I am host of "The Jason Ellis Show" on SiriusXM. I'm a retired pro skater, I dabble in mixed martial arts and boxing, I am a moto enthusiast, and I sing for the band Death! Death! Die!

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BostonGraver117 karma

Hey Jason/Tully/Will/Kevin/Jetta (...and I guess Hardcore)!

Are any of you aware of the part of Reddit dedicated entirely to your show? We'd love to have any or all of you guys come hang out with us.

That goes for any and all EllisFam members too!

Come kick ass at /r/JasonEllisShow!

JasonEllismate81 karma

New to Reddit, and I'm still not entirely clear what's going on here, but thanks, I think.

zephypyre40 karma

Dude is it gay to do an AMA?

JasonEllismate72 karma


electric_ratt34 karma

Electro Cock! of the WolfKnives here. Red Dragons! Thank you for telling us all the fucked up shit that has happened to you. You are an open book and fans appreciate it. I was molested when young and never even thought that it had an effect on me or it was worth talking to anyone about hearing you tell everyone about it has kind of let me talk to a few people about it and try to fix me!

JasonEllismate27 karma

Fuck yeah.

Allthesechameleons30 karma

Do you still have any desire to come to Florida and help me kill these damn snails?

JasonEllismate15 karma

I'm a little bit over your snails. Sorry.

zephypyre28 karma

Do you think Rawdog regrets his giant wolf knife tattoo?

JasonEllismate49 karma

Shit never thought of that. Maybe. If he does, that's unfortunate. Those were fun times.

amishchicken26 karma


If you lost your dick in a knife fight; how would it affect your life?

JasonEllismate66 karma

I'd probably become a tranny. You gotta improvise.

ElvisNeedsBoats24 karma


JasonEllismate40 karma

Of course. I can do anything.

Dismissile22 karma

Why are you so mean to Wilson?

JasonEllismate34 karma

Because he's the link between me and the big bosses. We're the best show on satellite radio, and they don't act like it. So he gets caught in the middle.

tpolson21 karma

First off, I have to say I respect both of your penises. Jason, What in the last five years do you regret the most? Tully, how many times do you bite your tongue and not correct something Jason says?

JasonEllismate20 karma

Ellis: I don't regret anything. There's been bad times, but I've learned from everything that's happened

rambogizmo19 karma

Are you still getting your own Sirius Channel or did that fall through?

JasonEllismate43 karma

Sooner or later it's going to happen. Right now, I'm focused on taking over the music on the Faction channel. I would say that's one step closer, if that works out. Nothing good is easy.

rj3318 karma

Do you have the new Gnarkill CD?

JasonEllismate17 karma

No, I ate it. It tasted better than it sounded.

BooozyTheClown18 karma

Any plans for a permanent 3rd seat in the studio, or just roll them in and out as you have been?

JasonEllismate23 karma

Probably keep it this way. Seems to be working pretty good.

sireaglecock18 karma

Long time listener here! just wanna say thanks for doin what you do! Who has been your favorite person/people to have on the show so far and why?

JasonEllismate24 karma

I like Keith Jardine. I know it was just the other day, and maybe because it was unexpected, but he was a cool dude. Rob Corddry is always sweet. Bone Thugs were awesome. I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of people. (Tully here typing. I'm also drawing a blank.)

hardinthetaint17 karma

Hey Ellismate, big fan. Couple of questions for you.

1) What's different about not having Raw Dog on the show now?

2) Who comes up with the majority of your bits? A lot of them are genius.

3) How do interns get on the show in the first place? Always been curious about it.

4) How fuckin fun is it to do Ellismania?

5) Where can I buy your book(s) online?

Red fuckin dragons Ellis.

JasonEllismate20 karma

1) I no longer come home to find dead penguins on my front lawn.

2) Me and Tully.

3) Will auditions them. Sexually.

4) It's pretty sweet.

5) Amazon etc. Pretty much the same way you buy any other book.

MarylandBlue17 karma

Who wins in a fight between 20 year old Jason Ellis and 40 year old Jason Ellis?

JasonEllismate56 karma


SlayTime17 karma

If you could leg kick anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

JasonEllismate37 karma

my mom's husband.

lamename615 karma

Hey Wolfmate, out of all your achievements in skateboarding, radio, and music. What would you say your greatest achievement is besides your kids?

JasonEllismate55 karma

The greatest achievement of my life is the radio show. It's ridiculous. It doesn't make any sense. It's like that movie, "Air Bud," where the dog plays basketball. That's how real this is.

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ElvisNeedsBoats14 karma


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uber_bwnage14 karma

If you never did the radio thing, what do you think you would be doing for a job? Other than being awesome?

