hi reddit! Verne Troyer here. You might remember me as "Mini Me" from Austin Powers, or a bunch of other movies like MIB or Harry Potter. I stopped by reddit the other week because I saw there was a painting request on /r/GoFoGold that included me… so I joined to comment, submitted to /r/pics and got a bunch of requests to do an AMA, so here I am!

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Thanks to Victoria @ reddit and Greg @gbaroth for helping me!

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Thanks guys! I've gotta go. this was fun

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budde_1831 karma

Who would you want to play Mega-You in a movie?

vernetroyer2973 karma

Hulk Hogan

Pardonme231721 karma

Little known fact about Verne Troyer?

vernetroyer3494 karma

Grew up amish.

IamBmeTammy1371 karma

Did you do your own stunts on Austin Powers?

vernetroyer3281 karma

Nobody else can do my stunts except for a doll. I'm only 2 foot 8 dude!

Cbarns881201 karma

Verne! Thanks for doing this. Was wondering, when filming Austin Powers, how difficult was it to not talk at all? Did you slip up often?

vernetroyer2118 karma

It was difficult because Mike improves constantly and so you have to just react, but I liked the challenge of not being able to say anything but still having to get my point across. Ruined many scenes because we couldn't keep a straight face. The scene with the cat where I'm trying to bite it, I was smirking the whole time

SendDaBatchBro1164 karma

What's the weirdest role you have been offered?

vernetroyer3270 karma

A tv series where I was inside abraham lincoln's hat, and I would come out and kill people.

Kknowsbest1123 karma

Who was your role model growing up

vernetroyer2599 karma

My parents. They never treated me any different than my other average sized siblings. I used to have to carry wood, feed the cows and pigs and farm animals.

Traubster1097 karma

What percentage of women would you say do not wear panties?

vernetroyer1992 karma

Well I'm the only one who can see!

Darkboner977 karma

Hey Verne, first of all lots of respect man!

Secondly, a question. Were you ever teased/bullied with your length as a child ?

If so, how did it affect you ?

vernetroyer1947 karma

I punched a bully in the nose one day for calling me the m word. He never used it again

bigtice965 karma

Verne, you must answer this: A battle to the death between you and Ajay Kumar for the rights to shortest film star and a lifetime supply of Mountain Dew. Not who wins, but how do you win?

Thanks for all the laughs in everything we've gotten to see you perform in.

vernetroyer2988 karma

I would start off by shaking his hand. Being friendly, chit chat, then slap him in the face.

Next a swift knee to the groin.

Then I'd take out his legs with a leg sweep.

I'd finish him off with a People's Elbow. Then I'd stand over him and gloat that he shouldn't F with someone who is 2 inches taller than him.

get some.

Kknowsbest838 karma

If you could work with any actor that you have not worked yet who would it be

vernetroyer1653 karma

Clint Eastwood. I'd love to do a Western

Stoltz3825 karma

Hey Verne! What's one thing about yourself that people don't know about you that you wish they did?

vernetroyer2198 karma

I'm fucking short

jason22internet726 karma

Verne, thank you for taking the time to an AMA.

I really enjoyed your World of Warcraft commercial.
Did you play?
Do you still?
Care to share a fun moment in WoW?

vernetroyer1329 karma

I play all the time! Im addicted to video games

Floridadinosaurs726 karma

What size shoe do you wear?

vernetroyer1335 karma

size 8 kids.

Yelnick_McWawa699 karma

I read that you were a stuntman in the smash hit holiday classic "Jingle All the Way"? How was Arnold like behind the scenes? Is Sinbad really crazy?

vernetroyer1716 karma

Sinbad is hilarious. Arnold was HUUGGEE. I suggested he run for Governor one day. For better or worse he took my advice.

riglet669 karma

What was working with Heath Ledger like on The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus?

vernetroyer1086 karma

Amazing! One of of the greatest actors I've ever gotten to work with. Not just as an actor but as a person. I am honored to have been able to do that!

jesuslovestacos640 karma

Hey Verne! What do you think of people that put ice in their milk?

vernetroyer1128 karma


Kknowsbest638 karma

Who is your celebrity crush?

