Brennan Heart is one of the leading international hardstyle DJ/Producers with over 100 releases throughout his career. MC Villain is the harder styles’ premiere MC/Producer, spanning the genres of Jump, Hardcore, Oldschool, and Hardstyle. Lastly, LessThan3 is a U.S. music blog that acts as one of the biggest proponents of the harder styles on the web. Come partake in the harder styles of EDM on March 8th in Los Angeles at The Sound of Q- dance:

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FlAkeBuRst13 karma

I've got some Questions.

To Brennan Heart:
1. You took S-Dee under your wing back at Brennan Heart Music, are you two still working together and if not do you plan to in the future?
2. Who was your favourite producer to do a collaboration with?
3. Since you just had your own X-Qlusive, which artist do you think would be most deserving of his/her/their own edition as the next one?
4. From a fellow Fabian, are you aware that you have the most awesome first name?

To Villain:
1. How did you get into MCing?
2. How many caps do you own? I want an exact number, no guessing!

Harder_Styles_AMA9 karma

Villain : I own 144 caps at the moment :)

Harder_Styles_AMA6 karma

Brennan Heart: 1. Still waiting for a follow up! 2. Code Black & Wildstylez 3. Zatox 4. hahaha!! nice one!

R2R00012 karma

How do you guys feel about Headhunterz recent announcement about giving his music a new direction away from the Hardstyle scene?

Huge Fan by the Way! Come to the Bay Area soon!!

Harder_Styles_AMA21 karma

LessThan3: We are all for exploring new musical areas, because artists should be able to do that freely, but we do hope that HH continues to produce at least some hardstyle, as the US reception to his hardstyle sets has been greatly improving over the past year. He could be THE person to really set off hardstyle in the US if he wanted.

Harder_Styles_AMA11 karma

Brennan Heart: You have to follow your heart

ds118 karma

Brennan: How do you go about playing for non hardstyle specific events?

Villain: How do you keep your voice (and energy) up for the entire event?

Both Brennan and Villain: How do you compare the hardstyle scene in America to Holland & Australia? Like how fans act differently, event organizers work, etc.

Harder_Styles_AMA3 karma

Villain: I train my voice on every gig and I drink a lot of tea.... And my energy I get from the music and the Hardstyle crowd :)

Harder_Styles_AMA2 karma

Brennan Heart: It's special and a challenge to perform at these non hardstyle specific events... it gives me the chance to experiment

drunk-penguin7 karma

To Brennan Heart:

  • What is your most memorable gig of your life?

  • How is your relationship with Thera nowadays?

  • Can I drive in your Porsche?

To Villian

  • What is your most memorable gig you had to host?

  • How did you become an MC?

Thanks for the tracks and all the good stuff! You should pay a visit to /r/hardstyle

Harder_Styles_AMA17 karma

Brennan Heart: 1. #XQBH14 2. no hard feelings 3. A drunk pengiun driving in a Porsche?!

Harder_Styles_AMA3 karma

Villain: Every gig is special to me and each have there own memories, but if I have to choose, my answer will be Mysteryland Chile

KingMonkeySocks5 karma

How prevalent is the drug scene among dj's and producers behind scene at major events and festivals?

Harder_Styles_AMA14 karma

Brennan Heart: All I know is: I'm a HARDBASS JUNKIE and I need my fix

zatonik5 karma

I cant wait to see Brennan Heart and Villain in LA March 8!

Went to see Sound of Q-Dance in Oct and it was amazing.

just want to say thank you! and i really want to meet you guys after! it would mean so much for me as a college student finishing at the end of March! im driving down from Santa Cruz to see you guys

For Brennan Heart, is Jonathan Mendelsohn going to perform live?

"would you come to LA march 8 to sing for brennan heart??? Like · · January 27 at 11:39pm

Jonathan Mendelsohn you'll have to ask him man!"

Harder_Styles_AMA3 karma

Brennan Heart: I will check with the man himself!! Could be a nice one!

ReflexEight4 karma

What is your favorite food?

When did you realize you wanted to do this as a living?

Also, I slowed down Imaginary 8x.

