Hello world! This is John C. Reilly. You may know me from movies and plays and musical performances. Season 3 of Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule starts tonight at 12:30.

Photo proof, since I don't use social media: http://imgur.com/JM3Pyts


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thassa mean baby

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Are your guests aware that the "Dr. Brule" persona is a character, or do you keep them in the dark to enhance their bewildered reactions?

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the doctor does NOT do pre-interviews. all guest are fresh

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And if so, do you you intentionally butcher their names to piss them off?

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from dsb:

i'm doing the best i can. not that easy

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Hi John. Huge fan of Check it Out! (I have a Dr. Brule tattoo on my back) and especially your vocal work. My sister and I absolutely adore the Dewey Cox soundtrack. Do you have any plans for doing more musical work in the future? Thanks!

EDIT: here's the tattoo if you're curious Imgur

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NICE TAT! big commitment though. hope he never let's you down. i continue to play and tour with my band "john reilly and friends"

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Have you ever read any of the hilarious comments on Adult Swim's facebook posts about "Check it out!"? So many kids comment on it saying it's the dumbest show ever and that Adult Swim should be strictly anime and seth macfarlane show reruns. Thank you for annoying those turds with your awesome entertainment.

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all children have needs

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Hello sir!

Step Brothers gets better every time I watch it, and I've probably watched it 79 times.

Please, for the love of humanity- make that sequel.

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hope so! thank you!

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Did you have anything to do with Sprint's "Framily" plan?

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Mr. John C. Drangus, what’s the best thing about working with Tim and Eric?

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total freedom and joyful chaos

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Broo, scared ya! Anyways, what was the best part about selling those DDV’s on the street a couple years ago? Do you think season three will come out on Brule Ray?

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please heavily petition adult swim

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How do I win money at the crasino without crasino hunks breaking my legs?

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don't talk with sass mouth

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You've been my favorite actor since 2009. I've held birthday parties for you every year on May 24th where my friends come over and watch all of your movies and eat a cake with your face on it. You're totally invited to this year's party. Are you planning on doing any more movies with Will Ferrell in the near future?

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wow that is super cool. thank you. i'm truly honored. i have plans usually on my birthday but that would be cool. will and i are talking about new projects right now!

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is ir possible that Steve's real name is Steve Bule, and he's accidentally adding the r to his own name?

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no but it has been proposed that his mother actually named him doctor steve brule. his middle name being steve but this cannot be confirmed

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Hey John, I told my girlfriend I wanted to get a tattoo of Dr Steve Brule on the front of my thigh, so that every time she sees me naked she hears your voice saying "dingus" in her head. She stated this action would end the relationship unless you approved it.

What d'ya think, John? Tattoo or vaganna?

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i do not approve but the doctor might.

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What do you think is the most important Brule's rule for you health?

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don't cut off your prenis or vajanna. keep on it

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Do Tim and Eric act the same way the act on tv in real life?

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I love you. Would you be so awesome as to say my name wrong for me? It's Patrick.

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Dr. Steve Brule, If you could take Channel 5 News Anchor Jan anywhere in the world. Where would you take her?

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How did you originally start working with Tim and Eric?

PS: RIP Taquito

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tom goes to the mayor

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Do you come up with all of Dr. Steve Brule’s mispronunciations? They’re my favorite part of the show.

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from dsb:

i try very hard. sorry if you don't like utt

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Hi, John C. Reilly.

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oh hi!

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Christmas has a Santa Claus. Easter has a bunny with fluffy paws. Dyngus Day has not one mascot. So why not a hunk that is hot? Dr. Steve, will you please relieve my wish this Dyngus Eve? Be the one for us to believe.

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bless you you dang dunguss

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Dr. Steve, what the heck is chowder?

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from dsb:

hot thick soup with cat scraps in it!

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hmm i wonder why? it is going to be great take it from me.

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Not a question, sorry! I just wanted to thank you, as well as Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, for helping me get closer to my little brother. He's 18 and I'm about to turn 22, and we hardly have anything in common, as well as vastly different personalities. However, when we first discovered Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule, I remember laughing so hard we were both crying. It means so much to me that you've put so much work into producing a TV show that has given me so much joy over the years.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, ya dingus!

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What was your favorite Paul Thomas Anderson movie to act in?

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tough choice. they were all so special. boogie nights was ridiculous fun and under the radar.

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Hey John, I think I can speak for most of reddit when I say that I love you.

I read that you showed up in character on set of Awesome Show as Dr. Steve Brule in the first season, wig, glasses, and everything.

Where does Dr. Steve Brule come from? How did you develop him? Is he a character that you've wanted to play, but never had the opportunity to portray? We're all curious about him.


PS /r/TimAndEric Check It Out!

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dr. brule does NOT wear a wig and those glasses are required. he is a mystery and the only one who truly knows him is denny.

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  • What is a friend?

  • How do you get a friend?

  • How do you keep a friend?

  • Why don't I have a friend?