JasonEllismate20 karma

If I didn't have kids, I would probably be in porn.

MTLOPG14 karma

Hi Jason! Big fan of the show! Now that you've made multiple bestsellers, are you going to continue writing? What's next for your career?

Also do you really hate The Offspring? They're like my favorite..

edit: beatsellers ha

JasonEllismate21 karma

I think me and Tully will write another book for sure. It's about his mother.

JasonEllismate14 karma

That's cool, man. But yeah, I really don't like them.

amy-nipplopolis14 karma

If u could take a vacation anywhere, where would u go? 1) with just Katie 2) with your kids

JasonEllismate19 karma

The best place I've ever been is Tavarua, in Fiji. I think it might be the best place on earth. I don't even want to risk it and try anywhere else. I would like to have that whole place to myself and do some Johnny Depp shits.

Mitchadactyl14 karma

Why do you like cumtard so much?

JasonEllismate35 karma

I don't. But he's stupid like us, and he wants it.

themiddlefinger12 karma

Jason, was it Andy Irons that you had to restrain on that surf trip?

JasonEllismate14 karma


Kugelschnapps12 karma

Do you have any plans for more people for doing stuff with...?

JasonEllismate13 karma

Joanna was great. We'll do that again.

mr_pickles12 karma

Thanks for doing this for your fans Ellis!

A few questions:

  • Why do you hate Tully so much?

  • Which was the better experience for you, being in movies or being on TV?

  • This is probably too soon to ask, but any plans for a 3rd book?

JasonEllismate14 karma

I hate Tully because he is a vampire. And because he owes me money.

Movies are mega. But both are fun.

seo12345612 karma

What is your dream pterodactyl?

JasonEllismate14 karma

That's a legitimate question. Rhonda Rousey, Mischa Tate, and...wait...that means three dudes, right?

osshat12 karma

the whiskey videos were a big part of me growing up ! i loved those guys, I got to meet Kearns once and he is crazy, whats your favourite memory from those days ?

JasonEllismate21 karma

Doing a variable kick flip indie dressed as Boozy the Clown. There you go: a non-drinking story from the Whiskey videos.

Waratah8811 karma

Are you guys still planning on coming to alberta this spring?

JasonEllismate12 karma

Want to. People talk. Who knows.

danibobaniiii11 karma

We're going to your book signing on Friday in HB, CA.. we want to bring you a MEDICATED chocolate bar what's your favorite flavor? Thanks for doing what you do, we love to listen to you everyday at work!

JasonEllismate10 karma

Aren't most chocolates chocolate-flavored?

Thanks, but I don't really eat that stuff.

hooshmd11 karma

Any chance of taking the radio show on tour this year? Can't get away from my job to catch EM but would be awesome to see a live show.

JasonEllismate17 karma

Want to. I want to do a Canadian tour with Death! Death! Die! Unfortunately, it's not as easy as it sounds.

Outofreich11 karma

What has been your biggest challenge in life?

Huge fan by the way, your show got me through a lot of shit. Red Dragons!

JasonEllismate15 karma

Dealing with the past. Divorce wasn't easy. Well, the second one. The first one was sweet.

Das_Fluffy10 karma


JasonEllismate8 karma

When Benji Madden gave me a birthday cake.

JTahoe10 karma

Big fan. Been listening since demolition radio.

The show has had a tough time getting and keeping producers. Looking back, do you think there is something you could have done differently to prevent that? I think Jetta is great so far and everyone loves cumtard, I would hate to see you lose those guys.

JasonEllismate11 karma

I didn't know how to hire a producer, and a lot of people had no idea what was in store for them when they worked here. But through trial and error, we figured it out, and I think now everything should be just fine.

bentrollcage10 karma

What is the best taco? Why?

JasonEllismate9 karma

El Compadre. Extra crispy pork. They are skilled Mexican craftsmen who have been making tacos for over 100 years, my friend.

metadataman9 karma

A hot girl (a good saintly girl, not a party chick) really likes me. How do I not fuck it up?

JasonEllismate23 karma

Be respectful. Be thoughtful. Don't be a dick. It's not that hard. Be honest. Be faithful.

The advice is really easy. Really the hard part is living it.

Kknowsbest9 karma

Who was your role model growing up?

JasonEllismate12 karma

Chris Miller.

wzl469 karma

How can I get a chance to fight in the next EllisMania?

JasonEllismate10 karma

Send in a three-minute video of you hitting a heavy bag, whenever we start taking videos for Ellismania 10.

sv3ndroid9 karma

Dude is it gay if when I shave my balls I sit in front of a mirror and then when I'm done I masturbate while watching myself in the mirror?

