UPDATE: Our AMA has ended! Thank you to everyone who participated and please keep a lookout for admission notifications in late March!

So you've got questions about the admission process at UCLA? Well, we've got answers! From financial aid to key admission dates, number of applicants and more, we are here to give you the inside scoop.

Proof: https://twitter.com/UCLA/status/438836131455451136

Meet our student ambassadors who be answering your questions in this AMA:

Grant Bishop is a 3rd year Business Economics major with a minor in Accounting from Brea, CA. Activities: Resident Assistant (ORL), Greek life, USAC involvement, UniCamp

Eldrin Masangkay is a 2nd year Political Science major with a minor in Film, Television, and Digital Media Studies from Glendale, CA. Activities: Daily Bruin-video section reporter, Alumni Scholars Club, Peer-to-Peer Mentoring, Best Buddies, Intramural Basketball, Basketball Coach for Boys and Girls Club

Veronika Wuest is a 4th year Neuroscience major with a minor in Italian from Eugene, OR. Activities: Dance Marathon; Study Abroad; Greek life

Rebecka Serpa is a 3rd year Spanish and Portuguese double-major with a minor in Neuroscience from Chowchilla, CA. Activities: Greek life and neuroscience research

Michelle Razavi is a 4th year Political Science major with a minor in Spanish from Lake Forest, CA.

April LittleJohn is a 3rd year International Development Studies major with a minor in Spanish from Meadow Vista, CA. Activities: BAP, Campus Tours, Study Abroad in Spain

Jennie Patridge is a 4th year Political Science major with a minor in Arabic and Islamic Studies from Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Activities: Uni Camp, study abroad, IM sports

Finally, Renan Vazquez is an Outreach Coordinator for Financial Aid who is joining us to answer any Financial Aid-related questions.

Additional info: Admission website: http://www.admission.ucla.edu/ Affordability info: http://www.ucla.edu/admissions/affordability

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capnbossman37 karma

Hey UCLA! I think the #1 question I have is...

...when do decisions come out??

UCLA_Admissions13 karma

Decisions come out mid-late March for Freshman applicants. Good luck! -Jennie

iSanddbox22 karma

Do UCLA and Berkeley communicate with each other regarding admissions decisions? Most people say that you either get in to one or the other, so I'm wondering if there's a reason for that.

UCLA_Admissions23 karma

I heard about the Berkeley and UCLA "curse" when I was applying to both schools as well. As someone who has applied to both and received acceptance to both, I can wholeheartedly tell you that none of the UC's communicate with each other regarding admissions decisions. Good luck! -Michelle

henryperson20 karma

What part of an application do you find has the highest correlation with success in college?

UCLA_Admissions4 karma

"Hi! Note this answer is not a reflection of the admission process, but just my personal opinion as a current student. I believe your extracurricular in high school are an accurate representation of how well a student will do in college. Strong extracurricular shows you can manage your time, have strong social skills, and are proactive. In my opinion these are 3 characteristics of a successful college student. -Grant"

kbtran417 karma

Does the Personal Statement carry more weight than overall GPA?

UCLA_Admissions3 karma

We review applications holistically. This means we consider GPA, extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, and personal statements into consideration and equally. GPA does play a major factor into our decisions. The personal statement is used as a better way to understand the applicant outside of academic life. -Eldrin

Stealth10017 karma

Why do you send so many emails and letters about campus life, majors, etc if no one has been accepted yet? It stresses me out haha.

UCLA_Admissions5 karma

We want to make sure our prospective applicants are receiving useful information before receiving their admissions decisions. Best of luck! -Michelle

computerwiz42816 karma

For those who received a Supplemental Questionnaire, what are our chances of getting admitted after successfully completing them? Who are our applications compared with? How does admissions work for those select students? I know it's different for each student, but what have you heard?

UCLA_Admissions2 karma

Those who receive a supplemental questionnaire do not have a higher or lower chance of getting admitted than those who do not receive the questionnaire. The questionnaire just means that the admissions office/readers wanted additional information. -Grant

UCLATLH13 karma

Hey! I am a senior in high school and I applied to UCLA this fall.

Students today have increased online presences in social media. As part of the admissions process do you ever look up a student online to get a better feel of who they are?