Harder_Styles_AMA4 karma

Villain: it all started as a hobby when I was 17 years old

Harder_Styles_AMA4 karma

Villain: I love Japanese

Harder_Styles_AMA3 karma

Brennan Heart: 1. Thai food 2. Never thought about it, it happened

Rikvdlee4 karma

Hi Brennan and Villain, first of all, how are you guys doing! :)

Harder_Styles_AMA2 karma

All good !!! Life couldn't be better :)

coris8123 karma

Hi guys! Question for Brennan: Where do you draw your most musical influence from outside of the electronic scene?

and Villain: Any plans to start producing? Or if you do, what's your alias so I can start listening? :)

Harder_Styles_AMA2 karma

Brennan Heart: all kinds of music, also movie scores (Hans Zimmer is a real master) Anything can be a trigger to come up with a new idea

justamemejunky3 karma

you are all welcome to /r/hardstyle.

All: how do you feel about hardstyle gaining International recognition?

Harder_Styles_AMA6 karma

LessThan3: We love it! The more electronic music in any form gains any recognition the more it helps all parts of the scene.

MrotekMedia3 karma

Who would be the best person in the scene to get my American rawstyle track to if I am looking to sign with a European label?

Harder_Styles_AMA7 karma

Send it to my podcast show: [email protected] so I can listen )

micromacro3 karma

I used to think all MCs detracted from my experience during hardstyle/DnB events but MC Villain is one of the few that I think actually can add to the crowd hype without detracting from the music :D

Villain: Do you spend time before each show brainstorming things to say about specific DJs or songs, or is most of what you do on stage improv based on experience?

Harder_Styles_AMA4 karma

Wow, thank you so much for your kind words !! Words like this motivates me !!

Both.... for big shows I brainstorm, try to bring something new.. For the rest I go with the flow of the music ;)

sven_hassen2 karma

Brennan Heart and MC Villain

Are you always drunk on stage? or just a little tipsy?

Harder_Styles_AMA3 karma

Villain: Drunk as f*ck ;) just kidding haha, just a few drinks before

Harder_Styles_AMA2 karma

Brennan Heart: depends on the party & the vibe!!

Bustosdd2 karma

For the two of you, what music festivals do you most like to play at. Also what country has the better crowd

Lessthan3: I have checked out your website multiple times, and I love it!

Harder_Styles_AMA3 karma

LessThan3: Thanks for the support :)

black99attack2 karma

Hey Brennan, When are you ever going to come to Vancouver, Canada?!

Harder_Styles_AMA5 karma

Brennan Heart: hope this year!!

drkoskr2 karma

For Brennan & Villain, Greetings from Colombia!

Harder_Styles_AMA3 karma

Brennan Heart: Greetings from Holland

Harder_Styles_AMA2 karma

Villain: A massive Hardstyle greet back

Kknowsbest2 karma

Who were your role models growing up?

Harder_Styles_AMA1 karma

Brennan Heart: the A team!! timeless

Broly3k82 karma

All for Brennan Heart:

1: I love your music. Ever since I heard the song One Master Blade many years ago, I have been hooked on hardstyle. Thank you for that btw.

2: I saw you twice at Giga Parc in Dulmen, Germany (spelling?), and was wondering since its been soo long since I have been, do you still go there? Are you from that area? I ask because it seemed odd that that little club in what seemed like the middle of nowhere would get your attention over much bigger ones in Dusseldorf and other large citys close by.

3: Are you planning any 'gigs' in the States in the future? If so, where? I would pay just about anything to see you live again.

Edit: Clarifying who the questions are for*

Harder_Styles_AMA3 karma

Brennan Heart: 1 My pleasure 2. I don't know if they still do hardstyle nights. Always love the vibe over there. Played in Cologne last Friday, that gig was epic!! (Bootshaus) 3. Yes, NY & LA in couple of weeks. And more shows coming up in 2014!

DFensPowA2 karma

Hey Fabian,

Dunno if you are allowed to tell us, but i just try it :)

So the qlimax LineUp will be announced at the end of october i guess (like every year)

But when do you, as an artist, know, that you are in the LineUp ??

Is it the same day as we, the crowd, knows it ? Or is it very earlier ?? Please tell me, if you´re allowed to :)

Harder_Styles_AMA8 karma

Brennan Heart: most artists get a request around july/aug...

spikey_dogg2 karma

  1. How do you guys feel about acts such as Showtek and half of the Noisecontrollers leaving Hardstyle and playing more electrohouse? (And I believe Headhunterz said he is going to branch out into something different)

  2. Do you feel that Hardstyle is starting to get more recognition? Its being dropped in more sets now (Dash Berlin, Hardwell, Tiesto are just some of the acts I saw recently that had at least one Hardstyle track)

PS: Brennan please visit Vancouver Canada soon!

