made of rubber.

Kills4brains79 karma

How mad was Saturday Night live really when you guys smoked up on stage?

brealtv192 karma

They were pretty mad, we're banned for life.

dcu500174 karma

Hey B-Real. Cypress Hill was one of the first groups that really got me into hip-hop and I used to listen to your guys' discography for hours on end (and I still have a bunch of your tunes on constant rotation on my phone). As a huge hip-hop fan, I've always been keen to the 90's, golden era, boom bap style of hip-hop, and it seems like it's so hard to find that raw style nowadays. I was wondering what your thoughts are on the progression of the genre from then to now in terms of artists' influences, sound, inspiration, and so on. Thanks dude.

PS - Tell Muggs if he ever wants to go one for one on the turntables to hit me up.

brealtv86 karma

Now hiphop has went away from samples and more towards the electronic side of things. Samples cost publishers too much, so producers decided to take a sample-less approach to production.

sawalrath61 karma

Who is your favorite rapper at the moment?

brealtv177 karma

Top 3 of All Time:


Top 3 of the Moment:

Schoolboy Q A$AP Rocky Wiz Khalifa Drake A$AP Ferg Curren$y Kenrdrick DEMRICK

KokomoOReily58 karma

Yo my moms a huge fan and she wants to know if you're single, what should I tell her?

brealtv123 karma

MARRIED! Sorry, Mom.

staytrick55 karma

How high are you?

brealtv121 karma

Right now, only a fraction. But I'm smoking on this Tangerine right now.. So I'm working on it!

ConsistentlyLurking9 karma

DNA Tangie?

brealtv20 karma

You already know tho.

DevinOverstreet42 karma

Who was your favorite guest to have in the smoke box? I particularly enjoyed the Curren$y and Snoop sessions.


What is your craziest "weed on tour" story?

brealtv236 karma

Smokebox: RAEKWON, Bad Lucc and Freddie Gibbs.

Snoop is one of my best friends in this game. I can't say enough good things about him. The fans were askin for him to come in the Smokebox so we had to make it happen.

Craziest weed story: Was on a bus in St. Louis for a Soul Assassins gig. Next door to a police convention! Our security were retired LAPD detectives at that time. When Everlast found out the convention was next door, he called our security team and asked if they had any friends in the convention. He said they did. Fast forward a few hours. I'm in the bus with a pound of weed rolling one up.. All of a sudden I hear "OH FUCK! COPS AT THE DOOR" So I start gathering all the weed up as the cops push through the door screaming "HANDS IN THE AIR MOTHERFUCKER!!!!" So I'm thinking I'm caught at this point.. Then here comes Everlast "GOTCHA MOTHERFUCKER!".

He got me good.

Keeferkool39 karma

How did you come up with the name BReal?

brealtv142 karma

Before the music, I was into the gang life. They called me Real Chill. We'd go line out rivals tags and tag a roll call. One of my 1st missions was to go and do this. As a blood, you don't write C, so Real Chill was turned into B-Real

MyLegsHurt35 karma

I saw you guys play with Rage Against The Machine in this tiny little theater in Flint, MI in like '92 or '93. It is easily in my top 5 shows of all time. Did you rehearse with them or was the encore when you two jammed all improvised?

brealtv48 karma

Was not rehearsed at all.. All spur of the moment.

kokolo12335 karma

Hey what's up, big fan here. I would like to know if you ever had a problem in your life that was related with smoking pot?

brealtv261 karma

When I ran out.

WitchesAndEStrings35 karma

Love all your music and have since I first heard it, was actually jamming out to Dr. Greenthumb this morning. How do you feel about the recent legalization that occurred in Washington and Colorado?

brealtv83 karma

It's about fucking time. Cali needs to follow but we have some obstacles to overcome before that can happen. Cannabis can generate so many jobs, so much income for the states.. People just need to take off their blinders and realize how much benefit can come from this.

mabapma30 karma

Saw you guys at Brixton Academy (UK) around 2001, on the Skull & Bones tour. 17 year old Mabapma managed to score a 20 bag from a sketchy looking, bug-eyed Yardie lurking near the back of the venue. Dilated Peoples were on stage, and I rolled & blazed one with some other dudes who were hanging near the front.