JasonEllismate16 karma


EllisisonAMA9 karma

Mr. Ellis, I’d greatly appreciate your advice. I’ve been listening to your show for four years now. You are among the three best people in radio- the others being Dr. Drew Pinski and Adam Carolla. I was hoping to be your intern this past summer (had talked to Will and Tully), until I decided to go to medical school in Texas (instead of California). I have wanted to start a radio show or podcast for a while now- and now have some fellow students to work with; however, I am not sure how to go about formatting my show. I’d like to have something new and original with an edge- but it seems that almost everything has already been done. (Loveline, Howard Stern, Jason Ellis Show) My only skill sets are my medical knowledge and some ability to rant and improvise with comedy. My two main concerns are that I will not have a big enough audience (to field calls) and that the material may get dull or repetitive over time. Do you have any advice for starting my own show? How do you keep your material fresh? Do you think that my medical background would be valuable or worth working into the show format? Thanks for your time and consideration. Both of your books have been great reads! Cheers!

JasonEllismate11 karma

Just throw yourself out there. Believe in yourself. Believe that the world can't get enough of Dr. Shock Jock. And then do it.

alicksB8 karma

Whatever happened to Awesome World?

JasonEllismate12 karma

Played out son.

NotInMyButt8 karma

Ellis, after getting my knee scoped I've gotten fat and lazy. Any diet tips that'll help me cheat my way back to fitness faster?

JasonEllismate22 karma

Harden the fuck up. Don't be such a vag.

drewjy8 karma

Jason, I've listened to your show for years and I have a ton of respect for you as a man, and more importantly, a father. I'm not a "biological" father, only a stepfather to two gorgeous kids that I wouldn't trade for the world. They have only been in my life for a few years (they are now age 6 and 7). Whats the best advice you can give regarding being an awesome father to them? RED DRAGONS

JasonEllismate7 karma

Sounds like you've already got it figure out. Just appreciate the time you have with them.

obirish828 karma

What would it take to get mike catherwood to be a permanent host on the show?

JasonEllismate13 karma

That's not the craziest thing I've ever heard.

unklerussell8 karma

Ellis! What is your favorite Metallica riff of all time?

JasonEllismate15 karma

Master of Puppets.

thatfatbastard7 karma

Fuck yeah! Love your show, but I have to drive a company car now with no Sirius.

I guess the only question I have for you is if you have completely gotten your shit together now. I know you had been going through a pretty dark time and I just want you to know that I'm rooting for you

JasonEllismate13 karma

Thanks. I've never been better. I'm pretty mentally sound, for me anyway.

NotInMyButt7 karma

Ellis, you ever regret the head tattoo?

JasonEllismate9 karma


douchecanoe_RDS7 karma

Ellismate! Long time listener. You guys wished my son Dark Junior a happy birthday last year. I'll try to make it brief:

  • 1.) Any ideas on the next Ellismania? I can actually afford to come this time!
  • 2.) Any chance you guys are gonna bring back LouTallica Voiceovers?
  • 3.) Any sweet, juicy movie roles coming up?

JasonEllismate11 karma

Probably no to 2 & 3.

toxicROFL7 karma

First of all thanks for the good times and radio to keep us occupied while blazing in the parking lot of our highschool instead of going to class. Second of all I remember watching the highest acid drop in on guiness world records tv show ages ago, do you wish you were still more involved in the skate scene? Fuck Shawn white.

Wolf knives all the way up in BC Canada mile 0 of the alaska highway. Stay up. Red dragons!

JasonEllismate11 karma

I would like to skateboard again, but I don't miss the skate scene. I'm pretty scene-d out. I just want to be the king of satellite radio, and then play with kids in a big backyard that has a skate park.

IUsedToHateVeggies7 karma

I unfortunately don't have XM radio anymore, but you were the reason I kept it for so long.

There was a story you told years ago about your daughter bathing and you walked in to POOP EVERYWHERE. Anymore poop stories?


JasonEllismate10 karma

You'll have to read my new book.

Weedhopper827 karma

Are you planning on taking over Howard Stern's time slot when he retires or leaves satellite?

JasonEllismate13 karma


fudsak7 karma

I know you always talk about how much you would like to be on television. As a fan of your radio show, I would love to see you on television doing exactly what you do on the radio. How have your recent pitches gone and could we expect to see you having your own show soon? (Please say HBO, please say HBO...)

JasonEllismate7 karma

I have no idea. I'm supposed to be pitching stuff. The book is blocking everything else out at the moment.

etchasketched7 karma

Hey Ellis! Wolfknives member Unlimited Bread Basket here, do you really plan on going to "The Dungeon" or that BDSM spot in San Fran with Fat Mike?