UCLA_Admissions20 karma

UCLA Admissions will not “look up” a student to get a feel of who they are, that’s what the application is for! We leave ample room to express yourself and gauge an applicant as a whole student, so don’t worry. We won’t go facebook stalking you! ~Veronika

agreatperhapswaits9 karma

Hi there! HS Senior that applied here, and these questions can go to any of you guys.

1) Is it necessary to be in a sorority/fraternity to have a social life?

2) What's your favorite thing about UCLA?

3) Why shouldn't I go to USC? ;)


UCLA_Admissions11 karma

So exciting that you applied to UCLA. 1) It is not necessary to be involved in Greek life to have a social life. In fact, only 15% of the student population is in a sorority or a fraternity. That being said, it's still a significant amount given our student body size. With a large and diverse student population, we have nearlhy 1000 clubs and organizations for you to get involved in. Additionally, UCLA is located in the vibrant, fun Greater Los Angeles area with concerts, sporting events, and nightlife to keep your social life busy :) 2) My favorite thing about UCLA are the students. They're not only passionate and brilliant, but also very involved in their campus community. The amount of Bruin pride and spirit is infectious and the student life is wonderful. 3) Because blue will look better on you than red! -Michelle

Recolumn8 karma


I have questions:

  1. Is it difficult to have a double major at UCLA?
  2. When are acceptances sent out?
  3. What is the effect of applying to an impacted major? (like CS)

UCLA_Admissions6 karma

We have answers! 1. It is very possible to Double Major at UCLA. I even know some students who have two majors as well as a minor. As long as you stay on top of your requirements for your major and meet with a counselor having a double major can be done! 2. Admission letters go out mid to late March 3. Major has no effect on whether a student is accepted or not. The only time major affects the admission process is if you apply to one of our 4 professional schools (Engineering, Theater Film and Television, Nursing, and Art and Architecture). -Grant

tiddleywinkz8 karma

Is there a limit on the amount of students who get accepted from a certain school?

UCLA_Admissions8 karma

"Hi! There is no a limit on the amount of students who get accepted from a certain school. -Grant "

wecaphorvmgo7 karma

What is the most desirable quality you as admissions officers look for in a prospective student?

UCLA_Admissions4 karma

UCLA admissions officers are looking for a variety of factors when reviewing applications. Of course any university loves to see good grades and high test scores but there is more to applications than the numbers! UCLA reviews applications as a whole and likes to see that you are a well-rounded and balanced student. Some specific things are strength of schedule (are you challenging yourself with your classes?), extra curriculars (are you involved in them for an extended period? i.e. not just senior year), and overall if you would be a good fit and an asset to the university. -Jennie

KennethPowersPhD7 karma

Will Brett Hundley lead UCLA to a Pac-12 championship this year?

UCLA_Admissions9 karma

Brett Hundley is definitely one of the best quarterbacks not only in the Pac-12, but in the entire nation. He will hopefully lead UCLA to another championship next year :) -Eldrin

computerwiz4287 karma

Can you explain the whole Supplemental Questionnaire process in whole.

UCLA_Admissions3 karma

The supplemental questionnaire is an opportunity for you to provide additional information, if you don't answer it then it won't affect your decisions but answering it will provide infomration that may be helptful to the reviewer.. You want to write about something that you haven't already mentioned in your application. -Rebecka

Pelican4575 karma

Did I get in? ;)

UCLA_Admissions7 karma

Decisions have not yet been made. You will receive your admissions decision by late march. But I hope you do! ;) -Eldirn

1havealife5 karma

Are you going to replace Taco Bell with Chipotle on campus?

UCLA_Admissions9 karma

That would be awesome,but unfortunatley that isn't happening yet. However there is a chiptole in town so it's only a short walk away! -Rebecka

knnguy4 karma

I received an invitation to apply for the alumni scholarship. However, since the invite is not a sign of admission, why would UCLA invite us to apply? What if we got accepted for the scholarship but not for the admission into UCLA?