vernetroyer1565 karma

anne hathaway

Artvandelay1602 karma

Hey Verne, welcome to reddit. So be honest, is that a baby’s hand holding an apple or are you just happy to see us?

vernetroyer956 karma

happy to see you

MCMXChris599 karma

Do you actually eat chocolate like a rabid badger?

vernetroyer932 karma

hell yah

raw126563 karma

Verne! What's up man! Do you drive? If so, what kind of car do you whip around?

vernetroyer1489 karma

A benz convertible sitting on 20's with the bumps in the trunk.

trafficjelly516 karma

Hey Verne! Love your work and thanks for doing the AMA. What's your favorite fan story?

vernetroyer1110 karma

A toothless lady in her mid 60s once stopped by a pop culture convention I was signing at, came up to the table, and told me she wanted to take me home, that she could just eat me up.

Frajer513 karma

If you could do it all over again and be average height for a guy would you do it?

vernetroyer1571 karma

no I wouldnt. I'm happy!

Guest_Acct469 karma

What's your favorite electronic gadget that you own?

vernetroyer1063 karma

ps4. hands down

Artvandelay1801 karma

When Sony releases a slimmer Mini-PS4 they had better call you for the ad campaign.

vernetroyer1171 karma

i'd love it!

Loke1104449 karma

How did you like Sweden when you did the show "Welcome to Sweden" a few years ago?:)

EDIT: Spelling

vernetroyer766 karma

it was a blast but I was freezing my ass off. You swedes are very friendly people!

A_creative_username_427 karma

Hi Verne, thanks a lot for doing this AMA, two questions about your role in Harry Potter; 1) Could you tell how successful the the films and the child actors would go on to become? 2) What was it like on set being next to the Hagrid robot/actor?

vernetroyer764 karma

I honestly had no idea! the sets were amazing! He was so tall! I was the only american on the first film, and JK Rowling was known to say she only hired British Actors. I think thats why I never got the opportunity to play Griphook in the last two films. Thanks JK! Warwick Davis was the best person for the role

thebiglibrarian419 karma

What's your favorite book and why?

vernetroyer929 karma

Where the red fern grows

llano11402 karma

Hey Verne! Do you have any funny stories about Mike Myers and yourself getting into shenanigans?

vernetroyer808 karma

in between scenes he would dance to his favorite music. that inspired me for my rap in the jail

caynec387 karma

Yo, I see that you play video games on occasion. Will you be getting Titanfall?

vernetroyer951 karma

Still addicted to Assassin's Creed

evedamnededen354 karma

Megan Fox, Jennifer Lawrence, & Kristen Stewart - Who would you kill, who would you fuck, who would you marry?

vernetroyer1270 karma

Kill: Kristen Stewart. Fuck: Megan Fox Marry: Jennifer Lawrence or Anne Hathaway.

Stoltz3288 karma

Pancakes or waffles?

vernetroyer711 karma

Waffles and syrup. and some butter

TheCaliHaze266 karma

I love your work! Thanks for doing this AMA. How is it being famous? When did you first get into films?

vernetroyer861 karma

got started in 93. A movie called Baby's Day Out. I was the stunt double for a baby. John Hughes produced it.

popeboyQ260 karma

Verne, want to do lunch sometime?

vernetroyer662 karma

Yeah I'll have my people call your people

s-d238 karma

Hi thanks for doing this AMA! Which actor have you enjoyed working with the most?

vernetroyer579 karma

Heath Ledger

HonorConnor223 karma

Have you seen the Celebrity Deathmatch episode you were portrayed in?

vernetroyer451 karma

I got killed!

FriedSliceOfGold217 karma

Hey Verne, is there ever going to be another Austin Powers? The world needs it!

vernetroyer331 karma

hope so!

AlwaysQuotesTheWire210 karma

So, Verne, thanks for stoppin by! Serious question...which is your personal favorite combo?:

  • Smoke and a pancake
  • Flapjack and a cigarette
  • Cigar and a waffle
  • Pipe and a crepe
  • Bong and a blintz

Also, can you verify the information linked below?