JasonEllismate8 karma

Not with Fat Mike. But yeah, I would go.

jmcorcoran7 karma

Love the show. It's so hard to come up with a question because you're so candid on the show and in your book and you talk about everything!

What's your favorite thing about Twitter and who's your favorite person to follow?

JasonEllismate8 karma

Forrest Griffin.

darrwin7 karma

Love the show Ellis, easily the best part of my day!

On the next Death Death Die album, what musician would be a dream come true to work with? (Out side if Metallica, obviously they'd be at the top)

JasonEllismate8 karma

I am not dueting with Danzig, because that would make me look bad.

Eminem or Jay-Z?

TheSchnozzberry7 karma

Haven't heard monkey news in awhile. When did monkeys stop becoming newsworthy, Jason?

JasonEllismate11 karma

I don't like telling the same jokes over and over. It feels weird and cheesy. That's the main reason I'll never be and standup comedian.

KielbasaNinja6 karma

If you and Tully had never been paired up, who would be your ideal right hand man?

JasonEllismate10 karma


StevetheDog6 karma

Guys, love the show. Been listening for at least 5 years and I'm pretty sure more. Ellis, you have been a huge inspiration to me. We are nowhere near the same person but I want you to know you're my Jesus. Tully, you've inspired me to be smarter and wittier. You're such a fuck head though and I love you.

I was sad to see Josh go but we all have to go our seperate ways sometimes and you could see it coming in the months leading up to it. Sad but what are you gonna do? Glad you guys have carried on and at first I wasn't sure if I would like the show without him but you guys carried on without missing a beat.

Just wannted to let you know how much your show means to me and us Canadians love you Tully, whether you want it or not.

TL:DR - Ellis, what's the best way to buy weed?

JasonEllismate6 karma


From the legal weed store. If your state doesn't have them yet, you should think about moving.

xtra16 karma

I showed my girlfriend an "Am I a slut?" segment.. she took it the wrong way.. what did I do wrong? #foreveralone.

JasonEllismate11 karma

You showed her the "Dude am I a Slut?" segment.

BIGtroubleLittleCO6 karma

Love the show, man. Have you ever tried to get Phil Anselmo on the show? He's promoting a new album, so no may be a good time to do so. Red dragons, motherfucker.

JasonEllismate5 karma

Yes. So far no luck.

woruty6 karma

I'm turning 21 this March, and the one thing on my must do list this year is to go to Ellismania. I know it might not be happening in Las Vegas, but if it does, what must I do while I'm there?

JasonEllismate5 karma


86biggs5 karma

Is Ellis going to answer any of our questions?

JasonEllismate9 karma

Answering as many as I can. Tully types with three fingers, and he's still way faster than me.

douchecanoe_RDS5 karma

Oooh, additional question. Preparing for my first MMA fight at the end of 2014, at the age of 34. Any recommendations? My coach is a little woo-woo positive-thinking over-visualizing, and seems to be ignoring things like... diet, and sleep. Not very helpful!

JasonEllismate10 karma

If you're gonna fight at that age, you really want all your ducks in a row. If you're not sure about your coach, I would get another. You can't go into a fight questioning the guy in your corner.

hipswiggle5 karma

Do you get any hate mail regarding your radio show?

JasonEllismate10 karma

I don't think anyone sends mail anymore. But hate tweets. Hate Instagrams. Sure.

yimmy865 karma

Ellis if you had to go back and had skateboarding hasn't been invented yet what would you do instead?

JasonEllismate6 karma

A surfer or a fighter. Something like that.

nonetheless6665 karma

Jason, whats the craziest thing a diehard fan, has ever asked of you?

JasonEllismate7 karma

For money.

candeljak5 karma

When you're working on a book, how does it progress? In spurts of typing/writing or with a set amount of time put aside everyday until you're done. Would you consider fiction or are your other creative outlets enough (DDD and your movies)?

JasonEllismate6 karma

I would consider all options. I think Tully and I could right anything. If we put our twist on it, it will probably not suck.

Writing process is basically I talk a lot, and then Tully shapes it into a book.

dblydenburgh5 karma

Jason, I just want to say thanks for all the laughs. I've been going through a lot of bullshit lately, and listening every day has helped me say "fuck it." My question for you is, what advice would you give someone looking to get into radio, I've been told hundreds of times I've got a voice for radio, and that I'm pretty funny, but I don't know where to start. Would you or Tully have any advice?

JasonEllismate11 karma

I don't know how to do that either. Tony Hawk got me a job. Sorry.

C-Spoons4 karma

Any chance your third book will be a continuation of the first? Less self-help and more autobiography.

JasonEllismate5 karma

There is a chance of that. But there is also a chance that I will never write another autobiography again.