UCLA_Admissions0 karma

I was also an alumni scholar. Being invited as an alumni scholar does not guarantee admission. However, the fact that you got accepted as an alumni scholar means you are a well-rounded student and that will also be reflected in your application to UCLA. Alumni scholarships are given to outstanding students so I congratulate you for receiving it! -Eldrin

Childish_DuffMan4 karma

How is the food and gyms at ucla?

UCLA_Admissions5 karma

Delicious food! Awesome workout facility! We have dining halls ranging all different food preferences. Whether you're Vegan, Vegetarian, or Meat-eater UCLA has something for everyone. The dining halls have delicious menu's daily with different meals every single day. Some personal favorites are gelato at Cafe 1919, sushi at Hedrick Hall, and anything at our new healthy-themed dining hall, Bruin Plate. The John Wooden Center (our student gym) boasts a 3-story rockwall, plenty of space for workout machines and mats, raquetball courts, and group exercise classes such as yoga, kickboxing, zumba, and spin. The hours are very extensive too whether you want to work out early in the morning or late at night. -Michelle

Cereal_Guy694 karma

Do freshman living on campus get to have parking for their cars?

UCLA_Admissions3 karma

Not all UCLA students are guaranteed parking. If you want to learn more about the process go to this link: http://map.ais.ucla.edu/go/1005494

Charley964 karma

I want to know if the computer science major is difficult?

UCLA_Admissions6 karma

Charley96, the question of how "difficult" a major is subjective and varies for each individual person. Just know that you can always reach out to your professors and/or classmates for help if you need it. for We wish you luck in the application process. -Michelle

CrayolaEater4 karma

Hi UCLA Admission, thank you for doing this AMA.

1) What does it mean to apply “undeclared”? 2) Will applying undeclared for a major increase my chances of acceptance compared to applying under electrical engineering? 3) I got my UCI admission decision today, how soon before I get a word from UCLA?

Once again, thank you for doing this AMA.

UCLA_Admissions3 karma

To apply “undeclared” within a college in the University means you have not selected a specific academic area/major. This is also true within the school of engineering, for admission decisions you are reviewed by major. If you select a secondary major choice within engineering you may be reviewed under that major as well so please apply with what you want to do! All of UCLA decisions will come out in late March so not hearing from us yet in no way affects your admission status! -Veronika

avastu4 karma

How difficult is it to graduate from UCLA in 4 years, specifically for an engineering major?

For the political science majors, could you please tell me about the opportunities available at UCLA in terms of internships at congressional offices and research opportunities?

Thank you! Class of 2014 Applicant

UCLA_Admissions6 karma

The average graduation rate for UCLA students is 4 years and a quarter. That being said, I do have many friends in the engineering program who have graduated within four years exactly. Your graduation rate all depends on how you plan your courses, whether or not you take summer school, and whether you stay on top of uour degree planning when enrolling in your classes each quarter. I'm personally a political science major and I can tell you I'm constantly e-mailed by the department advisor about opportunities to intern with Congressional representatives, political campaign organizations, etc. All professors at UCLA conduct their own research as well so there are plenty of opportunities to participate in research in a subject of your interest. -Michelle

flame8383 karma

Do you think the current admissions process is too formulaic? (Good GPA + good SAT scores + extracurriculars with substance = good chance of acceptance) What would you do if you could change the process?

UCLA_Admissions4 karma

Hi, UCLA does not have a formulaic admissions process. Many colleges have thresholds where if an applicant’s GPA + SAT is above this threshold then they will be accepted. At UCLA we do not have a threshold or formula. We have a holistic review which looks for 16 different points. If you want to know exactly what our process is, check out this website: https://www.admissions.ucla.edu/prospect/Adm_fr/fradms.htm -Grant

jblacken13 karma

When will everyone know for sure whether or not they got in?

UCLA_Admissions2 karma

Decisions will be released in late March! Good luck! -Rebecka

brosenfeld3 karma

Do you have minority acceptance quotas that you have to meet?

UCLA_Admissions2 karma

No we do not. Race/Ethnicity and Gender does not affect an applicant's admissions decision -Eldrin

halfasiann3 karma


I’ll try to keep the background rather brief. I’m currently a junior in high school. I attend a rather notorious high school in Southern California. In 2013 we had 147 students apply to UCLA and 43 were admitted.