Almost immediately after one of our new pals - a tattooed wide-boy with a Sarf Lahndan accent - takes a massive hit - his eyes roll back and he collapses like a sack of shit on the floor. Seconds later, he is being stretchered away. Don't know what happened to him - but I couldn't enjoy the rest of the show due to paranoid fear of being involved in the first ever marijuana-related death.

Black Sunday was the unequivocal soundtrack to my misspent youth. I can probably still recite every single lyric you threw down on that album, and I haven't listened to it in years.

It is 21 years old this July. How do you feel looking back at it? A massive sense of pride? Or are there some bits you cringe at, wishing you'd changed verses, or done things differently?

brealtv50 karma

Black Sunday was a rushed album. We were pulled off tour to record and the whole album was completed in less than 2 months. Couple tracks were already done before we started cutting the album, so it made it a little easier. Turned out great though!

EatABowlOfDickUp30 karma


brealtv126 karma

Anyone at Fox News.

Stephaninator29 karma

Cypress Hill 3: Temple of Boom is my favourite hip-hop album, what was your favourite song to make on that record?

Bonus question: Any chance of re-releasing your albums on Vinyl?

brealtv40 karma

Favorite song on Temple of Boom would have to be Let It Reign. Might re-release on our 25 year anniversary (2015/16)

PizzaMcBeer27 karma

What do you think of Schoolboy Q using the Illusions sample on his new album?

brealtv58 karma

I think it's dope. I think it shows the slight influence Cypress has on the new cats these days.

MurrayPhilbman26 karma

Do you consider a hamburger to be a type of sandwich, or an entity of its own?

brealtv34 karma

Entity of it's own

MurrayPhilbman14 karma

Thank you for your response!

brealtv56 karma

No, thank you. We're having burgers for lunch now.

DJBrokeallday24 karma

I used to listen to you all the time, what was your favorite venue to play at ?

brealtv36 karma

My favorite venues are: The Nokia Theatre in NY (Haunted Halloween!), Chicago - Anywhere, especially House of Blues, House of Blues and Orange Show as far as LA venues are concerned.

acidraindrops3322 karma

Do you and ice cube still have beef with each other?

brealtv65 karma

Squashed that years ago. We're all good now. Been on a couple tracks together since then.

mystimayhem42021 karma

What was your most horrible gig experience and why? What did you did take from it & what advice do you have for artists who have had a similar experience?

brealtv35 karma

We were going to get a lifetime achievement award in Puerto Rico at a Reggaeton Festival. Our manager pushed for me to perform at this show rather than just take the award. When we got on stage, there was a sea of people.. As soon as we started, the crowd were like crickets. Just wasn't a good look for us.

Kid Rock, ALice in Chains @ The Tiger STadium. We went on at 6:30pm to a crowd of 10k at a 30k venue who were sporadically scattered throughout.

cabear17 karma

Do you vape? If so, what vaporizer?

brealtv50 karma

YES! Used all of them throughout the years, but now I'll usually use my Cloud Pen (www.cloudpenz.com) or smoke just smoke dabs.

I'll always be a flower-smoker.

MiroslavKral16 karma

Your favorite brand of jeans.

brealtv32 karma

Levis. Occasionally Crooks or LRG

jedi135416 karma

Do you still play paintball?

brealtv19 karma

I'd like to, but between breal.tv and recording it makes it almost impossible. I love playing paintball though.

StuntGunman16 karma

I've seen Cypress Hill live on the west coast to the south east and several places in between and believe it's one of if not the greatest live hip hop act of all time. My question is what other artists / bands are you into that might surprise the average Cypress Hill fan?

brealtv78 karma

Big Deftones fans. Pennywise. Johnny Cash.

Atmospherecist15 karma

Do you have any favorite artworks? Visual, or auditory.

brealtv34 karma

In terms of artwork: Bua & Futurura out of NY

mystimayhem42014 karma

When writing your lyrics, do you prefer do write by hand or type? and why?

brealtv30 karma

Used to write by hand all the time but my penmanship sucks.. But around the time the Sidekick phone came out I started typing them out.

fivefeetunder14 karma

Favorite Beatles song?

brealtv40 karma


Cole779914 karma


brealtv30 karma

Ask Snoop!

kidfromkor13 karma

Do you know of a Korean artist (Seo Taiji) who was accused in the late 90's of having copied "Insane in the Brain" with his song "Come Back Home"? It was reported in Korea at the time that you guys were ok with it. Is that true?