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watch the episode friend!

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I respect you not discussing the Stevie brule process

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could you please say "i'm gonna wreck it"? one of my first dates with my now-husband was seeing (and loving!) "wreck-it-ralph" and it would make him smile :) we've had a tough week.

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For a non-Brule question: What was your favorite song from the Dewey Cox songbook?

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royal jelly

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Just finished the episode. I'm scared of Pranes now.

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hope you enjoyed!

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How much of Check It Out is improv? The way I imagine the filming of the show is someone turning on the camera and you just make up brilliant shit on the spot.

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The show is mostly improvised by the doctor and his guests. all interviews are with real people with those actual occupations. My job is to assist Steve.

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Any chance we'll see some interviews with Jan and Wayne Skylar sometime soon?

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you are in for a treat this season!

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Sprint framily plan

MrJohnCReilly411 karma

the worst

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What's it like to be a powerhouse actor but sit in front of unsuspecting people playing a mentally handicapped doctor?

PS: You are my everything. Marry me.

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the doctor is not handicapped just special and unique.

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Why don't you use social media?

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waste of precious time

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Your health. For it, or against it?

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i am for all the healths

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Dr. Brule, I feel like a dirty boy. How can I keep my body as clean as my daddy's whistle?

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from DSB:


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Hey John, Huge fan of your filmwork. but I have to ask...

How many broats do you actually own?

MrJohnCReilly302 karma

unlike steve i only own one of boat

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Dr Dingus Brule. You are the person me and my group of friends quote daily. We've watched Check It Out and Tim and Eric more times than any human should.

Can you give us an original brules rule off the top of your dingus head?

MrJohnCReilly496 karma

i'll ask steve hold on.

he says:

when you drive, keep yer eyes on the wheel! for your drive.

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Hello Mr. Reilly,

  • I first became a fan of yours from your performance from "Magnolia", how was your experience filming that movie?
  • In "Talladega Nights", Ricky Bobby's character was said to "taste of America", what do you think Cal tasted like?

Thank you

MrJohnCReilly323 karma

cal tastes of mediocre fried chicken and menthol cigarettes

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My friends and I like to speculate a lot about actor's processes of getting into their 'Tim and Eric' roles. In early interview (pre-"Check it Out"), T&E tended to imply that you would just riff with the Brule character for a while and they'd chop it up in the editing room. Now that Brule has become such a multifaceted character (whose dark and paradoxical background is making itself more manifest), has your approach to the role changed? That is, do you find there to be more of a 'getting into character' stage or is it still just 'turn the camera on and go nuts'? It's really quite astonishing to see where you've taken Brule lately. :) Thanks, John.

MrJohnCReilly192 karma

you gotta believe. why didn't you think of that? told you...

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Any plans for a Wreck it Ralph 2?

MrJohnCReilly204 karma

currently planning it!

hesouryou95 karma

What's your favorite snack food?

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BillyBickle91 karma

BROO! Did I scared ya?

MrJohnCReilly192 karma

got me

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Hi John! Huge fangirl here. I'm always fascinated with the depth you give to all of the characters you play. Where did you draw inspiration from in creating Dr. Brule?

MrJohnCReilly141 karma

ask him

shadow4g586 karma

Hey Dr. Brule! What's up with the creepy dude who follows you around in the episode "Pleasure" of Check It Out!?

P.S: Captain Gary Is A Hunk, screw him and his broat.

MrJohnCReilly136 karma

stay truned for season 3

crazystupiderp86 karma

How did the abomination that is Steve Brule get created? It's a work of art.

MrJohnCReilly451 karma

from the vajanna of doris pringle brule salahari

jarrettbraun79 karma

As Dr. Steve Brule, define "Dingus", ya dingus!

Edit: Can you ask the Dr. to define "dingus", please?

MrJohnCReilly347 karma

the front hose

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Hey Mr. Reilly! Im a huge fan from Boogie Nights to Wreck it Ralph and your brilliant portrayal of Sasquatch. Walk Hard is my absolute favorite movie of all time and I am super excited for Guardians of the Galaxy so my questions are.. Was there a certain scene or song that was really hard to keep a straight face doing? What can you tell us about Rhomann Dey and the Nova Corps and how does it feel being in a Marvel movie? Thank you so much for doing this AMA and for all the great movies and also for your health!

MrJohnCReilly112 karma

haven't seen GOG yet but i hear it's really great. thanks i'm excited too. will ferrell consistently gets me but no one else really. also fyi. SASQUATCH IS REAL!

pattycakezo55 karma

Favorite Place to eat here in Chicago???

MrJohnCReilly165 karma

weiner circle but only when they don't swear at me

caseydiamandis52 karma

How did you meet Tim and Eric? What's it like working with them?