I’ve been told I’m an intelligent and well-rounded individual. I took part in ASB, community service projects, I’ve traveled the world, and I like to think I’m wiser than my years.

Unfortunately in my high school transcript, it appears otherwise. I have a 3.2 GPA over my three years with a mix of advance classes and college prep classes. This is because in freshman year my depression had really brought me down and admitted me into a mental institution. Everything sort of fell apart. Prior to being admitted I had As and Bs in all honors classes.

Basically my question is, am I a lost cause or is there still hope? I’m really hoping to get into universities like UCLA (UCSD, USC, etc) but it’s hard to maintain a positive outlook when parents and counselors are telling me it’s worthless to try.

UCLA_Admissions6 karma

Thank you very much for your question. First of all, I want to let you know that there is no reason to lose hope. Just focus on your application and try to fill it out to the best of your ability. There is no minimum GPA and SAT score. All applications submitted are reviewed twice. GPA is also not the only factor we look at for a good applicant. We review an applicant holistally meaning his/her extra-curricular activities, personal statement, volunteer work, and awards are all taken into consideration. There is also an additional comments section to describe any challenges you might have faced through your high school career. I wish you the best of luck in your applications :) -Eldrin

Danko_on_Reddit2 karma

What made you, as student ambassadors choose UCLA over other schools, with such a wide selection in Greater LA alone?

UCLA_Admissions3 karma

Definitely visit the campus! You have to be able to see yourself going to that school for the next 4 years. I was torn between two schools and I wasn't sure what to do but once I visited UCLA it felt right, there was so much diversity and UCLA students are known to work hard but are able to have fun and balance everything. -Rebecka

boss_dogg2 karma

Have any of you guys ever been taught by James Franco? :)

UCLA_Admissions3 karma

My roommate took his class last year! He said it was very dynamic and engaging. -Michelle

MLOmusic2 karma

Hello! Thank you so much for doing this AMA. I am applying for the Ethnomusicology major at UCLA. I had my audition, and I was just wondering if any of you know what the acceptance rate for that particular major is. Once again, thanks for taking the time to do this!

UCLA_Admissions3 karma

The Ethnomusicology department reviews around 70-80 applications each year and tries to keep the max admissions to 10! Good luck! -Jennie

iSDRC1 karma


UCLA_Admissions2 karma

Hey iSDRC. Biology is a pretty popular major here at UCLA but don't let that scare you, it does not have an effect on admissions! Besides the professional schools (Arts, Theater, Engineering, Nursing) which biology doesn't fall under, the major selection does not impact admissions decisions. Basically everyone is reviewed using the same guideline regardless of what they choose so there aren't any majors that are "easier" or "harder" to get into. For your question about living close.. NOPE! Doesn't affect it at all -Jennie

justbeingfrank1 karma


UCLA_Admissions2 karma

In response to your first question, UCLA's Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs has issued a statement about the video. Here is the link to the statement: http://newsroom.ucla.edu/portal/ucla/statement-on-video-by-african-249314.aspx. In response to your second question, all UC's make the admissions decision independently from one another. -Eldrin

bazul001 karma

Does my location and school affect my chances of being accepted?

UCLA_Admissions2 karma

Bazul00, your location or high school does not affect your chances of being addmited. We look at every application holistically. ~Veronika

Vanglock31 karma

I am a bit confused as to how the film school works. I know it does not begin in earnest until junior year, but, since I sent in a supplement for that program, do I hear if I've been admitted this year?

Also, any general feedback about the film program there from people who have gone through it would be much appreciated.

UCLA_Admissions2 karma

The Film major is now open to freshman applicants, not only at the Junior level. I am minoring in Film and Television. It is a great experience even as a minor. The professors here are great and the classes go in depth to both the analysis and production of movies and TV shows. -Eldrin

TiburonVolador1 karma

Hi! Thank you for taking time to do this IAmA.

I am Colombian and have just finished my undergraduate degree in Media and Communications. There are some Graduate Programs that interest me at UCLA and I can see myself applying in the future, more precisely, for the Production/Directing MFA. Knowing already the basics for an International Applicant (English proficiency, Visa requirements, Academic Transcripts and such) what are some general guidelines or advice you'd give me in my position? Is there any financial aid or support I could apply to? About how many people are admitted each year for this program?