brealtv34 karma

I remember, and yeah we were cool about shit like that

Taramonia13 karma

What was your favorite song or project you collaborated on?

brealtv40 karma

Favorite collab: Sen Dogg, Red & Meth for the movie How High was one of my favorites. Also, the new track I just did with Spitta Andretti, E.T. was one of my favorites because it's with a new cat, new style of production.

one-hour-photo12 karma

Ahhh! B Real! Such a huge fan, glad to have you here! What was it like being shot? How long after the incident did you decide it was time to walk away from that lifestyle. Also, any tips for a struggling rapper such as myself? www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGpEsjUd3Tg&feature=youtube_gdata_player

brealtv26 karma

Wasn't nice. Was hit with riccochet off of a wall. Went into my back and punctured my lung. Still have shrapnel inside me that I never had removed.

Leo412 karma

a few questions - -your favorite Cuban dish? And if you know Downey (Tropicana's or Porto's?) -your favorite Mexican dish? - What's your goal for the next ten years?

brealtv19 karma

Ox Tail... El Floridita in Hollywood is my favorite

Silvano8911 karma


brealtv14 karma

Record labels fighting.

Heisenberg_says_rela11 karma

What do your workouts consist of and also what kind of diet are you on when you workout?

brealtv61 karma

Diet was difficult. A lot of lean protein and small meals every 3 hours. Workouts consist of a lot of core and cardio. Little bit of crossfit, kick boxing.. Everything really.

Went from 240 down to 203!

man_mayo11 karma

Where do you consider yourself to be on the list of greatest MC's?

brealtv61 karma

Not for me to decide!

mystimayhem42010 karma

Does sex before a show affect your performance on stage and how?

brealtv28 karma

You definitely lose some stamina!

oscar_the_wilde10 karma

Who do you think is the hottest rapper in the game right now?

brealtv35 karma

Kendrick Lamar

amills649 karma

B-Real, what went down with you, Eminem, and Whitey Ford during their beef?

brealtv15 karma

Nothing went down with me, I played peacemaker because they're both friends and I have a lot of respect for both of em. Didn't want to see 2 great rappers beefing over nothing.

thebiglibrarian9 karma

Hi, what's your favorite book and why is that? Thanks

brealtv24 karma

The most intruiging books I've read are Behold a Pale Horse & The Bible Code 1 and 2

datniggachris9 karma

why didnt cypress hill collaborate with biggie smalls or 2pac?? and how did breal wind up in the 2pac "temptation" video??

brealtv30 karma

Pac was a good friend of mine and sent me an invite (along with his other good friends who were invited). If we had the chance to, we definitely would have collabed.

As far as Biggie is concerned, the relationship wasn't really there. Big was an East coast dude and he actually said something in an interview about not digging our stuff after the first album

Skyclad_8 karma

I'm excited to see you guys at summerset!

Will there ever be a part 2 to the Rusko collaboration?

brealtv12 karma

Could happen again! Not sure it would be an EP or anything, but I could see myself working with him again for sure.

Mateush668 karma

There are lots of questions that I already wanted to ask, but... do you own a pet?

brealtv17 karma

I used to own a bluenosed pit named LA.

Freakniksmokes8 karma

Think we can expect to see more collaborations with D12?

brealtv7 karma

Possibly, if it happens it happens, either way those are the homies.

imabigdumbidiot7 karma

I know like 8 spanish words but Los Grandes Exitos is still one of my favorite albums. For some reason my friends and I just Wil' the FUCK OUT to loco en el coco along with all the other songs. Yo Queiro Fumar am I right?! that shit is crazy good. Any plans on making a second all spanish remix of some newer hits? I'd love that shit.

brealtv12 karma

We've talked about it but it's still just talk at this point. Anything is possible though.

skenn0247 karma

What's it like hitting that massive fucking bong on stage? I think id die from such a massive hit

brealtv27 karma

You have to want that high.

DevinOverstreet7 karma

OG or Master?

brealtv20 karma

OG all day.

Tune_Squad217 karma

If you could do a collab with any one person from hip-hop, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

brealtv24 karma

Em, Jay Z or Busta Rhymes.