Harder_Styles_AMA6 karma

LessThan3: We are all for exploring new musical areas, because artists should be able to do that freely, but we do hope that the major hardstyle artists continue to produce at least some hardstyle, as the US reception to his hardstyle sets has been greatly improving over the past year. And yes, hardstyle is definitely getting more recognition--many of the biggest DJs are dropping it in their sets now as you said, and Q-dance is helping bring the sound over to the US in a big way.

Harder_Styles_AMA3 karma

Brennan Heart: 1. In every producer is also a real artist... and everyone should do what feels right for themselves. 2. yes, the euphoric hardstyle is getting picked up by non hardstyle dj's I love tracks like 'Groupie Love' with that crossover sound!

Yes, would be awesome to come to Canada again!!

michalovehardstyle2 karma

When can we hear your new track with Jonathan Mendelsohn?

Harder_Styles_AMA2 karma

Brennan Heart: Hope to finish our new track within a few weeks.

KingMonkeySocks2 karma

Brennan Heart, Your song Lose my mind. Is there any personal story or life event behind the lyrics in that song? ... perhaps the "MDMAble to shine" part ;)

Harder_Styles_AMA3 karma

Brennan Heart: perhaps it's your story!;)

ds_ds2 karma

What do you think of the current direction hardstyle is heading? I mean you hear a lot more electro house DJ's incorporate hardstyle elements in their songs or even making "hardstyle-ish" music.

Harder_Styles_AMA5 karma

LessThan3: We're seeing big room/electro become more like hardstyle, and vice versa. There's sort of a "meeting in the middle" that is happening in an effort to bring in more fans. You can branch sounds out from there once you've got the attention of a fan base.

ormomack2 karma

LessThan3: I know that your name is based off a a virtual heart, but have you also considered the resemblance to "Less Than Jake"? And if you are a fan, what's your favourite song by them?

Harder_Styles_AMA3 karma

LessThan3: Less Than Jake isn't really in our sound arena, so it's never really been an issue. We also weren't the first people to use the "LessThan3" virtual heart anyway, so Less Than Jake may have already been dealing with that haha. And I personally love the BH track with Jonathan Mendelsohn! Love how emotive it is :)

hardstylekitty2 karma

How do you feel about American Hardstyle Girls? (;

Harder_Styles_AMA5 karma

Brennan Heart: We love U!!!

KingMonkeySocks2 karma

How do you guys feel about 'ghost producers' and do any of you use any?

Harder_Styles_AMA2 karma

Brennan Heart: my studio is a cemetery!! lol no... writing and producing since I was 14. Love to collab with other producers!

dakdang2 karma

What are your thoughts on Kandi? do you support PLUR?

Harder_Styles_AMA6 karma

LessThan3: We definitely support peace, love, unity, and respect, and we hope you do too! :) As for Kandi, it's a pretty long-standing rave tradition, so if you're into it, then have at it.

Vallivuelax1 karma

No questions...just wanted to say thanks for everything you do for the hardstyle community!

Harder_Styles_AMA2 karma

Villain: And thank you for keeping Hardstyle ticking !!

Matthijsvssn1 karma

Brennan and Villain, if you two would be batman and robin, which one would be batman, and which one would be robin?

Harder_Styles_AMA2 karma

Brennan Heart: I'm Batman because of my batmobile... Michael looks more like robin lol

sharonnekeuh1 karma

hey brennan,ik heb niet echt een vraag! ik wou je gewoon eens zeggen wat een geweldige dj je draait en maakt je muziek altijd vanuit het diepste van het hart daar heb ik veel respect voor! je bent een inspiratiebron voor veel mensen!! love your music!!!! blijf zo verder doen! respect!!!!! gtz sharon

Harder_Styles_AMA1 karma

Brennan Heart: smile!! thnx!!:))

Swankie1 karma

What was the deal with the cancellation of Mysteryland Denmark 2013? I were so stoked to finally go to a proper festival with some decent music here in Denmark.

Thanks Brennan Heart. You really got me hooked on this genre back in the days, your livesets are always amazing! What's your favourite music genre apart from hardstyle? Where do you draw inspiration from?

Villain, I love your dedication to the music and the scene. I never understood how you're able to do this over and over again, doesn't it get boring at times?

Harder_Styles_AMA2 karma

Villain: Thank you !! And no, Hardstyle never gets me bored :)

Da_Car1 karma

Pancakes or Waffles?