UCLA_Admissions3 karma

Hello. In regards to availability of aid, here are some links you might find helpful in searching for scholarships as an international student. www.apps.collegeboard.com/cbseach_ss/welcome.jsp www.iefa.org/search/

Aanvari141 karma

Do your dorms have stoves or even better kitchens for student use?

UCLA_Admissions2 karma

Unfortunately we don't. That's probably the only flaw with dorm life here at UCLA. -Eldrin

JaredBlock1231 karma

Since I am still awaiting a reply to my UCLA application, is there anything I can add to enhance my chances of acceptance? I have received acceptance letters with scholarships. Will it help my chances with UCLA if I send that information to admissions?

UCLA_Admissions2 karma

Hey JaredBlock123. At this point all you can do is sit back and wait! Sending information about acceptances and scholarships to other schools won't impact your UCLA acceptance. Sit tight mid-late March is almost here! -Jennie

Shalin55531 karma

I live on the East Coast and was wondering if there are any outstanding campus events or activities that take place in the time span between when decisions are released to when we are expected to decide which university we are going to attend. Will there be any events or activities that could particularly draw a prospective student to UCLA??

UCLA_Admissions2 karma

When you receive your admission decision, there will actually be a whole list of links of events just like the ones you’re asking about, for out-of-state or out-of-area admitted students to give them more information on UCLA. We also have events at UCLA specifically for admitted students to give them a more in depth tour or more specific information if you happen to be in the area to check out the campus itself on those dates. Best of luck, and we hope to see you at one of these events this upcoming year! ~Veronika

annatieu011 karma

Hi! I received and completed a supplemental questionnaire a while ago. I was wondering how it is graded and how many students that received the supplemental questionnaire will be be accepted.

UCLA_Admissions2 karma

Those who receive a supplemental questionnaire do not have a higher or lower chance of getting admitted than those who do not receive the questionnaire. The questionnaire just means that the admissions office/readers wanted additional information. -Grant

mmiikkeee1 karma

Besides GPA, what's the best thing I can do to maximize the chances of being accepted to UCLA as a transfer student? (GPA's around 3.2, I live in San Diego)

UCLA_Admissions2 karma

Hello mmiikeee! So of course UCLA loves to see strong GPAs and high test scores (what school doesn't?). But it's important to know that when admissions officers read your application they are looking at it as a whole which means that they will be taking your GPA, test scores, extracurriculars, high school attended, rigor of courses, as well as peronal achievements etc. into account! As a basic rule try to keep your scores up and take the most challening schedule that you can balance with an active extracurricular schedule. -Jennie

armenbalushian1 karma

When will I know if I got accepted or not to UCLA?

UCLA_Admissions2 karma

Freshman admission decisions will be posted in late March

Cravenmorebeer1 karma

Do you feel the UC systems will adopt affirmative action? Do you think it will at all be based on socioeconomic level, race, or a combination of both?

Just wanted to say thanks for accepting me. Best four years of my life. Missed LA ever since I graduated in June.

UCLA_Admissions2 karma

Hi, I really have no idea whether the UC systems will adopt affirmative action. That decision ultimately lies in the state government and the citizenes of California. If you want to know how our admissions process works currently go to this website: https://www.admissions.ucla.edu/prospect/Adm_fr/fradms.htm -Grant

czong1 karma

How is the business program in the UCLA? Which specific business program is honorable?

UCLA_Admissions2 karma

Hi, The Business-Economics department at UCLA is very strong. Top tier businesses, accounting firms, and consulting firms recruit specifically from UCLA Business-Economic students. These businesses include Disney, JP Morgan, Bain Consulting, PWC.

PaoulaC1 karma

Does UCLA also have ASB like high school? Because I would want to get involved in ASB

UCLA_Admissions2 karma

There are different student groups on campus that mirror ASB at UCLA. The biggest one is USAC - Undergraduate Student Association Council. To learn more about it, you can go to this link: http://students.asucla.ucla.edu/ Another one is Student Council for The Hill, whcih is where our dorms are lcoated. Here is the link for that: https://www.orl.ucla.edu/employment/hill-government-representative -Eldrin