Shaq here. Let's make this the best AMA of all time. I do lots of things. I Tweet. Check out my beverage line and my TV show, season 2 premieres tonight on truTV.


EDIT: This was fun, sorry I couldn't change the weather (this time). Answered a few more questions but had to run... see if you can find them.

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MrShaquilleONeal2766 karma

unfortunately guys I don't control the weather.

My flight is leaving early cuz of the snow so I'm going to take more questions as soon as I land.

should be a few hours. I'll be back.

Artvandelay13543 karma

As a former Sun, Heat, and Magic, it is highly disappointing to find out you do not control the weather.

MrShaquilleONeal3023 karma

I apologize. It won't happen again.

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UPDATE: I answered some more questions. You'll have to find them. They are hidden throughout.

Etalotsopa159 karma

Someone start preparing the good guy shaq and scumbag shaq memes depending on whether or not he returns.

MrShaquilleONeal472 karma


More answers now.

a_pug_tattoo2056 karma

Hey Shaq,

How does it make you feel that Aaron Carter beat you 1v1 in basketball?

MrShaquilleONeal3509 karma

Aaron Carter won because I'm a generous person.

jsame1951 karma

Shaq what's your opinion on not being selected to be in space jam?

MrShaquilleONeal3383 karma

It was a Nike movie, I'm a Reebok guy.

Illini-11851 karma

He had a little masterpiece called Kazaam that same year. I think it won the Oscar in '96, not sure though.

Vmoney1337798 karma

Speaking of masterpieces, /r/shaqholdingthings

MrShaquilleONeal1204 karma

I haven't heard of that yet. I will have to check it out.

xbiggiesmallsx1724 karma

What physical issues are you forced to live with after playing basketball for so many years?

MrShaquilleONeal4084 karma

Only physical issue that I have is that I'm still sexy.

RowlTihd1539 karma

Do you still have the biggest bed in the world? I remember it from MTV Cribs haha

MrShaquilleONeal3405 karma

I have the biggest bed in the world, then someone challenged me, so I made it double the size, now my room is all bed.

thatdude521212 karma

Who was the best trash talker you ever played against? What did he say that got under people's skin?

MrShaquilleONeal2875 karma

Nobody would talk trash at me because they know I would knock the teeth outta their mouth.

cushcush7891060 karma

Shaq, I really liked your rap album, can't stop the rain. My local college radio is waiting for a followup to that, is it gonna happen?

MrShaquilleONeal2738 karma

2019 Nebruary.

Louisville117947 karma

favorite movie of all time?

MrShaquilleONeal2397 karma

Coming to America.

epatti0914840 karma

How much food do you consume per day? Got any favorites?

MrShaquilleONeal1847 karma

Baked macaroni and fried chicken are my favorites.

aooot780 karma

Hey Shaq, what other sports did you play growing up? Did you always want to play basketball professionally?

MrShaquilleONeal1872 karma

Baseball, football and... wall ball.

moonmman714 karma

Yo Shaq, would you ever do a remake of Kazaam?! Also I think your the coolest/funniest athelete ever!

MrShaquilleONeal1492 karma

I wouldn't do a remake of Kazaam, but I would do another Steel movie.

iitrapper684 karma

Hello Shaq. Who's your favorite ball player?

MrShaquilleONeal1387 karma

One of my all-time favorites is Bill Russell.

OjinCleric673 karma

Yo Shaquille Diesel,

When you asked us if we wanted you to pass it, shoot it, or slam it; what did YOU really want to do?

MrShaquilleONeal1391 karma

I've always wanted to dunk it.

manmo5654 karma

Would you rather fight 70 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

MrShaquilleONeal1987 karma

In honor of your cake day, I will answer your question:

One Shaq-Sized Duck.


MrShaquilleONeal641 karma

Another one that got buried in the avalanche (of comments):

"Big man… You seem to have a ton of fun in all of the stuff you do (movies, tv shows, sports)... what would your advice be to the people who strive for that type of attitude, but find that maybe their pessimism gets in the way?"

I tell people aim for the stars but reach for pluto

MrShaquilleONeal436 karma

Can't find the question now , but here's the answer:

Who is the greatest center of all time? Who is the greatest player you ever played with?

The greatest center of all time conversation is debatable. I've played with four great players: Penny Kobe Wade and Lebron

chupa72268 karma

Who is the greatest center of all time? Who is the greatest player you ever played with?

MrShaquilleONeal329 karma

The greatest center of all time conversation is debatable. I've players with four great players Penny Kobe d wade n lebron

LunarAssultVehicle162 karma

Shaq, I met you at a party after the 12/06/91 Arizona basketball game. I said something witty like "Damn you ARE tall".

You were cool for a young man who was obviously heading off to serious fame and fortune. Congrats on all the success you've had in life.

MrShaquilleONeal228 karma

Aw, thank you, man.

Gotta go. Thank you all so much for this!

Kilometres_Davis138 karma

Yo Shaq,

Where would you be today without basketball?

MrShaquilleONeal370 karma

Without basketball I would be in military or law enforcement, probably.

CrackLawliet51 karma

How did you feel about your role in the Lego movie?

MrShaquilleONeal114 karma

My role in the Lego movie was small but definitely a really enjoyable one.

moalfred22 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

MrShaquilleONeal204 karma

Shaq size Duck