Harder_Styles_AMA3 karma

Brennan Heart: neither;)

rasistbear1 karma


Harder_Styles_AMA1 karma

Brennan Heart: dacht dat iemand tijdens optreden van me artistieke foto's wilde nemen... en om die reden dus op de grond lag met de fotocamera, maar eigenlijk lag ze daar out te gaan door een epileptische aanval door de stroboscoop... vervolgens moest ik tijdens het draaien haar helpen en security erbij halen...ondanks dat mixte ik ook nog tracks door tijdens dit hele gebeuren... alles is verder goed gekomen met haar...

Raz9r1 karma

Any planned events near Hamburg, Germany you're playing at, Fabian?

Harder_Styles_AMA5 karma

Brennan Heart: normally I'm performing a few times a year near Hamburg... no gigs planned yet! I'm sure it will happen soon!

kwnd1 karma

Brennan Heart:

What is your biggest inspiration when producing new music?

Which songs of Code Black made you discover his talent/impressed you the most?

Harder_Styles_AMA3 karma

Brennan Heart: !. the crowd... what happens on the weekend during dj-ing. 2. His demo of Pandora in 2007

I_like_nothing1 karma

Just saw X-qlusive Brennan Heart Aftermovie. Loved my time over there! I especially enjoyed your live performance with Jonathan Mendelsohn. Do you have any other singer/songwriters that you want or going to work with? Maybe Villain wants to get into singing!

Harder_Styles_AMA2 karma

Brennan Heart: Thnx for being part of XQ!! It was beyond anything! Yes, always working with singer/songwriters in the studio.

Basxt1 karma

1: Best feeling while performing?

2: what do you enjoy the most from a crowd and what do you not like?

3: Are you sometimes still nervous when playing at a gig?

4: When you are done for the night with your gig do you go stand in between the crowd?

5: Just going to ask this one.. Has anyone of you done drugs while perfoming?

Harder_Styles_AMA5 karma

Brennan Heart: 1. See the crowd go wild!! 2. interaction 3. yes sometimes 4. if there's time I always check the crowd or festival/event 5. no... just drinks

uktim311 karma

Brennan: 1. Do you produce music for yourself or for the fans? I remember last year you played in Baltimore the weekend before I deployed and it had a major impact on my life. 2. Where do you see hardstyle going in the next 5 years?

Harder_Styles_AMA1 karma

Brennan Heart: 1. For the fans, always try to imagine how it feels to hear that track/idea on the dance floor or party. 2. More crossover, a new era Baltimore was epic!! hope to be back soon

The65Hummer1 karma

What kind of music were you producing before you started making hardstyle?

Harder_Styles_AMA3 karma

Brennan Heart: trance, hardcore

Cheeze171 karma

You do amazing music love you! Question : Have you played any videogame?

Harder_Styles_AMA1 karma

Brennan Heart: Duke Nukem 3d ... back in the days!! lol

oinkd1 karma

@Brennan Heart :

*Favourite vst? and why?

*Favourite non Brennan Heart track?

*If hardstyle didn't exist what would you produce?

Harder_Styles_AMA8 karma

Brennan Heart: 1. Blutonium Kickmaker 6.4 lol (real answer: Massive) 2. ...uhhhhh... too many! 3. reggae;) ...maybe a mix between trance & hard trance, house, dub step

kontkorst1 karma

Hey guys, big fan of the harderstyles here! Who's the best artist in the harderstyles? Do you guys also like hardcore etc.

Btw Villian, see you this saturday at Reverze!!:D

Harder_Styles_AMA2 karma

See ya at reverze !!

sussiesweden1 karma

Hi Brennan and Villain! We were on X-Qlusive Brennan Heart and you played your new song "back in the days" when is the release for that? And I also hope you are comming to a monday bar cruise very soon here in Sweden, Brennan ;-) See you on summerburst :-)

Harder_Styles_AMA1 karma

Brennan Heart: ... that tune will come soon! Monday Bar is something unique, what happens at monday bar stays at monday bar!;) see u soon!

JesseSlagman1 karma


Met carnaval kom je weer naar zaal dijk voor weer een geweldig avondje, maar als je zelf mocht kiezen was je dan liever carnaval gaan vieren in een club, bar of kroeg of toch achter de draaitafel? ;)

En mag ik dan weer op de foto (a) ik spaar selfies met hardstyle DJ's en producers haha

Harder_Styles_AMA1 karma

Brennan Heart: draaien is altijd leuk op die dag!! ben meer van de muziek hoor!! zie je dan, maken we foto!

elblumpkin991 karma

American hardstyle lover here and I just wanted to thank you guys for blessing the USA with your amazing music. I was lucky enough to see you in Seattle (my hometown) and am all set to make the trip to LA for The Sound of Q-Dance part 2. Keep on being awesome.