MaximusMontreal6 karma

I remember smoking a big blunt with you (B-Real) backstage after a show here in Montreal in the late 90's and I would love to know what your favourite strains are right now?

brealtv6 karma


MigraineGloves6 karma

Who was behind the Dusty Springfield sample in Hits From The Bong?

brealtv15 karma

Dj Muggs

michael_p5 karma

Realistically speaking, what time frame do you see for the future of marijuana legalization in the US?

brealtv12 karma

Maybe 5 years

bkslash5 karma

Will DJ Muggs vs B-Real album happen?

brealtv5 karma

Possibly, not sure.

boognish4215 karma

B-Real, huge Cypress Hill fan, thanks for all your music. How did you guys link up with Pearl Jam for Real Thing and are you still in touch with any of them?

brealtv9 karma

I think we played a few gigs with them and when it came to doing the soundtrack they paired us together because of the history.

CosmicHorseOrgy5 karma

Im a tad late to the party, but I just wanted say your music is amazing. I actually just discovered cypress hill a few days ago(I'm listening to " I ain't goin out like that right now) and you guys are awesome. Cypress hill has opened me to tons of hip hop and rap bands. Thank you, and great job :)

brealtv17 karma

Love new fans... Thanks for your support.

fullmetalutes4 karma

What was your favorite album to make? and if i were to listen to one, which one would you suggest?

brealtv14 karma

Favorite album to make was probably Cypress Hill 4

DreamCatcher244 karma

Which muscian/rapper most influenced your style?

brealtv37 karma

As far as the voice goes, probably beastie boys / ramellezee.

xycutes3 karma


brealtv15 karma

Wouldnt be working for anyone, that's for sure. I'd be a business owner of some sort. Possibly in some sort of journalist position.

DevinOverstreet3 karma

Which of your tattoos is your favorite?

brealtv5 karma

Don't have a favorite.... Yet.

412freethinker2 karma

How was growing up in south central? Crazy stories?

brealtv6 karma

I have a lot of crazy stories about growing up in South Central. I won't incriminate myself here.. Hahaha

BarrInTheMix2 karma

B-Real, what advice would you give to someone who has an empty fish tank in the corner of their room and doesn't know what to fill it with? Thanks

brealtv16 karma

Fill it with water and fish.

soochosaurus2 karma

this question has nothing to do with anything really...

But if you could be any animal what would you be?

brealtv3 karma

No animal get's higher than an eagle!

RedHotChiliPenguins2 karma

Tits or ass? And example of whose...

brealtv3 karma


SirShuckles2 karma

Hey! I saw you live at DTE in Michigan when you opened for 311 and you did an amazing job! Everything sounded awesome!

brealtv5 karma


Dimethyltrip_to_mars2 karma

fan of your group since i saw "hand on the pump" saturday mornings on Yo! MTV Raps, just sayin'.

what do you think about these farmers in humboldt county that want to / are fighting and campaigning to keep mj illegal?

brealtv6 karma

I think they have their reasons and I respect that because I know what it takes to have to put out a crop but at the same time for this to evolve and for it to be legal at some point there going to have to compromise.

Damnskipp2 karma

What is the most meaningful rap song you have ever heard?

brealtv3 karma

The Message - Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5

happypants5291 karma

Is there a decent portion of fans at concerts that don't partake in smoking at all but just really enjoy the music?

brealtv2 karma

Definitely. And tons of ex-smokers.

TheDZA111 karma

How do you choose your set list when doing a show? I've seen you guys play some songs that I wouldn't expect (i.e. Steel Magnolia), which is always cool.

brealtv3 karma

There's always so many to choose from. We like our shows to be like a rollercoaster. From hype to laid back and everything in between.

[deleted]1 karma


brealtv5 karma

Consistency in who you are. Be 100 with yourself and everyone else.

radmannnn1 karma

Sup B,

Its radmannnn getting at you again. When did you first think about going into hip hop? Like how old were you? and what influenced you get into it?

brealtv5 karma

Run DMC / Sugar Hill Gang around 14 years old

gthang19861 karma

Are you still close with Christian old wolbers? What happened to him?

brealtv3 karma

Definitely. He just had an accident recently on his motorcycle but he's recovering and is in great spirits. He's a resilient dude and has a lot of support behind him.

NDaveT1 karma

More serious question: any chance of a Cypress Hill tour in the near future? Specifically, playing in Minneapolis?

brealtv3 karma

More than likely, yes.