"You know who got the fattest asses and the best pussy...?"

vernetroyer600 karma

bong and a blintz

Shermzilla197 karma

Could you describe your perfect sandwich?

vernetroyer416 karma

Breakfast sandwich: Peanut Butter and Jelly, on whole wheat toast. with an over easy egg on top.

Staxcellence190 karma

Hey Verne, thanks for doing this AMA!

I love it when you show up on Celebrity Juice!

my questions:

  1. What's your favorite memory from the show?

  2. Is Leigh as crazy as Keith?

  3. And any plans to go back on anytime soon?


vernetroyer374 karma

My favorite moment was the "Is Verne Taller than a Traffic Cone" I kicked that cones ass! I'd love to go back!

gamermom81183 karma

Was it fun to work on Shasta Mcnasty? The chip and guacamole hat scene was a bit much but I liked you on the show.

vernetroyer290 karma

Had a great time working with everyone. In that episode I got to bite a chicks ass!! Not a bad work day. Loved working with Dennis Dugan on the series

Dropdatopz24178 karma

Hottest piece you ever had, go!

vernetroyer884 karma

dominoes delivery. pepperoni.

dnalsi172 karma

Is there anything you only dreamed of doing as a child, that your fame or fortune has enabled you to do?

vernetroyer417 karma

Travel the world. Help support the family, parents, and brother. especially my brother. hey bro

cube151169 karma

No question. Just a serious thank you for the laughs!

vernetroyer244 karma

appreciate that.

araeos167 karma

Verne! Welcome to reddit! If you could change professions and do anything you wanted for the rest of your life, what would you do?

vernetroyer468 karma

Well here's a list of jobs I did before I was an actor:

Telephone operator, candy wrapper.

I'd love to be a professional football player. Runningback!

Swindean157 karma

Thanks for coming to Portsmouth. My photo with you is still my background

vernetroyer345 karma

let's see it!

Keswik156 karma

Hey Verne! Thanks for taking time out to do this! What was your favorite role so far? And Which was the most challenging?

vernetroyer386 karma

Most challenging: Mini Me (didnt speak) so that was challenging. Favorite: Bit Players, short film (no pun intended)

Chikimunki142 karma

I've enjoyed your work, and this AMA is awesome! I have some questions for you:

• Is there a role you would really like to play, whether on film or stage, remake or new?
• Have you ever pitched an idea for a show or movie?

vernetroyer309 karma

I'd love to play a mobster!

Wutsurname132 karma

Hey Verne! What's your favorite dipping sauce?

vernetroyer319 karma


jord4n89128 karma

What's on the Verne Troyer rider?

vernetroyer211 karma

Granola bars, peanut butter and jelly with wheat bread. peanut m&ms, snickers, sunkist, mountain dew, coca cola.

kgrl87122 karma

Hey Verne! Thanks for being here!

Have you been able to keep any props from any of your movies?

nspklover116 karma

I'm a big fan, any new movies on the way are you working a lot.

vernetroyer373 karma

Several films coming out this year! One is called Gnome, obviously I play the Gnome that kills people. I've got a documentary that is airing around the world right now called Incredibly Small world. It's about dwarves who have become successful in their trade. (bullfighters, actor, truck drivers)

I really loved doing the documentary because it shows average sized people that we can do everything they can, just in a different way.

I have a ton of appearances this year! I'll be at the Supanova pop culture convention in australia the first half of april. come out and see me.

inode115 karma

Hey Verne! met you a few years ago in a nightclub meet and greet in Ireland.

What's your favorite country to visit and why?

Keep up the good work

vernetroyer284 karma

South Africa! Loved Capetown. When I sat on the edge of table mountain, and then I also got to hold a baby lion.

CallMeSnuffaluffagus106 karma

Can you reply to this so I can legitimately say I've talked to Verne Troyer?

Thank you for the AMA and love your work! Keep em' coming!

vernetroyer233 karma

you have now talked to verne troyer

lowlandet103 karma

Hai Verne!

How was it meeting the handsome lad Gavin Free?