Harder_Styles_AMA2 karma

Villain: We do this together, so thank you people out there that keep Hardstyle ticking... One love !!

Yentl19931 karma

Bedankt guys, voor alle mooie, onvergetelijke momenten!! Dit jaar komen er hopelijk weer heel veel bij!! Zie jullie op de festivals!

P.s. Fabian, je x-Qlusive was geweldig! Wat een avond/nacht!

Harder_Styles_AMA2 karma

Brennan Heart: thnx voor je compliment! XQ was ook super mooie avond om mee te mogen maken. Ga je snel weer zien!

djiceflame1 karma

Hi Brennan, is it possible to see the playlist of your set from last Friday in Cologne Bootshaus? I was there and it was amazing!!!

Harder_Styles_AMA1 karma

Brennan Heart: pfff... wow!! Have no idea what I played ... Must say, it was one of my fav club gigs ever!! Love that club!

TrashBoat471 karma

This is for MC Villain! It seems that QDance isnt getting the desired reaction in the US. The Sound of QDance in LA has way less hype this year than the first one did. The first Sound of QDance barely filled the bottom floor of the Shrine. Kaskade sold it out 3 nights in a row both floors :/ What moves are being taken to MAKE HARDSTYLE WHAT IT SHOULD BE IN THE US!!!

Thank you for taking the time to do this AMA!

Harder_Styles_AMA1 karma

Villain: We need to make the movement bigger in LA, and start doing :)

And for this we need every single raver out there that spread the word, and together we can build something beautiful :)

slapec1 karma

I'm so happy that you are here to answer some of our questions! : ) I have some to both of you:

  • What was your childhood like? Were you diligent students?
  • What was your favourite subject?
  • Do unknown people recognize you in your everyday life?
  • What job would you likely do if you would not have entered to music?

Thank you guys and keep it up! : )

Harder_Styles_AMA1 karma

Brennan Heart: 1. Making music 24/7... sucked at school 2. Dunno 3. yes, the supermarket is a big hit 4. something in management (in music scene)

Gallaphanx1 karma

Brennan Heart: Which of your songs did you have the most fun producing and do you have a song of yours you call your favorite?

When playing at Lift Off March 7th, can you be the best like always?

Also, why is your music so fucking awesome?

Also, I love you.

Harder_Styles_AMA1 karma

Brennan Heart: hahah!! thanks buddy! Imaginary, FIFO, One Blade, LMM, Wake Up... all done in less than a day.

xaostica1 karma

Just wanna say thanks for the tunes!

Harder_Styles_AMA1 karma

Brennan Heart: :))

dj_stenax1 karma

@Brennan Heart: Are there any plans releasing your album's tracks (the new ones) in full? If yes, do I have to wait for it a long time or a short?

Harder_Styles_AMA1 karma

Brennan Heart: all in the next few weeks/months

MaartenFromTheHard1 karma

Wat is je favo track die jezelf hebt gemaakt?

Harder_Styles_AMA1 karma

Brennan Heart: Imaginary, FIFO, One Blade ... kan niet kiezen hoor haha

MisterKFC1 karma

Villian: I fkin love you man! keep doing what you do!

Harder_Styles_AMA2 karma

Thank you so much for the nice words !! Words like this make my day :)

NXTDj1 karma

Can't wait to see you guys at L.A. Going for my birthday.

Harder_Styles_AMA1 karma

Villain: Make that 2 :) Hope to meet you there for your birthday

carrerochile1 karma

hi brennan and mc villain, im from chile my questions is how you feel when you play in my country?

Harder_Styles_AMA1 karma

Villain: It feels like I'm in love :) you people are amazing !!

blandge1 karma

Villain: How is the MC career path different from being a DJ? Is it harder to become a successful MC? Also, do you DJ or produce at all?

Brennan Heart: Any cool collabs coming up?

Harder_Styles_AMA1 karma

Villain: There is no school to go to to become an MC, it all starts as a hobby...

mp_bitcoin1 karma

Villian: I just saw you and Wildstylez in Vancouver and you guys killed it! What is your mindset going into a small venue like this one vs a big one like a festival? Any preference?

Harder_Styles_AMA1 karma

Villain: Thank you, the canadian crowd was amazing...

I love being intimate with the crowd at a small venue, and I love the power from a big crowd..

So I love doing both :)