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My name is Emma. I am the Community Coordinator for Redtube.com, home of free porn ! I'm open to answering all your burning questions about my role here at the company and anything about Redtube you may be afraid to ask. My colleagues will also be joining me throughout the day to answer questions on all topics. We will provide some interesting insights on (almost) anything you want to discuss.

In today's AMA:

(Me) Redtube Emma - Community Coordinator

Proof: Tweet from the Redtube Twitter page :) http://ow.ly/tB5lt

Let's get this show on the road !

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Katie_Pornhub1086 karma

How many dick pics do you get sent on a daily basis

Emma_RedTube973 karma

About as many as you LoL

Katie_Pornhub429 karma

lololol.. I don't get any, the internet knows better than to send me their dicks.

wildmetacirclejerk310 karma

my only question was if /u/Emma_RedTube and /u/Katie_Pornhub could duke it out in some sort of lesbian foxy boxing contest?

i wanna say for charity, but honestly i'd like to see this happen regardless of where the money goes

Katie_Pornhub381 karma

I feel like that would be unnecessarily dangerous.. I do MMA 5x a week so I don't think it would be a fair fight.

Emma_RedTube485 karma

Those are fightin' words.

Emma_RedTube332 karma



...for charity :)

StickleyMan118 karma

Katie from Pornhub and Emma from Redtube together? Wow!. It's like a porn version of Rocky IV.

Emma_RedTube102 karma

You'd rather see us fight?

Katie_Pornhub473 karma

Has working for a porn site made you experiment more in the bedroom?"

Emma_RedTube660 karma

If by bedroom you mean kitchen then Yes

Murica-WeThePeople314 karma

Porn inspired you to to start cooking more?

Emma_RedTube465 karma

Sure.... if that's how you interpreted it!


Here is a business idea: A video of you and Katie from PornHub getting naughty together. You will make thousands of dollars.

Emma_RedTube414 karma

Are you sure the world is ready for that?

Frejaa314 karma

How do you moderate your comments section, or do you at all?

Also, just curious if you’ve seen any particularly hilarious comments (I know this is pornhub, just an example).

Emma_RedTube191 karma

All I can say is I wish Limerick Larry would cheat on Pornhub and make Redtube his mistress ! http://www.pornhub.com/users/limerick_larry

kevin11040273 karma


Emma_RedTube372 karma

There's 4 of them currently in this room!

brazzersofficial264 karma

Fuck Marry Kill:

Brazzers, Pornhub Katie, and Bill Gates.

Emma_RedTube531 karma

I'd marry Bill Gates (for the money), I'd fuck Pornhub Katie cause shes hot....Sorry Brazzers

StickleyMan188 karma

Hello! Big pornography connoisseur here. Thanks for doing this AMA!

What is your all-time favourite dialogue from porn? We all know the lemon-stealing whore, and there's Eastern European Nick Fury, but I'd love to know your favourites.

Also, who is your favourite actor/actress in the industry?

We'd love for you to come say hi over at /r/SFWPornGifs, where we truly appreciate the finer points of porn dialogue and acting

Emma_RedTube186 karma

I have roomates... I watch my porn on mute :(

Favorite pornstar - Bonnie Rotten

iamjohnmalkovich149 karma

What counts as not safe for work?

Emma_RedTube355 karma

Facebook lol

DatabaseCentral145 karma

What's the best part of your job?

Emma_RedTube341 karma

Do you get paid to watch porn all day?

TarvarisJacksonOoooh136 karma

Why should I pick your site over others?

Emma_RedTube307 karma

Redtube just launched a great new site optimized for mobile which is fast, free and unlimited.

hjiaicmk132 karma

In light of the recent NSA info gathering stuff, have you ever considered enlightening the public as to the search habits of some of the officials who think it is no big deal to look at all of our personal information? I understand this would be against your TOS but considering they are doing it and it is a violation of the constitution when they do it I feel it would be a matter of quid pro quo.

SleightOfHandzy132 karma

Hey RedTube, since Brazzers and PornHub gave amazing AMA's, is there anything you can do to beat them? hint hint free accounts wink wink

Emma_RedTube402 karma

Redtube is a free site... FREE ACCOUNTS FOR EVERYONE !!!!

Not_Jesus_129 karma

Do people actually use the share buttons?

Emma_RedTube211 karma

You'd be surprised as to how many people actually use them.

Executive_85 karma

Share those numbers!

Emma_RedTube305 karma

In the last week, total shares are 56,853 and the number one service people are sharing with is reddit!

THEredMAMBA115 karma

Are you actually behind your twitter? Do you get paid more for saying raunchy things?

Emma_RedTube175 karma

Yes I am. Yes I do :)

Flokiyo105 karma

I hope your servers are ready to handle the traffic tomorrow.

Emma_RedTube549 karma

We're always ready for a big load

Eater_of_Babies103 karma

What is your take on the situation in Germany where thousands of people have been sent written warnings for allegedly watching 1 or 2 certain Redtube videos? Many people who have been following this issue had secretly hoped that Redtube would take up arms/lawyer up to crush the guys responsible for sending those written warnings to thousands of users.

The entire situation was (undeservedly) bad press for Redtube, why did you not act to clear your good name?