Relevant: http://i.imgur.com/gsOV05j.png

vernetroyer105 karma

it was nice!

mrsbass79102 karma

Verne. Given that its valentines day here i was wondering if you could give a shout out to my fellow workers. They're bummed out today due to lack of dates and having to work. It would be highly appreciated.

vernetroyer242 karma

happy Valentine's Day. Hope you get lucky.

DoctorAlzheimers98 karma

Hey Verne, thanks for doing this.

What was the hardest scene in the Austin Powers movies to film without breaking character?

Edit: Pretty sure this is it...

vernetroyer148 karma

cat scene!

ComatoseCanary96 karma

Hello Mr. Troyer, what's your favorite videogame?

vernetroyer272 karma

assassin's creed!

Mishado86 karma

What is the craziest dream you've ever had?

vernetroyer149 karma

My craziest dream I've ever had was from the Chuckwagon commercials, where the cat was chasing the chuckwagon?

The dream was that I was about to be eaten!

heytherehandsome69 karma

Hey Verne!

Any interesting stories from the set of 1996's Pinocchio's Revenge?

vernetroyer127 karma

I couldn't move! the suit was so restricting. I remember trying to run down the street and almost fell over.

you-know-whats-up63 karma

Hey Verne, if asked, would you do another Austin Powers?

vernetroyer215 karma

Richard Pryor

righteyebrow62 karma

If you could give me one piece of relationship advice, what would it be?

vernetroyer217 karma

be patient.

hobguy799658 karma

Hey Verne, if you were a man of average height, what kind of work do you think you be in?

vernetroyer106 karma

I'd love to play football

evedamnededen57 karma

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

vernetroyer249 karma

hamster. i like my pets small

chernobog1357 karma

I can't think of a good question, dammit. So here's a question that everyone always likes to know:

Favorite pizza topping/pizza place?

vernetroyer111 karma

Antico Forno in Venice Italy. pepperoni and cheese

Highfaluter46 karma

What would I find in your refrigerator right now?

vernetroyer84 karma

Sunkist, expired milk. bread maybe, and salami. maybe some candy.

Thediepend43 karma

Was there ever a chance of a fourth Austin powers movie? I heard so many rumors

vernetroyer87 karma

ask Mike! I hope so

Arnoldbpm37 karma


vernetroyer57 karma

I listen to all kinds. anything you can dance to!

FightinRndTheWorld28 karma

Who are your "heroes"?

vernetroyer68 karma

my parents!

fuzzystump22 karma

I don't know if this was already asked but what do you like to do when you're not working. I love your movies cause you got talent!

vernetroyer55 karma

play video games. and sleep. its not out of the ordinary for me to sleep for 15 hours in one night

mixhail19 karma

Hmm, this may be more interesting than usual:

Would you rather fight 1 Horse-sized Duck or 100 Duck Sized Horses?

vernetroyer52 karma

1 horse sized duck

MartelldaViper11 karma

Hey, Verne.

I did a lot of stand up comedy in LA before I became a writer, and I unfortunately was subjected to being in the presence of Ranae Shrider more than a few times. For some reason she thought she had a chance in stand up, or acting, or whatever the fuck she wanted to do.

All I want to say is, brother man, I'm sorry you had to go through all of that crap, I really am. I know what it's like to have trust betrayed by a succubus she demon from the lowest depths of Hell. Do you know Lillith? My ex girlfriend. Our relationship was the foundation for Ron and Tammy Swanson.

No question, just hope that all is well and that you are having fun living life. Thanks for making me laugh when I was finishing High school. Few things did, but you were one of them. Best wishes and one love, brotha!

vernetroyer14 karma

thank you bro!

SuperScate4 karma

Verne, would you ever do a horror movie?

Btw do you have a favourite horror movie?

vernetroyer11 karma

Legend! its coming out soon!

PowerMac_G43 karma

Greetings from a sleeping England, Verne!

What is your favourite colour? Mine is orange...

vernetroyer8 karma


narkant2 karma

Hey Verne, seen alot of your stuff throughout the years, but i've got to admit, my favorite has to be on Celebrity Juice.

Is there a chance i might see yourself and Leigh Francis [Keith Lemon] working together again in the future ?

vernetroyer2 karma

hopefully if my schedule permits! Love doing the show. LEIGH!