MrJohnCReilly232 karma

in the orphanage before we broke out

secretidentity66647 karma

2 Questions: What's the snake letter look like? And What's proficiency?

Seriously though, I'm a big fan. You were my favorite character in “What's Eating Gilbert Grape?”. To this day the look of pride in your face as the Burger Barn truck drove into town is unmatched by anyone, in my opinion. Keep up the good work!

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Hi John, thanks for doing this AMA! I first want to say that you deserve an Emmy for your portrayl of Dr. Steven Brule. He is one of the best developed and most layered characters in television history dating back seven years now to the Tim & Eric Show. I also think its amongst the funniest shows of all time! Now for my questions:

  1. I noticed in Boogie Nights your character wrote awful poems like this one and they seemed shockingly similar to the poems Brule recites at the beginning of each episode of Check it Out . So did your Boogie Nights poems inspire the Brule poems?

  2. We have all noticed Brule's, shall we say...mental decline over the last seven years from a kind of bumbling but coherent special segment host to a man who can no longer pronounce words, no longer seems to be aware of where he is at all times, vomits at even the hint of movement and this season, appears to be developing a split personality. What's causing this? My wife thinks it's all the poison Doris fed him over the years, which seems likely, so is it that, something else or just the way you (or Tim & Eric) felt Brule was developing?

  3. Can you share anything about what happens off camera after the awkward guest interviews you conduct, like the one with "Dr. Jimmy Brungus." Do they ever ask if you are for real? Do they get angry, confused or just walk out sometimes?

  4. Can you tell us if there will be a season four? I'm sure I could watch the first three seasons and be happy for the rest of my life, but considering it takes two seasons to fill up a Bree-V-Bre, one more season would be great!


MrJohnCReilly153 karma

emmy's are for hunks

Moreyouknow41 karma

How are you so good at acting? Every role I seen you in, you have nailed it.

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zdriscoll41 karma

Thank you so much for doing this AMA Mr. Reilly.....one question. Coin money or paper money?

MrJohnCReilly145 karma

from dsb:

frour coin is way better dumbo!

duerrrrrrr33 karma

do the actors on check it out have any idea that the show is a joke? why do they keep coming back? Are any of those names real?

p.s. I'm dumb for crumbs. thanks for everything you do john!

MrJohnCReilly67 karma

all interviews are real with non actors. steve's family appears with full knowledge of the show's themes

Wiskie27 karma

I've always wondered, are T&E as zany in real life as they are on their show?

Like, I've never seen them not play their roles, y'know?

MrJohnCReilly53 karma

the ZANIEST! actually just nice and normal

burritodude1727 karma

Could a steve brule tour happen in the future?

MrJohnCReilly67 karma

yes. stay tuned

nerpss23 karma

Hey John, I've always been curious about the guests on Check it Out! Are they aware of the nature of show? As in, do they know that it's a joke initially? If not, do you tell them afterward?

I realize that some of the guests are characters or people that you know, like Rae Sunshine Lee and David Liebe Hart, but some of them obviously aren't like the sushi chef. Please tell me that he either knew the show was a joke or that you told him afterward.

MrJohnCReilly72 karma

all guests who are interviewed are real and have not met the doctor before the show. Steve's family appear at his request.

Ilovetexture21 karma

Hey John. Thanks for doing this AMA. I am a huge fan and love your work. I have two questions. Feel free to answer just one, both, or neither….. but preferably both.

  1. What made you turn your acting career from more serious roles to comedy?

  2. Do you use any product in your hair? I am trying to figure out if it feels crispy like loose steel wool or more along the lines of the velvety soft side of Velcro.

MrJohnCReilly48 karma

no turn has occurred. just living the dream and taking what seems good

shoutout2MikeZanetti21 karma

Do you think Jan will ever leave Wayne for the doctor?

MrJohnCReilly44 karma

stay tuned to season 3!

Reasonable_Dan19 karma

What was the set of Carnage like?

MrJohnCReilly50 karma

claustrophobic and demanding. amazing company though. also the french are le bomb.

Pacmantis18 karma

Hey John C. Reilly, do you like Arby's?

MrJohnCReilly44 karma

america's roast beef yes sir?

imtiredofthis11 karma

I found out today that you were in Boogie Nights, that is all.

MrJohnCReilly29 karma

congrats. you have so many more surprises ahead of you

ChucklesDone10 karma

I really enjoyed seeing you perform your folk band John Reilly and Friends at the barn in Maquoketa, Iowa. That had to be a fun endeavor. What do you enjoy most about the character of Dr Steve Brule?

P.S. Thanks for being my favorite Sasquatch ever.

MrJohnCReilly16 karma

hell of a show in iowa! thank you for being there

LordMoonstone7 karma

Hey John! You must work alongside Denny as the executive producer. What does Denny do on the show?

MrJohnCReilly15 karma

from dsb:

denny handles the technicals!

puckthepirate5 karma

Thanks for doing this ya dingus!

How did you come up with Steve Brule? Did you base it off some one you came across in real life? Also, are the people you interview real or actors?

MrJohnCReilly11 karma

all guests on the show are real.