Emma_RedTube187 karma

As soon as we discovered from articles in the press that German citizens were targeted, we immediately took action issuing several statements and winning a preliminary injunction preventing con artists from illegitimately harassing German citizens with bogus cease and desist letters. It is our full intention to take any and all legal action necessary to make these scammers accountable for their actions and protect German citizens.

kackygreen88 karma

Why are all the dudes in straight porn such butterfaces?

Emma_RedTube112 karma

You don't like James Deen?

YouPornJude86 karma

What is the weirdest thing you've ever seen in a video on RedTube?

Emma_RedTube246 karma

The time I saw my accountant on the site was pretty weird :S

constatine0182 karma

  1. What's your favorite meal to prepare at home?

  2. What do your parents think/say about your job?

  3. Do you have any pets?

  4. Story, please? Any story will do.

Emma_RedTube274 karma

1- I love a good creampie 2- Do I have to tell them? 3- No pets 4- Once upon a time my dishwasher broke... I eagerly anticipated the repair man. When he showed up, all he did was fix my dishwasher :(

OnlyUseOneHand80 karma

Are these ads of hot singles in my area true??

Emma_RedTube151 karma

Yes, what are you waiting for??

beardedNole78 karma

Which video is your personal favorite and why?

Emma_RedTube142 karma

This would probably fit my sexual fantasies the most. http://www.redtube.com/70014

Tube8_Ava78 karma

Tits or ass?

Emma_RedTube314 karma

Yes please :)

redditor300070 karma

How'd you get such an awesome job?

Emma_RedTube400 karma

I performed really well on the casting couch


what is the weirdest thing you experienced in the office?

Emma_RedTube147 karma

Its weird to have people talk about prolapse with a straight face ! LoL

mrpirate2364 karma

How do you feel about pornstars saying that free tube sites such as yours, are ruining the industry?

Emma_RedTube98 karma

Most Porn stars love us and use their videos on Redtube as a way of promoting themselves.

BradBrains2752 karma

Who approved those terrible "your wife will never find out" ads?

Emma_RedTube36 karma

I feel like there's a story (reddit thread) I'm missing here.

Tube8_Ava47 karma

situation: your vibrator just died. what do you use instead?

Emma_RedTube126 karma

My dual shock PS3 controller is my go to, however, that is only after my cell phone battery dies !

laziegenius45 karma

Who are your current top five favorite pornstars?

Emma_RedTube89 karma

1- Bonnie Rotten 2- Aletta Ocean 3-Asa Akira 4- Rachel Starr 5-Sponge Bob LoL

dayofthedead20442 karma

Hi Guys,

Thanks for doing this ama!

My question is what happens if someone complains about their involuntary inclusion on your website? For example if a boyfriend posts a video of him and his GF having sex without the girl’s consent. If the girl complains and says – “I want this video of me and my ex-boyfriend taken down” would you guys do it?

Emma_RedTube79 karma

In a situation like this one we would ask that the person contact support. The video would be removed immediately.

Scrodum41 karma

Do you guys get desensitized to porn?

Emma_RedTube75 karma

I keep professional at work but it has improved my sex life after 5pm.

Gnoozhe39 karma

I bet the employee bathroom is a disaster. I know that's not a question.

Emma_RedTube56 karma

The ladies room is sanitary.

ATT32538 karma

Boxers or briefs?

Emma_RedTube207 karma

Underwear is a waste of money.

SaritaOsita2337 karma


Emma_RedTube60 karma

I've always had dreams of being an Veterinarian but when that idea fell through Porn was my plan B. A friend referred me, I had an interview and here I am today.

cecinestpasreddit36 karma

Hey there! Thanks for doing the AMA.

I have a question on branding. Among many people I have talked to, redtube has a reputation of containing more malware than most other tube and streaming sites. Now, I assume that this has been somewhat exaggerated, but has it been an issue you have had to deal with?

Emma_RedTube51 karma

No, our sites are completely safe for all your porn needs. We have a team monitoring 24/7 and we're as safe as any other site online.

darkside56930 karma

For a site called RedTube, you guys could really work on the redhead filter. Any plans to filter out fake redheads?

Emma_RedTube44 karma

Feedback noted. We will have it suggested to the big guys.

pugs_n_metal25 karma

Have you worked with any other adult websites (like xhamster or others)?

Emma_RedTube84 karma

No, Redtube took my Pornginity.

Gnoozhe25 karma

Are employee boners a rampant problem at your office?

Emma_RedTube78 karma

Boners no but, tissue boxes are on short supply.

Demolishing23 karma

How did you get your job?

Emma_RedTube43 karma

A friend referred me, I had an interview and here I am today.

EiW1N16 karma

Whats the most searched for word/ phrase? I bet it's "good personality".

Emma_RedTube16 karma

Haha. The top searches go back and forth between the likes of: Teen, Milf, Mature, Amateur.. Really depends on the day, but good personality of course is the main criteria to a good flick.

PornMD_Keith8 karma

Is Google+ ever going to catch on?

Emma_RedTube8 karma

Is there a pornmd+ coming?

TerryPEE7 karma

This whole AMA just makes me want to look at pr0n. :(

Emma_RedTube10 karma

Me too ... Sigh